Tuesday Night Open Thread

Scouting the Trade Market: Brett Anderson
Yankees agree to seven-year deal with Jacoby Ellsbury

Late last night, the Orioles traded Jim Johnson to the Athletics for Jemile Weeks in what was essentially a salary dump. Baltimore is up against their payroll limit and he was slated to make close to $11M next year, so now they have some flexibility. I feel like Johnson moving to the AL West is going to legitimately cost the Yankees a win next year. He always seemed to cough up close games to New York — he’s blown four of his last nine save chances against them and also took a loss after entering a tie game — and they will need every win they can get to get back into the postseason. Tough loss for the Bombers.

Here is your open thread for the evening. Both the Islanders and Nets are playing, but that’s pretty much it. You’re on your own for entertainment. Talk about whatever. Go nuts.

Scouting the Trade Market: Brett Anderson
Yankees agree to seven-year deal with Jacoby Ellsbury
  • dars

    Choo to the Tigers, Cano to the Mariners, Beltran to the Royals. Yankees will have McAnn and nothing more. This is turning to be another putrid offseason….

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Seattle is where hitters go and rot.

    • CountryClub

      For what it’s worth:

      There are rumors floating around that free agent and former Red Sock Jacoby Ellsbury will be signed by a New York team soon, and presumably, he will land in pinstripes.
      Ellsbury is rumored to be arriving in New York tomorrow for a physical, multiple sources confirm to Bronxpinstripes.com. With Carlos Beltran leaning towards signing with the Royals and Robinson Cano‘s status up in the air, the Yankees are turning their attention to other big name free agents.


      • Robinson Tilapia

        Wouldn’t be my favorite signing on earth, but I’d welcome him aboard.

        It’d KILL a couple of Sox fans I know, though.


        Just read that on the sidebar.

      • dasani

        Sounds like Scott Boras started this rumor.

      • Pseudoyanks

        What kind of contract, dollars/years, are we talking about for Ellsbury?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      All I’m reading is that Choo is the Tigers’ top priority, and we have tea leaf reading of the worst, and Wally Matthews, kind with Cano.

      Is this your first off-season ever?

    • JMK

      Choo hasn’t signed with anyone. There’s nothing but a dubious Cano report from the less-than-credible Wally Matthews. Beltran hasn’t signed anything. Not yet anyway. Besides, for 3 years at $48 million, I’d want no part of Beltran. My biggest concern right now is the “parity” hooey MLB is trying to sell to NPB. If that goes through, Tanaka is a goner.

      It’s only Dec. 3. You need to get a grip, man.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    Billy Beane totally slayed baseball within 24 hours, and today he won Executive of the Year.

    • The Other Matt

      Agreed. Oakland has made some very good moves in the past few days. I don’t think they’re getting enough attention for the pieces that they’ve acquired, and they have been some good pieces. The names everyone are familiar with are Jim Johnson and Scott Kazmir, and those guys are solid pickups. But what will be overlooked is their acquisitions of Craig Gentry (very good against left handed pitching and tremendous defensive left fielder) and Luke Gregerson (who is a very reliable back end of the bullpen guy). They consistently make good decisions and piece together a team that competes year in and year out with teams who have nearly twice their payroll. Hats off to Billy Beane and the A’s.

  • SDB

    “I feel like Johnson moving to the AL West is going to legitimately cost the Yankees a win next year.”

    Don’t worry. Heath Bell to the AL East will make up for this. I can’t wait to see Bell in the TB bullpen.

  • Eduardo VeggieTales Nunez

    Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee.

  • I’m One

    Ellsbury. Not sure I like how this deal will end.

  • Kenny

    Ellsbury? Wow.

  • Kenny

    Pile it on. $400 million payroll here we come.

  • CountryClub


  • forensic

    Trying not to think about that terrible contract for a little bit.

    The refs in this Michigan-Duke game must have Duke shirts on under their uniforms. What a horrible job they’ve done so far.

  • forensic

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a virtual certainty that Pierzynski will be a big factor in starting a brawl with the Yankees at some point next season?

    • Bob Buttons

      Red Sox are never at fault! It’s always the Damn Yankees starting dem fights!

      – National Media

  • Hank

    Does this shut the door on Granderson? I’m afraid that’s a terrible mistake.

    • RBC

      The Yanks shut the door on Granderson when they gave him that offer sheet. They wanted him to reject it (as he did) so that they could dump him and get the extra draft pick. What kills me is that we could have actually resigned Grandy for much less for what we are signing Ellsbury for – and we would’ve had much more flexibility in the long run. As usual the Yanks are dopes.

  • Wayne

    Are the yankees likely to trade Jose Ramirez and Bryan Mitchell for proven starters. Still don’ t get interest for brett Anderson he has too many injury concerns. Jose Ramirez and Bryan Mitchell give you young starting pitching depth at aa and are still young. You have Vidal Nuno already why the interest in Brett Anderson? Hal please be patient with Bryan Mitchell and Jose Ramirez. I would use Rafael De Paula and Rookie Davis as trade bait but not for Brett Anderson!! You may be able to get a young reliever or a proven closer for the two of them or young position player top prospect maybe a Eric Hosmer from Royals or reliever from reds because they have alot of young relievers that could turn into a closer.