• Dr. TJ Eckleberg

    That’s weird. Jaret Wright gave up a home run.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      “SIGN THAT MAN!”, they then said.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      I think the Yankees just signed Carlos Beltran’s two children to multi-year deals. Great get!!! Cashman w/the presentation of the “Bomber” jackets to the little bambinos.

      Gotta say, the press conference is so yucky. They’ve got the Yankee “brain trust” on the podium with Randy Levine sitting front and center & to the immediate right of the microphone & w/Lonn Trost and Brian Cashman to his right, & to the left, Girardi, Beltran, & Beltran’s wife Jessica.

      At the top of the broadcast, Bob Lorenz is standing in the back of the room interviewing Michael Kay and Jack Curry, all three holding handheld microphones, & the camera facing the room w/the podium behind & in back, & all three chatting in hushed tones & superlatives about the legendary probably HOF career of today’s honored guest, & hey, you remember the time his agent, Scott Boras, gave the Yankees the chance to sign him for 6 years & $100M instead of the Mets 7 years & $120M? As these guys continue, you see Beltran & his wife walk into the room — in the background — & onto the podium, & see Beltran taking off his overcoat and basically throwing it over the back of the seat where he’ll be sitting for his welcome & introduction to Yankeeland, the newest pelt in the Yankee universe. No one with the Yankees has the presence of mind to have first offered the dude a hanger so he could hang up his overcoat BEFORE entering the press conference? Classy! It’s just that sort of attention to detail I’m sure that produces so many polished & completed players from our teeming, over-abundant farm system.

      I’ll tell you, Levine & Trost make Mr. Potter from It’s A Wonderful Life seem like a concerned compassionate responsible philanthropist. Players come, & players go &/or get pushed out, or if lucky, retire of their own free will, but Randy Levine, he be da face of da Yankees — & what a face! The kind a face only a mama could love — Hoo-hah!

  • Dro413

    I’ve always been a Beltran fan. Welcome to the Bronx boricua!

  • Dr. Grenaldine

    What is usually the reason why the word gets out that a player is signed…and the player isn’t “officially” signed for several weeks sometimes? Is it usually because they are bumbling around trying to figure out what to do with the roster spot and such? I’m sure there are several reasons (physicals, etc.) but do we know what it was in Beltran’s case?

  • Troy

    He has a great post season record. A complete waste on this team.

    • nyyankfan_7

      What’s it like to be a fan who openly roots against his favorite team?

      Or do you seriously have so little to do with your life that you troll another team’s website?

      Either way, I feel really sorry for you. Merry Christmas.

      • Troy

        Not rooting against them. But being realistic. Yanks have an infield of Kelly Johnson, Brendan Ryan, Brian Roberts and Texiera coming off a wrist injury. That is not encouraging.

        • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

          Virtual lock that’s not the Opening Day infield. I can do that for other teams too.

          Middlebrooks, Herrerra, Pedroia, Carp

          See what I did there?

          You’re not being realistic, that’s called “antagonistic.”

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    Adam Wainwright begs to differ.


  • Hearn

    Beltran. The Anti-Swisssher

    • I’m One

      I think the Anti-Swisher would suck during the regular season and play really good defense, then have an outstanding post season. So, not quite the Anti-Swisher.

  • TWTR

    George made a mistake by not taking Beltran’s offer to play at a discount in 2004. If he stays healthy, Betan will be really good here.

    • Rick

      But would he have pulled off the infamous Damon double steal?

      • TWTR

        He might have produced at such a high level that the need for the double steal would be mooted!

  • Batsman

    Those homeruns are nice, but Beltran belting those can’t be counted on. I am just hoping (with his advanced age), he focuses on the “little” things in batting, like taking pitches, walks, and going with the pitch instead of pulling the ball. I don’t want him to be another Mark Teixeira.

  • Shamus

    I am so happy they finally signed Carlos Beltran.

    Unlike some players who simply chase money and go to the highest bidder, the guy actually wanted to come to New York and play for the Yankees SO BAD he twice offered to play for them for less and was rebuffed.

    He grew up idolizing Bernie Williams. He always wanted to be a Yankee and he finally is.

    We need more guys like Carlos.

    • I’m One

      “We need more guys like Carlos in his prime.”


      Not disappointed he’s here now, but not extatic either. I hope this signing didn’t come a few seasons too late.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        The dude’s 37 years old. This signing sure didn’t come early.

        He’ll be fine until (not if, but when) he blows out a knee, runs into a wall, or breaks something. Then, it will be the long hard slog waiting for the end of his deal, & welcome to the NY Yankees Adonis Garcia (or some such) – until the NEXT Yankee offseason (2015?) FA signing.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      The guy lives in Port Washington, L.I. Where else would he want to play? If the Mets were even slightly competitive and offered him the same deal, you can be sure this press conference would have been held in Flushing.

      • RetroRob

        Well he did offer the Yankees a $19M discount as he was trying to not go to the Mets in 2005, and he also left the Mets on bad terms, which he referenced today. Other than that, you seem to have a intuitive grasp of the situation.

  • Midland TX
  • Jonathan

    As a Yankee fan stuck 30 miles from KC, I’m looking extremely forward to Beltran as a Yankee in Kauffman. All the ignorant fans HATE every player that ever left the Royals, even if it’s the Royals fault. They all act like they just left for 1/2 the money and trashed them on the way out like a Boston sportswriter. And they hate all Yankees players. It should be epic. When you start throwing facts around and they basically admit to just being casual drunken fans that hate the Yankees because they ruined baseball..it’s just hilarious. This will be amazing. I’m going to twist the knife of saying how bad they needed a RFer like him and how he would have gone in with a KC hat on and doubled their HOFers had he made it.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    I was just watching the season recap of 1983. It’s amazing how playoff teams back them were lauded for having veteran-laden rosters.

    It’s taboo nowadays because everyone is looking for the guarantee of no injuries. It’s really become comical. The narrative is defining reality for people.