Update: Yankees will lose supplemental first round picks for free agents

Sherman: Mets agree to sign Curtis Granderson
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1:55pm: Scratch that, Feinsand issued a correction. The Yankees will indeed forfeit the Cano and Granderson picks for free agent compensation. That’s what the CBA says. One is already gone for Ellsbury — or will be as soon as his deal is official — and the other will go if they sign another qualified free agent. So much for that.

1:48pm: Via Mark Feinsand: The Yankees will keep the supplemental first round draft picks they receive as compensation for losing Robinson Cano (to the Mariners) and Curtis Granderson (to the Mets). The team will forfeit its second round pick for signing Jacoby Ellsbury after giving up its first rounder to sign Brian McCann. The Collective Bargaining Agreement says supplemental first rounders can be lost as free agent compensation pretty explicitly, but Feinsand is citing an MLB official. Pretty great news if true.

Sherman: Mets agree to sign Curtis Granderson
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  • Kevin G.

    We have two first rounders next year. That plus the three from last year can really beef up the farm

  • https://twitter.com/howienewville Howie

    So if we sign another QO FA, we lose our third rounder, but keep the Cano and Grandy picks? Sweet.

  • DERP

    Mark Feinsand ?@FeinsandNYDN
    Checking on another front as I’m now getting conflicting info re: sandwich picks. cc: @RiverAveBlues

  • Jerkface

    Once again I think Feinsand is just not going to the right source here. He has got a lot of bad CBA info the past 2 offseasons:

    ii. A Club’s highest available selection in the next Rule 4
    Draft shall be determined after accounting for any selections the
    Club forfeited for exceeding its Signing Bonus Pool in the Rule
    4 Draft. With the exception of draft selections awarded to a Club
    pursuant to Major League Rule 4(c)(2), all of a Club’s draft selections
    will be subject to forfeiture pursuant to subsection 4(c)(i)
    above, including draft selections obtained through assignments,
    draft selections obtained in the Competitive Balance Lotteries
    and Forfeited Draft Pick Lotteries, and draft selections awarded
    as compensation pursuant to subsection 4(b) above.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    indeed awesome if true!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Unfortunately, it’s not true.

      Mark Feinsand
      To clarify from MLB: The picks the Yankees will receive for Cano and Granderson ARE forfeitable if they are the highest available picks.

      • Bavarian Yankee


        *shakes fist*

  • TheRealGreg

    So, with Feinsand backtracking,if I’m right they will only lose one comp pick for signing Ellsbury. They sacrificed their 1st rounder for McCann.

    So they will have 1 first round comp and their second round pick

    • 42isNotMortal

      Sounds right to me. I don’t understand how if you sign and lose a QO FA, you’re essentially swapping a 1st rounder for a sandwich pick. Seems like that should be a neutral move, not a slot drop.

  • Pat D

    This kinda sucks, but I still say go after Beltran.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

    Mets have a protected pick with the 10th worst record. Does that shift this even further?

    • Aims

      That doesn’t effect us at all, but it means they will lose a 2nd round pick, not a first

  • Gonzo

    Man this guy screwed up with the CBA interpretation earlier in the year. I’m not listening to him when it comes to the CBA again.

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Ellsbury deal is looking worse and worse.

    • MartinRanger

      How exactly? I mean, it’s an overpay, but the offensive upgrade he provides the next few years (and more if we’re lucky) is monumentally more important than a late round draft pick.

      This isn’t the NFL, where draft picks make an immediate impact. They are still crapshoots.