Scouting The Trade Market: Jesus Montero

Yankees lose Kahnle, four others in Rule 5 Draft
It's official: Cano's a Mariner

The Yankees have done most of their offseason heavy lifting and are now left with a very specific set of needs: second or third baseman, starting pitcher, and a reliever or two. Those are the most pressing items and rightfully so. The Yankees also need to improve their overall depth — we saw how important that is this past season thanks to all the injuries — and they’ve started doing that with the recent Dean Anna, Russ Canzler, Yamaico Navarro, and Brian Gordon pickups.

Late last night, Bob Nightengale reported the Mariners have made both Justin Smoak and Jesus Montero available in trades following their two first base/DH additions (Corey Hart and Logan Morrison). Smoak has been pretty awful in parts of four seasons now, with almost 500 games and 2,000 plate appearances telling us he’s a replacement level first baseman. Montero has been awful in the show as well, but the sample size is way smaller (182 games and 732 plate appearances) and he’s three years younger than Smoak. Does a reunion make sense? Let’s look, starting with the negatives.

The Cons

  • Montero, who turned 24 last month, just hasn’t hit these last two years with Seattle. He put up a .260/.298/.386 (90 wRC+) line with 15 homers in 553 plate appearances last season and a .208/.264/.327 (62 wRC+) line with three homers in 110 plate appearances this year. The Mariners sent back to Triple-A this summer, where he hit .247/.317/.425 (93 wRC+) in 19 games. His batted ball distance plot isn’t encouraging and he doesn’t draw walks (6.0%) or lay off pitches out of the zone (36.7% chase rate).
  • Big league righties have eaten Montero up. He hit just .227/.263/.347 (68 wRC+) with a 19.9% strikeout rate and a 44.4% ground ball rate against same-side pitchers with the Mariners these last two seasons. That’s terrible.
  • Montero is not a catcher, as we heard time and time again over the years. He threw out only 13 of 94 (13.8%) base-stealers from 2012-2013 and rated as a terrible pitch-framer. Montero ranked as one of the game’s overall worst defensive catchers in 2012 and 2013.
  • Montero can’t run at all. He has never stolen a base in the big leagues (been caught in all three attempts) and he’s taken the extra-base just 20% of the time. That’s basically half the league average. Molina-esque speed.
  • Injuries have been a problem. He missed close to two months this year after tearing the meniscus in his left knee, and back during his minor league days he missed time with a broken finger (2009) and an ankle debridement (2010).
  • Montero was suspended 50 games for his ties to Biogenesis back in August and performance-enhancing drugs raise questions. The Yankees always had concerns about his makeup and work ethic, benching him several times for lack of hustle and insubordination throughout his minor league career.

The Pros

  • Montero, a right-handed batter, has done very well against big league lefties. Over the last two seasons with Seattle, he hit .300/.351/.435 (119 wRC+) against southpaws with a 14.7% strikeout rate. Montero doesn’t strike out a ton in general, just 18.7%, slightly better than the league average rate.
  • He still has the opposite field swing that was seemingly made for Yankee Stadium (spray chart). Almost three-quarters (73.0% to be exact) of Montero’s balls in play over the last two years have been hit to center and right field. That’ll play in the Bronx.
  • The Mariners shifted Montero to first base when they sent him to Triple-A at midseason and he has played the position on occasion in the past, mostly during winter ball workouts. He can’t catch but the transition to first is underway.
  • Montero has at least one and likely two minor league options remaining, so sending him down to Triple-A won’t be an issue. He will not be arbitration-eligible until after 2015 and a free agent until after 2018 at the earliest.
  • Montero made it no secret he wanted to play for the Yankees and was reportedly pretty torn up when he was traded away. I guess wanting to wear pinstripes is a positive.

The trade has been a disaster for both the Yankees and Mariners so far, and let’s not kid ourselves here, there isn’t much to like about Montero at this point. He hasn’t hit since September 2011 and he doesn’t really have a position, plus there are long-standing questions about his work ethic. And he just got popped for PEDs. You’ve really gotta squint your eyes to find some positives. If it wasn’t for the “he’s Jesus Montero and he used to be an awesome prospect for my favorite team” aspect, we probably wouldn’t think twice about him.

The Yankees don’t have a first base prospect at Triple-A (or Double-A, for that matter) and Montero is basically a reclamation project. Maybe getting him away from the Mariners — they’ve seen nearly all of their top position player prospects fall short of expectations (Kyle Seager is the obvious exception) in recent years — and back with the minor league coaches and instructors who helped make him one of the game’s very best prospects back in the day can get his career back on track. It’s a long shot obviously, and remember, we’re talking about a guy who is likely nothing more than a part-time first baseman, part-time DH if it comes together.

I don’t know what it would take to acquire Montero, but it’s clear the Mariners have soured on him. How could they not? The Yankees know him as well as anyone and that may not necessarily lead to the trade, in fact it could lead to the exact opposite. They might steer clear entirely. The fanboy in me says hell yes, go get him and let’s rock. The rest of me says if he comes cheap enough, maybe for a similar post-hype broken prospect (Eduardo Nunez? Austin Romine?), then sure, go for it. I couldn’t give up much more than that, not for a guy with so many red flags and no real position. The Yankees would have the flexibility to send Montero to minors to work on things, but he simply might not be salvageable at this point.

Yankees lose Kahnle, four others in Rule 5 Draft
It's official: Cano's a Mariner
  • Pseudoyanks

    You went there?

  • Smart Guy

    bring him back, as a bench player or AAA, watch him take off later in the years a la david ortiz, get him!

    • lightSABR

      I’m having this hilarious vision of both Montero and Pineda being All-Stars for the Yankees in a couple of years. A pity it won’t happen. It’d be a great way to get even with them for shafting us with their idiotic Cano deal.

      More seriously, though, does anybody else think that getting out of Seattle would do him good? Either their hitting coaches are really awful or they’ve just had the world’s worst luck when it comes to talented young hitters flaming out.

      • TCMiller30

        Pineda and Montero both being studs in NY would be awesome. I would be 100% in favor of them getting Montero back. My guess is that it doesn’t happen though.

  • Theo

    Hell yes, go get him and let’s rock.

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)


    ….please make this happen.

    • TWTR


    • Preston

      It’s irrational, I know it’s irrational, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I desperately want Jesus Montero in pin stripes again.

      • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

        Exactly. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I just do.

      • lightSABR

        I’ve actually seen him hit an opposite-field home run in YS3, exactly what we were all hoping to see a couple dozen of every year.

        Of course, he hit it off of Kuroda…

  • Kevin W

    I say with 100% confidence and 110% homer-ism that they should reacquire and he will hit .300 with 25 homers every year. I have a hard time breaking up with my prospect crushes, which is why I still believe every year is the year Phil Hughes breaks out.

    • Kevin W

      Hmmm…Brett Gardner for Nick Franklin and Montero? I’m gonna submit this nugget to the mailbag.

      • RetroRob

        That would be a net loss for the Yankees in 2014. If they’re going to trade Gardner it will be to fill a need and one that doesn’t weaken the squad next year.

        I’d be happy with both those players you mentioned (although have no idea where Montero will play; they Yankees match up poorly for Montero now), but this might be a two or three win loss for the Yankees next year.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Franklin does fill a need, though. Possible 2B of the future, right there!

          I don’t like him very much, but he’s definitely in the need-filling category.

          • RetroRob

            Franklin does fill a need, and I would even like the Yankees to acquire him.

            What I meant, though, was the Yankees have to acquire talent back that will be equal to the wins lost. If Gardner rates out at a minimum of 3 WAR, and a high of 6 WAR, then the player/pieces they acquire have to at a minimum equal that range. That’s the problem with trading Gardner. Frankly, moving back to LF, he is going to generate probably 4-5 WAR. Franklin will not deliver that. Brandon Phillips will not deliver that. So by trading Gardner to fill another need (2B), they may win less games. They can’t allow that to happen.

  • Theo

    Ichiro for Montero

    • Max


    • Jedile

      This makes too much sense to happen.

    • Fernando

      Sure, let’s throw in Wells and his zero cap hit/zero value on the field too.

    • The Great Gonzo

      That would be the funniest thing in the world.

    • lightSABR


  • CC

    Irrational or not, bring Jesus home.

  • Bo Knows

    I’d do it, just like with the Yankees and their issues with developing starting pitching, the Mariners are even worse when it comes to developing hitters. It seems like every top hitting prospect they get suddenly fall off the table with ever increasing issues with their approach.

    I think if Montero or any Mariners hitting prospect is moved, they’ll improve.

  • Heavy Hitter

    Dude was a pure hitter when last seen around these parts. Definitely worth a shot.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Jesus still mashed in the very SSS of plate appearances he had at Yankee Stadium the last two seasons.

    Go for it. No rational reason, just go for it.

  • John

    What package would net both Montero and Ackley? I would like to see what Long can do with those guys.

    • Bo Knows

      Probably not much honestly

  • NeilT

    Why not roll the dice? If only to finally unequivocally answer the question of who “won” the trade.

  • Theonewhoknocks

    I want Montero back. Let him spend all of 2014 in the minors working at 1B as we don’t have anyone for that role anyways.
    Soriano, Jeter and Arod may all be gone in 2015 and there could be an opportunity for DH if things break that way. Heck by the time Tex’s contract is up Montero will only be what 26? Buy low on him now, he’s more valuable to the Yankees than anyone else.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    if the Mariners trade him for a bag of balls … sure, why not.

  • Mykey

    Oh God, I miss being irrationally excited about him!

    • The Bronx Empire

      I was so angry when they traded him, even though on paper it was a good trade for us. I had anticipated his promotion to the big club for so long that I didn’t want to trade him for *anyone*. Despite almost all of the luster being gone, I’d be practically giddy if NYY traded back for him.

      • Mykey

        I agree. I could convince myself it’s like his first call up all over again. Please! Let me relive better times!

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    While I’m not against a Montero reunion, I would be reluctant to give either Nunez or Romine for him. Both have demonstrated some value to the Yankees, while Montero has demonstrated no value to the Mariners.

    If the M’s would take Cito Culver or DB Jr., I’d do it. Hell, it’s the holidays, I’d give them both.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      be careful, they might accept that offer!

      • Dan G

        Even the M’s aren’t dumb enough to take 2 players who have been consistantly awful in A ball (!).

        I actually think given more playing time, Romine can still be a decent starter or very good backup. Remember, NY got a non-zero return for Stewart so that shows just how valuable any warm body behind the plate is, nevermind one that still has the potential to hit .260-.280 with a handful that clear the fence.

        The fanboy in me is excited for Montero but at this point he’s a 1B platoon (yuck). Bucket of baseball or pass, please.

        • Bavarian Yankee

          no one recognizes sarcasm these days :(

        • Caballo Sin Nombre

          I seem to be the only one who noticed Cito played great after he got promoted to A+… and after he had adjusted to being a right-side only batter.

          • RetroRob

            I think others noticed. It was a small sample size, yet he was hitting the ball with more authority as the season progressed and batted more RH’d. If he puts up good numbers in 2014 for a full season then his prospect status can be restored.

    • I’m One

      Yeah, I’d have to think at least twice before giving up either Nunez or (especially) Romine for him. I also find it hard to believe the M’s would accept anything less, as it would seem as if they’re admitting they “lost” the trade.

      While I wouldn’t mind having him back, not sure it would happen even if the the Yankees are interested.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Why would you NOT want to give up Nunez? He absolutely sucks defensively, and has never demonstrated enough bat to come close to making up for this. He is not close to a replacement level player. If we need another bench guy, I’d rather have a 28 to 30-year old well-rounded AAAA player who fields and hits at the replacement level– and those guys are not that hard to DeanAnna find.

    • Laz

      I would be fine with them figuring out a trade with Romine if it means they can get a piece of potential value. Cervelli figures to be the backup as it is.

    • Luisergi

      Nunez provides the value of falling down in funny ways, granted.

  • Vern Sneaker

    If we give up just a little more than nothing, why not? But let’s not kid: major league pitchers found him out quick — he’s only going to hit southpaws. I don’t see him at 1B, but I’m still dreaming about a pure righty DH masher.

    • qwerty

      I don’t believe Montero ever had an issue with righties until he got to the Mariners.

  • Oops I Crapped My Pants

    I like the idea. Reclamation projects are fun especially when you can afford them. If we can swap someone that isnt a factor on this team any longer….Ichiro, Nunez et al then why not.
    If Montero wants to be a Yankee as much as being stated, maybe a trade would light a fire under his butt to get to work and take a run at being a productive big leaguer.
    Then all we would need is for Pineida to start to become the pitcher we have hoped he would be….then we sit back and smile, say thank you Seattle, suckas!
    In reality Montero will be nothing more than a glorified minor leaguer. (sigh)

  • Batsman

    >”The Yankees also need to improve their overall depth — we saw how >important that is this past season thanks to all the injuries —”

    This statement does not make a good case for depth. Why? Because, this past 2013 season, even the depth got hurt….which was unexpected.

  • hey now

    Bring him back, give him an infielder’s glove and stick him at second. Fuck it.

    • The Great Gonzo

      “It couldn’t be any worse…”

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Oh yes, you did go there.

    If he’s got options, he doesn’t really have an MLB role THIS SEASON. I’d hit Nuney over the head with a shovel and drive him cross-country myself. Throw in one of the back-end guys and someone like Zoilo and try to get Ackley as well? MTPS.

    I want Jesus back, with the only good reason being just because.

  • adjusts batting gloves

    I’m really happy no one has suggested trading Pineda for him!

    • Theo

      Yeah, we are usually the first ones to fall for the stories of renewed value from Cashman when he is trying to trade someone.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      LOL I was actually thinking that when I first saw Joe’s article! We could just call it a do-over if Seattle agrees to throw Noesi back in too!

  • Chris in Durham

    Remember that your trade proposal sucks.

    I love discussing lotteries with smart people. “The odds are terrible.” “It is a lousy return on investment.” “What do you call a tax on people who are bad at math? A Lottery!” etc. That said, I still buy lottery tickets now and then. If you never buy one, you have NO chance of winning. Montero is like that to me. he’s most likely not worth much. But he just might be the guy who figures it out (a la Jose Bautista). And boy, it would be nice to hold that lottery ticket, no?

  • RetroRob

    Teams will definitely have an interest in Montero, especially ones that have an opening at DH and first. Just doesn’t fit the Yankees.

    Hmmm, how would he look after traded to the Red Sox?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Like a lazy steroid creation, of course.

      He’d look TERRIBLE with a beard.

    • qwerty

      The Rays should look into Montero. It won’t be long till he’s hitting bombs for them against us.

  • OldYanksFan

    I agree that Romine or Nunez is TOO MUCH.
    However, I’m sure we can find a ‘meh’ prospect at a position they need. Montero has so little value, we should be able to get this done CHEAP!

    • TheEvilUmpire

      I think Nunez at least is in that ‘meh’ category at this point. Romine is redundant since we signed McCann and have Murphy and Sanchez in the wings, I wouldn’t lose sleep over trading him for Montero. You do realize that Montero is still younger than both of them?

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    If we get Jesus back; did we win or loose the trade?
    PS The Ichiro for Montero suggestion above is gold!

    • OldYanksFan

      It could be realistic.
      Offer Montero for Ichiro, and we pay them $5m cash.
      So now we SAVE $1.5m (or is it $6.5m?) off the cap, and get Montero. For Seattle, for their $1.5m, they get a 4th OFer and pinch runner. However, if they hold an ‘Ichiro Day’ to retire his number, they should make that $1.5m back manyfold!

      • Dan

        Ichiro is still a useful 1-2 WAR player. The Yanks should not be eating $5m to move him for a failed prospect. Montero is an appropriate return for the Yanks in almost a straight (at least half of the $6.5 owed) salary dump.

        • steve (different one)

          Not really.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Yeah, I would jump at the chance to dump Ichiro and get any talent back.

      • qwerty

        No, no, no. Offer them Vernon Wells. How can they possibly refuse?

  • pat

    I was at the building the day he hit those two HR off Johnson. Walked around with a stiffy the rest of the day. One of my favorite games I have ever seen.

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      That was you?!?

  • Kosmo

    I could see Montero as a good DH/1B maybe even backup the backup catcher in a crunch. The Yanks have no one penciled in as the DH after this season. Soriano and Jeter are probably gone.
    Like Mike stated his swing is taylor-made for YS.
    He never wanted to play in Seattle.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      Please don’t bring up Brien Taylor… sob.

  • Mike

    Montero might be Shane Spencer 2.0… A September to remember but not much else worth note.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      Spencer was a nobody in the minors. Jesus was prospect royalty. I’d roll the dice with Jesus anyday.

      If all else fails, you could stick him on the mound and give him the 9th. Jesus Saves!

  • Kvothe

    I still believe in the story of Jesus (Montero)

  • Monterowillbedineroagain

    If he comes back, I come back to this site…


    • Havok9120

      There’s some good news.

  • stuckey

    Always scratch my head when i see the trade referred to as a “disaster” for both teams.

    Considering it’s been a sum-0, net-0 trade for both teams so far, have a hard time referring to that as a disaster.

    THAT’s when you lose something in the equation and neither team has.

    More accurately it was a wash. Would have been an equal “disaster” for both teams had they not made the trade

    That said, I eagerly anticipated Montero for years as well, admiring his peripherals, scouting reports, and the occasional video clip and spring training cameo.

    But when I got an extended look at him during his now infamous 2011 call-up, something bothered me right away. His bat speed is considerable, but he doesn’t rotate his body through the zone.

    He remains nearly rigid in his stance, almost never opens up and more swipes at the ball, which is why so much of his success and power is to the opposite field. That major league righthaders are eating him up is the least surprising thing I can think of. I’m not sure how well he can track the ball that way.

    His strength and speed is top notch, but I saw a broken stance, no matter how impressive those lasers into the right field seats were.

    • Preston

      It has actually been a disaster for Seattle, Hector Noesi has been worth -.6 WAR and Jesus Montero has been worth -.8. The Yankees have gotten nothing, but Campos is still a legit prospect and Pineda is at the point in his recovery where it becomes likely that he’s a positive contributor, if not quite what he was before.

    • steve (different one)

      From the Yanks’ perspective, the disaster is that they could have traded Montero for someone else.

      IMO (and with hindsight) the Yankees knew Montero was never going to be a catcher and always intended to trade him.

      It is also my opinion that they selected Pineda as the guy to trade him for because of the $189M. Which is probably not happening anyway….

      Otherwise they could have traded him for a number of more proven, yet more expensive pitchers, which is their usual MO.

      • Havok9120

        Any attempt to go after younger, cost-controlled players is now going to smack of 189 now?

        • steve (different one)

          Maybe, maybe not. Do you disagree that trading prospects for proven MLB players has been the Yankees’ MO for decades now?

          When is the last time the Yankees made a similar trade?

          Who knows, maybe they’ll go after Ackley or Didi Gregorius this winter.

          • RetroRob

            I agree with you. As part of Plan 189, they targeted Banuelos and Pineda to be 2/5th of the rotation. It wasn’t a bad plan at all. Injuries, though, tossed it out the window.

            I still have hope both will form 2/5ths of the Yankees rotation, but I don’t see it until 2015, and I have more faith in Banuelos’ ability to come all the way back than I do Pineda due to the type of injuries.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        It is also my opinion that they selected Pineda as the guy to trade him for because of the $189M.


        It definitely played a role in their thinking. They figured they can get a cost controlled ace for a good price without paying 20+ a yr for him.

  • trr

    He is a bust. This team has a lot of holes to fill, but a 24 y/o part time DH who cant hit righties ain’t one of them. let’s move on….

    • Stan the Man

      Low risk high upside deals aren’t ones you simply walk away from, especially when lack young impact bats with any major league exp.

      • trr

        We do lack them, to our detriment.
        But Stan my Man, I would still walk on this one….

    • TheEvilUmpire

      The key thing you said is 24 y/o. He could still turn it around, given a hitting coach that will nurture his ability.

      • Fin

        Lots of what ifs, hoping and work for a potential, okish DH. LOL, people just need to let it go already.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    He caught a no-hitter…3 more and he catches Captain Amerika, Jason Varitek.

  • The Great Gonzo

    I see Jesus Montero as more of an ’emotional leader’ for this team. A reminder of simpler times, when prospects panning out were something to believe in for the Yankees.

    I say Yay to a return, and I suggested a Nunez/Warren type player on Facebook with a few ‘like minded’ individuals. If he’s no good then you part ways again.

  • andy e

    this must be a fake article

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Backsies! Pineda for Montero, straight up.

    • lightSABR

      The funny thing is, that’d probably be a massive overpay. Pineda has a much better chance of being valuable in the next few years than Montero does, if only because Pineda’s an unknown quantity and Montero has two years of suck on his record.

      So, just for the moment, it looks like the Yankees won the trade.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        Yeah, no way in hell do I give up Pineda for Montero.

        • Algernon Blackwood

          I would still rather have Montero. Until Pineda has more innings pitched that arrests it’s hard to imagine him being a contributor.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            He has 170 more MLB IP than arrests, and he had 49.2 more IP than arrests in the minors last year.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    On the third year he rose again!

    All y’all know you need more Jesus in your lives…

  • Stan the Man

    Let’s see there isn’t much to like about him right now? He is 24 yrs old, you know he has the bat because you saw him develop in your system, you have depth issues, he can mash lefties, and he will come at a relatively cheap cost to you financially and prospect wise, and he has minor league options left. Do the deal and put him at 1b in AAA. When Tex gets hurt again you have a guy who you can trot out there against lefties at the very least. If he sucks you cut him and you have no worries moving forward.

    • Monterowillbedineroagain

      This. Posada didn’t start catching for us until he was 26. Montero is low risk and has (almost) as much rf power as McCann. Perfect fit as backup catcher, 1B, DH against lefties. Be a good shot in the arm to bring him back a little bit more mature and happy to be a Yank. We are losing righty power without ARod next season…

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    He’s Jesus Montero and he used to be an awesome prospect for my favorite team!

    If we can get him on the cheap, for Romine+Burawa or something similar, I say why the hell not? He’s only been in the Mariners system for 2 years, they can’t have completely ruined him yet.

  • steve (different one)

    Would be hilarious if they traded for Montero and Gardner for Ajax.

    Maybe they can get IPK too.

  • lightSABR

    I can already tell you this: if it happens, the Post’s headline will make a “Second Coming of Jesus” joke.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      And on the third year, He came again, in accordance with the Scriptures.

  • Delbert Grady

    Yankees getting Montero & Ackley would actually be kind of brilliant in a buy low kind of way. Both former top prospects. Both sucked in Seattle.

    Personally, I don’t think Cashman would ever go there with Montero. I think he thought he was junk all along and maybe he was right.

    That said, we don’t have a legit 1b prospect to step in for Tex if he keeps falling apart and Ackley could be a solution at 2b.

    I wouldn’t trade Gardner for them, but I’d seriously think about Nunez, Romine, Ichiro, Zoilo types. Jack Z probably wouldn’t go there. If Montero & Ackley popped in Pinstripes it’s worse than if they do it for another team.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      Did Ackley actually suck in Seattle? He was pretty decent in 2011-12. At 25, with just one stumble, he’s a classic reclamation project. I don’t think he would be so cheap– at least a JR Murphy plus a back-end starting prospect.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        He was terrible in 2012. This was a rebound for him offensively in comparison to 2012.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        That said, he was much, much better after coming back from the minors. Enough so that the Ms will probably give him another year.

  • MD

    Seattle would never trade him back to the Yankees. He’ll be part of the Price deal instead — or if stays he can save Cano all those throwing errors and pick up the lack of range he has to his left as well. Cano has played with a lot of great glovemen at first. Now he can add one more to that list. Montero!

    • qwerty

      Montero wouldn’t be worth more anything more than as a throw in for Price.

  • cooolbreez

    Maybe send Ichi back for him, and pay 1/2 his salary. But Jesus is a non athlete. He’s unwatchable running the bases. He’ll be a boat anchor on the bases.

  • Tim-Marlene Sherman

    “The Yankees don’t have a first base prospect at Triple-A (or Double-A, for that matter)” What about Greg Bird? “The trade has been a disaster for both the Yankees and Mariners so far” So Michael Pineda is not producing for the Yankees? C’mon man, when you make statements like these, you lose all credibility.