Monday Night Open Thread

The Latest on A-Rod, MLB, and Biogenesis
Mariano Rivera named AL Comeback Player of the Year

Tim Dierkes at MLBTR published his annual list of the top 50 free agents with predictions last night, which are more educated guesses than super serious projections. He has the Yankees walking away with Robinson Cano (duh), Ervin Santana, Hiroki Kuroda, Carlos Beltran, Grant Balfour, and A.J. Pierzynski. Tim has Masahiro Tanaka landing with the Dodgers and Curtis Granderson moving across town to join the Mets. I would be pleasantly surprised if the Yankees brought in a haul like that this winter, but, after sifting through the team’s payroll situation, I’m not sure they can afford all of that even if Alex Rodriguez is suspended for all of next season. We’ll see.

Here is your open thread for the evening. The Bears and Packers are the Monday Night Football Game plus the Rangers are playing as well. Talk about either of those games, the free agent predictions, or anything else here.

The Latest on A-Rod, MLB, and Biogenesis
Mariano Rivera named AL Comeback Player of the Year
  • dasani

    I don’t believe ownerships vow that they will do everything to bring the team back into contention.Hals ownership has turned Brian Cashman into a bottom feeder. We should be grateful if we can resign Cano, but even if we do what good is it if we surround him with the Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbays of the baseball world. I’m very skeptical about this ‘rumor’ that they have 300 million to spend on free agent contracts, and god forbid we lose Cano, we’ll be looking at Kelly Johnson or David Adams at 2B.And forget McCann or A.J.(Whom I wouldn’t sign anyway).Its going to be Cervelli and Stewart again in 2014. But really, I really hope I’m really wrong about this whole off season.

  • Big Jim Walewander

    I don’t live in New York anymore, but I’m wondering: have local reporters asked the front office or ownership recently if the $189 million plan is for one year, two years, or for all foreseeable years? Have they asked the Yankees to spell out the exact benefits of the plan?

    Just curious if there has been an actual, somewhat open dialogue lately, and not just speculation. Thanks.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

      I’m just speculating here, but I guess the plan is to reset the luxury tax (which increases each year a team is over the threshold) every so often once the tax hit is deemed too high. In 2014, if they stay under they could reset it, then go all out and spend in 2015.

      • Big Jim Walewander

        Thanks, that’s my assumption as well. It would be nice to get someone on record saying so (which I’m sure is much more easily said than done).

    • Mark

      The $189 million target is only for the year 2014…If they get under that amount,they get relief/amnesty on their luxary tax because MLB will “reboot” their luxary tax starting in 2015,and they’ll be able to spend as much as they want going forward while saving 10’s of millions in the coming years.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Other than Tyler Kepner, who just reports things pretty straightforwardly, there’s no one in print media who is trust with anything in NYC. Too many shit tabloids.

      On radio? Well, Kay can get Cashman on and……yeah, start laughing.

      This is why fans read blogs.

  • Pat D

    Well at least we know some living people will be inducted into the HOF next year.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    That haul seems way optimistic. In the pre-189 years, perhaps it happens.

  • Bosco

    I just can’t see the Yanks spending that much this offseason. The talks have always been get under $189 mill & I think even if it’s for this 1 season they will try to do it. Now I think the Red Sox winning might have possibly changed they’re mind on that issue because as we all know the 2 teams the Yankees do not like to see get more pub than them are the Sox & Mets!

  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    Go with me on this unrealistic scenario:
    So if you the Yankees lose a 1st round pick for every player they sign that was given a QO by their former team, what would happen let’s say if they signed 10 players all of whom were given QO’s by their former teams. Obviously the Yankees don’t have 10 first round picks to sacrifice so what happens?

    • Preston

      They would give up their first through tenth rounders. This happened in 2009 (albeit under the old system). The Angels got the first rounder for Teixeira, the Brewers got the second rounder for CC, and the Blue Jays got the third rounder for Burnett. Although I think under the new system the Yankees would still give up the picks, but the other teams would all draft in the supplemental first round.

  • Hornets686

    I say were going to sign… Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Shin-Soo Choo, Matt Garza, Masahiro Tanaka, and Dioner Navarro

    Giving up just one pick for Choo… Hopefully gaining two with Granderson signing with the Mets and Kuroda back to the Dodgers…

  • dars

    Yankees moves that would render them contenders and still stay within the $189 M. Taking into consideration Granderson accepts 14.1 M option and Cano is brought back.

    Sign Brian McAnn and that is only addition for lineup.
    Sign two cheap veteran arms for the bullpen – Matt Thornton and Jose Veras
    Sign Tanaka and sign one of this 3 – Haren, Johnson or Hudson

    Give 3B job to David Adams. There is enough power in the lineup that we can afford it.

    Lineup: 1. Gardner CF 2. Jeter DH 3. Cano 2B 4. Teixeira 1B 5. Soriano LF 6. Granderson RF 7. McAnn C 8. Adams 3b 9. Nunez SS

    Bench: Wells, Ichiro, Nix and Cervelli or Romine – trade the other

    SP; Sabathia, Nova, Tanaka, Phelps/Pineda, Johnson/Haren/Hudson
    BP: Betances, Claiborne, Veras, Thornton, Cabral, Kelley, Robertson

    Keep Warren and Nuno in triple A and the loser of the Phelps/Pineda battle

    A rotation with questions but major upside – CC rebounds, Nova keeps maturing, Tanaka is the real deal, one of the reclamation projects has a good year and Pineda finally shows and you have a lot of potential. A bullpen with depth. And a lineup with lots of power – 5 guys who can hit more than 20 homeruns, speed with Gardner and Nunez and a rested Jeter used mostly at DH. Only hole is Adams but team can carry it.

  • Farewell Mo

    Im surprised the Red Sox didn’t tender Saltalamacchia comIng off a 3.6 WAR season considering how piss poor the catching position is around MLB.

    Would you rather sign Salty over McCann and save a draft pick and probably a great deal of money and years too?

    • Preston

      I don’t have any interest in Salty, he’s a poor defender and I don’t believe his bat is as good as it was last year. He had sub .300 OBP the two previous years. I’d rather we gave Romine and Murphy a chance to play.

    • Tom

      It would have been kind of a gamble offering him a QO. There aren’t too many catchers making 14.1mil – I don’t think it’s a simple $ per WAR calculation as you have to take the market into account (catching tends to be underpaid by WAR) and whether the player might accept it as a result.

      Salty had a crazy outlier year… a .372 BABIP (we could be talking 70points of regression here), a wRC+117 with his previous high being 96 and he has not surpassed 2 WAR in a season until this year.

      Buyer beware on him, he could easily slide back into a sub 2 WAR player with just normal regression.

      • forensic

        I agree.

        I’m not even that big on signing McCann, but I’d still MUCH rather go after him than Saltalamacchia.

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