Offseason Injury Notes: Jeter, Sabathia, Williams

Hurt and hurter. (Eric Christian Smith/Getty)

Hurt and hurter. (Eric Christian Smith/Getty)

“Get a little healthier,” said Joe Girardi to Anthony McCarron earlier this week when asked what the team’s first order of business was this winter. He’s not kidding. Even though the Yankees have not played a game in more than a month, they still have plenty of injured players to keep tabs on. Here’s the latest on the walking wounded, courtesy of Charles Curtis, Mike Puma, Bryan Hoch, and John Manuel:

  • Derek Jeter (ankle, calf) has started lifting weights for the first time in over a year as he prepares for next season. The ankle surgery kept him from lifting last winter and I guess he wasn’t able to do anything even after returning during the summer. Will it help? Hopefully.
  • CC Sabathia (hamstring) has started throwing and is working out at full strength after his season ended in late-September due to a Grade II strain. He suffered the injury six weeks ago and the initial recovery timetable was eight weeks, so apparently he’s ahead of schedule. Sabathia was expected to start a long-toss program similar to his usual offseason routine as soon as the hamstring was healthy. Elbow surgery threw off his routine off last winter.
  • Outfield prospect Mason Williams missed some time this week after being hit in the face by an errant throw during Arizona Fall League play. It was a freak accident — he was in the tunnel next to the clubhouse when the ball hit him. Williams has a small cut on the bridge of his nose and has since returned to action. This year’s injuries have officially jumped the shark.
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  1. David N says:

    “Outfield prospect Mason Williams missed some time this week after being hit in the face by an errant throw during Arizona Fall League play. It was a freak accident — he was in the tunnel next to the clubhouse when the ball hit him.”

    Seriously? That seriously happened?

    Is this real life?

    • Kenny says:

      I guess that’s what he meant by “jumping the shark.”

    • Lukaszek says:

      It’s only a matter of time before someone goes on the 60-Day DL by getting a previously undiscovered allergic reaction to watermelon or by finding out that they have an extremely rare disease that has a 1-in-190000000 chance of happening.

      Perhaps one player will accidentally choke on a fly that randomly flies into their mouth which will cause them to run to the bathroom, slip on a tile and bang their elbow against the bathroom counter in a way that it requires major elbow reconstruction surgery.

      Don’t say it can’t happen, because in the land of the 2013 Yankees, anything can happen

  2. entonces says:

    Somebody (not a lazy person like me) should do some serious research on the Yankee injuries to both major leaguers and top prospects. For length of disablement and/or freakiness has to set some sort of record.
    I take this as a sign that Yanks luck will turn around big-time (either next year or 2015). But I bet nobody believes that.

  3. EndlessJose says:

    Derek missed time by the ankle surgery and also his calf strain.He’s 40 and the idea that we could again start the season with A-Rod and Jeter is just weird.

  4. Matt DiBari says:

    I had completely forgotten that Sabathia got hurt.

  5. CONservative governMENt says:

    Despite the down year and deserved evaluation of the minor league system, there’s still the possibility that Sanchez, Austin, Heathcott and Williams are impact players and Campos, DePaula, Hensley, Ramirez, Banuelos are all high-end guys. With the 2013 draft class the system can bounce back in perception pretty quickly.

    I’m personally hoping we keep our pick (no A free agents) and Granderson leaves. Keep building and let these contracts gradually shed away.

  6. NYY says:

    Nce political statement attempt there, you free loading sack of shit.

  7. mike says:

    nothing to say about injuries.woild like to voice my opinion on another possible long term expensive contract,if Cano would not hustle with his free agency on the horizon,then I say let him and his agent rap some where else

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