2013 Winter Meetings Day Three Open Thread

Could Ackley be less awful outside of Seattle? (Ronald Martinez/Getty)

Ack. (ley) (Ronald Martinez/Getty)

The Yankees did most of their heavy offseason lifting over the last few weeks, so the first two days of the Winter Meetings have been a bit of a bore. That’s been the case around the entire league, really. Hopefully things pick up over the next 36 hours — the Winter Meetings unofficially end following the Rule 5 Draft tomorrow morning — just to add some excitement to the week. This is supposed to be the most fun time of the offseason.

Anyway, here are Monday’s and Tuesday’s Yankees-related rumors. The most important thing we’ve learned so far this week is that the club is getting a ton of calls on Brett Gardner but they’re likely to keep him. They’re pushing Ichiro Suzuki in trades instead. Good luck with that. Guys like Joaquin Benoit, Mark Reynolds, Dustin Ackley, Danny Espinosa, and Michael Young are on their radar as well. We’ll keep track of the Wednesday’s rumors right here, so make sure you check back often. All times are ET.

  • 10:15pm: The Yankees rejected a Gardner-for-Phillips offer from the Reds. Happy to see the team values Gardner so highly, it would have been very easy to say yes to that offer following Robinson Cano‘s defection. [Heyman]
  • 6:47pm: The Reds are indeed interested in Gardner right now. The Yankees do not have interest in lefty reliever Sean Marshall, however. He was almost traded to the Rockies earlier this week before something popped up in his medicals. [Sherman]
  • 5:23pm: If you were hoping the Yankees would sign Bartolo Colon, forget it. He agreed to a two-year, $20M contract (!) with the Mets. That’s a lot. [Rosenthal]
  • 5:04pm: The Yankees were interested in Jason Vargas before he took a four-year, $32M deal from the Royals a few weeks ago. Weird. The soft-tossing, pitch-to-contact types are not usually the guys they target. [Nightengale]
  • 4:59pm: Freddy Garcia‘s agent reached out to the Yankees, but they said they weren’t interested. With all due respect to Sweaty Freddy, there’s no need for a reunion. [Marchand]
  • 4:05pm: Brian Cashman told reported the Yankees are “ready to rock ‘n roll” when asked if they are holding back money for Masahiro Tanaka. He also indicated they may fill out their rotation and bench with low cost pickups later in the offseason, similar to 2011. [Sherman & Andy McCullough]
  • 2:27pm: The Yankees have no intention of giving Infante a four-year contract, and rightfully so. He’s sticking to that demand though. [Feinsand]
  • 2:25pm: The Reds have “little interest” in Gardner, surprisingly. They need a leadoff man and center fielder. [Sherman]
  • 12:24pm: The Yankees like Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorius. He could play second this year before taking over as the long-term Derek Jeter replacement, at least in theory. Whether he’s attainable is another matter. [Joel Sherman]
  • 10:34am: There are “no active talks” between the Yankees and Reds about Brandon Phillips at the moment. They can do better. [Ken Rosenthal]
  • 10:22am: The Yankees are one of eight teams with interest in Johan Santana. All talks are in the preliminary stages and it would be a minor league contract. Johan is returning from his second torn shoulder capsule. [Andrew Marchand]
  • 10:03am: Apparently the Yankees and Tigers are discussing a deal involving Gardner and Austin Jackson. That seems … weird. I wonder if Detroit thinks it’ll be easier to sign Gardner long-term or something. [Peter Gammons]
  • 9:52am: There “are no legs” to any talks about Masterson between the Yankees and Indians. They only need his arm anyway, amirite? [Buster Olney]
  • 9:30am: The Yankees would like to get their hands on the available Justin Masterson. The Indians want young, controllable pitching in return, and since they already have three center fielders on their roster, a trade involving Gardner would require a third team. [Bob Nightengale]
  • No surprise here, but the Yankees are no longer in on Nelson Cruz or Shin-Soo Choo after signing Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran. They remain engaged with free agent infielder Omar Infante. [Mark Feinsand]

Reminder: Your trade proposal sucks.


  1. xman says:

    Gardner and a prospect (not named Gary Sanchez) for Masterson.

    get it done.

    • Kvothe says:

      Mike pretty clearly said they don’t need a CF. They’d probably rather have a Nova- young, team-controlled arm. Giving up a starter for another starter wouldn’t do all that much good.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

        Agreed. This team just isn’t in a place right now where trying to upgrade on an already-taken rotation should be any sort of priority. You’re still right back to dealing with the same pool of pitchers to fill the open slot, only with less resources in other areas. Nova’s off the table unless the utterly ridiculous is thrown on the team’s lap.

      • xman says:

        3-way trade.

      • RetroRob says:

        Wouldn’t make sense for the Yankees to trade Nova for Masterson. Nova is cheaper and, frankly, I’d rather have Nova at this stage of their respective development.

  2. Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

    Masterson would probably pass the “I’d be willing to trade Gardner” threshold. I hope wanting cost-controlled pitching would include one of our swingman types. You can have three guys fight for that fifth starter spot rather than four.

    Yes on Ackley. Not sure if I’d want to hand him second base, though. Does he have options?

    • I'm One says:

      Agree on Gardner/Masterson, although the Yankees would need to find a partner to deal Gardner to in order to get the appropriate young pitcher desired by Cleveland, it seems. Maybe packaging one of Phelps/Warren/Nuno and someone elase (non-Sanchez division) gets it done (yes, my trade proposal sucks). Either way, glad the team is exploring this.

      And go get Lee or Hamels!!!

      • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

        I think Lee/Hamels is a pipe dream. If they were true salary dumps, I’d say we have a chance.

        Royals the favorite for Infante? That’s slightly concerning. Not gon lie.

        • xman says:

          concerning, if you’re a Royals fan.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

            Infante would, at the very least, give you a solid, league-average guy at second for the next three years or so. At 8M a year or so, as he seems to be asking, I’d be jumping on that if I were the Yankees. There’s no easier option out there in order to take care of that. Get him here and move on to trying to figure out just what the hell you’re doing with third base.

            • The Great Gonzo says:

              My FOTD (yup, I went there) is that the Yankees will have an infectious crush on Kelly Johnson much like they did for Jayson Nix. He will be your opening day 2nd baseman.

          • Scully says:

            Well if i’m a Royals fan I’d rather run Infante out there than Chris Getz or some other replacement level player. I see your point that he’s only a marginal improvement, but the Royals are getting close, they won 86 games last year with 2nd base being a black hole in their offense.

        • I'm One says:

          I think Lee/Hamels is a pipe dream.

          Yes, but it’s our pipe dream and I’m going to keep it alive until it is no more!

  3. Travis L. says:

    Here’s a thought…how many teams have young pitching that may need a young catcher, as well as young OFers or Brett Gardner? If that could be found (my trade proposal sucks) I’d offer up Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams/Brett Gardner (or all three) to make a 3-team trade work with the Young’ns going to CLE and Masterson to NYY.

    It wont happen though. We have to come the realization that we have really no trade chips. We may have to settle for 2 of Phelps, Pineda, Warren and Nuno to make the rotation this season, then hope that we can get Shields, Scherzer, Kershaw or another top arm next year. A strong year from the “kids” in the minors would greatly help our trade chances in 2014-15.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

      I’d rather overpay Garza than give up that type of package unless the deal’s a clear steal for the Yanks. Sorry.

    • mitch says:

      I think Masterson would be a nice fit and i’d be willing to deal Gardner to get him, but including Sanchez in the deal is way too much for a one year 3rd starter rental.

  4. Reggie C. says:

    The Mariners would be selling ridiculously low on Ackley. Still, it would definitely be an immediate and potential long-term gain to the Yankees to part with prospects.

    Ackley’s hitting regression the past couple seasons doesn’t make sense, and i’d roll the dice and bet Ackley can recapture the execution and return to 2011 numbers. He’s still only 25 and maybe i’m caught up on the pedigree (2nd overall pick of ’09 draft), but its not like he’s come out of no where. There is a record of success that goes back to his college days that a bad 2013 season shouldn’t wipe away.

    • The Evil Umpire says:

      They may have no choice. Where else would they play him with Cano in the fold? Does he profile well as a 3b? Could they use him in a utility role? Or do they cut their losses and take what they can get?

  5. Kosmo says:

    Masterson for Gardner and a 3rd team involved ? Hmmm. He´d fit in the middle of the rotation. Could work.

    I´m waiting to see if the Reds are re-signing Arroyo which could make Bailey even more available.

    Ackley for a prospect ?

    Young although only an adequate defensive player could work in a platoon with Johnson at 3B and fill in at 1B and 2B.
    I´m not a fan of Reynolds.

    No on Reynolds.

  6. Vern Sneaker says:

    We shouldn’t give up Sanchez for anything. He is the real deal, according to nearly all scouts. McCann won’t last forever.

  7. Bobby D says:

    The yanks would weaken the team if they trade Gardner unless they get a great starter. Who will be the fourth outfielder when the inevitable injury happens to either Ellsbury, Soriano or Beltran? Definitely not Ichiro or Wells. I would be shocked if they were able to get Masterson in a trade. They cannot wait for Tanaka. I would lock up Garza before the Diamondbacks do.

  8. Zachariah says:

    Id be all for trading for Masterson. However I dont think we have the assets. And if we could theoretically trade Gardner for cost controlled arm/s Id rather just keep those guys myself anyways.

    We really need Tanaka to get posted…and then for us to sign him…and then for him to be very good. Thats a lot of hoping. That or hope for Pineda to be the Mariner version.

  9. Kvothe says:

    The only way an Ajax/Gardner swap made sense to me was that they wanted the righty bat, but Ajax has a reverse split. Soooo, yeah.

  10. LarryM Fl says:

    The Yankees will most likely be a team with minimum trade chips to bolster a trade. The reason being the team’s mission statement to win now. If we chase FA’s as our MO for the most part to accomplish the mission than the loss of top tier draft choices is constant. The pedigree of our farm system is minimized to some extent. Sure the Robbie Cano’s and Jorge Posada’s do occur but not so often.

    I’m not saying the this is wrong but it can be annoying not be able to pick up a good player who is not a FA. The chances of picking up Evan Longoria if available with a basket full of solid prospects is not going to happen. He would sure look good at third. You may bring up the AL East opponents not selling but the right prospects everyone is for sale. David Price might be a nice addition in the rotation.

    We could never get all these players but its another avenue to walk when acquiring a player which we do not have.

  11. Bobby D says:

    The yankees are nuts if they trade Gardner for Austin Jackson!

  12. Go get Justin Masterson says:

    I really don’t want to trade Gardner but I really like Masterson. Masterson went off last year a bunch of complete Games and I think he’s going to be even better next season. I also like Austin Jackson a lot I’m really mad we trade. Him from the beginning but how would a Gardner for Ajax trade make sence?

  13. Wasted Trip says:


    Don’t ever go to the Winter Meetings. I was led to believe by many baseball sites (this one included) and Twitter from respected writers that this is the time during the offseason when “all hell breaks loose”

    I decided to take my son to enjoy the festivities and all of the craziness of the hot stove. Nothing has happened. NOTHING. Mark Trumbo got traded, and nobody is even talking about it. My son already told me he is bored on multiple occasions.

    Unhappy about being misled.

    • Mr. Roth says:

      Perhaps you should have done more research about what the Winter Meetings have to offer from a tourist perspective? They are literally winter MEETINGS.

      What did you envision? something like the NYSE scene in Trading Places where Danny Espinosa is being bought and sold like frozen concentrated orange juice?

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        They put players on a revolving stage and have open bidding like that scene in Taken.

      • Wasted Trip says:

        I anticipated some sort of “buzz”

        We haven’t even seen Brian Cashman, and we’ve been wandering the lobby and halls quite a bit. Nothing. There’s no gossip going on. All the news I get is from social media which I could have done from my couch.

        You might be right about research on a backup plan but when this site, other sites, all writers, etc tell me that this is when “all hell breaks loose” and it’s when the most trades/signings get done blah blah blah, I expected more than a quiet Mark Trumbo trade. The most famous person we’ve seen is Joel Sherman and he won’t talk to anyone unless they’re employed by a baseball team. It just sucks.

        • stuckey says:

          I’m sorry, this is either a joke … or I’m utterly fascinated.

          To repeat a question already asked, what did you expect to see?

          Did you think recognizable sports writers were going to stop you in the lobby of a hotel to share with you rumors and scoops?

          Did you expect to be able to walk about an observe two GM’s discussing a trade in public?

          Not buying the “I was told all hell would break loose” thing.

          What did you think all hell breaking loose would look and sound like exactly?

          • Wasted Trip says:

            Yeah, I thought they would stop and give me rumors. They do it to tens of thousands over Twitter, why wouldn’t they stop and give me 30 seconds of their time?

            Look, clearly my expectations were wrong. I guess I expected to see more celebrities and more gossip/talking going on. That’s all. I had told my son we’d probably see a lof of the GMs and we’ve seen zero. It’s just not what I thought it would be. Anything remotely important going on I don’t have access to, and afterwards, nobody will talk to you. Like I said, it’s all just getting the information from the internet, which I don’t need to be here to do.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

              If this was ten years ago, you may have spotted Alyssa Milano doing the walk of shame out of a random hotel room. She’s married with child now, alas.


            • nyyankfan says:

              If you are pranking everyone this is pure comedy gold!

              If you aren’t…..well as my Mama always said – you can’t fix stupid.

              Honest question- could you and your son pick out a GM walking through the lobby or talking to one another if their name wasn’t Brian Cashman? Me personally, not a chance. I’d be scouring the halls looking for Brad Pitt so I could say I got Billy Beane’s autograph

              • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

                Billy Beane wears a green cape and walks six inches off the ground at all times.

                Jack Z dressed like Doink the Clown.

            • Stuckey says:

              I’m still a little dubious on this being genuine, but to play along…

              “Yeah, I thought they would stop and give me rumors. They do it to tens of thousands over Twitter, why wouldn’t they stop and give me 30 seconds of their time?”

              They do that to build a larger following, because when you have a following your followers will more likely click-through the links you post of your OTHER columns and stories throughout theyear, helping your build a larger audience, which increases your professional worth.

              They’re not going to share something for YOU to put on your Twitter account.

              It takes education, experience, landing a job, succeeding in that job, building a professional network to get tuned into behind the scenes happenings, not a double, non-smoking reservation on Expedia.

      • PhillyMatt says:

        Where the hell is Beaks?

        Mortimer, I think you brother is having a heart attack, “Fuck Him, turn those machines back on, turn those machines back on!”

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        Wilson, get back in there and sell, SELL!!!

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Get in the car and go to Disney. At least go up I-Drive and go get a Sonic Burger and some $3 Florida t-shirts.

      And also, I am about 90% positive that I’ve heard Mike say its not all that its cracked up to be, with the exception of seeing ballplayers walking the halls at times. I think the ‘hell breaking loose’ occurs behind closed doors, I’ve also read.

      • Wasted Trip says:

        Well I definitely haven’t heard Mike say that it’s the most boring time imaginable, which is what it is. I’m not blaming it all on him but his word is one of the main reasons I chose this trip. I should have researched other backup plans, I concede that, I just find this very disappointing. We’re just sitting in the room right now because there’s no point in leaving.

        • Mr. Roth says:

          I have a meeting for my job in a few days. Usually there’s lots of organizational changes announced during the December meeting. Let me know if you and your son want to come by to check it out.

        • SBSS says:

          You are literally in walking distance to Epcot, & a 5 minute drive from Magic Kingdom. Hell, I met Nick Swisher at Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago, you might get more baseball activity there.

        • The Great Gonzo says:

          He also has some things you don’t have, namely media credentials (if I recall) and connections to other writers (like, ACTUAL beat writers).

          I have to know, what EXACTLY did you expect? Like, something resembling the NFL Draft?

        • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

          Mike’s said it plenty of times on here. Perhaps, under whatever your screen name was before this trip (which I think it’s less than even money whether you’re even on it), you may have read it.

    • jjyank says:

      Erm. No buddy. That one’s totally on you. All hell sometimes breaks loose with regards to hitting refresh on MLBTR, the the event itself? I’ve never been, but I would assume that it’s just a bunch of agents and FO execs meeting with each other. And that doesn’t sound exciting to see in person at all.

      Don’t be unhappy about being misled. Be unhappy about being naive.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

      If you rub Bartolo Colon in baby oil, your son could use him as a waterslide.

      Don’t blame others for your lack of imagination.

  14. Kosmo says:

    Jackson for Gardner makes some sense. Right now the Tigers are a predominately RHH lineup. Gardner would help balance the lineup. It could also mean the Tigers are in on Choo. Dirks and Davis would be reserves.
    And of course I might be chasing shadows…

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Understatement of the year. This is doubtful on many levels.

    • mitch says:

      one for one i’d make that deal

    • RetroRob says:

      Trying to figure this one out is not easy. Yet the Yankees might prefer a RH’d bat while the Tigers a LH’d bat. But other than that, ummm…

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

      Big-ass shadows. I don’t think they’re looking to shed a tiny bit of salary that badly.

      Of course, that trade would be pure comedy gold from a blog perspective once those who complained about the Grandy trade start complaining about A-Jax.

    • Mscott says:

      Fairly comparable players (more SB potential for Gardner, if he’d USE it). Jackson is three years younger (including those center of prime maybe bust out ones of 27-29) and would provide one more year of team control. Have to do the lefty for righty swap one for one.

      • The Evil Umpire says:

        I’d have to think that the tigers would rightfully want something else for that additional year of team control. Maybe someone in the bottom half of the top 10 prospect list gets it done?

    • The Evil Umpire says:

      I know he’s only played CF in the bigs, but maybe he profiles better as a RF than any of our current OF’s? Right now all we have available to spell cranky-knees Beltran is a bunch of noodle arms.

  15. The Great Gonzo says:

    I would MUCH rather wait for Masterson to hit the open market than trade for him. But I would say that about just about any marquee pitcher.

    A ‘good’ pitcher can look an awful lot like a ‘marquee’ pitcher when times get desperate around trade season (see Dempster 2012, Peavy/Garza 2013).

  16. The Great Gonzo says:

    Gardner/AJax makes zero sense to me on many levels. You are, last I read, supposed to trade from positions of strength for positions of weakness. Trading an outfielder for another outfielder when you have FIVE OTHERS on your 25-man roster seems…. silly.

    • W.B. Mason Williams says:

      Lefty/Righty bats.

      AJax is younger, has (a little) more pop.

      Now that Granderson is gone, it’s rekindled my anger that we traded him in the first place. Not because of the player he’s turned into (although he’s pretty good) but because he was supposed to be our next homegrown regular player.


    • Dan says:

      I concur. They should trade Gardy but only for a SP or an IF.

      I’m in favor of dumping both him and Ichiro and going with Zoilo as the 4th or signing someone cheap to make up for the loss of depth. But that’s a lot of money that can go elsewhere.

  17. Scully says:

    I thought the other day that the Yankees had no interest in Santana. 2 shoulder capsule surgeries is a bad sign. He’s one guy though that I could see (if he stayed healthy) having a Pedro like tail end… aka still able to pitch despite a declined fastball due to his curve and change. I still say pass though except on a minor league deal, which is all I could see him getting at this point unless a desperate team for pitching wants to offer him 1 year guaranteed.

    Or he’ll somehow sign in St. Louis and go 15-4 this year :).

  18. Dan says:

    This winter meetings is so boring.

  19. Bob Buttons says:

    Cano deal not yet official. Hmmmm

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

      I doubt there’s anything to see there. It’ll be official soon enough.

      • Jimmy says:

        Could be delaying until after the Rule 5 draft to save the 40-man spot? Someone brought this possible work-around up on another thread today.

    • Josh S. says:

      I saw somewhere – can’t remember where – that he was scheduled to take his physical today, not on Monday as was originally reported.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      He got off the plane, looked around, and was all like da fuh???

  20. hey now says:

    I’d love to see Cashman sign J.P. Howell. The guy is a stud and our bullpen is looking pretty meager at the moment.

  21. Carlos Beltran posted that he’s No. 36 for the Yankees on Instagram. I get a sense the deal is close to official.

  22. dicka24 says:

    Masterson has really bad splits vs LHB’s. I’d be very worried about him in Yankee Stadium, with that short porch. His splits are severe. He dominates same side hitters, gets tattooed by lefties. I believe he’s a FA after the season, so he’d be a stop gap, and potential QO guy at seasons end. Same as a Homer Bailey would be. That is the one benefit of trading for a 1 year rental. Gardner isn’t getting a QO, whereas one of these pitchers likely would. So there is the potential for a long term return on the investment at least.

    Infante is overpriced at $25-30 million.

    • Jedile says:

      Just was about to post this. I think we actually did pretty good with this trade!

      • Preston says:

        Yeah, they had a guy they were going to cut for roster space and they turned him into a nice MiLB arm. I’m interested to see if they keep him in the rotation or move him back to the pen.

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        Indeed. We both got rid of him AND got back what seems at worst at org arm with maybe 7th inning potential. Amazing and quite the statement about the state of affairs with C in the bigs.

  23. Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

    I hadn’t scrolled up in a while. Gardner/AJax is an actual thing being discussed? Interesting.

    I wonder what else would get moved there.

  24. lou says:

    Gardner & Jackson what? Did I read that right?… Anyone wanna chime in?

  25. Mike Spags says:

    Not sure if this was already mentioned, but new posting system agreed upon…

    If Tanaka is posted, what contract does he get???

    • Chip says:

      Cameron just said on the FanGraphs chat that he expects him to get 125-150 million. Seems really high but not when you consider the crazy contracts being handed out thus far

  26. Bernard says:

    Small trade thought if the Nationals are really open to moving them: JR Murphy, Vidal Nuno and Cesar Cabral for Drew Storen and Danny Espinosa.

    Nats have been in the market for a 2nd catcher and a lefty reliever – this deal would give them a very solid 2nd catcher who (I have to imagine) could spend a bit of time at first base spelling LaRoche especially against tough lefties, a typical LOOGY at low cost (Cabral) and useful enough SP/Long Man depth in Nuno. The real chip is Murphy (up to 4th on BA’s Yankee prospect list), but Storen and Espinosa seem worth the gamble.

  27. mustang says:

    Don’t buy the Gardner/ Jackson stuff but this;

    “11:14am: Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports offers a different take (on Twitter), as sources have indicated to him that Scherzer is “definitely in play.” While nothing is imminent, says Passan, teams are aware that Scherzer can be had.”

    I BUY.

    i have a feeling that Cashman is in Ninja mode.

    • Nuke Guy says:

      Scherzer would be awesome. I just don’t think the Yankees have what it takes to get him. Unless you want to do Gardner, Robertson, Nova, Sanchez, Williams, and Montgomery. That still might not even be enough.

      • mustang says:

        I don’t think you have to go that wild definitely Nova, Williams, and Montgomery. Scherzer is one year from free agency and Scott Boras is his agent that scares of a lot people and its the reason the Tigers are even thinking about trading him.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          Exactly. Well said Mustang. The tigers are certainly gonna get alot for Scherzer but a factor in the whole thing will be the fact the team dealing with Detroit will be using possibly not being able to resign him as a bargaining chip.

          Still Scherzer is awesome, and it’ll still take a good heap of prospects, but alittle less because of that. If’d offer something like Gary Sanchez, Slade Heathcott, Mark Montgomery, and one of Jose Ramirez or Nik Turley.. That’d be a nice get for Detroit, and would replenish there system nicely.

      • Steve (different one) says:

        Isn’t he a FA to be? I realize the rule of thumb at RAB is that no player in the Yankee organization has any value, but this is insane.

        • mustang says:


          Add the fact that the last time they dealt with the Tigers both teams made out well. In fact that deal came out nowhere.

          “To get Granderson, the Bronx Bombers sent Austin Jackson and Phil Coke to Detroit and Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks. Additionally, the D-backs traded Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth to the Tigers, and Detroit swapped Edwin Jackson to Arizona. Though none of the players the Tigers received are having an MVP-caliber year, it’s fair to say the deal worked out well for them as well>”

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

      He’d have to be Bruce Fucking Lee to pull that off.

  28. Chip says:

    I was wondering about Gregorius earlier. He made a huge splash to start the season but the league appeared to catch up with him. Seems like a slightly below average hitter with plus defense to me. Would a package of Phelps and Murphy do it? Seems like Arizona wants pitching and probably wouldn’t mind a solid backup to the corpse of Miguel Montero

  29. vinnie says:

    Just wondering what you all think. Would you rather have taken on Kemps salary or sign Ellsbury? Both are similar salaries but Kemps much younger. Forget about the players it may have taken to get Kemp, which player would you rather have the contract of; Ellsbury or Kemp?

  30. Pete says:

    I vote no on Gregorius, and only because I’m imagining a truly horrific Sterling home run call. ;-)

    • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:


      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        I’m feeling something about a Gregorian chant.

        Also, I see that Corey Hart will be wearing his sunglasses in Seatlle.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

          I TURN TO HIM AND SAY….

          • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:


            FOOL YOU JUST PAID
            10/240 TO R. CANO

  31. Cofuzz says:

    It’s all about Kyle Haynes.

  32. RetroRob says:

    So now Kevin Towers’ comment makes more sense. The reason Didi Gregorius reminds him of Derek Jeter is Didi Gregorius is meant to replace Derek Jeter.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      Isn’t he just a younger, potentially faster, Brendan Ryan, best case? He’s never been above 100 wrc+ except barely in 2012 at AA.

      • RetroRob says:

        The Jeter comparison was way off base from the moment it came out of Towers’ mouth. Gregorius is a good fielder, no speed and a questionable bat. In other words, the opposite of what Jeter has been through his career!

        • Rick says:

          It was totally taken out of context. I posted the Fangraphs article below. He barely compared the two.

          • RetroRob says:

            Yup. When I heard Towers’ comment I knew there was way more to it than just that line. Yet he said it, and that’s what the media was going to grab.

            Print the legend.

  33. Rick says:

    Big day for the Mariners… Hart and LoMo.

    Love that the Yankees are in on Gregorious.

  34. Rick says:

    Comment From Guest
    Could you please update any Brandon Phillips chatter you are hearing

    Dave Cameron: Reds would happily give him away, no one wants him.

  35. I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

    Phillies now “shopping the crap out of” Papelbon. Throw in Lee and I’d take him, then cut him and eat the salary.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      Yes I hate Papelbon that much and care about the Bros. Steins’ money that little.

  36. Jorge Steinbrenner (the rarely spoken-of sibling) says:

    So, basically, there’s a dump truck full of money waiting for Tanaka.

  37. Cuso says:

    Mariners’ acquisitions of Hart and Morrison are way too highly praised. These are “big moves?” And they’re penciled in as the 4 and 5 hole hitters?

    Hart = Richie Sexson 2.0
    Morrison still has options – which I’d bet money that WILL be exercised this year.

  38. Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name) says:

    It looks like home plate collisions will be officially banned. I’m not sure what to think of this.

  39. mustang says:

    The Mets have agreed to terms with Bartolo Colon on a two-year deal, according to Sweeny Murti of WFAN (via Twitter).

    Cross him off

  40. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    Arod for Masterson, who hangs up first?

  41. TWTR says:

    I would rather have done the Colon deal than the Kuroda deal.

  42. The Thumb says:

    I’m sooooooooo excited for this Colon signing. I might buy Mets tickets just to watch him hit and run in person.

  43. Kenny says:

    Papelbon for Ichiro possible?

    • nycsportzfan says:

      No way. Papelbon is still good, and Ichiro is fading. It’d be a salary dump to a degree, i realize, but still gonna take at least someone half way decent.

  44. nycsportzfan says:

    Wow, just heard that tanaka is expected to be posted. This is huge if true! The D-Backs really want him also. If we could trade for a Masterson or Samardzjia and add Tanaka, we’ll be set! I’d even be for signing Paul Maholm if we are to get Tanaka, and think that’d be a very good rotation.

    1). CC
    2). Tanaka
    3). Kuroda
    4). Samardzjia
    5). Maholm/Warren/Phelps/Pineda/Nuno???

  45. Alkaline says:

    So I really hope we get Tanaka. Questions aside, I rather him than other FA.

    My question is this. What puns could we come up with for “Tanaka?” Yu Darvish just made it too easy.

  46. CashmanNinja says:

    If it’s true that Tanaka will be posted then I hope the Yankees just go all in. I don’t care the cost. He’s only 24 and whoever gets him will be getting his best years as opposed to guys normally towards the end of their careers. He could definitely flop, but it’s a worthy risk. I’d rather do that than go after Jimenez or Garza (and in Jimenez’s case lose a draft pick).

    So as far as I can tell every interested team will bid up to $20 mil. He’s going to get a max bid, so basically every team interested bids $20 million. Every team that bid the max will get to basically be involved in free agent discussions. This is where the Yankees have a major opportunity.

    1.) New York — it’s a huge city with a historic franchise. Very appealing when compared to a place like Kansas City or Toronto (no offense to either team).

    2.) Ichiro and Kuroda. Even if Ichiro is dealt then we still have Kuroda to be here for a year to help him with his adjustment to living here and pitching in the majors. It would make the transition a bit easier.

    3.) MONEY. The Yankees have the freaking money so they can use it. A lot of other teams have cash as well, but he’s a risk so some teams may not be willing to spend *that* much since it’d be a risk — and they’d still have to pay the $20 mil posting fee.

    The Yankees have actually done their homework on him. They didn’t know a damn thing about Igawa, but they’ve actually sent scouts to see Tanaka pitch on a weekly basis. They know who he is and what he offers. The Yankees can now blow another team out of the water — as long as Tanaka would want to play here. Let’s hoping he really does because this is the kind of guy who could make a huge positive impact.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      “We’re ready to rock and roll.” – Brian Cashman

      • CashmanNinja says:

        Hence why I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Yankees going well over $100 mil for him. Pitching contracts are always inflated and I’d rather spend around $150 mil on Tanaka than $100 mil on Garza or another free agent.

        • Mike says:

          I agree. Offer him Sabathia’s contract. We need to go all in.

          • Rick says:

            Yes, the Sabathia contract for a guy who hasn’t thrown a pitch in the US. Brilliant.

            • CashmanNinja says:

              Well what do you propose? Volquez walks everyone and gets hurt all the freaking time. In the case of Tanaka it literally is JUST money. It’s not my money. It’s not your money. So what does it matter? The Yankees are obviously scrapping the $189 mil plan because it’s literally impossible to get under the cap with all the holes still left to plug. Plus they have no rotation right now. They need *at least* 400 innings. Don’t forget that Nova has been a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in Pinstripes. He was bad enough to be forced back to the minors, but then came back strong. The Yankees need a guy who will not only eat innings, but also pitch well. We’ll have a spot for Phelps/Pineda/Warren/etc. to be the cheap guy to anchor the rotation. Tanaka was terrific in Japan and has the “stuff” to translate well to the majors. He’s not some lanky, slap hitting hitter that Japan seems to grow in bunches. He’s a guy who can pitch for power, but also has offspeed stuff that can be thrown for strikes — whether located in the zone or enticing swings out of the zone. It’s true swing and miss stuff. So would you rather roll the dice and spend a little more or give Ervin Santana $100+ mil and a draft pick? Santana has had an ERA over 5 in THREE years and has a career 4.19 ERA. Garza barely makes it to 200 innings and always has some sort of arm injury. He’s just as risky as Tanaka, but the upside isn’t nearly as high. I’ll roll the dice on Tanaka.

              • Rick says:

                Who said anything about any of those players? Why are you comparing Tanaka to Volquez. Tanaka is unproven, yet you want pay him as much as Sabathia? In what world does that make sense? He could just as easily be Igawa as he could be Darvish.

                Let’s be sensical please. Should they open their wallets for Tanaka? Sure. Should be at all costs and come close to CC? No. Every team in the league knows that.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            I don’t think it goes anywhere near that high, and he in no way deserves it. CC carried teams on his fucking back before signing that deal.

    • mustang says:

      Just give him this list:

      Tim Tebow doesn’t need it anymore.

    • AllyinCt says:

      I had read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that Tanaka prefers either the Dodgers or the Yankees.

  47. Rick says:

    I would’ve taken Edinson Volquez for $5M

  48. bkight13 says:

    Sign me up for giving Ackley a chance. Post-hype sleeper leaving a pitcher’s park. I don’t want Infante at his price and years. Would rather leave Johnson at 2b and trade for a 3b if Alex gets the full year suspension. Use the money on a SP.

  49. PunkPitch says:

    Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon on the mound in Denver against the Rockies – A High Colonic.

  50. ras says:

    Why aren’t we hearing more about Michael Young…I think he would be great great on a 1 (or even 2) year contract??

  51. ras says:

    Why isn’t there more talk of Michael Young??
    2nd/3rd…pro hitter…great clubhouse leader
    1 or 2 year contract

    • Preston says:;sort=21,a

      Michael Young has been the worst qualifying player in baseball over the last two seasons. The fact that there is any interest is astounding.

    • Jonathan says:

      You want to give MULTIPLE years on a guy who has been below replacement level since 2011? What is it you think he does well? He doesn’t steal bases. He doesn’t hit for power. He doesn’t hit for average. He’s one of the worst defenders in all of baseball. The 5 tools are hit, hit for power, run, throw, defense. He’s pretty much awful at all of them at this stage in his career and even when he was hitting for average he had massive home/road splits that showed Rangers Ballpark was helping him immensely. I’d much rather have Mark Reynolds on a 1 year deal as at least he will hit for righty power and isn’t really old. This is name vs actual production here.

  52. Nathan says:

    This has been too many days of inactivity! Get a move on, Cash!

    I kid, I kid…

  53. mustang says:

    “The Yankees rejected a Gardner-for-Phillips offer from the Reds”

    I think Cashman and the FO are having an awesome off season they are playing their hand like pros.

    • WM says:

      Hey, I said exactly that 2 days ago and nearly everyone on this forum pooped their pants.

    • Mscott says:

      Hugely agree! Let’s put this in perspective:

      Infante, if they gave into his dream demand, would be $32M for four years. Phillips is owed $50M over the next four years, a difference of $18M. Imagine a magical world where the Yanks already had Infante, the Reds still had Phillips, and both Phillips and Infante were in the Vernon Well’s situation of not costing their respective teams anything. The Reds call Brian Cashman and say:

      “I’ll trade you Brandon Phillips for Infante, Gardner, and $18M.”

      Cashman would dislocate his elbow hanging up.

    • Mike says:

      I think we can hold out for one of the Red’s young starters.

      Gardner + Betances for Bailey or Latos should be fair.

  54. WM says:

    Haven’t read all the comments, but I imagine few have pointed out that the Yanks ideal scenario is landing a guy like Bailey or Masterson, or really any quality pitcher who slots as a #3 potentially. For obvious reasons, but more so, because they can manufacture, provided the pitchers results, an additional draft pick out of Gardner. Chances are that Gardner is not quite QA material. Maybe, but debatable and he would need to have an awesome season to justify such an offer. There is a better chance for Masterson or Bailey to reject and receive a multiple year deal. Phillps accomplished almost nothing. Sure, it’s an obvious hole to fill, but the Yanks are wise to hold out for the right deal.

    • WM says:

      Looking forward into 2014/15 offseason, the Yanks don’t have any potential qualifying candidates at this moment. Kuroda, but I think its fair to say, this is probably his last go around. Johnson? He’d have to slug 25 homers and drive home 85+ to justify such a move. Highly unlikely.

      The yanks are best waiting for the right deal. Packaging Gardner and Romine or Murphy and another lower level prospect to a single team or something 3 ways. The Yank goal should to exchange Gardner for a player under contract for only 1 year that is on pace to make $10-$15mm a year from now.

      Other option is to get a guy like Ackley, which is the complete opposite and a lot of cost control for a few years.

  55. Dan says:

    If the Reds offered Philips for Gardner then they must value Gardner highly. The Yanks should wait and the Reds could relent on giving Bailey as part of a package.

    Also, I’m glad they passed up on Philips. He’s a good 2Bman, but he’s not worth the money at all.

  56. WM says:

    “Before the Yankees turned down the proposed swap, Phillips asked for his contract to be re-opened to pay him more money to agree to the deal, , a national league source tells Jon Heyman of (on Twitter).”

    Cano 2.0. Glad we passed and it’s evident why the Yanks did. Wrong attitude coming into the equation.

  57. TJF says:

    Sounds like negotiations have started, even BP decided to ask for more, which is a smart move, worst the Yanks could say was no. Reds can then back off that demand and counter with a Phillips for Gardner trade without the contract being opened. Phillips agrees then that should be a done deal. Great 2b at a bargain, plenty of OF fill ins and maybe one non pitching spot to fill at 3b. Sign a starter and a 3B and bullpen and we are good to go.

  58. Boggsballs says:

    Well played by Cash. I’m sure most assumed, me included, a Gardner for Philips swap would be a done deal. I think Yanks want Infante and this was done to show greater value for Gardner. I didn’t see that coming. Well played Cash.

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