MLBPA chief Michael Weiner passes away at age 51


MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner has passed away following a battle with inoperable brain cancer. He was 51. Weiner, who grew up in Paterson, N.J., replaced Donald Fehr in 2009 and had been with the union since 1988. He was incredibly bright and an extraordinary leader, and he continued to work hard for the players even after being diagnosed last August. Condolences to his family and friends.

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  1. Robinson Tilapia says:

    51. Yipes. RIP.

  2. Cuso says:

    Wow. Such a short stint in his position, too.


  3. pc says:

    rip michael.

  4. The Big City of Dreams says:

    R.I.P. Michael Weiner

  5. CashmanNinja says:

    51 is very young and to have to undergo such a horrible way to go — well, may he rest in peace. And I hope his family can find some kind of solace in the fact that at least he isn’t suffering anymore. My condolences to his family.

  6. Tom in Georgia says:

    I knew Mike when he was general counsel to the union. A good man, and his family will miss him dearly.

  7. Geez says:

    RIP.. Continued to work even after diagnosis. Kol Havakod.

  8. HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

    Can’t help but admire how willing he was to continue working in the face of such adversity. RIP.

    • Havok9120 says:

      And, by all accounts he was good at what he was doing. I didn’t even know he was sick, but I knew he made himself appear personally involved in every disagreement between the union and the League.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      I agree. It was probably a mix of being good at his job and needing to get his mind off of what he had on his plate. The fact that he could even function in that capacity is rather admirable. I’d be an absolute mess incapable of doing anything besides wallowing in self-pity.

  9. ropeadope says:

    Very unfortunate. As with Havok above, I had no clue of his illness. Condolences to the family, and rest in peace Mr. Weiner.

  10. EndlessJose says:


    Michael Weiner

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