Yankees, Kuroda shut out of AL Cy Young Award voting


As expected, Tigers right-hander Max Scherzer was named the AL Cy Young Award winner on Wednesday night. He was a nearly unanimous winner, taking home 28 of 30 first place votes. Scherzer deserved the award even when you look beyond his gaudy 21-3 record. Hiroki Kuroda did not receive a single Cy Young vote and neither did any of his teammates. That last part isn’t so surprising, but I figured Kuroda would still grab a fourth or fifth place vote or two despite his brutal finish. Oh well. The full voting results are right here. Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw deservingly took him the NL hardware.

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  • ropeadope

    As consolation, recent Yankee Bartolo Colon appeared on 12 ballots, earning 25 points and 6th place in the overall voting.

  • Laz

    I could have foreseen a few votes for him, but at the end of it Sanchez, Sale, Iwakuma, Darvish, and Scherzer all had better years than him.

  • forensic

    Hiroki Kuroda did not receive a single Cy Young vote and neither did any of his teammates.

    Not even Hughes???

    That’s for you, RT. :-)

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You told me you had a vote.

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    Oh well, even if Kuroda didn’t struggle down the stretch this year he wouldn’t have been involved in the conversation for CY Young. It takes such an amazing season for Yankee to be considered for any award which is really dumb. Girardi should have been at least involved in the MOY conversation, that that these arbitrary awards matter.

  • Tom

    Not really surprised Kuroda didn’t get a stray 4th or 5th place vote – the finish to the season seems to stick with voters.

    I am surprised Matt Moore got two fourth place votes (I guess winzzz still matter). He had a good enough ERA but threw just 150 innings and had pretty pedestrian peripherals (FIP- of 105 and xFIP- 109… in other words worse than league average)

  • Kevin G.

    Mo couldn’t get a nostalgia vote?

    • Mike

      I’m sure he’d rather have this magical year than a measly vote.