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Weekend Open Thread
Bullpen depth should be a high priority during remainder of offseason

2013 Season: 85-77 (637 RS, 671 RA, 77-85 pythag. record), didn’t qualify for playoffs

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Weekend Open Thread
Bullpen depth should be a high priority during remainder of offseason
  • Geno

    I love the idea of grabbing Masterson. Can he really be available? Would Gardner & Romine get er done?

    • Tim

      They would have to be flipped for pieces Cleveland would be interested in. Neither of those guys would interest Cleveland. Cleveland would probably be interested in controllable pitching for Masterson at some level. Their fielders are pretty well set.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Three-way trades are always possible. So it’s really a matter of whether these guys provide enough value.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Remember, your trade proposal sucks.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I doubt he’d be available unless you blew them away, and that’s not blowing anyone away.

      Yes, Geno, your trade proposal sucks and, somehow, at 6-9, your team’s overperforming.

      • Geno

        There had been a rumored Masterson-Gregorius-Gardner three-way trade. Gardner to Cleveland, Gregorius to the Yanks and Masterson to Arizona.

        • The Great Gonzo

          Which is amazing, considering the Indians have Center Fielders for days… Also, which is why it was just a rumor.

          • RetroRob

            That’s a trade of Gardner for Gregorius, which I would rate as a substantial loss for the Yankees in 2014.

  • I’m One

    I’m remaining at a 6 (but should probably be at a 7). The team has holes to fill, especially starting pitching, but also RP, 2B (seems unlikely they’ll pick up anyone good, so it appears it will be Kelly Johnson), 3B, either starter if A-Rod is suspended or a fill in to allow him to DH/rest as needed. Money no longer seems to be an issue. The players just don’t seem to be there to fill all the needs.

    Long term, outside of Ellsbury’s contract, they should be in good shape to take on whatever free agents they need, but ’14 could be another disappointing season if they can’t fill the holes they have with quality players.

  • The Great Gonzo

    The fact that the same people that were bitching about giving an elite player like Robinson Cano a 10th season and even petitioned for him to be traded at the deadline are all like “Give Omar Infante and Mark Ellis anything, just get them here…”

    Well this makes me lose faith in humans in general. But the fact that Cashman is doing his thing (which i actually believe is the right thing) give me a bump in the ratings.

    Its easy to go on a drunken sailor spending spree after losing Robbie, but he’s shown some* restraint.

    Going hard at an 8. Suck iiiiiiiiiiit (in Ruxin voice)

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      This is good. You at an 8 and me at a 5. At least we won’t be accused of groupthink this time around.

    • Mike HC

      At this point it seems disingenuous to name Cashman as the main person responsible for acquiring players. With all the talking Randy Levine and Hal have done this off season, it really seems to be a true group effort.

      • The Great Gonzo

        But its never disingenuous to say Cashman Failed? We can’t have it both ways. The General Manager gets the blame for the bad moves, he should get the credit for the good moves. Or we (as a whole) should spread the blame across the top levels as well…

        • Mike HC

          Yes, the credit and blame should be spread out and not put solely on Cashman. Cashman doesn’t decide the budget and he doesn’t have the final say on who the Yanks acquire (see Soriano and Soriano).

  • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Finally up to a 5 after a long time at 4. Yes, there are holes to fill on the current roster and many questions yet to be answered, but I like the combination of aggressive moves (McCann, Ells, Beltran) and fiscal restraint (Cano) demonstrated thus far.


    Surprised there hasn’t been more Chavez chatter in the ether. Assuming ARod plays at least somewhat in 2014 (my bet), someone like him would be great in a part time/bench role.

    • Oops I Crapped My Pants

      I am a little higher in the confidence than you….a 6 but I basically agree with the points you made.
      I am also a little surprised more people aren’t talking about Chavez more. Great glove and his bat fits very nicely in Yankee Stadium.
      Perhaps the lack of volume on EC is a good thing. Maybe the stealthy cashman is working on it and we all get surprised by the announcement. Fingers crossed.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I could live with the greatest platoon of 2003, ARod/Chavez, if that was the case.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Down to 5 which, barring complete calamity, is probably the lowest I’m willing to go with this team. It’s been a perplexing off-season thus far, with so much money spent, yet so many holes which continue to go unaddressed as reasonable options to fill those holes come off the board. Close to $300 million spent and, right now, Kelly Johnson is your second baseman and Robbie Thomson just plans on fielding balls down the line from the coach’s box, I guess. Maybe they really will play what vicki correctly coined as “no doubles” defense with eight outfielders out there to compensate.

    There are still third starter options out there through trade and free agency, even without the Tanaka wildcard, so I’m not as bothered there. There are even decent middle relievers still out there, and that just isn’t a priority for me other than one veteran to mitigate the risk with the untested guys a bit.

    There’s still PLENTY of time, but there aren’t plenty of players out there who’ll magically become available. No, I don’t think a team starting makeshift options at both second and third, even with the additions made, is a strong contender unless lots of things break right. That’s not what you spend $300 million on in an offseason.

    I have zero confidence in either 1) Alex Rodriguez playing a game in 2014, 2) Alex Rodriguez staying healthy and effective for 100 games if he was allowed to. Penciling him in the lineup does little for me.

    Pollyanna enough?

    • mitch

      Aside from Cano, were there really any great 2B or 3B options? Infante or Ellis could have worked, but they’re not much different than Kelly Johnson in my opinion. I still think a trade will be made at some point, but Reynolds or Chavez or both are there as fall back options. I’m pretty confident they’ll have a strong lineup.

      The pitching is a bigger concern and getting Tanaka is a must.

      • I’m One

        Reynolds or Chavez or both

        My thinking exactly. If he’s interested, I’d like to see Chavez signed as soon as possible. Even if A-Rod returns, he’s an excellent platoon partner to him. If A-Rod doesn’t play, then add Reynolds to Chavez and I’d be satisfied

        Also agree that Tanaka seems to be an excellent choice and would love to see him signed if he becomes available. If he isn’t available? Not sure who the fall back option is at this point, even though a 3-type starter is what appears to be needed (I have continued confidence that CC will come back as at least a 2-type starter).

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Reynolds AND Chavez? Yeah, I’d co-sign on that as well. Kind of what I wanted last year with Youk and a second guy, not that that would have worked in any fashion in the end.

          • OldYanksFan

            Why Reynolds?
            3 year totals, 2011-2013:
            vs LHP: 0409 AB, 19 HR, .220 .331 .411 .742
            vs RHP: 1027 AB, 62 HR, .221 .317 .449 .766

            In that time, he has been worth 0.8 bWar, 0.2 fWar.
            Over his career, his Average/yr is 0.9 bWar, 1.0 fWar.

            Not a great platoon bat.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        If a player who needs to still be posted by a foreign team, who has never pitched an inning in the US, is a “must,” maybe we should all be dropping our confidence scores.

        A third starter is a “must.” This is why I think they should go and grab a Garza, knowing that they may still have to open up the pursestrings if Tanaka becomes available. There’s worse problems to have than suddenly having both those guys on your roster.

        Johnson was worth 5.4 WAR in 2010 and has been worth less than Infante every years since. Not using that as be-all-end-all, and my sabremetric skills suck, but I’d say Infante was a much preferable option to Johnson. Johnson’s a great insurance policy. He’s more likely than not to be a bad regular. I don’t put much into signing/not signing one player but, to me, Infante should have been in pinstripes if that’s what he took to play with KC. Worst case scenario, you had an overpaid useful bench piece that last season of the contract.

        • mitch

          I would have liked Infante as well, 4/30 seems reasonable, and he was a definite fit. However, he was a 3 WAR player during a career year at the plate. He wasn’t going to make or break this lineup. If they head into spring training without adding another infielder i’ll be worried, but I don’t think that will happen.

    • Jimmy

      The eight outfielder defense concept is just silly as you need a catcher otherwise everyone can just swing at strike three and reach base. Unless they are Brett Gardner, the runner can then just advance at will.

      Other than that I agree.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        You know I was joking there, right?

        • mcgatman

          I think the “Brett Gardner can’t steal a base even with no catcher” thing means he got it…

          THat’s why they should trade TCSABETHSBG for Juan Pierre

        • Jimmy

          About the third starter option or the eight man outfield?

      • Rooting for U.S. Steel

        The “eight outfielders with no catcher” conundrum can be easily solved. Keep the catcher, and have the shortest center field outfielder double as a pitcher and lob the ball toward home.

        Life can be so simple, if we just allow it…

        (Note: Check the rule books on this. We may have to install a second pitcher’s mound in short center. The whole “sixty feet, six inches” business may require some physics to overcome, but I have faith in the Yankees front office.)

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?


      At this rate I’ll be more confident than you by opening day!

  • Mike HC

    5 for now. Holding out hope for Tanaka, ARod and/or mystery trade.

    • lightSABR

      Funny, isn’t it, that now it’s good for the Yankees if A-Rod doesn’t get suspended? I mean, Cashman has said all along that that was the case. But now that there’s no way they can make $189 without his salary coming off the books, turns out we’d rather have a competent (if massively overpaid) third baseman than the money.

  • Bobby d

    Based on the recent inactivity particularly letting infante go to the Royals for an absurd 6 million it’s obvious the 189 is a mandate. This is basically a 82 win team with the starting pitching and bullpen weakness they now have. I hope I’m wrong and they go get a quality starter and a couple of pieces for the bullpen.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      “Based on the recent inactivity particularly letting infante go to the Royals for an absurd 6 million it’s obvious the 189 is a mandate.”

      I think they should have signed him too, but that’s just absurd. Every member of the front office has said they’re willing to go above it for the right player. They didn’t think he was the right player.

      I wanted Infante. They didn’t. They run a baseball team and, for a GM, I’m a hell of a social work administrator.

  • Caballo Sin Nombre

    I think it is possible that Jeter’s seemingly unneccessary “raise” was a sweetener to get him to agree to switch to third if required. There is no possibility the Yankees would talk about this until Spring training due to the delicacy of the ARod situation. Jeter certainly has the tools for third base. I could actually see him playing a couple of years there if ARod is actually finished.

    • I’m One

      While this is possible, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • Josh S.

        I wonder if Stephen Drew is still on the market when A-Rod is inevitably suspended, you’ll hear an announcement that the Yankees agreed to terms with Drew and that Jeter will slide over to third to accomodate him. Of course that is unlikely, but seems reasonable enough (at least to me).

        • The Great Gonzo

          Jeter won’t move off the bag for the future of SS, he’s not gonna move off there for this squid.

  • Paul

    This infield is scary point blank. Holes at 2b and 3b. Jeter and Tex are questionable at best, and their overall ability to stay on the field will be the rise or the fall of the 2014 yankees. At the least an infante type at 2b would have paid off for the first 2 years. At this point i propose that we get Drew or Reynolds at 3b with michael young at 2b

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      You may want to check your keyboard. It just inadvertently wrote that Michael Young is a second base option.

      • Preston

        You may want to check your keyboard. It just inadvertently wrote that Michael Young is an option. Fixed.

        • The Great Gonzo

          Jamming a broomstick with a glove hanging off it into a bucket full of sand is an “option” too. Doesn’t mean its not shit.

  • jambocpa

    I think Boras will hold drew out until Arod is decided….

    if he gets the whole year then Drew is a Yankee IMO…

    Jeter can then move and look like a hero again or start a short and switch if need be

  • JFH

    4: We are no better now than we were at he end of the season. It seems we have no solid plan at 2nd base, with dwindling options. It is interesting that initially we were aggressive this off season, and now we are willing to sift through the dregs for infield help. We have big pitching needs and Signing Tanaka is no sure thing. We have little help coming from the farm for any position, any time soon.

    • TWTR

      Adding McCann, Ellsbury, and Beltan (and Johnson) while only subtracting Cano and Pettitte doesn’t make them better? They are clearly better.

      • lightSABR

        You’re forgetting some people.

        People we’ve added this offseason, with their projected 2014 fWAR (average of Steamer and Oliver):
        McCann – 4 fWAR
        Ellsbury – 3.6 fWAR
        Beltran – 2 fWAR
        Johnson – 1.3 fWAR
        Total from new signings: 10.9 fWAR

        People we’re hoping to get back from injury this offseason, with their projected 2014 fWAR:
        Jeter: 1 fWAR
        Teixeira: 2 fWAR
        Total from returning players: 3 fWAR

        People we’ve lost this offseason, with their 2013 fWAR:
        Cano: 6 fWAR
        Pettitte: 3.2 fWAR
        Rivera: 1.5 fWAR
        Granderson: 1.4 fWAR
        Hughes: 1.3 fWAR
        A-Rod (assuming full-year suspension): 0.5 fWAR
        Stewart: 0.5 fWAR

        So, adding it all up… I’m ignoring a handful of small things that could influence the conclusion here at the margin, but here’s a quick estimate of the net effect of our offseason changes.

        Total added fWAR: 13.9
        Total lost fWAR: 14.4

        While recognizing that a lot of this depends on very unpredictable stuff, I think it’s difficult to argue that we’re a lot better already than we were last year.

        • Tex Support

          I think you’re looking at this in the wrong light. Rather than doing a blanket “What we’ve gained/What we’ve lost” look at it in terms of “What has been replaced”

          Tex:Overbay (2.0) – (-0.55) = 2.55
          McCann:Stewart (4.0) – (1.25) = 2.75
          Ellsbury:Granderson (3.6) – (1.4) = 2.2
          Beltran:Ichiro/Wells (2.0) – (0.1) = 1.9
          Johnson:Nix (1.3) – (0.7) = 0.6

          Total team improvement over replaced players: 9.4 WAR

          Robertson Replaces Rivera
          Hughes is replaced by anybody
          Arod is a non-factor

          I think when looked at in this light it is pretty easy to make the argument that the team is noticeably better due to the quality of player that has been displaced by recent acquisitions.

          Granted, there is still areas for improvement, but the off season is far from over.

          • The Great Gonzo

            While I appreciate the positivity, I can’t get behind:

            Johnson:Nix (1.3) – (0.7) = 0.6 Right now, following your math, it should read: Johnson:Cano (1.3) – (6.0) =

            Also, “Bag of Sand”:Pettitte (0.00)- (3.2) =

            Its waaaaaaaaaaay early in the winter, and you can’t write the book yet… but you can’t compare what we had vs what we have and ignore what we’ve REALLY lost when it conveniences the argument.

          • lightSABR

            Tex Support: you’re right that the right way to do this is to go position by position and see what we’ve lost or added at each position, taking into account the number of games players are expected to play. But you need to do it consistently, across the board, and I suspect that when you do, the picture will be bleaker than the one I painted above.

            But why go of what I suspect? I have time today, and I’m curious, so I’m going to spend the next half hour figuring it out. Back in a bit…

          • lightSABR

            So, on the pitching side, the Yankees last year put up 18.4 fWAR. If you add up the Fangraphs projections for the pitchers they currently have under contract, then extrapolate out the innings to fill a full season, then you get about 15.6 fWAR.

            Note that we’ve lost roughly three wins on the pitching side. And to get things that good, you have to assume that

            1) CC will have as good a season in 2014 as Kuroda had in 2013, which is what the projections are saying.

            2) Pineda will be able to pitch about 170 innings and put up about 2 fWAR while doing it.

            I don’t think we can assume either of those things, so I’d say that until we get another starting pitcher and another reliable reliever, we’ve probably lost four or five wins on the pitching side.

          • lightSABR

            On the position player side, last year the Yankees put up a really pathetic 10.7 fWAR, of which 6 belonged to Cano.

            I used the projections on Fangraphs to come up with an expected fWAR for the Yankees’ position players for next year, based on the following (obviously problematic) assumptions:

            1) Everybody stays healthy. (Ha!)

            2) Gardner, Ellsbury, Soriano, and Beltran all get in a full season’s worth of at-bats (meaning that the DH most nights is one of them).

            3) Johnson is the full-time starting 2B.

            4) A-Rod is suspended for the whole year and Nix is the full-time starting 3B. (Once we sign Reynolds or Chavez, this part will obviously need updating.)

            5) All spare parts brought in to cover positions briefly, sit on the bench, etc. will be replacement level players, worth 0 fWAR.

            Based on those assumptions, Fangraphs’ projections currently have the Yankees’ position players next year putting up 19.8 fWAR, 9.1 more than last year. Subtract out the 3 fWAR lost on pitching, and we’re talking about 6 fWAR more. I’m quite surprised by that number, and I’m glad you got me looking into it. I didn’t think it would be anywhere near that high.

            That said, those numbers are based on a lot of happy assumptions: nobody gets hurt, Sabathia bounces back, Kuroda doesn’t collapse, Pineda pitches a full season, neither Jeter nor Teix ends up useless, Ichiro is never more than a fifth outfielder, Vernon Wells never puts on a uniform, and our short-term replacements aren’t below replacement level like they were last year. Further, we shouldn’t forget that we got pretty lucky last year and had a better record than we earned.

            So, I stand by a slightly modified version of what I said: the current roster, without changes, would win about as many games as last year’s team, but it would put up better numbers while doing it. If we want to contend, I think we still need to add about 6 more WAR.

            • lightSABR

              I stand corrected: Nix isn’t currently on the roster. In that case, plan on Nunez as the everyday 3B and you get something like 19.6 fWAR instead of 19.8.

    • Desmond

      Agreed the outfield/catcher splurges have lulled the fans into thinking this is an all-in team. The infield is a total mess and will now become patchwork, much as how last year was. Jeter and Teixiera are the keys here. 2nd and 3rd are complete holes, starting rotation has 2 holes, robertson at closer was tested and was not the answer. The market has thinned out considerably. The yanks should pick up at least 1 quality starter and shouldnt put all their eggs into the Tanaka basket. Sign Stephen Drew and Mark Reynolds asap. Forget about waiting for the Arod verdict. This is the yankees and the yankees need to win

  • Darren

    I missed the news that Texeira is hoping to get back by March. Um…..fuck?

    So, did Overbay sign yet?
    What’s Ivan Cruz doing these days?

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      •Mark Teixeira (wrist) is hoping to return to game action by the first week of March.

      Yeah I CLEARLY had no idea just how bad his injury was…there’s a significantly greater than zero chance he isn’t in the lineup opening day. ****. ****. ****.

      Can somebody recap how DL salary is or isn’t applied to the luxury tax???

  • lightSABR

    4. Always a pessimist, I know, but this isn’t a playoff team yet, and I don’t see what moves are left out there to make for the front office to get us there. The free agents available aren’t impressive, and we don’t have the necessary prospects to make really consequential trades.

    Unless the team takes my video game approach, signs Choo, and trades Gardner. That’d make me happy (though I like Gardy), but it’s not happening.

  • Jay D

    Baseline 4.

    Lots of question marks still. Every infield position is an unknown still. Rotation is very iffy. Lost a lot of bullpen depth – how will the new guys step up?

  • Desmond

    If the yankees want to be serious contenders they would sign drew and Reynolds asap. KJ and Reynolds could platoon 3rd base. Stephen Drew should be Cano’s replacement.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Me thinks I smell irons in the fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if “the ninja” has several trade scenarios/propositions that he’s working on, waiting on, or debating internally. i.e., Franklin/Seattle, Bailey+Phillips/Cincinnati, and maybe even Headley/San Diego…, amongst other possibilities. Trades can take time to develop. Things should be clearer in a month or so. And lastly, if you keep Gardner – EXTEND HIM NOW ! Pay him his money.

    • mitch

      What do you think is a reasonable extension for Gardner? I think the Yankees would have to make him a pretty big offer for him to accept. Some team will pay him more money in the off season to play CF and bat lead-off. The time to extend him was a couple years ago.

      • Eselquetodolosabe

        Aaaa, wasn’t he hurt not too long ago ?! So, extending him before now, maybe not. As far as today, if you’re going to keep him, it’s my opinion that you have to extend him, because he has definite value and will undoubtedly get more in the open market. Extend him @ ~ 4 / 48mm. If healthy, open market he probably gets 4,5,6 @ 13,14mm per. Exchanging a draft pick for Gardner, imo, isn’t good value. Maybe I’m over-valuing Brett, but take a look at what F/A out-fielders are receiving this off-season.

        • mitch

          I’d gladly give him 4/48 right now, but i don’t think he’d accept. Ellsbury just got $150mil. While he’s the better player, they’re similar enough where i think Gardner would want at least half of what Ellsbury got.

      • LarryM Fl

        He was not the player that he is today!

        • mitch

          Huh? His best season by far was 2010.

  • RetroRob

    I would have selected zero if possible. The loss of Mark Ellis will crush the organization for a decade to come.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Considering they lost Schierholtz last season to the same fan fare, we should be at a negative 100 by now

  • Bobby D

    We are looking at a .500 team right now. Remember the eighties when we had a great offense with Winfield, Mattingly, Henderson etc, and never won anything! Unfortunately this is warily similar, inadequate pitching!!

    • Mike HC

      We don’t have a great offense either.

    • Eselquetodolosabe

      .500 ? We almost won 90 games last year with a Mash Unit Roster. So, based on McCaan, Beltran and Ellsbury – to go along with two “if’s” in Tex and Jeter, I’m not as pessimistic as others. Caveat; work remaining this off-season, and of course, injuries.

      • JFH

        We only won 85 games. Plus we outplayed the pythag and led the league (I think) with best w-L record for 1 run games. Both of those are unsustainable. Our infield is in shambles and our pitching staff (all of it) is a huge question mark. I would love to be wrong about our chances in 2014. But, I am not feeling very optimistic.

    • dkidd

      agree, but i’d rather miss the playoffs in 1984/85 style than punchless 1990/2013 fashion

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      All of those teams won at least 85 games, and at least 90 in three different seasons, so your comparison doesn’t quite work.

  • LarryM Fl

    6. We need pitching and reasonable placements at second and third or just one with Kelly Johnson getting some playing time at either position.

    Could Cashman be working on some deals as we speak or sleep of course. But I do not have patience. If the Arod ruling could get here sooner then later it would be nice.

  • CS Yankee


    They are close on the “O”, there on the “D”, and need another solid “P”, plus another solid “RP”.

    Arod might not sit all of ’14 and they just might get him back for the stretch (Aug-Oct)…add in one of Tanaka or a Garza/Belfour and they should be well in the mix.

    Reading the Miami Herard article on the Arod-Bio-MLB mess and it seems that someone should be arrested in MLB for buying knowingly stolen docs and screwing with FL ability to go after that POS Bosch, for selling PED’s to kids.

    The adds (McEllsBelJohn) outweigh the loses (CanPetMo) so far but they need 2-3 (1 major) pieces to be amongst the best.

    • CS Yankee

      err, forgot about losing Grandy, but the ’14 at least sounds meaner…

      McEllsBeltJohn versus GrandyCanPetMO

      • camilo

        A mc always makes you tougher

  • Grover

    My confidence is growing from a five to a six with Infante and Ellis signing elsewhere and staying on track for $189M. I would be more inclined to go in to Spring training with Anna, Johnson, Ryan, Nunez and Jeter manning second, short and third and holding back some salary to augment with Espinoza, Ackley, Brian Roberts or a surprise if they become available soon or at the end of July or August via trade. Either way there is no reason to be in any hurry to solidify any of those positions as they may all be in flux within a year with Ryan backing up all three positions.

    Nobody is enamored with this year’s starting pitching market and the prices and years have been punitive for fours like Kazmir, Vargas and Hughes that might be partial fives on great teams. I would rather see Cashman wait out the big three, pay the $20M posting fee and check in on Tanaka. If he becomes too expensive combined with the inability to unload all of Ichiro’s salary, I would rather he signs Capuano and Maholm on cheap one year deals and/or extends minor league deals to a slew of guys coming off injuries or thus far been disappointing hard throwers. Again, holding back some money may net a better arm in July or August when a team has thrown in the towel and is looking for financial relief and a couple of prospects in return.

    Simply allowing Claiborne some rest this offseason after pitching Winter ball and last year without a break should greatly benefit both his own and Kelley’s abilities to maintain effectiveness next season. Robertson closes and in Cabral, Huff and Nuno they might have a lefty specialist already in house. Phelps, Warren, Nuno and a couple of cheap additions, they ought to be able to squeeze the twenty-five starts required out of the four and five slots before the trade deadline allows for improvement and hopefully giving CC and Kuroda some additional rest.

    I’m still scratching my head on Ellsbury but I think they knew Cano was a goner before they made the move and they are planning ahead on Gardner’s impending free agency in a very weak outfield market. Beltran has some risk but he will likely become the primary dh as early as 2015. The rumored Gardner for Jackson deal smells like a three way and Seattle is overly lefthanded. Whether Jack Z. can be convinced to take Ichiro’s salary for his farewell tour along with the right handed bats of Jackson, Cervelli, Romine or Murphy and Nunez for Ackley or Franklin, Abe Almonte and a couple of young hard throwing pitchers remains to be seen but they are a possible match as they have money to spend and Cashman needs to unload some salaries. Hopefully Choo and Cruz head elsewhere and they will see Jackson as more appealing than what the Indians have to offer. A Vida-Blue like trade for Stanton is always looms as a possibility.

    My confidence grows when I look at the 2015 free agency market. Jeter, Soriano, Wells, Johnson, Kuroda, Gardner and Robertson doesn’t add up to huge money but Robertson is probably the only one they might want to resign with some excellent starters potentially hitting the market along with Headley and several very productive middle infielders.

  • Betty Lizard


    We defy augury. There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      Hi! My name is Horatio. Have we met?

  • dalelama

    My rock solid four has slipped to three. This team is deteriorating exponentially with no help in sight.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      3? What a Pollyanna.

      • dalelama

        The sad part is this might be the seasonal high point.

  • Farewell Mo


    The options for 2nd and 3rd base are pretty pathetic barring some unforeseen move and there’s still a gaping hole at the front of the rotation not to mention an empty bullpen so there’s a lot more work to be done

  • Preston

    Of all the non-moves to complain about, not trading for Matt Davidson might be one of them. Getting a guy who looks like a legit everyday 3b, while only giving up Addison Reed looks like a steal for the White Sox. This is the second time this off-season they’ve turned a marginal pitcher into what looks like a quality controlled starter. People on the South Side must be thanking their lucky starts that Kenny Williams got “promoted”.

  • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Fear of the Day ( FotD)™:

    ARod gets 162 games.

    Also, that I’m in a Freaky Friday with Jorge Steinbrenner