Cashman confirms Yankees planning to retire Joe Torre’s number … eventually

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While speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees are planning to retire #6 in honor of Joe Torre at some point. “We haven’t given it out for a reason,” said the GM. “It’s been tucked away for quite some time. At some point, that’ll happen, not doubt about it. Clearly it has already unofficially happened.”

Torre, 73, was unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame by the Expansion Era committee on Monday thanks to his 12-year stint in the Bronx. The divorce was not pretty, but the two sides have since made amends and Torre has returned to Yankee Stadium on several occasions. Old Timer’s Day, Mariano Rivera‘s going away ceremony, stuff like that. He deserves to have his number retired and I’m glad the team will make it official at some point.

Fun Fact: The last player to wear #6 before Torre was Tony Fernandez in 1995. Here’s the full list.

Yankees do not open 40-man roster spot prior to Rule 5 Draft deadline
Scouting the Trade Market: Justin Masterson
  • CashmanNinja

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If the Yankees had held off from doing it then it would have just made them look petty and immature. At the end of the day Torre was still at the helm to many championships and helped bring the Yankees back to their winning ways. It’s much deserved and I think the only reason it hasn’t happened yet was because they were waiting for him to be elected to the HoF which is now the case. Congrats to Torre. He’ll be a great addition to Monument Park.

  • Kiko Jones

    With all due respect, it will always be Roy White’s number in my book.

    • RetroRob


    • YankeeParrothead

      I feel the same way. (I also think of 9 as Nettles and 10 as Chambliss). I loved him as a kid (after Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer of course). I was at the game when he moved into 2nd place (way behind Mickey Mantle)for games with home runs from both sides of the plate in a career. Of course by now he has been passed on that list by a few people.

    • LarryM Fl

      I second the thought.

      • LarryM Fl

        The first player that I recall wearing number 6 was Andy Carey.

        • http://Espn Odiseo

          The so called “core four” had a special mystique and success that go beyond individual statistics; all four should be retired.

          • Mike HC

            “The core four” stuff was appropriate when only those four were still playing but now that all but one have retired I don’t get how you can exclude Bernie from all this.

            • RetroRob

              Right. The “core four” thing was first a news/media thing, which then became a marketing thing in 2009. No special bonus points get awarded for it, with just one but important reason being Bernie. When they do retrospective pieces on 2009 they can talk about the core four, but it doesn’t have much meaning for me beyond that.

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      Tony Lazzeri!!

  • nsalem

    He deserves it but I just wish Monument Park was a little further away from the Yankee bullpen.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    2 down (42, 6), 4 to go.

    • Now Batting

      Whose your 4?

      • nsalem

        5 to go not 4

        • Roadgeek Adam

          Bad math on my part.

          Jeter, Posada, O’Neill (use it or retire it, and I think it would make fans happier for the latter.), Pettitte and Williams.

      • Nuke Guy

        Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, and Bernie for me.

        • RetroRob

          Jeter and Mo. That’s it for me.

          Bernie, Andy and Posada were great, but the Yankees really have to reserve retiring of numbers to a select few. Other players can get plaques, have special days, even have their numbers put on ice for a decade or two, but complete retirement should be rare. They are out of control here.

          • Bob Buttons

            15 years of distinguished service should be “select few” in these day and ages. Though I’m willing to forgo Bernie and Andy for Jorge, who was really never close to leaving.

            • OldYanksFan

              Then Roy White get’s in?

          • forensic

            I agree. I could be persuaded on Bernie (since he was one of my all-time favorite players), but not so much on Posada. I certainly say no to Andy since he left for a few years (though it’s difficult since he’s near the top in so many franchise pitching categories).

      • Bob Buttons

        I’m guessing 46, 2, 20, 51.

  • TWTR

    They have too many retired numbers as it is.

    • The Other Mister D

      Torre is going into the Hall almost entirely on his Yankee credentials. I think it is debatable for a non-Hall player best known for being a Yankee(like Maris, Elston, Thurm, or Mattingly) to be retired, and even more questionable for Hall players who played only briefly for the team (Reggie, Goose). But when a person is enshrined in the Hall specifically for his accomplishments in pinstripes, I find it hard to argue against retiring the number.

      • TWTR

        I am actually against retiring any number of any player.

        I think there should be a ring of honor (or something like that), and the numbers should continue to be worn.

        Torre, however, was a really good player. Not Hall of Fame worthy, but not that far away.

        • The Other Mister D

          If I could have my way all numbers would be un-retired. I think of all the players I watched who wore 42 to honor Jackie and the thought no one will ever be able to do so again (well, not here – anyone in Japan can do it) is sad to me. I think players honoring another’s number does more to keep that memory alive than painting it on a wall. Of course I would be wary of who got what number – I wouldn’t want to see Jason Nix wearing number 3.

      • YankeeParrothead

        Thurman and Mattingly SHOULD be in the Hall of Fame. I actually think part of reason they retired their numbers was to put that in the minds of the voters (but it didn’t work).

        • forensic

          I can certainly see an argument for Mattingly, but the question is if his terrific peak was just too short to get there (which I think it probably was, despite him being among my couple favorite players of all-time).

          As for Munson, I’m sorry but there’s really no way he should be in the HOF. His career was a short 11 years (the minimum for the HOF is 10 years) and I think if you’re even going to be considered at that point, you better have some absurd numbers in those years (Koufax-style).

  • The Other Mister D

    “We haven’t given it out for a reason”

    Does that mean you’re retiring #21? Are you really waiting for Paulie (god bless him) to get the call from Cooperstown?

  • adjusts batting gloves

    Well, there’s Lazzeri and Gordon, both hall of famers, both as Yankees, both #6s. So it seems past time they retired the number.

    • The Other Mister D

      Yeah, that’s part of my problem. Plenty of Old Tyme Yankees in the Hall more worthy of having a retired number than certain players that George took a shine to.

  • mustang

    “Fun Fact: The last player to wear #6 before Torre was Tony Fernandez in 1995. Here’s the full list.”

    And an injury to Tony Fernandez during the spring of 1996 gave an opening to a rookie name Derek Jeter seems like only yesterday.

  • WhittakerWalt

    I’m torn, though not about Torre. He should have his # retired. I do think the Yanks retire too many numbers, though. It’s getting out of hand. There should be some kind of rules to it. I’ve gotten into arguments with people who want to retire O’Neill’s number, FFS. Come on now, really? He was a good player for us, but he was also a pretty gigantic asshole and never anything like a Hall of Famer. And he didn’t play his whole career with us.

    • OldYanksFan

      Correct. Like the HOF, even time someone’s number gets retired, it lowers the honor of those who deserve, who are already there.

      There is a difference between EXCELLENT players (Jorge, Bernie) and GREAT players (Ruth, Mantle, Berra, Jeter, etc).

      And why the FUCK is Reggie (Oakland A’s) Jackson’s number retired?

      • mitch

        The problem is that the standard has already been set. Guys like Bernie and Posada are worthy of having their numbers retired compared to some of the existing retirees.

        I’d personally like to see it be extremely exclusive, and i’d only retire 2 and 42 of the current group. There are plenty of other ways to honor the others. Too bad the precedent has already been set.

  • JM

    Let other people worry about retiring some damn numbers. Cashman should figure out a way to sign/trade for some pitchers.

    Had they drafted Taijuan Walker (2010 Pick#43 instead of Cito Culver (2010 Pick#32)yankees could have got Brett Anderson yesterday.

    • Johnny O

      two things…walker was drafted after basically every other team had a shot at him, so can’t just fault the yanks. second, brett anderson isn’t that good so if that’s your major beef that we missed out on him then you really shouldn’t be upset about anything.

      i do agree with you that the cito culver pick sucked.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      This certainly has a lot to do with the article.

  • Baked McBride

    At the ceremony, I hope they give him one last chance to call in Prcotor or Sturtze from the bullpen

  • ruralbob

    Time for 3-digit numbers.

    • Roadgeek_Adam

      I am still surprised they didn’t try to get approval from MLB to run 100 – 113 out for Spring Training when they had two sets from 87-99.

  • Squints

    Looking ove the list of numbers in that link. Torre shouldve never had the oppurtunity to wear the number cause it shouldve been retired for Tony Lazzeri, greatest Yankee 2nd baseman and a major part of Murders Row.