It’s official: Kelly Johnson’s a Yankee

What's next for the Yankees?
Yankees agree to three-year deal with Carlos Beltran

The Yankees have officially signed Kelly Johnson to a one-year contract, the team announced. He will reportedly earn $3M. Worse case scenario has Johnson playing second base everyday, but chances are the Yankees will add someone else for the position and Johnson will be more of a super utility player. Nice little pickup, he should be quite useful in 2014.

What's next for the Yankees?
Yankees agree to three-year deal with Carlos Beltran
  • Cuso

    Slow clap

  • Darren

    What sounded like a good move at the time now sounds disastrous.
    It’s gonna be real real ugly to watch this guy every day. Everyone who was so psyched to see Robbie go are gonna be bitching like maniacs when Johnson stikes out 3 times in a game out and can’t make a decent play at second, let alone the kind of wizardry that Robbie was capable of.

    • Cuso

      There’s a lot of hot stove left to go.

      • Darren

        Yeah but none of the possible ingredients include a second baseman even half as good as Cano. I know someone jokingly suggsted Soriano but I really don’t think it’s an awful idea but ONLY if Jeter can’t play short. If you have Ryan in there, then you want Soriano’s power. And obviously that means you need a Beltran or other OF with power.

        I’m getting nervous thinking of another year like last July, Game after fucking game with no dingers. Jesus.

        • Pseudoyanks

          There is no way Soriano can play 2B now.

          • Darren

            How do you know? He looked extremely athletic in left field and still has a great second base body type. You have no idea.

            • Pseudoyanks

              I have no physical evidence….but I definitely have an idea :)

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              It’s a pretty safe bet.
              He could barely play 2B when he switched to OF.

        • dkidd

          even without cano, the offense should be more watchable

          mccann replaces stewart
          ellsbury replaces ichiro
          tex replaces overbay
          full season of soriano replaces two months of soriano
          ambulatory jeter replaces crippled jeter

          the pitching, however…

          • Darren

            And partial Granderson is replaced by nobody and partial ARod is replaced possibly by no Arod.

            Yes, potential is there but not at second. Let’s just admit it’s gonna be a pretty shitty letdown no matter who plays there, offensively and defensively.

            Tough to lose Mo, Andy, Robbie and Grandy all at once, no?

            • dkidd

              very tough. i hate losing cano and i’m pissed the yanks didn’t raise their bid, but the one upside to last year’s debacle is that even without cano, the offense will be more fun to watch in 2014

            • Cano Cango

              Are we forgetting that the last time we made the PO both ARod and Granderson looked lost enough to be taken out of the lineup? Talk radio was a-buzz with how do we get rid of these guys. Now all of a sudden after they miss most of last year we’re worried how we’re going to replace their contributions?

        • Cuso

          Yes. I’m going to miss Cano. He was the man for us. I’m not going to sit here with platitudes about “we got his best years” or “traitor” or anything like that.

          I think letting him go was necessary for the organization to turn the page on their team construction, though. 2B is not a position that you need the best player ever in the last 25 years to win. The team has major holes to fill and with the $$$ saved they can fill several holes. Cano was healthy all year last year, but his one spot did nothing to get us to the playoffs until they made a modest run when they plugged Soriano in behind him.

          We will not have a mega-superstar on the team. You’re absolutely right. But as the Red Sox proved last year, that by filling holes with several “good” players, you can turn a 69-win team into a World Champion.

          • MartinRanger

            I think you missed the part where David Ortiz remains absolutely terrifying at the plate. The Yankees don’t have a hitter nearly that good.

            • Cuso

              I think you missed the part where I was talking about additions to the team and not incumbents.

          • RetroRob

            Well at least you didn’t call him a trader.

            • Cuso


          • MartinRanger

            Just saw a suggestion of trading for Aaron Hill, possibly with Gardner. I would actually rather have him than Sandoval.

            • Cano Cango

              Hill would be great!

        • CYA Robbie

          Jesus, let it go. Cano played 150+ games last year and the offense was unwatchable even with him. They’ll be a much better team upgrading at several positions and letting Cano and his crazy ass contract go languish in the Pacific Northwest. There is simply no argument for giving Cano 10 years at $24 mill a year. Kudos to the Yankees for letting him walk. It’s almost refreshing for once to have gotten a player’s prime years and letting someone else pay for his decline, it’s usually the other way around.

        • D

          Cano’s 27 HR and 107 RBI can be made up for as follows:

          McCann 20 HR 70 RBI + Cervelli 3 HR 20 RBI = 23 HR 90 RBI from the C, a 15 HR 47 RBI increase from Stewart/Cervelli/ Romine

          Johnson at 2B 12 HR 50 RBI

          Teixiera 20 HR 81 RBI, a 3 HR 10 RBI increase from Overbay-Teixiera

          2014 McCann/Cervelli/Johnson/Teixiera 55 HR 221 RBI

          2013 Stewart/Cervelli/Romine/Cano/Overbay/Teixiera 52 HR 221 RBI

          Soriano should post 30 HR 100 RBI for a 1 HR 13 RBI increase from what he and Hafner posted for the 2013 Yankees.

          A healthy Jeter should produce much better than the 2013 Yankees 3B.

          Ryan probably won’t produce better than the 2013 Yankees SS before he arrived but he’ll certainly provide better defense.

          Ellsbury-Gardner should produce way more than 2013 Gardner-Granderson.

          The Yankees need to pounce on Beltran. Offer him three years x $15M a year = $45M total and he’s a Yankee.

          If they can’t get him they should get Ibanez.

          If they can’t get either they should get Infante.

          They should re-sign Reynolds, too.

          C McCann > Stewart
          1B Teixiera > Overbay
          2B Johnson 2013 Yankees 3B
          SS Ryan > 2013 Yankees SS
          LF Gardner > Wells
          CF Ellsbury > Gardner
          RF Soriano or Beltran > Suzuki
          DH Soriano, Ibanez, or whoever the Yanks sign for DH > Hafner

          • D

            * 3B Jeter > Rodriguez/Youkilis/Adams/etc.

    • Fin

      Go read that article and it will make you feel much better about the Yankees letting Cano go. Its as good of an analysis as you will find.

      I don’t you really don’t care though and are basically just trolling.

      • forensic

        Breaking News: Rogers Hornsby was pretty good.

  • MartinRanger

    Hurray? He’ll be a useful piece at least. I wouldn’t mind him getting 400 ABs if he’s all over the diamond.

  • traitor joe’s

    sterling’s call? i got nothing

    • Dale Mohorcic

      Johnson jacks it!

  • KevinD

    I am going to miss Cano as much as anybody, he’s a great player. But enough of all the doomsday talk. When we were in the playoffs, what did he do? next to nothing. He hit 27 homers last season, we can replace that with multiple additions. Face it, the Yankees did something right by not chasing another 10 year contract. Its going to sting a bit but I think by year 5 we will be glad we didnt do it.
    There are going to be a lot more signings, this team is not a finished product, not by a long shot.
    So buckle up your chin straps and enjoy the ride, it may get a bit bumpy!

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Welcome aboard, Green Penis.

  • bkight13

    Johnson has had some pretty darn good seasons as a 2b. His splits are fairly even and he should get a nice power boost from YS. I think we have our 2b for 2013. I would wait to see what happens with Alex before deciding whether or not to get a true 3b or another Utility guy that could spell Johnson at 2b and play 3b if Alex is with the team.

  • Chuck

    nobody is talking about Corban Joseph any more. He hasn’t really been given a chance in the bigs and he has tremendous upside with his bat.