Robinson Cano agrees to ten-year contract with Mariners

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

For what is probably the first time in franchise history, a homegrown star is leaving the Yankees as a free agent because the team was outbid. Robinson Cano has agreed to a ten-year contract worth $240M with the Mariners, reports Enrique Rojas and Jon Heyman. The deal comes only a few hours after it was reported talks had fallen apart over excessive demands. He will take his physical on Monday. New York will receive a supplmental first round pick in return.

Cano, 31, receives the fourth largest contract in baseball history, behind Alex Rodriguez‘s two contracts (ten years, $252M and ten years, $275M) and Albert Pujols’ deal (ten years, $254M). It’s the tenth largest contract in history in terms of average annual value. The Yankees reportedly held a hard-line and topped out at seven years and $175M, and there’s just no way Cano could turn down an extra $65M. He’ll also keep a ton of extra money because Washington has no state income tax.

The Yankees have been adamant about not pushing their offer to ten years and rightfully so given the A-Rod nightmare. They take a huge hit in the short-term — Cano is irreplaceable, they’ll need to acquire about three players to make up the lost production — but will better off down the road, when they aren’t saddled with another albatross contract. I don’t blame them at all for meeting his asking price. It was excessive. This definitely has an A-Rod-to-Texas vibe, a great player joining a terrible team because they offered the most money. For his sake, I hope Robbie isn’t looking for a way out in three years.

Cano leaves the Yankees as a .309/.355/.504 (126 wRC+) career hitter with 1,649 hits and 204 homeruns. Over the last four seasons, he’s put up a .312/.373/.533 (142 wRC+) batting line while ranking first in baseball in bWAR (29.7) and second in fWAR (25.4). Robbie finished second in the 2005 Rookie of the Year voting (behind Huston Street) and is a five-time All-Star, five-time Silver Slugger, and two-time Gold Glover. He has received MVP votes in six seasons and finished in the top six of the voting in each of the last four years, plus he’s missed a grand total of 14 games in the last seven years. There’s no denying he is one of the five best players in the world right now.

Among Yankees second baseman, Cano ranks third in hits (1,649), first in doubles (327), first in homers (204), fourth in games played (1,374), and third in bWAR (45.1). He is obviously in the conversation for greatest second baseman in Yankees history, along with Tony Lazzeri and the perpetually underrated Willie Randolph. Among all players, Cano is ninth in franchise history in batting average (.309), eighth in doubles (375), tenth in hit-by-pitches (54), 14th in homers (204), and 14th in bWAR. The Yankees have had a lot of really good players over the years.

So where do the Yankees go from here? I don’t really know. They’ve been connected to Omar Infante and he seems like a logical second base replacement. Mark Ellis is a lower cost alternative and they did just signed Kelly Johnson, after all. Dean Anna and Eduardo Nunez are the other in-house candidates. The Yankees have a nice chunk of change to spend now though, and I definitely expect them to spend it somehow. Adding pitching is a necessity and they definitely need to add another bat now, even after signing Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury.

There’s no way to sugercoat it: the Yankees lost their best player and take a huge hit with the Cano’s defection to Seattle. They had an uphill climb this winter anyway after winning only 85 games in 2013 (79-win team by run differential) and now that climb will be much more difficult. Adding McCann and Ellsbury is a good start, but they need to do a lot more to get back to contention now. Cano was an elite player at a hard to fill position and he was a fan favorite. It’s tough to believe he’s actually leaving. The Mariners were nice enough to soften the blow with their huge offer; it’s a little earlier to say goodbye considering how much they bid.

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  1. TWTR says:

    Too bad but I am glad the Yankees didn’t match.

    • Josh S. says:

      Agreed. That’s a crazy contract…

    • JoeTesta says:

      I agree – Seattle will learn that Cano is a 280 hitter without having the strong batters in front and behind him in the line up.

      • Nick says:

        Just like in 2013? Let’s not resort to “he was never THAT good” nonsense. He’s one of the best hitters in the game and will continue to be. We WILL miss him. 10 years though… That’s the same mistake we made with ARod and LAA made with Pujols.

        • swizzy says:

          And let’s not forget how long it took for Pujols to lose his status as best player in baseball after signing that deal.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

            Pujols started slipping before his deal, fwiw.

          • Nick says:

            This. I don’t want to wish the guy ill (though , tbh, hard to feel sorry for him at 24m/yr) but would be pretty awesome in a way if the same happened.

          • entonces says:

            And let’s not forget that Cano is awful close with A-Rod. Maybe entirely innocent but I’d just as soon he be gone. I think Hal has done very well to sign two top-notch position players and now he has the $25 million/yr savings from Cano to spend over the next seven or eight years. This may seem like a big loss now. But it may also seem like a very very wise move as time unfolds. So long, of couse, as Yanks don’t sit on all that money. Personally, I think the combo of Beltaran/Infante would be a dynamite alternative to Cano– especially since it will only tie up cash for probably the next three years.

        • JoeTesta says:

          In 2013 before Soriano, ARod and Grandy came back, Cano was hitting 278. He is a good hitter but not a great hitter.

          • Rick says:

            You’re insane. The guy took the money, leave it at that. He’s easily one of the Top 5 players in the game. Don’t try to discredit his talent because he’s moving on. We now have to feel the same thing every other franchise does when they lose their marquee player.

            • JoeTesta says:

              I might be insane but – Last year I was begging the Yankees to trade Cano for a young pitcher. Cano has talent but is lacking in the heart area. How many times did he dive for a ball in the hole? How many times did you see him Jog to first? As for his talent, only time will tell but do not be surprised to see him under 280 with under 25 homers thes next few years.

              • Rick says:

                His numbers have to drop solely from the depressed hitter’s ballpark he chose to go to. Don’t give me the he didn’t dive for a ball crap. How many second baseman can range like him to their right and fire a damn side arm strike to first? He’s one of the greatest second basemen to ever live. Please give credit where it’s due and stop being a bitter fan.

                • JoeTesta says:

                  I am not bitter at all. After the way the Yankees treated Jeter when his contract was up, we all knew it was just a business to the new management and Cano’s decision was the best for him and I have no problem with that. The Yankees will miss him but Cano will also miss the talent that surrounded him in NY. remember 280 and under 25 hrs in 2014.

                  • Rick says:

                    And .280 and 25 will still make him the best 2B in baseball that the Yankees can’t replace. By no means should the Yankees have matched. But Robbie will be sorely missed.

                    • JoeTesta says:

                      I agree

                    • john says:

                      It’s a TEAM sport, not a conglomeration of parts, and guys like him dishearten the REAL players. I never felt he was a true Yankee, and will not mourn his loss…

                    • BamBamMusings says:

                      Will miss the production and solid Defense. Will not miss the personality.

                    • vinnie says:

                      @Rick – do you honestly think that Cano is worth the 4th richest contract in baseball history?

                      I’m not disputing that he will be missed, he’s avgd 6+ WAR in his career. But he was a total hot dog, he didnt hustle, and I dont believe that his bat alone can carry a lineup.

                      Cano is a great player, but no, hes not one of the 5 best in the game.

                      Miggy, Trout, Harper, Braun, McCutchen better hitters

                      thats without naming pitchers

              • Sierra Gray says:

                I agree with what you said as I have been saying that for a couple years. I wish him well out west, but he left the largest baseball market for the Northwest woods. It will be very hard for him to make being a starter in the All Star Game.

            • TWTR says:

              The issue is how long will he remain a Top 5 hitter.

              • Klemy says:

                Yeah, this is where I’m at. He’s great. I don’t want to put him down, but I do think he’ll suffer in that ballpark with the hitters surrounding him – but anyone would.

                The real issue is indeed where his drop off really begins and that would seem like it’ll be well before the end of the contract. I wish him well, but I’m glad NY didn’t match that.

          • Stan the Man says:

            That is just ridiculous. Cano is a great hitter period.

          • WhittakerWalt says:

            If you really believe that, you are willfully ignorant of the truth.

        • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

          He will get zero protection in the lineup, and play half his games in a very tough park for hitters. His output will decline.

        • ADam says:

          He’s one of the top level players in the league, but he is nowhere near a $25mil a year player. That is an absolute joke. He is not the superstar with huge drawing power he thinks he is and I’m sure he’ll have a blast crumbling under the pressure from carrying some great names like Kyle Seagler and Nick Franklin.

          • TWTR says:

            The perception of a lack of drawing power was probably determinative to the Yankees, I would think.

          • Poconos Adam says:

            Come on….your first sentence makes zero sense. He is a top 5 player and that’s top 5 player money. He got the cash he deserved and Seattle is looking to add more. He’s going to do just fine up there (though his #s may dip do to the park).

            They’ve got some young pitching up there, and now a willingness to spend money.

            • BamBamMusings says:

              Apparently, top players in the league have a way of signing disproportionately outlandish contracts.


              All contractual mistakes!

        • Cano Cango says:

          He’ll be 75% the hitter he was in that stadium with that lineup!

          I give Sea a year before they look to trade him!

    • Dick M says:

      He should have been locked up a long time ago.

      • JobaTheHeat62 says:

        BOOM there is the correct answer….the idiotic Yankee policy of not locking guys up longterm until they hit free agency is one of the dumber policies of all time. Cano should have been given an 8 year 150 million dollar deal when he was 27, and none of this nonsense happens.

        Sure will miss him though, he was so damn good and had the prettiest baseball swing you will ever see…that being said so happy with the Yankees front office for once holding their ground, what an atrocious contract…yikes.

    • Alex says:

      If he has to go, so be it. I’m glad the Yanks held the line on the money. They offered him a lot as well. And now for Canoe, instead of being in the running for the Hall someday, he’ll just go down as another player who just wasn’t good enough. His numbers will decline with his legacy.

    • podjoe says:

      Well, all I can say to Robbie is I hope the $65 million extra you make keeps you warm in your old age, because from a baseball history perspective, your career is over. You will toil away in anonymity.As far as JZ is concerned, he just threw away a lifetime of high profile endorsement deals. He gonna go to Mariner games??? Idiotic. Speaking of idiotic, giving Ellsbury all that money is also idiotic, he’s now the Red Sox version of Carl Crawford. Good grief a terrible terrible off-season. Fire Cashman

    • mothra7 says:

      This reminds me of something a friend used to say about our Labrador Retrievers…if a second baseman wants to run away, let him go!

    • podjoe says:

      Who says Cano doesn’t hustle? He just has to pay someone else(JZ) to do it.

    • millermiles316 says:

      Agreed, They will learn that he’s not a Miguel Cabrea. He lost his best chance to make the playoffs. And he will miss the short field porch in Yankee Stadium VS pitcher friendly Safco field.

    • toad says:

      That pretty much says it all.

      It’s a ridiculous contract, and the Yankees are right to put their money elsewhere.

  2. Pseudoyanks says:


  3. DERP says:

    Best of luck to Robbie. It was a joy to watch him.

  4. Slugger27 says:

    he got what he wanted, the most money. im glad the yankees didnt match that.

  5. xnyles says:

    That’s a lot of years.

  6. mitch says:

    Oh well. 10 years is insane….glad the Yankees held their ground

    • Diane says:

      Exactly. It will be interesting if he turns out like another A-Rod. He’s only getting older – doubt he can keep up his stats as the years go on.

  7. Jack P says:

    holy shit this is incredible, not in a good or bad way, just incredible.

  8. 302w says:

    I’d rather they pay 10/240 for Cano than give Ellsbury that deal. Oh well, 2014 is gonna be weird!

    • Cano Cango says:

      No way! Ellsbury younger lower AAV fewer years!

      • Jimmy says:

        Yeah but he’s not nearly as good as Robbie is.

        • Travis L. says:

          I agree. I’m hoping, though, that the short porch will up Ellsbury’s power numbers a tad. Maybe he hits somewhere around 12-15 HR per year? More would be superb, but I’m not holding my breath.

          • TheBadOwl says:

            I think it’s worth noting that 8 of his 9 home runs last year came in the second half, IIRC, and that he’s now almost two years removed from that wrist injury. I think we could see him hit 25 home runs TBH.

  9. BPerNPS says:

    Happy Dance! No more CANO! Most overated WAR player in baseball! Lets get Choo or someone else! Need the Cashninja to make some moves.

    • nolan says:

      you’re kidding right? Cano was awesome. 10 years is way too long and I’m happy the yanks didnt go there but let’s not be Boston and burn the guy because he’s not with us any longer. Cano was the best 2nd baseman to ever play for the Yanks

    • YankeeFan says:

      Please no Choo. I would prefer giving Beltran the extra year. Already lefty heavy and Choo is terrible vs. lefties.

      • Slu says:

        Am I the only one who doesn’t think we need another outfielder? 2B and 3B should be the priorities in my opinion (after starting pitching).

        • Bavarian Yankee says:

          Infante incoming!

        • YankeeFan says:

          They may not exactly need another OFer but they need someone that can fit in the middle of the lineup with pop and right now only available guys for that are outfielders.

          Also, if you sign another OFer to a multiple year contract, that may lead to a Brett Gardner trade for a pitcher.

        • Vincent Vega says:

          We don’t need another outfielder. We need more offense. Unfortunately as far as FA’s go the best offense availabe is via the outfield.

        • Josh S. says:

          Soriano was a Yankees 2B for a few years. Wonder if he still remembers how to handle the position haha.

          • John Buoye says:

            Yeah, Sori was a second baseman for a couple of years, but he was not a very good fielder according to the team’s baseball gurus. His offense, however, was superb. Had he not been traded to Texas for A-Rod he would have undoubtedly been converted to an outfielder. At his current age, I don’t think the Yanks want to put him back there…he wouldn’t be as good as he was back then, which wasn’t very good, lol.

        • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

          At this time we have one OFer on the he roster signed for 2015.

          • Travis L. says:

            And hopefully Austin and Heathcott can produce in the minors and come up to be average. Doubtful I know, but one can hope!

            • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

              I think if any single player currently in our farm system is in the OF in 2015 it would be a major victory. Two is extremely unlikely methinks, nice though it may be.

    • pat says:

      Overrated WAR player?

      • Thomas says:

        He is an excellent defender and can do significant damage when he swings the bat. However, when storming the trenches he just jogs there carefree. By the time he gets to the enemy, the WAR is over.

    • WhittakerWalt says:


  10. Mike HC says:

    This is devastating. Can’t blame the Yanks for not paying 240 mil, but it is still tough to swallow.

    • thenamestsam says:

      This. That’s crazy, crazy money, but man did I love watching Robbie swing the bat. It’s going to suck watching him in a different uniform.

    • Exactly. Can’t match that deal, but that doesn’t make it easy to take. Baseball seasons are long – 6 months – and as we saw last year, as non-contender just isn’t fun to watch. We’re all a bit spoiled.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:


    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      Yup. Robbie is my favorite player, but no 31 year old is worth 10/$240 million.

      I can’t blame the Yankees for not matching the offer, and I certainly can’t blame Robbie for accepting it.

      It’s like when Dawkins signed with the Broncos.

  11. Dan says:

    This sucks. But I can’t blame the Yanks for not going there. This makes the Ellsbury deal look a lot better (as will Choo signing for close to $120m probably).

    I’d take the money and go hard after Tanaka or another SP. And then sure up the pen. That would make them better than last year with Kuroda back. If A-Rod gets suspended they can add missing pieces at the trade deadline.

    • Stan the Man says:

      Nothing makes the Ellsbury deal look better. The Ellsbury deal is a terrible contract. I would prefer being saddled with a homegrown talent and better all around player for 10 yrs instead of an oft injured one dimensional player for 7 yrs.

  12. Ed says:

    Problem with taking a job mostly for the money… is when you do the next thing you know it’s actually your job. Hope he’s happy. I suspect in less than 18 months he won’t be.

  13. Bo Knows says:

    Fuck; I’m sick

  14. Kvothe says:

    No 40+ middle infielders, please. Glad the Yanks didn’t cave.

  15. NYYROC says:

    He was fun to watch, glad he got his $. Glad it wasn’t from NYY. That deal is crazy.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Makes it alot easier to let go, knowing it was that kinda contract. It still sucks for baseball that now players got another contract to compare to in contract negotiations. People don’t understand, these kinda contracts are bad for normal folk.

      • NiceZ says:

        That’s silly – these contracts don’t affect normal folk in any way, and it doesn’t suck for baseball. Baseball is exactly the same as it was an hour ago.

        Boo hoo, an owner with tons of money gave some to a player who is now worth a larger fraction of the amount the owner is worth. Get this through your head: The player is the “little guy” compared to the owner.

        • Tom says:

          Great that he got the most money he could,but the price of tickets,hotdogs and parking just went sky high in Seattle.Do you really think the owners of the Mariners are taking money out of their pockets to pay him?

          • NiceZ says:

            Yes,they are. All those other prices are always unaffected. They’re charging the amount that makes them the most profit anyway.

            Also, teams don’t sell concessions directly. The contract that out.

      • TwainsYankee says:

        Your right, I don’t understand. Do you think that money is going to the Fans?

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      Pretty much this.

  16. Pat D says:

    This blows. When in the fuck was the last time that someone of this caliber left the Yankees?

    At the same time, at those years/money, I can’t really blame the Yankees for not going to those levels.

    But the Mariners might just be my #2 most hated team right now, permanently.

  17. kenthadley says:

    we now have 25mil more to play with. more fun to come.

  18. tfed says:

    have fun being the most hated man in NY

  19. Jesus says:

    oh well, at least we can get 2 good pitchers now

  20. DERP says:

    Mark Ellis to platoon with Johnson?

  21. xnyles says:

    That stadium.

  22. Mister D says:

    I’d be happy in Seattle, its an awesome place. But … man … I just can’t understand McCann + Ellsbury if you aren’t also keeping Cano at more or less all costs. Not saying it would have been right, but you either quit with the huge dead-year deals or Cano is your top priority and you pair others. Fuck, man.

  23. DanceStevieDance says:

    Wow, just wow. As ridiculous as this contract is I can’t help but wonder if the Yankees had gone to 8/200 if he would ha e considered it. Always loved Robbie, I just can’t get excited for Ellsbury and whichever of Choo/Beltran. I’ll get over it eventually but it sucks.

  24. AndrewYF says:

    And the Yankees don’t even get a 1st rounder to show for it, since they already signed two qualifying FA.

  25. Havok9120 says:

    Well this sucks.

    I can’t get ticked about it at the Yanks or M’s. I can’t blame them not wanting to top that deal if the sticking point was years (as it seems to have been).

  26. Erica says:

    I am having a mild panic attack at work.

  27. Barney G says:

    Fuck me

  28. frank says:

    I wouldn’t want him back for 10/240…good choice. That said..who actually thinks we should be paying JE 21.8 per for the next 7? I guess the problem is that they needed to fill spots and had a ton of money to spend…do you overspend on Cano or elsewhere? If I had to choose…I guess I’d go with the shorter contract, but it’s a tough call…ellsbury is not cano….not even close. I actually would have gone after some pitching, but again…who? Ahhh, the perils of not having a farm system.

  29. Jesus says:

    would the yanks consider moving soriano back to 2B? then sign Choo?

  30. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    sick but relieved is the best way of explaining this…nobody wanted Cano to go, but $240,000,000 over the next ten years? Damn.

  31. Cuso says:

    Guess you made your statement, Robbie

    • john says:

      Yes, he wants to go and be a role model for all the young Mariner players, you know, show them how to really play the game…

  32. itsallhowuseeit says:

    next year without half his games at the jet stream friendly Yankee Stadium coupled with Safeco’s national park Robbie will probably hit for a higher average, but less hr and less RBI. Prob .323, 20 hrm, 85 rbi’s. Not really worth 24 mil a year

  33. nolan says:

    Sign Choo and infante. Trade Gardner + prospects for stud 3b or Ace.

    • KCSwiss says:

      No need to overreact and do deals that hurt the team. Much rather have Gardner then Choo

    • DSFC says:

      Overpaying Choo, the man who hits like Ramiro Pena against LHP, on top of overpaying Ellsbury would be a massive mistake.

      • Vincent Vega says:

        Choo had like a .425 OBP. He brings much more to the table than so-so hitting against 1/4 of the league.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          It wouldn’t be an issue if his hitting against LHPs rose to the level of “so-so.”

          The correct descriptor is “unspeakably awful.”

          • Vincent Vega says:

            Fine. You still ignore the fact that he gets on base at nearly a 40 percent clip and much better on base against lefties than Gardner. Given that’s likely who he’d be replacing its a legit comparison. He’s far and away th ebetter offensive player. Now that Ellsbury is here, Gardners D isn’t as valuable.

            • Cool Lester Smooth says:

              On the other hand, Choo’s D sucks. It’s so legitimately terrible that he’d be limited to RF, which would not replace Gardner.

              Choo’s a good piece, but he’s going to get way too much money for what he is: A great platoon RF.

          • umbrelladoc says:

            Cano’s career OBP vs LHP = .340.
            Choo’s career OBP vs LHP = .340.

            • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

              Thank you facts.

              • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                Yeah, it’s a good thing that OBP is the end all and be all of offensive stats.

                Cano’s career AVG vs LHP = .290
                Choo’s career AVG vs LHP = .243

                Cano’s career SLG vs LHP = .450
                Choo’s career SLG vs LHP = .341

                Cano’s career wOBA vs LHP = .344
                Choo’s career wOBA vs LHP = .310

                Cano’s career wRC+ vs LHP = 110
                Choo’s career wRC+ vs LHP = 92

                Cano’s wRC+ vs LHP in 2010-2013 = 127, 134, 78, 114
                Choo’s wRC+ vs LHP in 2010-2013 = 91, 97, 78, 81

                Choo hasn’t had an ISO of over .100 against LHP since 2009.

  34. KCSwiss says:

    Glad the Yankees didn’t cave but man is it going to be weird watching Robbie somewhere else

  35. DSFC says:

    It never should have come to this. The entire thing was handled disgracefully by the Yankees. They played hardball with Cano the entire time, while at the same falling all over themselves to throw a ginormous contract at Ellsbury.

    Just horrible all around. I hate losing Cano because of an absurd contract, but I hate it even more because I don’t think it had to play out this way. And I am shuddering at how incredibly awful the Yankee infield is going to be this year.

  36. first name only male - Retire 21 says:

    The one true winner in all of this?

    This guy:

    • Rob says:

      Yea I guess, but his first big name is signing in a pretty isolated market on a last place team. Not sure Safeco is going to help Cano with his superstar status either when his power takes a dip.

      • first name only male - Retire 21 says:

        Agree with everything you just stated, but if Cano did not sign a ginourmous contract the reports were going to be about his mistake of going with an agent with no experience.

        He needed to pull off a Boras type contract and this is a Boras type contract.

  37. Chris says:

    I’m conflicted. There is no way they can replace Cano next year, or even the next few years, but I would rather see him walk than deal with the last 5 years of that contract where there is a good chance he would no longer be at 2B or be the same offensive threat.

    He was a great player though, and congrats to him on pulling in a deal like that.

  38. bob milano says:

    by by by have fun… one is worth that much money..well no one that’s alive……….

  39. Mark from Chicago says:

    Seattle – Did you miss the book published in 2002 “How to Screw your franchise for years by overpaying on one mega-star free agent” by Tom Hicks?

    Robbie – Enjoy 10 years of losing season and the dismal weather! See ya!

  40. Slu says:

    I don’t blame the man for wanting to get paid. And I don’t blame the Yankees for not matching the contract. I am one of those “it is not my money” guys and I would have preferred to have Robbie back, but I can understand the Yankees point of view on this deal. Now go out and get Infante and another pitcher.

  41. Mister D says:

    Fuck, man. This is just the worst. The only logic of Ellsbury is adding marginal wins, but you just gave those back and then some. Extending the string of crazy long term contracts was a shit-or-get-off-the-pot decision and I’m pretty sure we just took shit on the seat.

    Summary: Fuck.

  42. It wasn’t my money, but I would have given Cano $200 million and let it stand. I don’t understand fans caring so much about what he makes! As long as his contract didn’t hinder the Yankees from making future moves then I would be okay with the Yankees giving him $400 million. Its a sad day, looking to see what NYY does from here.

  43. tj says:

    cano is just money will they rreact?

  44. Rubes says:

    Well Robbie you got your money… good… but I would give up a few million here or there for the privlidge to wear pinstripes and to have a chance of winning championships any day… Go have fun in the most depressing city in America… enjoy the 80 win seasons you might have. Apparently you were never a TRUE Yankee… and Jay Z… toss the Yankees cap please and stop saying how NY is your town. You are more of a traitor than Cano… Now we can go sign some players that want to be Yankees.

  45. Rick says:

    Worst Day Ever. My favorite Yankee, and one of the greatest second basemen to ever live is moving on. From a team standpoint, they had to walk away. I now know how St. Louis fans felt when Pujols left. Sadly, I applaud the front office for holding firm. It’s the right call.

    I wonder if he gets free Nintendo now…

    • CS Yankee says:

      Well said, but I bet they make him pay a surcharge on Nintendo or promo it for free since they likely overpaid 50-75M$ for someone that doesn’t hustle down the line.

      Cano 2014: .330 BA 24 HR’s 89 RBI’s
      Cano 2019: .290 BA 16 HR’s 65 RBI’s
      Cano 2023: Batting coach in DR

  46. Wayne's World says:

    I hope he likes coffee and alder smoked salmon. The difference between what he gets from Seattle and what the Yanks would pay will mean absolutely nothing to the rest of his life and generations of his descendants. These ballplayers just don’t know a good thing when they have it. You can’t protect people from their own bad judgement. So long, Robbie. What an idiot. He should have a chat with Mo.

    • Curt and Bernie says:

      What about the money he can now give back to underprivileged communities? Is an extra 65 million not worth it to them?

  47. dasani says:

    You think Robbie doesn’t run grounders out now, wait until he has to spend half the season on airplanes.

    P.S. Robbie, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…..Adios

    • mike says:

      and wait until he is traded to the Dodgers in 3 years and seattle has to eat part of his contract…this will work out great for Jack Z’s legacy

  48. HulkHeyman says:

    After hearing about the deal I drove him to the airport myself, paid his ticket and thanked him for his service. Told him to enjoy the coffee and the rain.

  49. Dr. Grenaldine says:

    Imagine if put Ichiro’s money towards Russell Martin instead? We could use the McCann and DLsbury money to re-sign Cano…

    Oh well.

  50. Hammer says:

    Good riddance……enjoy your crummy career in Seattle.

  51. Rick says:

    Some perspective…. Cano’s enormous sum is just $2MM more than the combined $238MM that the Yankees paid to sign Brian McCann (five years, $85MM) and Jacoby Ellsbury (seven years, $153MM).

    • W.B. Mason Williams says:

      That only makes it look more insane.

    • ClayDavis says:

      But that’s two players and less years.

    • TheRealGreg says:

      Not about the money. All about the years. 10 years for a 31 year old. No thank you

    • TLVP says:

      But if a Win is worth $6m in free agency, McCann needs a WAR line like

      3.5-3.5-3.0-2.5-2.0 to be fair value which sounds plausible but optimistic

      Ellsbury needs to put up

      5.0-4.5-4.0-3.5-3.0-2.5-2.0 to be close to fair value which is also plausible but optimistic

      Cano? His next 10 years will have to be as good as his last 10 years… NOT plausible. He’ll be 41 when the contract expires.

  52. 101010 says:

    Time to sign Infante

  53. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    I’m not upset that Cano chose the money, it was clearly his priority.

    I’m not upset that the Yankees wouldn’t match his price, it’s the Albert Pujols contract 2.0 and all-but-guaranteed to be a mistake.

    I’m not upset that now we have more money to play with on other FA’s, and in the end might end up the stronger team as a result.

    I’m mildly upset that Cano will now never be considered a True Yankee™.

    I’m mildly upset that he will be batting against us.

    I’m mildly upset that the one time the Mariners choose to be relevant, it’s to screw us in addition to their payroll for the next 10 years.

    And I’m very upset that now I’m going to have to hear about this until the Yankees win the world series next October. (knock on wood)

  54. John Bennett says:

    Too bad. He could have been the next “Prince of N.Y.”

  55. nycsportzfan says:

    Skip actually makes a great point. He said Cano’s a 309BA lifteime hitter, not a lifetime 330BA hitter. What could Seattle be thinking?

    • Bo Knows says:

      That’s like saying Miguel Cabrera and his lifetime .312 average is nothing special.

      Cano’s numbers are bogged down from that 2008 where he hit .270

  56. ClayDavis says:

    Personally I think it’s a bummer but not devastating. Part of me wonders about his drive. All that guaranteed money makes him less hungry. Cliches I know but just an opinion.

    Also something tells me Seattle may be kicking themselves in year five. Although that unfortunately means the Yankees to get him back at the trade deadline eating the worst years.

  57. TLP says:

    I’m REALLY hoping he works out for the Mariners just like Jesus Montero did!!!!!

  58. TheRealGreg says:

    As I have said, even without the Ellsbury deal, the Yankee weren’t going to match that. Especially the 10 years.

  59. Reggie C. says:

    Thanks for the memories Robbie!

    Its sad to see him go but Yankee management was wise not to come within 40 milllion of that.

    I hate to say it bc this man lives a charmed life but … good job Jay-Z. Cano actually matched the Pujols contract.

  60. noseeum says:

    Congrats, Robbie. We’ll miss you. I think you’ll regret this a little bit, though not by much. Mariners will definitely regret it.

    Robbie has a ring from the Yankees. He shouldn’t be booed when he comes back. He should be cheered. That’s what Yankee fans do. You get us a ring, we always welcome you back.

  61. YankeeFan says:

    This does open the door for a ton of possibilities and moves. Obviously would have loved to have Cano back and this hurts, but I’m really intrigued, as I’m sure all of us are, where the Yankees go from here. They can really go all out in free agency and still be under 189. Crazy.

  62. This just got ugly , so lets get McCann’s good friend Dan Uggla to play second!! :)

  63. Guns says:

    Fucking Seattle is the bane of the Yankees’ offseason existence. From Cliff Lee, to Michael Pineda, and now Robinson Cano. All they did with that contract is take him away from the Yankees. I understand that’s not their intention. But what are they going to do with Cano? Seattle is miles away from even resembling a good team, even with Cano. What a dumb move by an awful GM. And to top it off they took him away from the Yankees for basically no reason at all. Hate Seattle right now.

  64. Sean C says:

    I am sad to see Robbie go- it really has been fun to watch his career so far. But at 10/240, no thanks. I do not have a problem letting go if that is what it was going to take to keep him. It is really going to suck not having him around though, he was one of my favorite current Yankees. Further, I will never blame a player for taking as much money/guarantee as they can get, it is exactly what any of us would do.

  65. ClayDavis says:

    Hal is so going to overpay King Felix at some point.

  66. Bob says:

    Way too much money!

  67. al says:

    Who’s playing second base ? Soriano ?

  68. Delbert Grady says:

    I love how cavalierly some of you are after losing THE ONLY legitimate middle of the order bat on the Yankees. Or you still think Tex is going to hit above .230 against RHP? The contract is obscene and the Yankees drew a line in the sand that valued him below what they gave Tex in total money. They had to know they at least had to give him $200 million in total dollars. That said, 10 years from now Seattle is going to have a dour old Cano on their team collecting 24 million a year. Without PED’s these guys aren’t going to be mashers past a certain age. And when Cano doesn’t have the short RF porch to give him HR’s, he’s going to press (as we know) and then his batting style goes awry. This is a sad day for Yankees fans. We just lost an in his prime middle of the order 2b who was fantastic in the field and hit with power and average. The celebrating over signing cheaper free agents feels tacky. Hope you really have an appreciation for what Infante can do, because he isn’t a middle of the order hitter. He’s not even close. Sad day and I think if the Yankees were more proactive this could’ve been avoided. We gave up a Cano for a sandwich pick. How’s that sound?

    • W.B. Mason Williams says:

      First of all, we don’t get sandwich pick. We lost that with our FA signings.

      Second, Teixeira was an overpay. Do you want us to KEEP overpaying? That’s a losing strategy. Sure it hurts now, it’s gonna hurt us a lot less and the M’s a lot more 5 years from now. Bank on it.

      Third, a 3-4-5 of Teixeira, McCann and Soriano isn’t exactly bad.

      Fourth, this is gonna free up money to help out the rotation and fill out SS, 3B and maybe even another OF signing.

      All in all, I think the Yankees come out a stronger team with one less epicly bad contract. I’ll take it.

      • Delbert Grady says:

        Losing Cano for no pick makes it sound worse. That said, signing him to a contract for the next decade would’ve been a blunder. Yes, we would’ve enjoyed Robbie’s talent the next 5 years and been a potent offense, but the back 5 could be horrendous. I hope the Yankees have a good solid plan to fill 2b, 3b, OF/DH and the rotation. I hope Boston isn’t as far along on Kemp as the media makes it out. The Yankees should pounce on Kemp right now & trade Gardner for a 2b, 3b or a SP. I’d like an OF of Soriano/Ichiro, Ellsbury & Kemp a lot better. The Yankees should actually be calling Seattle about their former 2b of the future Ackley.

    • HectorLopez says:

      Sounds like Cano and his team were out of their minds. They open negotiations asking for 310 for ten. The Yankees say come back to us when your serious. Cano is a great bat in the middle of the order but 10 years for a 31 year old is crazy. Best case is he is a big bat for 5 more years ( I doubt that) so they are going to pay 5 more years for a declining second baseman, good luck with that.

      • Delbert Grady says:

        Agreed. It’s a horrible contract. I said last night, once Cano knew what he was worth on the open market to other teams there was little chance he was coming back to NY. Honestly, even leaving 10 million on the table is a lot of money to walk away from when you can take care of your family and their family for generations. I don’t fault Cano for accepting what he was worth on the open market. I do fault the Yankees for not realizing what his true market was and then deciding to offer an extension earlier or trade him. That’s where the mistakes of the front office pile up. If they knew this was his potential market and they knew they wouldn’t go there, they should have dealt him instead of trying to keep just enough talent on the roster to look like a contender last year.

        • W.B. Mason Williams says:

          To be fair, this was pretty much a “Black Swan” desperate Jack Z event. The Yankees had the market pegged perfectly without the benefit of hindsight. Cano jumped on the first contract that even reasonably approached his request.

          It’s not even the winter meetings!

          You remove the insanity that is the Mariners and Cano’s market is the Yankees at 7/175.

          No regrets. Cano and the M’s will regret the deal in the end.

    • Horatio Nutterflutter III says:


  69. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    Wow. Adios Cano. So strange….

  70. rich says:

    Well whe see money was more important then winning so I don’t want anyone on my team that doesn’t want to win…cant wait to see what he does now !!hes not use to loosing..hope he hits

  71. Yankegrl2dj says:

    No room for greed, adios!

  72. Joe says:

    Might be time to change our stance on “no mid season extensions”

    Probably could have had him for much less.

  73. itsallhowuseeit says:

    as soon as his dad came out and said “we are looking for 10 years” you knew there was just way too many people involved in this decision and they were all about getting as much $ out of this deal as possible. This was Cano’s one shot at THE contract and he took the max he could get. As much as I hate how this was handled, neither side is clean. Cashman coming out and saying Cano was “all about the money,” well that goes both ways, Yanks didnt want to pay him over 200 mil so the Yanks are “all about the money” too. Sucks, but the Yankees have never been built on one player and that is exactly the message the front office is sending. Lets go get some arms and get back to winning games.

  74. nyyankfan says:

    Omar Infante will be signed in less than 2 weeks

  75. HectorLopez says:

    The guy is a very good player but second baseman do not have a great track record into their late 30′s never mind 40′s. He will go to Seattle become a totally obscure player that will regret this decision within 3 years, he got the money but he just became Claude Raines. Wish him the best of luck, but let’s see how cashman spends the 175 they had budgeted for cano.

  76. ppiddy says:

    Better not see ass Jay Z at the Stadium with a Yankee hat on. Jay Z is dead to me.

  77. Jason says:

    Robbie got paid. Good for him. It’s the american dream. With that said, the Yanks have to move on…and quickly find his lost production. What about Soriano at 2B (where he started his career), Gardner in LF, Ellsbury CF, and sign Cruz/Shoo to play right. I’d like to see them sign Beltran to DH and platoon as well.

    Sucks losing Robbie, but can’t blame him. I’d take that deal too. :)

  78. your mom says:

    Not happy to see him go, but thank God we didn’t hand out another crazy-ass 10 year contract. Time to sign Infante and Beltran.

  79. Bob says:

    Think they go after Chase Headley hard now and probably, Choo. Not sure what it’ll take to get the Headley deal done. But might have to include Gardner,top prospects, and possibly a 3rd team

  80. Electric Nunez ll says:

    On balance, I’m not upset at this. Congrats to Robbie for getting what he wanted, I enjoyed watching him. I have a rather strong feeling this will be a bad move for the M’s & not just at the tail end of the contract.

    I think the strategy will be for the team to construct a deep, if not overpowering lineup- meaning, no scrubs starting at any position (or at least not at multiple positions) like last year, and go hard after pitching, both starting & relieving.

    Since early in the year i have voted 4 in the fan confidence poll, even when the avg was like a 6-7 before it started to sink as the yr went on. I think come springtime that’s where my vote will end up being.

  81. Mike Spags says:

    The question now is, does he grow the obligatory “I was a Yankee, now I’m not” beard?

  82. I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

    IF that story about the owner blowing up over the 10/252 counter was real, then JZ just made Seattle ownership his bitch, plain and simple.

    JZ now also gets to write a “song” called $240,000,000 and I for one am not looking forward to it.

    Cano will take a hit to his production, I have little doubt about that. Tough park, awful lineup, no protection. His OBP may go up based on 200 IBBs though. Either way I think he’ll regret this when we raise more flags over the next ten years than he does.

    I look forward to the can of FA-signing whoop ass we’re about to open now that that’s said and done. Pass the Choo, Tanaka, Kuroda, et al please. Oh, and the tomatoes.

  83. Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

    Bye Robbie :(

  84. Bartolo's Colon says:

    Wow! Good luck to Robbie, he will be missed. I guess Jay Z surprised everyone. I really don’t see how Boras could have done any better than that.

    For people who say all he cares about is money, have someone offer you 40% more money and then turn it down. $65M is a lot of money. You cannot blame anyone for doing that.

    • ppiddy says:

      You know it’s a bad sign when Boras comes off as the less greedy agent. Damn.

      Remember when everyone thought having Jay Z as the agent might HELP the Yankees?! Ha!

    • HulkHeyman says:

      Free concert in Safeco with his buddy Kanye was thrown in to sweeten the deal.

  85. SDB says:

    Well done FO/Cashman for not giving in and matching the offer.

  86. David Brown says:

    The Ellsbury Contract actually looks much better than when he signed it. Why? If Boras knew what Cano would be getting as well as the change with Tanawa, he would probably have held Ellsbury back until January to wait out the Rodriguez Decision, and to see how deep the Yankees were in “Desperation Mode.” So far, we gained Ellsbury and McCann, lost Cano ( and probably Granderson), so we lost a 1st and 2nd Round Pick, but probably gained two Compensation Picks ( assuming Granderson leaves), so that is a wash. If the team can bring back Kuroda and get the Rodriguez 2014 Contract off the books, they can probably get under the $189m, and things will be okay going forward.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      They lose their 2 highest picks (1st round pick and compensation pick for Cano).
      They still have a chance at a compensation pick from Granderson.

  87. Andoy says:

    Robbie: Not a smart move .. really think you are going to win a WS in Seattle?

  88. Ed says:

    Robbie is over rated. He is a great player with natural ability that would make anyone jealous. However, he doesn’t play with the heart of a Jeter or Pedroia. If he did, the contract would be worth it. As it stands, 240 million for 10 years is way too much.

    I say use the money to get the best possible pitching possible. 24 million should be 1 very good starter and a few good relievers. This could be a very good thing for the Yankees if they are smart with the money. Look what happened to the Cardinals after they lost Albert.

    • Barney G says:



      • Ed says:

        Yes, seriously. I didn’t say Pedroia had the same natural ability. However, he certainly plays with more heart. Pedroia is a leader where Robbie followed Alex and, in the past, Melky. I would rather someone like Pedroia than Cano on the Yankees. This is especially true with Jeter going soon. The Yankees need real leadership who is going to be lead by example and not in name only.

      • Dirty Water says:

        Ratdroia? Let’s see–Pedroia signed a team friendly 8 year extension mid-season. Pedroia always busts his ass to first and played all year with a torn ligament in his thumb.

        Is Cano a better talent? Sure but he plays for Seattle now and Pedroia will finish his career in Boston.

        • Barney G says:

          “plays with more heart”, “is a leader”, “real leadership”, “busts his ass to first”, “team friendly”

          -Jesus H. Christ. It’s this kind of absolute quackery which leads to Ichiro Suzuki being your everyday RF’er. W/ Robbie (and perhaps one more signing such as Beltran) this is the best offense in the AL. Now they’re basically exactly where they were 2 months ago. But, hey, let’s go find some more guys who bust their ass to first 4 times a night after hitting weak groundballs, greaaaatttt.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      24 Million is closer to 1 very good starter and 1 decent middle reliever.

      The Cardinals developed a lot of very good, cheap, young internal options to help make up for the loss of Pujols.
      The Yankees…not so much.

  89. Gonzo says:

    So is trading Cano for Ellsbury + McCann considered a half measure? I might be inclined to think so if they get no one else.

    • YankeeFan says:

      If you really think the Yankees will get no on else, you’re really out of touch or extremely pessimistic.

    • Mister D says:

      Yes, it is. You’re taking a team that needed to find a bare minimum of 5 wins in free agency, probably closer to double that. Ellsbury and McCann make sense as additions to last year, not as Cano replacements. Just isn’t enough value left to make this team a contender without some major lines in majorly unexpected places.

  90. Ken says:

    Good for the yankees. Finally. So many teams let people walk, the Cardinals, Rangers, etc and they do completely fine. I like the dynamic of this yankee team. Can’t wait for 2014.

    I struggle to see Cano as an all-star in Seattle.

  91. Barney G says:

    Stunned. Has a future HOF’er ever walked away from the Yankees in his prime?

    Tanaka. Beltran. Choo. Infante. Uribe – there might be a bit of a logjam in the OF but I know of 2 very, very prime candidates for the ol’ DFA

  92. Dr. Grenaldine says:

    Look on the bright side. Instead of Cano and Russell Martin, we spent the same money on McCann, DLsbury, and Ichiro instead.


  93. Dan says:

    They got both Ellsbury AND McCann for less total money than Cano got. Can’t blame them for this.

  94. losealot101 says:

    great job FO!! now, cc and gardner to boston for pedroia! who’s with me?

  95. vin says:

    Good for Robbie. The older I get, the happier I am to see the players get what they deserve.

    Team loyalty is a 2-way street. 8/200 would’ve been an appropriate offer from the Yankees. Anything beyond that is the team’s desire not to give out 9 or 10 year deals. A final offer of less than 8/200 is less than market value, and almost insulting (if that’s even possible).

    Robbie never wanted to give a discount, and I think the Yankees knew that. Therefore they never bothered with a fair offer. As far as we know, at least.

    • YankeeFan says:

      240/10 = $24mil
      175/7 = $25mil

      The offer from the Yankees was no way less than market value. Cano just wanted the more years/guaranteed money.

      As Feinsand said on Mike Francesa a few days ago, there were a lot more suitors for Ellsbury which was a reason for the overpay. There were no suitors for Cano besides Yankees & Mariners and the Mariners just decided to go all in.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

        Hard to blame him for wanting more years. If you can get paid that much at 40, man, hard to blame you for taking it.

      • vin says:

        Market value doesn’t just reflect the AAV though. Fair or not, the precedent has been set for a player of Cano’s caliber to be north of 200mil, total. If it was all about AAV, the Yanks could’ve offered 3/90, but Robbie would (and should) never have taken it.

  96. Chris Z. says:

    Over / Under on years he plays in Seattle: 3.5.

  97. Adam says:

    Best news EVER. The Mariners will regret this deal in 4 years.

  98. Eddard says:

    Good. That’s going to be an albatross contract. I guess the Ms are following suit with the Angels. I think the Yanks did well enough getting Ellsbury and McCann. They don’t need another 10 year contract for a guy over 30. Let him walk.

  99. Buhner's barber says:

    I’m heartbroken, but I agree with the Yankees decision here. The kind of money that’s being thrown at the top tier of free players (pujols, votto, fielder, now cano) have the potential to really tank a franchise.

    As an aside, I think i’m one of the few people who is still a fan of the ellsbury deal (quick logic: he’s a star even without the power, if YS3 and Long can bring it back he becomes one of the elite players in the game) and the lineup next year has the potential to be pretty excellent.

    LF Gardner
    SS Jeter
    CF Ellsbury
    1b Teixeira
    C McCann
    RF Soriano
    2b Johnson
    DH ?
    3b ?

    Ideally I’d sign Morse to DH

  100. mitch says:

    In hindsight, the fact that they just signed Ellsbury and Kelly Johnson makes me think they saw the writing on the wall.

  101. FirstTimeLongTime says:

    Remind me of exactly when professional baseball players were merely out there for the love of the game. True, salaries are through the roof, but thats because of US – not them. If we are willing to pay to watch (either in person or on TV) the money will always be there to spend.

    I challenge you as a fan – are you watching for the love of the game or for the reflective glory of a win? Do you feel as good (and support the team monetarily) exactly the same whether they are winning or losing. No one is involved for the love of the game.

    We as fans like and support winners, usually with our checkbooks. Owners and players know this (and always have) and react accordingly.

    If you want to really effect change in this system (which by the way is the law of supply and demand so good luck with that), be out at Yankee Stadium when the team is playing poorly for a few seasons, cheering as loud as you can and buying up all the souverniers you can. That’s how we’ll know you’re “in it purely for the love of the game”.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      I love this comment. Well done.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      I actually have some of my best memories in life at YS in the late 80s.

      And I attended almost every single playoff and WS game from the late 70s on so that’s saying something.

      Jumping in the car (or subway) with a bunch of friends, buying last row tickets at the gate, walking right down to the front unmolested, sitting in all 4 corner seat/ in the upper deck for giggles. And man did those teams stink though Donnie Baseball was always a joy to watch and to this day remains my favorite player.

  102. dasani says:

    Most happiest person in the world right now, besides Cano

    Omar Infantes’ agent

  103. Vern Sneaker says:

    Obvisouly, no player by himself gets you a championship (except, maybe, an elite pitcher at his best in a World Series. We won one championship with Cano, as good as he’s been. If we spend the Cano $$ wisely, I think we have as good a chance to win as if we’d signed him. What else matters?

    • Because in the short term, there’s not conceivable way that the money can be spent to make the 2014 team better without Cano than it would have been with him. Not saying they should have matched, but from a fan’s perspective, it’s difficult to accept a lesser team in the short-term, even when it’s better in the long-term.

      • W.B. Mason Williams says:

        I disagree. Infante, Drew, and Tanaka would make them a much more consistent team.

        Cano wasn’t a one man wrecking crew. Their lineup will be deeper, their rotation better.

        I’d rather have 9 Omar Infantes in my lineup than Miguel Cabrera and 8 Christ Stewarts.

  104. Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

    We aren’t the Red Sox fans, guys.

    We don’t have to hate on every player that leaves.

  105. Yankees screwed the pooch in several ways prior to this. I won’t blame them for not matching 10/$240M; that’s nuts, but I will blame them for letting it get to this point.

  106. Mike HC says:

    Maybe the Yanks should have taken the idea of trading Cano at the deadline more seriously if they weren’t going to match any and all offers. Obviously this is easy to say in hindsight, but looking into the future, it might be something the Yanks will have to bite down and think about in this new environment where every team has money overflowing out of their pockets.

  107. RichieAllen1964 says:

    Our new second baseman is going to be Kelly Johnson. A good, if unspectacular player at $4MM per. Now Kuroda is back in the fold. This is going to be a very good Yankees team in 2014 even without Cano. And I think Cashman is not done shopping.

    This is an unfortunate move for Robbie. Scott Boras must be shaking his head with sadness over a young man listening to way too many voices and I wonder how many endorsement deals Robbie is going to get in Seattle.

    That said, it’s a sad day in Yankees Universe. Just sad.

  108. nomo cano says:

    Good for Robbie. got his big money without having to hustle. he gets a big tax break with the move, & gets legal pot to boot. and, he can get grossly overpaid on a bad team instead of being merely overpaid on a terrible one.

    guaranteed cano puts a million in cash on his bed & rolls around in it smoking his legal weed.

  109. UWS-NYY says:

    One of my favorite things in this life is hearing all of Yankee Stadium erupt in one big ‘boo.’

    On an unrelated note, when’s the next SEA@NYY game?

  110. BigHeadKay says:

    Well….while I am saddened that Cano took the money and ran, I can hardly blame him. That said however, I congratulate Cashman and theyankee brass for NOT pulling the trigger and giving in….even though the temptation must have been heavy.

    OK…so lets move on. We have Kelly Joynson. Good move. Now…how about picking up Omar Infante….possibly a platooning situation with Johnson as well as adding depth to the infield.

    Also….there is $$ freed up now to get Beltran on a 2 year deal to make up for the lost offense Cano took with him. Yes…a crowded outfield with Soriano, Wells, Ichiro, Gardner and Ellsbury there already. But Wells in a trade to another club who needs depth for some minor leaguers would be a good move. I like the idea of Soriano, Beltran, Ellsbury, Gardner & Ichiro.

    I know there have been talks of getting Wells some time at First base as well…just to back up Tex. But I think signing Mark Reynolds for another year would not only cover Tex at 1st, but would also give us a power hitting 3rd baseman to cover for ARod’s absense….however long that might be.

    The Yanks are also close on Kuroda for another year, and that is good news. If they can land Tanaka, and pencil in Phelps or Warren as the 5th starter, then they can address the bullpen. And who knows what Pineda will show?

    Catching is locked up

    I see a top tier team on the field this coming year. Cash….you are doing a GREAT job so far!!

  111. Betty Lizard says:

    If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
    It were done quickly: if the assassination
    Could trammel up the consequence, and catch
    With his surcease success; that but this blow
    Might be the be-all and the end-all here

    Oh, and Cano can rot in hell Seattle.

  112. Kosmo says:

    Ellsbury LF
    Jeter SS
    Beltran RF
    Tex 1B
    McCann c
    Soriano DH
    Infante 2B
    Gardner CF
    3B ?

    that´s a very solid lineup.

    • your mom says:

      If Tex and Jeter are healthy.

    • Barney G says:

      Far from solid, the two most dangerous guys in that lineup are all but guaranteed to play no more than 130 games, not to mention you have the corpses of Jeter and Beltran in the field….at the same time.

    • Jay1023 says:

      You need more to compete. Unless you find a true number two behind CC, our pitching staff is not good enough to carry this offense. Maybe if you trade Gardner, Nunez and a prospect for Headley sign beltran and tanaka then we could look at it, but need another dependable bat. Hell if you did that DH would open up too, sign someone like a Morales to DH and switch in qt 1b/OF on occasion then I think we have an offense. Still can make this a good team just got a lot harder:

      Ellsbury CF
      Headley 3B
      Beltran RF
      Tex 1B
      McCann C
      Soriano LF
      Morales DH
      Infante 2B
      Jeter SS


      • Camilo says:

        I like your ideas for the rest of the offense, but I think Johnson would be able to fill in at 2b instead of giving multi-year to infante at this time, although he is a decent player at 31

        I’d prefer the shorter contract length that Beltran/Cruz would warrant in the OF.

        I long for the years where we are a threat at every spot in the lineup

  113. Niko says:

    Maybe Cano enjoyed missing the playoffs so much last year that he decided to do it for the rest of his career.

  114. Dr. Grenaldine says:

    I have one word for this Yankees team…


    After Jeter inevitably retires after this year or next – we should all welcome the new face of the New York Yankees – Brett Gardner??


  115. TopChuckie says:

    Maybe the Yanks can trade for Brad Miller or Nick Franklin to play 2B, at least one should be on the block.

  116. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I don’t have much time today, but let’s use Ken Rosenthal’s framework here:

    Dumb: Yankees, for now, although I have the right to reconsider as more details came out. If they offered 8/200, and Robbie said “no,” then they’re off the hook. If they stuck to 7/175 after giving that ridiculous contract to Jacoby Ellsbury, they’re assholes.

    Dumber: Robinson Cano. Good luck. Eat a giant bag of dicks. You’re dead to me.

    Dumbest: The Mariners. I don’t think I need to explain why here.

    I don’t even want to hear Jay Z call himself the King of New York anymore. Bag of dicks. “Ether.” Blue Ivy is a stupid fucking name. The Nets suck.

    $250 million spent, and I actually feel worse about this team right now. Whoever said they’d have spent the same money on Cano to keep him anyway is probably right, but whatever. I am entitled to sit in my self-pity right now. You’ll all be eating a Pollyanna bag of dicks from me by sometime next week. Rest assured.

    Welcome back, #HIROK. At least the other needed piece is back.

    They’ve got some work to do here, folks. There ain’t no Omar Infante, no Choo, no Beltran who can truly fix this shit.

    This screenname is also so fucking dead by the weekend. I can live with it for today.

  117. Frank says:

    It was all about money, not legacy, for Cano. And that’s fine. That’s his prerogative. Now that Yanks need to be smart with money. Getting under $189 shouldn’t be a problem. Focus on pitching and another bat. Get a second baseman whose durable and can field. They’ll be fine.

  118. Pat D says:

    I’m not going to begrudge Robbie signing this deal. I think he might regret it, if not financially, but from a baseball perspective.


    Let’s not be assholes. He was a great player for us, helped win a ring, provided countless other great moments, and we’re not tied to him in an ARod-esque fashion.

    So let’s not imitate the Red Sox front office and start running down all his faults and attacking his character. Just wish him the best and remember we’d only face him 6-9 times a year.

  119. Dave says:

    So apparently you do sign with Jay-Z to play in Seattle.

  120. BB says:

    And now I’m depressed. But I’m also glad NYY didn’t get stuck with that albatross of a contract.

  121. SouthPaw429 says:

    Losing Cano is going to hurt alot short term. I just don’t want them to get stuck with Choo for 7 years. He is miserable against Lefties and has never been a “Star”. I’d rather overpay yearly for Beltran for 2 years. Infante is solid if not spectacular. Drew might come into play now as a 2B this year and maybe SS next year after Jeter is gone..

  122. Mr.Perfect says:

    I wish him all the best of luck, but I don’t see this mega deal as a success. Sorry Cano you did the wrong choice. No more rings for you.

  123. Avi says:

    4 guys with zero power; and that’s the biggest problem with losing Cano. You now have to get power out of almost every other position. Makes the Ellsbury signing even worse. You just could not let Cano go.

  124. Nathan says:

    Well, it will certainly hurt to lose Cano’s production but the way I look at it is:

    not being saddled with the contract > Cano’s production

    I posted a day or two ago that I had a gut feeling Cano was gone, had that feeling last with Cliff Lee not signing.

    And with Granderson leaving, it’s essentially McCann + Ellsbury replacing Cano + Granderson which means the Yankees still have a LOT of work to do. I hope they allocate Cano’s money appropriately.

  125. cashjr says:

    I think the dynamics are pretty much the same as what happened with Ellsbury (although much more public). Boston would have been happy to keep him at a fair price (5 yrs at 100 perhaps), but if the yanks wanted him they had to go much higher. Same thing here. I believe the yanks would have gone a bit higher than the 7 @ 175 most people were using as their max offer, maybe 8 @200. But if the M’s wanted him they had to go much higher – same kind of premium, two more years and alot more money. I’m just glad they went so high, as now it’s a no brainer not to match. I would have been upset if the M’s got him for something like 8 @ 200 or 9 at 215. Probably just like sox fans are now saying that it’s ok that the sox didn’t match or come closer to the yanks offer for Ellsbury. Also it reinforces the theory that there is always one team out there who vastly overvalues a player for one reason or another.

  126. Baked McBride says:

    If Aaron Boone had skipped that pick-up hoops game, this would never have happened

  127. Avi says:

    Pedrioa is a red sock Cano a Mariner. Just saying..

  128. Leg-End says:

    Thanks for the good times Robbie but I’m glad the Yanks stood firm on this one.

  129. corethree says:

    Good. Bye bye. Enjoy the money.

  130. Mike says:

    I can’t believe Cano is willing to ruin his legacy in NY for just $65 million.

    How much money do you need?

    • your mom says:

      I know, it’s only $65 million.

    • Gonzo says:

      With taxes is more closer to $80mm, maybe more.

      • stuart a says:

        so what. the yanks offered him $25 mill a year for 7 years. It is not like 3 generations of canos could not live on that.

        what the avg poster here makes say for arguments sake $125k per year. so what cano would make in 1 year is equal to what a poster here needs to make in 200 years to be the same.

        I bet all 1500 posters today on this site will make less money in there lives then cano makes in what 4 years of his deal.

        my point is the money is sick, cano wanted to the most money he could get because of his ego, like all the rest…

    • mikey says:

      Oh sure. You’d throw away 65 million wouldn’t you ass hole?

  131. Mark says:

    Well now we see that he was not a true Yankee at heart! The extra money is what made the deal, “like he needs extra money”!!!

  132. John Duci says:

    This hurts we should have just gave in and gave him the money he makes us so much better. Moving forward I want Choo and Tanaka. Also sign garza/infante/Balfour.
    Pitching 1. Cc sabathia 2. Mashiro Tanaka 3. Matt garza 4. Hiroki Kuroda 5. Ivan nova 6. Michael Pineda.
    Balfour closer with Robertson setup man.
    1. Ellsbury
    2. Choo
    3. Jeter
    4. McCann
    5. Soriano
    6. Texiera
    7. Arod
    8. K. Johnson/infante
    9. Gardner
    And I think this is a World Series contending team.

  133. UncleArgyle says:

    Taking bets now, odds that Cano is the Red Sox starting Thirdbaseman via a trade for the 2017 season. I’ll start the line at 3:1.

  134. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    Well, it is what it is, folks. Color me surprised.

    All Yankees can do now is move forward. I’m glad they didn’t match that contract in the end. Hope Robbie goes on to do well in Seattle (except against the Yanks) but I think he might come to regret his decision in a couple years. Maybe that’s just the fan in me trying to deal with losing our best player in free agency.

    All that being said, Cano was never going to be another Jeter. For all the comments about him just wanting the $, lack of hustle, or whatever else, he is an excellent ballplayer and I loved watching him play here. He isn’t and was never going to be a transcendent NY legend like Derek.

    Keep at it Cash and company, I have high hopes for 2014 and beyond, let’s do our best to ensure Robbie regrets leaving the Big Apple.

  135. JB Early says:

    Dear Derek – Your entire career you professed team comes first. Move to 2b. NYY sign Stephen Drew to play SS. Cash sign or trade for a SP and or a bat. End of story. As for Cano? one less party boy in pinstripes. . ..

    NYY fan since 1956

  136. Bob says:

    1. Ellsbury CF – L
    2. Jeter SS – R
    3. Choo RF – L
    4. Soriano LF – R
    5. Tex 1B – S
    6. McCann C – L
    7. Headley 3B – R
    8. Corey Hart – DH/1B – R
    9. Kelly Johnson – 2B – L

    Pretty deep lineup. Choo would be better in the 2 spot, just have to break that to Jeter.

  137. Bubba says:

    I believe Robbie won a pyrrhic victory. Best of luck in the Northwest, Robbie. Thanks for the memories.

  138. Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name) says:


    Have fun there.

    • Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name) says:

      Like, I really can’t get too pissed that he took the most money, but it sucks that he’ll spend the rest of his career toiling away in Seattle instead of becoming one of the Yankee greats.

  139. mark s says:

    I am sad to see him go. I liked him because he came up through the farm system. With the exception of Jeter and Gardner who else did. Cano is a great talent but I imagine he will have a hard time adjusting to Seattle. I think Yankee fans ought to boycott Jay Z concerts and stop listening to his songs

  140. Cuso says:

    You know what would be lame? If everyone just started bashing Cano for petty reasons i.e. Lack of hustle, being a traitor, he’s not really that good, etc.

    It sucks we lost him, but he made a choice and we all should be paying attention to all this extra money we have to spend. Do you all remember how much last winter sucked?!? At least there will be excitement this time around. Fantasy baseball spending time!!

  141. Dr. Grenaldine says:

    Even with Cano, the Yankees pitching is still embarrassing.


  142. EJ says:

    We do get the Mariners first round draft pick….Right?

  143. Darren says:


    This is a nightmare. I really hope the Yankees made an offer above $200, if they didn’t, fuck them, what a joke. At leats make it a hard decision. $175mm vs $240 isn’t hard, but $210mm/9 years vs $240mm would have been. If they didn’t make that offer they should be ashamed of themselves. G

    And to all of you who think this is a good move, have fun watching Nunez or Infante (or maybe if we’re liucky, Corban Joesph!) play second next year you dummies. Oh they’ll run hard to first base all right. The twice a week they get on base.


  144. BB says:

    Could this be a blessing in disguise for NYY? With Cano gone and Arod hopefully suspended, they’ll have about $50m available to sign more than just two impact players. The problem is… there are none available…

  145. Yankeefan91 says:

    Robinson Cano Is Getting Paid 140 Million Dollars more the Dustin Pedroia dont get me wrong Robinson Cano Is better the pedroia but not 140 million dollars. dustin pedroia had a 6.5 war n robinson cano had a 7.6 war think about it.

  146. stuart a says:

    I am glad the yanks did not go 10 years with cano. that is a crazy contract.

    ellsbury deal is a little less crazy even though cano is a better player. cano is basically 2 years older and got 3 more years on his deal.

    cano got what he wanted a mega contract, good for him. short term this hurts the yanks of course but cashman needs to be creative and get quantity of signings. I pass on choo, not in love with him and what he Is goin gto get. I get Infante for 2b, 3 years low dollar amount, get some pitching ,and go from there.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Yup. That’s where you go next. Get a #3 to go behind Kuroda, get Infante, basically by closing time today, and get to work on third base.

      Agreed on Choo. Nice player, but all those years and adds nothing but platoon splits and alley power. Not what’s needed. Could still see it happening, though.

      I wouldn’t have gone ten years either.

  147. Howie Kendrick says:

    Would the Angels trade me and what would it take for the Yankees to get me?

    • RetroRob says:

      Yes, but not sure the Yankees match well with what the Angels are seeking.

      • Dicka24 says:

        Would they do it for a package headlined by Phelps is the question. They need starting pitching. Phelps would represent a young, controlled, cheap back end starter for them.

  148. Bartolo's Colon says:

    Can’t wait for the inevitable CGSO next year for felix at the stadium while robbie goes 4 for 5 with 2 hr’s

  149. RetroRob says:

    Too bad. Tough to see a home-grown star leave, but it will feel much better a couple years down the line when the decline has set in.

    More money to spend! (Hey, trying to find the half-glass-full view.)

  150. Betty Lizard says:

    If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
    It were done quickly: if the assassination
    Could trammel up the consequence, and catch
    With his surcease success; that but this blow
    Might be the be-all and the end-all here

    Cano can rot in hell Seattle

    • Pseudoyanks says:

      Gentlemen of England now abed,
      will think themselves acursed they were not here,
      and hold their manhoods cheap while any speak,
      that faught with us upon St. Crispin’s Day!

  151. Mike says:

    I kinda feel better about McCann and Ellsbury now. I feel that those guys care about the uniform and playing for NY. It’s clear that Cano was all about the money.

    • Gonzo says:

      Ummm, didn’t Ellsbury go to the highest bidder? I’m not sure about McCann, but the Yankees offer to Ells was better than the Red Sox offer.

      • CS Yankee says:

        Couple of differences though;
        1) Ellsbury still stays with a real, live team.
        2) He (like Tulo does) wore #2…gets to play along side of you’re idol.
        3) NYY are the best brand in the world.
        4) Playing CF for NY trumps playing CF in beantown.
        5) Yeah, that money thing is the biggest reason.

    • I kind of feel worse about them now. Ellsbury in particular. They were signed in win-now type moves, knowing that the backends of those deals could be ugly. Now their most effective years will be spent on what looks like a noncompetitive team. Seems a bit wasteful from a financial standpoint.

      • TheRealGreg says:

        How? Where should the money have gone? And before you say the obvious choice, the money is only half the story

        • Mike brought up a while back that if they didn’t retain Cano, rebuilding may have been the best option. I’m not sure that he wasn’t right. Looking at this strictly from a baseball perspective. That’s my point.

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      It was 65 million dollars.

      I’d understand being upset if he left for one more year and $20 million, but it was 65 million dollars.

  152. Dicka24 says:

    Sad to see Cano go, he’s an elite player, but thankful the Yankees didn’t give in, and sign him to that absurd contract. That is a loser long term.

    Time to make a move for Matt Kemp. His acquisition cost may never be lower. That would make for a middle of the order replacement. Think of the OF too. Kemp, Ellsbury, Gardner…ouch. With his bat, you can mask the drop in offense at 2B & 3B. Plus, you’d still have some change leftover to invest in a pitcher.



    That’s a good top to bottom squad.

  153. Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name) says:

    I think he’ll have to get a new number too. I don’t they’re going to reissue Junior’s #24.

  154. jason says:

    Robbie – .837 OPS & 95 OPS+ @ safeco. just sayin.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      Yeah I tracked down that little nugget as well. And that was in the Yanks’ lineup which, prior to this year, generally offered him a great deal of protection.

      Put him in that stadium in the M’s lineup and . . . Yeah. This contract is going to look very ugly, and likely much sooner than many suspect.

    • Gonzo says:

      You are quoting tOPS+. I would imagine that a player that has a .837 OPS in a big pitchers park would have a much high OPS+, like well over 100.

  155. stuart a says:

    cano’s deal is greater then McCann and ellsburys deal together….

    $240 mill dollars. cano will be making 24 mill a year when he is 40,41, and 42 years old…ouch

  156. CS Yankee says:

    I’d go;
    1) 2 of Tanaka/Kuroda/Garza
    2) Grandy in RF (3/40)
    3) Reynolds (1/5) or Headley (Zo/Warren/Romine) at 3B
    4) Ichiro as 4th OFer

  157. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    Update: Full no trade clause (from MLBTR)

    • TheRealGreg says:

      It’s amazing the circle of life and money. Seattle are now what they hated when ARod left.

      • FachoinaNYY says:

        Haha good point.

        This whole situation feels so weird, must have been a very similar feeling to when the Cards lost Pujols, sad to see him go but glad you are not going to be paying for the decline.

        I just wish there were some better FA options to spend the money on, I dont love anyone really. I see a trade for a young/elite 3B or SS that will cost us 3+ elite prospects.

        I still have faith in Cash, but damn what a weird feeling.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Oh, he’ll waive that motherfucker after 3-4 seasons of being the only guy in Washington Proper who can hit a breaking ball.

  158. frank iker says:

    Hard to believe that the Yankees put signing Ellsbury to be more important than signing Cano. How many 2nd basemen put up the kind of numbers that Cano does?

  159. Wayne says:

    We are losing that supplemental pick for sure once they sign shin soo- choo and infante. Yankees may not pick till the seventh round in 2014.

  160. K_bassuka says:

    So we break the bank for an injury prone C (still like the signing). Give a CF an insane contract given his injury history and not being a position of need for this organization while letting a much cheaper version walk… Give a shelf of himself beaten up SS a raise and let the best 2B that doesn’t get injured while putting MVP numbers every year for $50 million. Love the way we are doing business now…

    Oh and to top it off about to give a raise to beat up SP as well…. Just perfect…

  161. Stanislaw says:

    Maybe they use the saved money and throw a shit ton of it at Kershaw next year?

  162. Barney G says:

    Ellsbury 8
    Jeter dh
    Beltran 9
    McCann 2
    Teixeira 3
    Johnson 5
    Infante 4
    Gardner 7
    Ryan 6

    UGH. pretty mediocre offense if you ask me. And that’s assuming they’re even able to bring Beltran & Infante in. Choo would be nice (if he didn’t have a huge platoon split and the roster wasn’t already way too lefthanded). Not to mention the fact that the SP’ers are even worse than that.

  163. CS Yankee says:

    If the NYY were going to lose Cano, other than mayve the Padres or the Astros, this has to be the best place for him to land.

    Beltre became a nobody there and Cano is someone that also needs a solid bat around him to excel.

    Safeco is now known to me as SafeCano. thanks J-Z!

  164. Tippycano says:

    Dear Cano,

    Last year was an aberration where you were the only guy in the lineup doing anything (because everyone was hurt). Apparently you liked doing that that so much and chose a new employer where you will do it for 10 more years. Ask A-Rod how fun being the only bat in the lineup was in Texas. There isn’t a Monument Park at Safeco for good reason. Maybe you can ask the M’s brass to bring in the fences for you when your production starts to slip.

    Enjoy finishing your career toiling in the PNW for the 77-84 wins a year.

  165. UncleArgyle says:

    This might not be the most popular opinion but I’d be very happy if the Yankees went out and used the remaining money they have on Balfour, Drew, Reynolds, and a pitcher, preferably Tanaka if he’s posted.

    CF Ellsbury
    LF Gardner
    DH Jeter
    C McCann
    RF Soriano
    1B Texeria
    SS Drew
    3B Reynolds
    2B Johnson

    Starters: Kuroda, Nova, Sabathia, Tanaka, Nuno/Phelps/Pineda/Warren/Ect


    Balfour & Robertson

    Maybe that’s not the sexiest team, but I think they could easily make the playoffs. No superstar in that lineup (unless you count Ellsbury, which I don’t) But legitimate MLB hitters 1-9, a solid rotation, and a strong bullpen. Sign me up.

    • Dick M says:

      Jeter batting 3rd?

      Of course, we don’t have a no 3 hitter any more do we? Do they grow on trees?

      • MannyGeee says:

        Soriano is your #3 hitter now. Not Jeter… AS much as I hate the lineup game, here goes:

        DH guy/whosever at SS for Jeter
        3rd base guy
        2nd base guy

        does not inspire confidence at this moment

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          Soriano as a #3 hitter really doesn’t inspire confidence.
          As a #6 hitter, sure, live with the low OBP for the power.
          As a #3 …. ugh. Against lefties maybe.

    • CS Yankee says:

      No way is Jeet a #3 hitter, plus you have two LHB setting the table. Jeet should be leadoff against a lefty and #2 otherwise.

      Love those starters though, hope that happens.

      • UncleArgyle says:

        I agree, Jeter batting 3rd isn’t ideal, but he’s probably the best option, unless you want Ellsbury batting 3rd. Lemons/Lemonaide type of thing.

  166. Dick M says:

    I hope Hal’s ready for another year of lost gate receipts. Cause that’s where this train is headed.

    • CS Yankee says:

      30 days in and they signed the second & third best FA’s, while not taking on the 3rd/4th highest contract ever…after all the previous ones that were superior players broke down, right?

      • Dick M says:

        So you like where this train is going, right?

        • CS Yankee says:

          Train is not going (yet), but if they achieve;
          Kuroda coming back
          Tanaka or Garza or Ulbaldo
          Beltran or Choo

          … they would be better than Opening Day 2013 by a bit, however a far cry from 2009 or 2010.

  167. Jim Cavanaugh says:

    I’m not mad at this AT ALL. Cano is a really good player, but he’s not a great player. Ellsbury was a case of overpaying quite a bit. This is a case of overpaying by a ton. As much as i enjoyed Robinson’s defense and hitting talent, he wasn’t a true hustler, hit poorly in the postseason and $240 million for ZERO MVP’s ??? Sorry, but Jay-Z & Robbie have done us a favor. The Yankees have multiple needs and yeah this will hurt in the meanwhile, but now Cashman can open up the wallet & get another bat or two, a top flight bullpen arm and a another starter. I wish ya well Robbie, but sorry i did not wanna see you here trying to play 2nd base at 40 my dude.

    Happy Friday i gots me a t-shirt to burn when i gets home !!!

  168. 718 says:

    Wish he had taken the 7 year deal and reneged later on. Guess he might hear boos when he visits Yankee stadium; mo’ money mo’ problems now.

  169. Stanislaw says:

    I wonder how much of this was Cano and how much of it was Jay-Z pushing Cano to take the deal so his first client gets a $200+mil contact that makes him look like good?

    • CS Yankee says:

      Plus it is more than 65M$ difference when you add in the tax rate…biggest possible pay day by Jay-Z, plus he doesn’t have to take Robbie out anyone in NY and pretend to be his friend.

  170. Rigoleto says:

    The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.

  171. Is that picture the one where Robbie hit a grand slam of Bobby Cassevah in August 2011?

    • Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name) says:

      Nope. The Angels catcher has the 2010 ASG logo on his sleeve. I think it’s from the game where Colin Curtis hit an 0-2 homer after Gardner got tossed.

      • There were a couple Angels/Yankees day games that year, so it was either that or a game in April. I dunno, that picture definitely screams more July than April, so you’re probably right.

        Also, I didn’t notice the 2010 ASG logo until the next glance, but good catch.

  172. Fin says:

    Sad day. For those saying that Cano is in baseball Sibera, that wont last long. No way Seattle can afford this contract and Cano will probably be traded in 2 years before he gets too old and they have to eat half his contract. He will be on a contender again and since he has a full NT he has final say in where he ends up. Seattle just better hope that through decline, stadium factors or a combo of both that he doesn’t tank immediately like Puljos and become untradeable.

    If I’m Cano I take this deal all day everyday, I don’t care where it comes from. I know I’m almost certainly not staying in Seattle forever and will be back in contention in a few years but now I have that contract and no one can take it away from me. Some asshole, with all the knowledge of what has come before just agreed to me 25m through my age 41 season.

    I have no gripe with JZ. This was all Cano, JZ accomplished what the 2 of them set out to accomplish. Good for them, job well done.

    Good for the Yankees, staying away from this deal. It could get ugly very fast, especially in Seattle.

    • CS Yankee says:

      It likely costs him getting into the HoF; as his second half of his career will be void of power, protection and rings.

      • Fin says:

        Cano wasn’t guaranteed the HOF even if he stayed in NY, but he is guaranteed the money. I shouldn’t have said I would take the money, as I would have probably stayed in NY for $200m but not 175m but who knows if the Yankees were even going to offer that. No doubt though, that money does come with a cost. He is probably going to have to play on several teams, never cementing a legacy, never being considered one of the all time great Yankees, no plaque, no end of the career relationship with the Yanks and possibly no HOF.

      • bkight13 says:

        You are kidding right? He is one the best 2b to ever play the game statistically right now. He compares to Gehrig and Greenberg and they were 1b.

      • Dick M says:

        Total nonsense.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        That’s ludicrous for so many reasons.
        1. You have no way to predict the rest of his career.
        2. He’s practically a HoFer already, if you look at other 2nd basemen.

        Yankees fans are really spoiled by productivity up the middle. It’s just not that common a thing. Robbie was stellar offensively and defensively, as a 2nd baseman.

  173. SamtheDawg says:

    Great ballplayer but not a team leader. 10 years is an awful lot to give anyone regardless of stats and potential. Sorry to see him go but adios.

  174. dkidd says:

    losing robbie would be harder if we hadn’t already said goodbye to andy and mo. jeter will be gone after this year and that will be that. end of a (basically) 20 year era. starting in 2015, the yankees are brian mccann’s team

  175. Martin L says:

    Cano went to Seattle for one reason: $240 million and 10 year contract. Now who can blame him for taking the money if it was offered. Reportedly, he told teammates that we would go to the highest bidder. So he took the A-Rod route instead of the Derek Jeter route. Again, that’s his right. There was apparently no way the Yankees could or would meet his price.

    In the short run, this will certainly hurt the Yankees. But in the long run, I think it gives them a lot of flexibility. The Yanks didn’t when last year with Cano (by default), leading the team on field. Let’s see how he fares in Seattle. One thing is for sure: 10 year contracts NEVER end well. We’ve seen ample evidence of that.

    • Fin says:

      10 year contracts not only don’t end well, they don’t seem to start particuraly well either. Seems within a couple years there are issues. Arod got hurt, Puljos took a crap immediately, Fielder started to decline in year 2 and was traded. The only one that did well was Arod’s first deal, but he was what 27 and one of the great talents in baseball history.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Derek Jeter who has no problem signing $15 million-per-year contracts when he’s worth maybe $2-3 million at best now? That guy?

  176. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    And now #24 can return to its True Yankee™ status with Tino and Al Downing.

    Go suck a railroad spike, Cano. I’m mad but I’m not mad.

    • RetroRob says:

      Ellsbury will need a number! Yet in all seriousness, he’d be crazy if he tied himself to the Cano exit.

      As I noted above, sorry to see Robbie go, but quicker than they know,Yankee fans will be fine he’s gone.

  177. Charlie says:

    How do you leave Joe Gordon off the list of greatest Yankee second basemen?

  178. MannyGeee says:

    I am refusing to read this comments thread for a little while unitl I gain some perspective, but let this shit sink in for a minute…

    “Cano finished second in the 2005 Rookie of the Year voting (to Huston Street)”

  179. Dale Mohorcic says:

    The Yankees will bring Robinson Cano to the plate in another game.

    • Mike HC says:

      I think we have officially reached staged 3, bargaining.

      • Dale Mohorcic says:

        Heh, that may be true. However, I have a hard time believing that Cano will serve out the term of his contract in Seattle. I’m picturing something along the lines of the return of Alfonso Soriano, not a trade for him next season.

      • RetroRob says:

        I hope not. If Cano returns to the Yankees, it would be like Bobby Murcer returning years hence at the end of his career. Yet, Murcer was a loved player. Cano, for whatever reasons, never reached that status. He was liked, people admired his skills, but just never was loved as a Yankee.

  180. MannyGeee says:

    Also, no fucking way he retires a Mariner. ZERO

  181. Dale Mohorcic says:

    Does Nick Franklin make sense as a trade target for the Yankees? Or maybe Dustin Ackley as a post hype sleeper?

    • RetroRob says:

      Oh, he’d make great sense for the Yankees, but they are certainly not trading him. The Yankees also don’t have what it takes to get him.

      Better chance they could trade for Ackley, but not sure he’ll ever be what people thought.

  182. CelerinoSanchez says:

    Of the 6.8% estimated Latino population in Seattle, how many Dominican’s do you think live there -10,11? Now 12 with Cano?

  183. Wheels says:

    The Mariners are fools.

  184. Jack me Hoff says:

    Hoe about Elvis Andrus? I know the contract stinks and he under performed last year but he’s still 25.

  185. pacman says:

    a simple thank you to cano..and move on. Sucks short term…Long term…another arod deal in the making. I still blame Hal on all of this contract crap. Bid against himelf for now we cant get cano back. But this contract is nuts. As is ellsbury. So, hope they take cano money and get: shoo or beltran, infante, bullpen help, and Tinaka…Staff of CC, Kuroda, Ivan, Tinaka, and one of those others for 5th spot works. Bullpen-blafour would look nice. Get it done Cash

    • RetroRob says:

      I don’t get what you’re saying. So because they signed an albatross 10-year contract with A-Rod, that prevented them from signing an albatross 10-year contract with Cano?

  186. Dale Mohorcic says:

    Is it fair to say that the Yankees now have only 4 homegrown players of any consequence–David Robertson, Brett Gardner Ivan Nova and Derek Jeter? Am I missing anyone?

  187. BrienTaylorsRookieCard says:

    In case someone didn’t do this yet: I got 99 problems but an albatross contract for another aging superstar ain’t one.

  188. MPierce says:

    Can’t blame Cano for taking the money. Can’t blame the Yankees for not offering more years. I can however scratch my head and wonder how Seattle doesn’t see “A-Rod to the Rangers, the Sequel” written all over this. Not sure what they are thinking all of this.

    But in the meantime, we might as well throw that money at Beltran, Mark Ellis, maybe Choo if we can get him at five years and then trade Gardner in a package for Headley. Pray that Tanaka gets posted after all. We’d have a pretty good, and deep, lineup:

    CF – Ellsbury
    SS – Jeter
    RF – Choo
    LF – Beltran
    1B – Teixeira
    C – McCann
    DH – Soriano
    3B – Headley
    2B – Ellis

    With CC-Tanaka-Kuroda-Nova-Pienda/Phelps/Warren/Nuno/Banuelos in the rotation?

    • RetroRob says:

      Well, since they’re playing the part of the Rangers, maybe they’re hoping for three star seasons from Cano to re-establish their fan base, and then trade him!

      Problem is, Cano is nowhere what A-Rod was as a player or a marketing draw. When they move him, they will have to do it early on in the deal and they will have to throw in a lot of money! The Yankees can absorb and build around the decline years of a player contract. Seattle?

      • MPierce says:

        Exactly. It’s even worse than A-Rod.

        I love Robbie, and I think he’ll be plenty productive over most of that contract, though probably not nearly as productive as he’s been the last couple years. But that team is a mess, and he isn’t going to fix that problem. Their prospects just haven’t panned out whether it’s Zunino or Ackley or Smoak or Montero. They are committing a lot of dough to one player, and they’ll have to commit a lot to a supporting cast if they want to compete with the Rangers, Angels and even the Athetlics. I just don’t see how this makes much sense for Seattle in the short or long term.

  189. Jimmy says:

    Sad day for any Yankee fan. Robinson Cano was a great player and watching him mature into a home-grown premier player was awesome. He was a fun player to follow and he will be missed. I’ll root for him any time he doesn’t play the Yankees and I wish him the best in his new duds. Seattle signed a great ballplayer and he will do very well for them. Its a shame it didn’t work out with the Yankees as he was well on his way towards monument park but that won’t happen now.

    The team is going to have a very hard time replacing his productivity, but here’s hoping we can find a way.

  190. Chris Z says:

    So who do I hate for this? Jay-Z? Cano? Hank/Hal? Jack Z? Seattle?


  191. The Thumb says:

    I really look forward to watching this deal blow up in Seattle’s face and have them fight to stay out of last place with the Angels once the Astros are competitive in about 3/4 years.

  192. mt says:

    I am surprisingly peaceful with this news – don’t get me wrong – we have a huge hole to fill (if that is even possible this offseason)and we need to make several moves to try to fill that hole to become a legitimate playoff contender. But I have been pessimistic about Cano coming back ever since the floating of the ridiculous “$310 million to avoid free agency price” came out. I know also that everyone said “players can ask for what they want – it’s just a negotiation” but when Jay Z on his first client is involved it is more complicated than that. This is diiferent from Jeter aiming ridiculously high because you could really tell that Jeter wanted/needed to stay for his eventual brand. Not so much for Cano who really had no brand (if anything, for someone who is so good, there was a lot of negativity around Cano for his lack of hustle.)

    It is clear after it appeared Cano’s market was slow to develop last month that people were ready to jump on and mock Jay Z as a “failure” if he “settled” at the perfectly aggressive $175 mm or $200 million at the Yankees. Now players ultimately tell agents what to do but on top of it signing Ellsbury certainly did not help – Red Sox were at 5 years/$80 million apparently and there are no reports of any team being within $40 million of Yankees bid for Ellsbury so Cano can say to himself – I can understand even if I dsagree if Yanks are holding the line on salaries – we eventually may part – but then for “frugal” Yanks to go and overpay someone that way – why shouldn’t I, the life-long Yankee who put in 157+ games last year while everyone else was going down like flies, be the one to be overpaid as opposed to Ellsbury?

    Add in that Mariners are paying Cano to gain relevance and “credibility” in the market – they had money to spend and no major FA until Cano has landed in Seattle (execept for Beltre which went terribly wrong). So Seattle and Cano are perfect match – Mariners didn’t care as much about overpaying since they probably knew they would have to overpay until they become a preferred destination again and both Cano and Jay/Z did not want to “settle” for a perfectly aggressive 7 yrs/$175 million or even 8 years at $200 million Yankees bid.

    Two other things

    1) Scott Boras is not delivering Choo to us at a discount – in fact, probably Choo’s price went up today given Cano is now off the market -how much will we have to overpay him now? – at the end of this we may find that both Jay Z and Boras (after Ellsbury and Choo contracts) are winners and Yanks are losers.

    2) Over 95% of pundits predicted Yankees were re-signing Cano when predictions were made at end of season – I was very surprised at that – almost as unanimously as pundits predicted the Crawford/Gonzalez Red Sox were winning AL east in 2012 – all of them were wrong. The problem with these analyses is that it only takes one team – once Fielder deal happened I thought it would be Nats, Rangers, or Mariners. But given the desperation of the Mariner management after several failed re-launches, Mariners actually made perfect sense.

    The mistake all the pundits made was assuming that Cano signing with Yankee fan Jay Z was a signal from Cano that he wanted to re-up with Yankees; instead; it really was more about making him a bigger brand so from the baseball contract side money would rule (which is certainly his right).

  193. CF says:

    Let’s not do a “Boston style” hit-job on the guy and take shots at him on his way out. Cano — great Yankee, will be sorely missed. It’s a business, and Seattle paid him big time.

    But, yeah, we can’t do the whole “give a guy over 30 a 10-year/240-million-dollar” deal thing again.

    Bye, Robbie. Thanks for the memories. Maybe have you back in a few years with Seattle paying half the salary.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Let’s not do a “Boston style” hit-job on the guy and take shots at him on his way out.


      You know it’s going to happen.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        I sincerely hope not. We have to be better than those creeps.
        He got a monster deal that we just couldn’t match. He didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Righteous CF.

    • TomG says:

      Exactly. It’s a bitter pill, but the Yankees got fantastic production out of Cano for $58MM over the past 9 years. Best of luck to him moving forward.

  194. The Thumb says:

    Does Zoilo hold any kind of weight as trade chip or is he simply that last throw in piece that slightly sweetens a deal?

  195. EndlessJose says:

    Cano is a better player than Ellsbury but not by $100 million.Ellsybury will just 36 when his contract runs up and Cano now will be 40 so later Cano.So yeah no way.

  196. Kiko Jones says:

    The Yankees offered him 7 yrs @ $25m per, starting at age 31. He passed. Can’t blame the Yankees for making a righteous offer. In the end, the money, NYC, the pinstripes tradition, et al were not enough for Canó. End of story.

  197. EndlessJose says:

    People keep talking about Cano missed endorsements not being in New York but how any of you the last 5 years seen Cano in a commercial.

    • MPierce says:

      Part of the hype of switching to Jay-Z was about how Cano liked what Jay-Z had to say about potential endorsement opportunities or something. Hence the mocking.

  198. David Nugent says:

    Robinson Oh No! will not even be a foot note in baseball history, as he disappears into obscurity in the Pacific Northwest. This guy never was that good. He’s been a dog from day one. Robbie only plays when Robbie wants to play and anyone who watched this guy knew he was all about the money.

    We can stop all this nonsense about one of the greatest second baseball in Yankee history. Enjoy your money!

    Hopefully Sons Incorporated will pull a class George move and ban all Moron Z. music from the ballpark, but considering that Steinmoron I, STeinmoron II, Levine and Trost are the four reasons I turned in my season tickets three years ago, I don’t see that happening.

  199. Dr. Frasier Crane says:

    Welcome to Seattle Robinson!

    I too moved here from the East Coast.

    Though I’ve had to put up with an infernal dog and a crass old man, my time here has been special.

    If/When you find yourself depressed by the dreary weather, please call, I’m listening.

  200. Dale Mohorcic says:

    While I recognize that my old-fogey musical tastes may differ from others here–does this mean I don’t have to listen to that Jay-Z/Alicia Keyes duet anymore?

    • Josh S. says:

      But my 2009 Yankees World Championship Blu Ray is littered with that song. Does that mean I have to watch it on mute? I think my Giants Super Bowl Blu Ray also has that song.

  201. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    And this season will be a DISASTER. Have fun with fucking Ellsbury, Yankees.

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      They were never going to go that high for Cano, though. The choice wasn’t “Ellsbury or Cano,” it was “Ellsbury or Choo/Beltran/someone next year.”

      • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

        How about neither? If we’re not going to make ourselves good enough to get back in contention, don’;t cripple the franchise with shitty contracts.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          We will be in contention this season, though. Teixeira is 3 wins better than Overbay, McCann is 3 or 4 wins better than Stewart, Jeter/Ryan is 2 or 3 wins better than the hodgepodge and Ellsbury is 4 or 5 wins better than Ichiro/Wells.

          In fact, I’d say the dropoff from Robbie to Johnson is less than the improvement from Ichiro to Ellsbury.

          It’s just a question of the pitching steppin up.

    • Mikey says:

      You are SO right!

  202. Capt. N. Teneal says:

    I agree that production will go way down at 2B, however, with the moves/healings of the offseason, I think the offensive output will go up.

    C – McCann vs. Stewvelli – major plus
    1B – Teix vs. Overbay et al. – plus
    2B – ????? vs. Robbie – major loss
    3B – ????? vs. A-rod and cast of 1000′s – unknown
    SS – Jeter vs. Nunez & co. – major plus
    LF – Gardner vs. Wells – major plus
    CF – Ellsbury vs. Gardner – plus
    RF – Soriano vs. Ichiro – major plus

    On paper, I think much better off than last year with a better bench.

  203. Cashman Brian says:

    Merry Christmas Robbie!

  204. Dick M says:

    Ive seen a lot of 2B in my day and he was the best. Better than Robbie Alomar, better than Bobby Grich. The pivot, the arm, the ability to go back on pops — like no on else.

    Some one earlier said he’s not a hall-of-famer. In my book he is.

    • Fin says:

      Chace Utley was just as good/better before he got hurt. That’s the only second baseman I’ve seen in Robies league as an over all player.

  205. JGYank says:

    This is rough. I went into the offseason thinking we’d retain him but now he’s gone. He was our best player by far and we might end up going from the best player at his position to probably infante. Nothing against infante but that’s a big downgrade. We can win without him but we have to really improve elsewhere and get the best remaining 2B. It will leave a hole in the lineup and leave us needing power but we’ll improve by acquiring others and still score some runs. Wish we signed him to an extension earlier but the Yanks were right not to match the offer.

    Now we have more to spend at least and it looks like we signed Kuroda which is great since it’s a 1 year deal and not a risky starter like the ones on the market. I guarantee the Yanks push hard for infante now and I hope they do. We ll see what else they do.

    And for those saying cano didn’t put people in the seats or wasn’t that good just stop. He’s the best 2b in the game was the best player on our team and was fun to watch hit and play d. That’s a huge loss and last year with the injuries he was one of the few players I liked to watch play on our team. He helped us win and that alone puts people in the stands.

    • TWTR says:

      “And for those saying cano didn’t put people in the seats…”

      It’s the Yankees who have probably been saying it.

  206. Dick M says:

    Has anyone run the numbers on the payroll in case this is all about the 189?

  207. OldYanksFan says:

    When Pujols got his contract, he had a career 165 OPS+.
    When ARod got his (1st) contract, he had a career 145 OPS+.
    Robbie has a career 125 OPS+.

    I hate to see Robbie go. It’s a huge loss.
    But that contract is insane.
    Possibly the worst in MLB history.

    • Fin says:

      I doubt its worse than Puljos since Puljos tanked from day 1. Its going to be hard to beat that contract for awfulness. I think it will probably in the Arod awful range, do to Safeco field.

      • qwerty says:

        Batting line for year one will be .289 19 HR 65 RBI.

        • Fin says:

          I think its something like .320 20 70, with about the same OBP as least year. He will be in a very similar situation with the M’s as he was last year with the Yankees before the Yankees got Arod and Soriano. Lots of balls out of the zone.

  208. KevinD says:

    The time is now to get Beltran and bring his bat and HRs to NY.

    Its time for the MexEcutioner !!

    • D says:

      If the Yanks sign Beltran for RF they’re getting a new DH, too, as Soriano simply slides over to DH. Johnson can be the 2B and #8 hitter. The Yanks could say no more hitters save maybe re-signing Reynolds which means Jeter will move to 3B and Ryan will be the new SS for a brand-new up the middle of McCann, Johnson, Ryan, and Ellsbury. Perhaps Anna shares SS with Ryan as his and Johnson’s backup.

      I think Gardner/Jeter/Ellsbury/Beltran/McCann/Teixiera/Soriano/
      Johnson/Ryan is a solid starting nine which BURIES the 2013 Yankees starting nine. Ryan is the only truly weak spot in the order and it’s to be expected from the #9 slot.

      Cano showed he is all about his job security and getting paid. Enjoy perennial last place finishes, Robinson The Mariner (my new nickname for him.) Enjoy being pitched around protected by the only other good hitter on your new team besides you Kyle Seager or not. You’ll be IBBed for him or whoever protects you.

      So everyone knows when to boo Cano in person he plays at Yankee Stadium only once this year: 4/29-5/1. The only other time he faces the Yanks is in Seattle 6/10-12 for six games total.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        They made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I’m all for hoping he’d give us a hometown discount, but $65 million was too much for anyone to overcome.

  209. qwerty says:

    If the yankees knew they weren’t going to go out for Cano why bother to keep him on for one more season instead of trading him after 2012? Does anyone in that front office have a brain?

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Yeah, I’m sure you could run a team better.

      • D says:

        Better than you. I’d have traded him before 2013 or during 2013. He’d have landed the Yanks at least three players including an everyday player. It would’ve meant a worse record for the Yanks but so be it. You can’t make the postseason every year and the Yanks would’ve had a built in excuse: no Martin, Teixiera, Cano, Rodriguez, Jeter, Granderson, Swisher, or Ibanez, just Gardner and maybe Cano for the first half of the year or around that if he was traded in July. It would’ve been considered a rebuilding year.

        • WhittakerWalt says:

          This is PURE hindsight. This is managing a year later, knowing how the season turned out. The ’12 team had the most victories in the league and made it to the ALCS. You’re saying that after that season you’d turn around and trade their best player?
          You’re proceeding from the knowledge that our entire lineup was on the DL for most of the year, something you could only know after the season’s done.
          Jeter, Tex, Granderson were all supposed to be in the lineup for most of the season. Injuries and re-injuries happened DURING the season, something you could never have known in the offseason between ’12 and ’13.
          Trade him during the season? For who? Let’s hear the specifics of the trade you’d have made, Mr. GM.

          • Dick M says:

            I wouldn’t say PURE hindsight. There were many on this board calling for a Cano trade during the season and up to the trade deadline. To recoup something for the asset. It’s not about “specifics”, anything would be better than what we got back which was zilch. But you don’t think a team like the Dodgers (or several others) would have given up a real prospect for him — they might have won the whole thing with him.

            It’s not PURE hindsight to say that the Yankees had to know that they could lose him and that the 2013 Yanks were a goatf*** from pretty much April on. You didn’t need to be Kreskin to know that they weren’t goin anywhere.

            It’s not PURE hindsight to say that the Yankees should have signed him to a 7-8 yr deal when he was 26 or 27 yrs old.

          • qwerty says:

            If trading one year of Cano to get back players that could potentially help you for the next 6-7 years I don’t see how that’s a bad move. This is how successful teams operate.

            • WhittakerWalt says:

              You are talking about the most successful team in history.
              Again, what trades would you have made? What players do you think we could have gotten?

  210. WhittakerWalt says:

    Has anyone checked to see how many loads stuart a has shot this morning?

  211. Fin says:

    Good lord if Cano got this contract wtf is Hanley Rameriz going to get if he can stay healthy for a full season? Jeez, the dude finished 8th in MVP voting with only 86 games played. Someone is going to look past the fact he hasn’t stayed healthy for the 5 previous years and give him 300m.

  212. Tom Merritt says:

    I am SO HAPPY to see this lazy ass gone!! Mariners are fools to pay him this ridiculous amount of money. He will rot in Seattle. Good riddance, Cano! This is fantastic news!!!

  213. WhittakerWalt says:

    I’m hesitant to play the racism angle without more evidence to go on, but a lot of the responses from supposed fans are starting to look pretty fishy to me.
    Basically just recycling the “lazy Dominican” stuff we’ve been making fun of for the past couple years.

    • MikeB. says:

      Come on with the racism stuff. We’ve all seen Robbie loaf at times. That’s “Robbie,” not all Dominicans.

    • Fin says:

      Yea, lots of racist Yankee fans, everyone hates Mo and Jeter because, you know they aren’t white guys right?

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        You might notice I said I was hesitant.
        But if you must, just because people root for one player of color doesn’t mean they aren’t racist.
        See: Boston fans and David Ortiz.

        • MikeB. says:

          Geez. And because we love our wives doesn’t mean we’re not wife-beaters, either. Or the fact that we love life doesn’t mean we’re not murderers, either.

          But to follow your train of “hesitant” thought, just because someone does not like someone else who might look different does not mean that person IS a (fill in the blank here).

          Of course you might prefer to “prove” your points by putting folks in a position to prove a negative. Hey, many folks do that!

          • WhittakerWalt says:

            If it doesn’t apply to you, then what do you care? Surely you’re not saying there’s no such thing as a racist Yankees fan? If I’m not describing you then you shouldn’t be so defensive.

            Calling Cano a lazy ass is the kind of thing a racist would say. Is it possible for a non-racist to describe him that way? Sure, I guess. It’s just… disconcerting to see someone act so gleeful that we just lost our best player. Do I wish Cano had hustled more? Of course I do. But the guy hit the ball into the seats 30+ times a year. That more than makes up for the one or two times a season he’d have reached first base if he’d ran hard out of the box. Cano’s an imperfect player. Every player not named Mike Trout is imperfect. I just don’t think Cano’s lazy.

            When I see Tom Merritt up there write “I am SO HAPPY to see this lazy ass gone!!” that looks questionable to me. It just does. That’s way too close to “shiftless negro” for my liking. Could be racism, could just be an ignorance of what makes a baseball player good (or lazy). Since I can’t say which it is, I’m not calling him a racist. It still raises a red flag, though. If I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong.

            • MikeB. says:

              But you’re putting folks in the position of trying to prove they are NOT “something”–otherwise known as proving a negative, which, I daresay you know, is logically impossible. Prove that racism is involved and I will agree with you. The burden’s on you.

              Or perhaps folks should never say anything perceived as being negative of anyone? Then we might eventually have a world of silence, one in which people never say anything. Perhaps you’d like that sort of world?

              I suppose we can fit any comments made by anyone into any agenda or viewpoint we might have.

              Nice trick, trying to turn my comments against me. You are the one making an illogical assumption (perhaps based on personal experiences?).

              When a speaker puts a person in the position of proving a negative, that speaker is admitting the weakness of his own assertion/position. Prove that you’re right.

              Laziness transcends race, creed, country of origin, gender, and other factors. I’m glad you “guess” that non-racists might call someone lazy. After all, people of all races, etc. might be lazy. Or is that not true?

              If we simply disagree that a certain player has appeared lazy in more than one instance, then that’s a valid disagreement.

      • MikeB. says:

        Well stated, Fin.

  214. Mikey says:

    Cano was the ONLY good player they had and the idiots let him go!! I hope he bats 400 against them next year and takes the Mariners to the World Series. The Yanks won’t make the playoffs again next year nor do they deserve to.

  215. dave m says:

    A good comparison for Cano – second baseman Rod Carew, who later migrated over to first. Carew turned 32 at the end of October 1977, and Cano will turn 32 at the end of October 2014. In 1977, Carew had a monster season (9.7 WAR; 239 hits; .388 BA; MVP): .

    He had one great year after 1977 (1978), but then the decline set in. Still, he had good years in 1980, 1982, and 1983. Over the course of that timeframe, he played 9 years. He had one transcendantly great year season, one excellent season, 3 good seasons, and 4 essentially inconsequential seasons. Sounds about right to me.

  216. MikeB. says:

    Thanks for the memories, Robbie!

  217. MikeB. says:

    It seems the Mariners have our number: Lee, that damaged-goods pitcher (I never use his name), and now this.

    I wonder if he thinks he’ll make those guys in Coffee Town winners? I’m glad the Yanks held the line and did not try to match the offer. I wonder how long he’ll stay with the mariners? I have a hunch it won’t be ten years….

  218. Looper says:

    With Cano’s left, the Yankees need to sign a good DH and a good 3B. Maybe should consider Beltran now.

  219. Fin says:

    Eeh, if they signed Cano it seemed like the Yankees had a good chance to be back in contention this year. Without him, it may be a year or 2. Its just what happens when you’re building a roster out of 90% FA. Very possible there are just too many holes to fill in 1 year, while not handcuffing yourself in the future with players you don’t really want.

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