Wednesday Night Open Thread

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Magruder: Diamondbacks to name Mike Harkey pitching coach

Hopefully all of you stuck traveling are doing well right now, I hear things are pretty chaotic because of the weather. Holiday travel always sucks but bad weather makes it like, a trillion times worse. Hope everyone is doing okay.

Here is your open thread for the night. All five hockey and basketball locals are in action, plus there’s college something on somewhere. Talk about whatever. Have at it.

RAB Live Chat
Magruder: Diamondbacks to name Mike Harkey pitching coach
  • forensic

    So, Ted Lilly retired.

    Guess it’s time I stop being angry that they traded him for Jeff Weaver…

    • RetroRob

      I thought the Weaver deal was a great move at the time. Baseball is a funny game.

      • YankeeJosh

        Most loved the deal at the time but I hated it. Didn’t get trading a lefty who seemed to be growing in NY for Weaver. Admittedly I was a big Lily fan-boy sine he was solid prospect Cashman stole from the Expos.

      • Farewell Mo

        Lilly had a pretty solid career especially compared to Weaver who was a total bum.

        Damn you Randy Levine

      • forensic

        I hated it from the start.

  • ropeadope

    Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all the writers, commenters, (and even lurkers) at RAB.

  • Tom

    Ricky Nolasco signed with the Twins (no details yet on the contract).

    Even though he seemed to consistently underperform his peripherals, I thought he was someone who with a change of scenery might be able to pitch to his peripherals and surprise some folks. It will be interesting to see how much he signed for.

    • Pat D

      MLBTR says 4 years, $49 million.

      • Mrrudy

        Yanks over pay for back up short stop.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I guess 2/5 was a lot….30 years ago.

      • forensic

        Yikes, that’s a lot for him. It’s like teams have extra money and stupidity this offseason.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Nolasco was a prime candidate for an overpay, though. That might actually be less than what I was afraid he was going to get.

          I like him. I don’t like him that much.

  • JCK

    I ended up watching that while video because of Tribe. Nice choice of soundtrack.

    • meowmix

      me too. I do hope Ryan is the everyday shortstop. In the grand scheme of things, shortstop will be harder to fill than the other positions given this free agent market.

      Yes, third is shady right now, but I can see the yanks chasing after Headley if he’s finally made available. Yanks will be more inclined to empty what’s left of the farm after they sign all these free agents.

      • forensic

        I do hope Ryan is the everyday shortstop.

        Please no.

        And especially no if his decline in defense from last year manifests itself again.

    • jjyank

      + whatever number you want to associate with the Boulevard of Linden.

  • Joe

    Does anyone think there’s any hope of NY moving Ichiro at some point this offseason for salary relief? I don’t see a point to him on the roster, but can’t see a scenario in which another team is willing to take him, even for a bag of balls and a little salary help.

    • forensic

      I think you answered your own question. I don’t see why anyone would take him and pay for some of him to get the Yankees salary relief.

  • http://Google Mrrudyb

    Did the Yankees over pay for a back up short stop?

    • forensic

      I think so.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Perhaps. I don’t think that contract is anything for anyone to lose sleep over.

  • Bob Buttons

    I’ll be a tad upset if Overbay gets a minor league deal elsewhere when we didn’t even bother to ask. While he’s painful to watch sometimes (against lefties, for one) he can do some things, here and there.

    • forensic

      As long as Tex’s rehab is progressing, which he says it is, I don’t know if it’s necessarily worth it (especially for Overbay, who could choose to go somewhere with more possibility of making the roster). The MiL deal isn’t a big deal, but if Tex survives ST then there’s really no chance of Overbay making the roster. Can’t really use a roster spot on a guy like him ‘just in case’, in my opinion.

      • http://Google Mrrudyb

        Please what’s next Raul ibanez

      • Bob Buttons

        I’m a guy who loves to have a semi-passable backup 1B on the roster because the drop-off may be huge even on days the 1B is taking rest on. He’s the most viable candidate in my mind, veteran who can do a bit of stuff and generally seen as okay club house guy, who don’t come at high price.

        Though I’d definitely start with minor league deal with invite to ST and nothing more.

  • qwerty

    Where is the Derek Jeter defensive highlight reel?

  • jjyank

    Bonus points for the sound track. That’s my favorite Tribe song.

    Okay, if knowledge is the key
    Just show me the lock
    Got the scrawny legs
    But I move just like Lou Brock

  • Kluang Yankee

    Does anybody really think that Jeter will start more games at SS than Ryan? If so, thinkagain.
    Btw, Ryan is a better SS than Drew at 1/10 the price. He is certainly superior defensively and is even a better hitter than Drew. Did you see how wonderfully Drew hit in the playoffs?
    Defense is underrated and is one of two main reasons why Detroit has no title. The other reason is bullpen to which we need to add. Robby and Kelly are great, but we need more. Starting pitching is flashy but bullpens win games. My main worry about next year is beating bosux with Uehara.
    I expect us to get Tanaka and one other starting pitcher, but there is little talk about the bullpen additions. This worries me

  • Tim McGuire (Computer Doctors)

    Hmmm. What are the Yankees going to do next this offseason this would be my ideal lineup make it happen Cashman

    1) Brett Gardner, CF
    2) Derek Jeter, SS, DH
    3) Alfonso Soriano LF
    4) Robinson Cano 2B
    5) Chase Headley 3B
    6) Mark Texteria 1B
    7) Brian McCann C
    8) Matt Renyolds 3B/DH/1B
    9) Zoilo Almonte RF

    Starting Pitchers

    1) CC Sabithia
    2) Kuroda
    3) Tanaka
    4) Nova
    5) Whoever sign a 2nd level FA or let the young kids battle it out in spring training


    • Gonzalo Hiram

      You forgot a shortstop buddy and have 2 guys at 3b or dh depending on who you move.

      It’s an awesome roster but even with ARod getting 50 or 100 games we couldn’t afford it under 189. So I really hope ARod gets suspended a full season.

      In my very personal opinion the only change would be bringing Garza insteadof Kuroda. It would be the same AAV and that what it counts for this year salary cap.