McCullough: Yankees showed little interest in Carlos Ruiz

Cross one name off the list: Freese traded to Angels
2013 Yankees Injury Data

Via Andy McCullough: The Yankees never showed much interest in free agent catcher Carlos Ruiz before he agreed to re-sign with the Phillies. The Fightin’s gave him a three-year contract worth $26M with a club option for a fourth year earlier this week. New York had interest in acquiring the backstop prior to the trade deadline but was told he was not available.

Ruiz, 34, hit .268/.320/.368 (89 wRC+) with five homers in 341 plate appearances this past season after serving a 25-game amphetamine-related suspension. He managed a 128 wRC+ from 2010-2013 and is regarded as adequate defensively. The contract is probably a year too long but the salary is reasonable. The Yankees seem to be going in one of two directions behind the plate: either they’ll go big and sign Brian McCann or they’ll go cheap with Chris Stewart, Austin Romine, et al. The latter seems more likely given payroll restrictions.

Cross one name off the list: Freese traded to Angels
2013 Yankees Injury Data
  • qwerty

    With Murphy, Romine, Cervelli and possibly Sanchez in a couple of years I can understand why they wouldn’t consider Ruiz or any other catcher that’s going to cost a small fortune.

    • Matt DiBari

      I’ll never quite understand why Cervelli gets lumped in with the competent catchers in the system. I don’t think decentish offense is nearly enough to cancel out that in the two years he’s had something resembling an extended look (’10 and ’11) he showed absolutely no aptitude for the position whatsoever. He was the worst defensive catcher in the game when he was our starter in 2010.


      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        fwiw, he did look better defensively prior to that season, and much better defensively early this season.
        He definitely has flaws, and I’m highly skeptical of him being good enough to be a solid starter.
        But out of their current internal options, I’d bet on Cervelli being the best of the bunch in 2014, if he can actually stay healthy.

        • forensic

          It was definitely nice to see Cervelli really show a defensive improvement in ST, which then carried over into the regular season for as long as he stayed healthy, at least.

          I’m probably a glutton for punishment, but rather than overpaying for McCann (which is what I fear will happen) id probably be fine going in to next season with Cervelli and either Romine/Murphy.

          As long as there are less than 9 days left in Stewart’s Yankee career, it’s a step in the right direction.

          • Havok9120

            I’m increasingly with you if McCann is gonna get more than 5 years (and I think he is). And my opinion just keeps getting more anti-McCann.

            5 is my regular limit, and I’m not entirely comfortable with it. A lot will depend on whether we get Tanaka and which (if any) OF we sign. If we miss on Tanaka and all the OFs, I’d give him 5. If the money’s good, I might go six in that scenario.

            If we get Tanaka, 5 max. No budging. If Tanaka and a Beltran/Shoo/Peralta, I’m probably not even will to do that.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              I’d be more likely to go more for McCann if they do get Tanaka and OF (and Cano and others).
              Signing McCann is definitely a win now move.
              No point in doing it if they can’t substantially fill their other holes as well.

            • forensic

              Personally, I probably wouldn’t even want to go 5 on McCann. Even just 4 is pushing it for me.

              I’m likely in the minority, but I see a lot of risk in signing him.

  • jjyank

    I would have loved Ruiz as a one year stop gap. Maybe I could have been talked into a second year, but three? Nope.

  • The Other Sam

    They didn’t see enough of Cervelli to know one way or the other so they’ll take the optimistic (and cheaper) approach. The only question is the backup – Stewart, Romine, or Murphy. .211 Stewart, no doubt.

  • TWTR

    They don’t need Stewart, and Girardi is better off without him.

  • Jeffrey M

    “The Yankees seem to be going in one of two directions behind the plate: either they’ll go big and sign Brian McCann or they’ll go cheap with Chris Stewart, Austin Romine, et al. The former seems more likely given payroll restrictions.”

    Not to quibble with what has generally been excellent writing by Mike, but That last sentence makes more sense if you use the word “latter” rather than “former”…. otherwise the gist of the article is not clear. Payroll restrictions seem to imply and indicate that keeping the less expensive options is what Mike thinks is most likely. Therefore that option is the “latter” option, the former (as Mike had said in the piece) would be Brian McCann, which would really be the opposite of payroll restrictions since he is the most expensive option.

  • Jack

    Maybe theYankees will not sign or trade for anyone and stay under $189 million and suck worse then last year! I hope I am wrong and mgmt. wakes up before it is too late! Also would love to see them trade their great centerfielder who’s first step on a lot of fly balls is in. He reminds me so much of Joe D and Mickey. Let’s get some return for him before he’s a free agent and the Yankees sign him for a long term contract at mucho dollars.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      If he’s not as good as Mickey or Joe D, he must suck.

  • Jack

    I agree with you, he sucks

  • FLYER7

    When do players get non tendered so we know Stewart is gone as well as Nix, Huff and Daley??? Stewart being even mentioned in the article concerns me?

    • forensic

      December 2nd is the tender deadline.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Huff and Daley aren’t arbitration eligible, so I don’t think any move would come with either of them until they actually needed the roster spot for somebody else.
      Stewart and Nix are definite non-tender candidates though.

  • forensic

    Given the contract he got, I’m glad they weren’t more in on him.

    Considering some of the recent signings by the Phillies, it’s almost to the point where if you’re interested in a player at the same price as the Phillies, then maybe you should reconsider your cost and player analysis.

    • TWTR


    • Havok9120

      Pretty much.