What’s next for the Yankees?

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It's official: Kelly Johnson's a Yankee
(Leon Halip/Getty)
(Leon Halip/Getty)

For the second time this off-season the Yankees lost an irreplaceable player. In Mariano Rivera they lost not only the greatest closer the league has ever seen, but they lost a leader and a legend. Even if David Robertson steps up and holds down the closer role for the next five years, he will never measure up to Mariano — by no fault of his own, of course. There is simply no way to replace a player like Rivera.

In Robinson Cano, who signed with the Mariners, the Yankees lose the best second baseman in the league. His presence and legacy might not measure up to Rivera, but his on-field production accounted for a greater portion of the Yankees’ success in recent years. Being the best at his position means that he is necessarily irreplaceable. In order to improve the roster, the Yankees will have to find reinforcements at other positions.

The void at second base

At second base the Yankees can only stanch the bleeding. They do have Kelly Johnson in the fold, but he’s probably not an ideal option as an everyday second baseman. He can hit a little, but much of his value comes from his ability to play second, third, and maybe a little left field. If Alex Rodriguez is suspended — a huge if that will color the Yankees’ moves going forward — then acquiring another infielder becomes crucial.

On the free agent market, Omar Infante sits awaiting an offer. During the course of his 12-year career Infante has been pretty average with the bat, a 93 career OPS+. Since 2008 he’s been perfectly average with a 100 OPS+, balancing seasons in the 90 range with some in the 110 range, including a career-best 113 OPS+ last year. He’s no Cano; he’s not even a Neil Walker. But he’ll likely come on a short-term contract and provide a decent combination of offense and defense.

The Yankees have been connected to Stephen Drew as well, though he’ll cost more in salary and years than Infante. He’ll also cost the Yankees a draft pick, not a huge consideration considering how many they’ve already given up (and received back for Cano and Granderson). Last year Drew put together a nice comeback season for the Red Sox, a 111 OPS+. Like Infante, he’s been up and down, with the result right around league average. He also had enormous home/away splits last year (.859 OPS at Fenway, .687 on the road), though playing in Yankee Stadium could keep his production high at home.

On the trade market, Howie Kendrick’s name has come up a few times this off-season on MLBTR. With two years and just under $20 million remaining on his contract, Kendrick could be an enormous bargain — which is why the Angels probably won’t trade him without getting back a starting pitcher. The Yankees need starters themselves, so chances are they couldn’t send one to Anaheim.

Supplementing at third base

Chances are the Yankees won’t make any big moves at third base. With Johnson in the fold they can wait until the Alex Rodriguez outcome. But if the Padres make Chase Headley available at the winter meetings next week, the Yankees will have to listen. He’s a guy who can potentially make a big impact on the lineup.

A heralded prospect in the mid-00s, Headley has held his own at pitcher-friendly PETCO Park, producing a 115 OPS+ in his six seasons. He hit a bump in the road in 2010, but bounced back with 120 and 145 OPS+ seasons in 2011 and 2012. Last year he fell off a bit, perhaps due to an injury that cost him about 20 games, but his numbers were still solid. San Diego is rumored to be listening on him, since he’ll reach free agency after the season.

There are two ways to look at this. The first is that any acquiring team will over pay in prospects. They’re getting just one year of Headley, though perhaps there is value in actually having him on the team, in that they might have an easier time re-signing him (obviously not guaranteed). The other side is that good third basemen are hard to find. The Yankees have a fine prospect in Eric Jagielo, and Headley could help bridge that gap.

Replacing offensive production

Even if the Yankees manage to trade for Headley and sign Infante, they’ll still be at a net loss on offense. Yes, adding Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury help, but the Yanks could still use a little more punch on offense. That’s where one of the remaining free agent outfielders comes into play.

Earlier in the week it appeared that Carlos Beltran was about to sign elsewhere. Rumor had it that a team had offered him three years and $45 or $48 million, which is beyond where the Yankees were willing to go. Yet he hasn’t made a move yet. He could still be a target for the Yankees, taking reps in the outfield and at DH.

Shin-Soo Choo could come into play as well. Even after the Yankees signed Ellsbury we heard that they weren’t out on Choo, likely as insurance in case Cano left. Acquiring Choo at this point would either push Alfonso Soriano to almost-full-time DH, or lead to a trade of Brett Gardner. Neither seems ideal, but both could help.

By the numbers, Choo looks like he belongs on the Yankees. He has a career .389 OBP, and has broken the .400 mark twice in the last four years. He’s had just one bad year in his six as a full-time player, and even then he was above average. He might require an Ellsbury contract, but there is perhaps no more effective move in replacing Cano’s offensive production.

As for what to do with the outfield surplus, either move could work. Keeping Gardner and Ellsbury atop the order and in the outfield will pay off greatly. Soriano has said that he prefers to play the field, though his defense is probably just average. There will be chances to sit Gardner, or even Choo, against lefties, so Soriano will still see time in the outfield.

Trading Gardner only works if they can fill another immediate need. That’s tough, since he’s a free agent after the season. But if they can use Gardner to pry Kendrick from the Angels, or combine him with prospects to get a No. 3 starter from another team (perhaps Cincinnati and Homer Bailey?) the trade could be worth exploring. It’s much easier to find a guy who can DH 50 or so games (Mark Reynolds?) than it is to find a mid-tier starting pitcher or second baseman.

Augmenting the pitching

Even if Cano had re-signed with the Yankees, they would have had to address the pitching situation. We’ve heard that they’ll be in heavily on Masahiro Tanaka, but the new posting system could complicate matters. Tanaka is still the Yankees best option, but they’ll have increased competition, since any team that bids the maximum $20 million will be able to offer him a contract. That makes the situation much less like Yu Darvish, where he could only negotiate with the Rangers. I’d expect Tanaka’s deal to call for more guaranteed money at fewer years — perhaps five years, $75 million, compared to Darvish’s six years and $60 million.

Re-signing Hiroki Kuroda does help matters, but he’s not providing even half of the 400 innings Brian Cashman admits he needs this off-season. And, being realistic, the Yankees need more than that. Given CC Sabathia‘s poor 2013 and Ivan Nova‘s up-and-down career, they could use as many pitchers as possible. Again, with the signing of Choo they could shop Gardner for a starter. They could also take a flier on Brett Anderson, in whom they’ve expressed interest. Still, many more innings are required for a quality 2013 pitching staff.

As Mike and I have both outlined, the free agent crop doesn’t look particularly inspiring. Ubaldo Jimenez has produced a combined two good seasons to date, and has been middling to terrible the rest of the time. Matt Garza has been okay, and could work depending on what kind of contract he ends up signing. Bartolo Colon? That’s a pretty big risk, despite his recent success. Ervin Santana? I’m a bit worried about his homer tendencies in Yankee Stadium. Signing Tanaka and trading for a starter seems to make the most sense, but as outlined above they might prove difficult. The Yanks might have to choose from among these players.

In the bullpen, Grant Balfour seems like a logical target. He pitched well with the Rays before signing a successful free agent contract with the A’s. He’s a bit older now, but on a two-year deal could provide setup help, or even close. Few other free agent relievers make sense, since they’re not very good. The Yanks will just have to hope they have enough internal reinforcements.

(Plus, by augmenting the rotation, they can bump someone like David Phelps to the bullpen, where he might be more effective and valuable anyway.)

Clearly the Yankees have a lot left to accomplish this off-season. Finding ways to compensate for the loss of Cano will comprise a multifaceted plan that covers not only second base, but third base, the outfield, and the starting rotation. Given the pace at which this off-season has moved, don’t be surprised to see the Yankees start to make moves, perhaps by the time this post goes live.

RAB Live Chat
It's official: Kelly Johnson's a Yankee
  • Anthony

    Sign Beltran, trade Gardner for pitching, trade for Howie Kendrick., sign Tanaka.

    • Rick

      Make dinner, drink some wine, study for finals, call it a weekend.

    • TheBadOwl

      Also, we match up really well with the Diamondbacks.

      D-Rob, Flores and Romine to Arizona for Prado and Skaggs.

  • TWTR

    Mark Feinsand 5m
    Major-league official told me he thinks Yankees’ next move will be signing Shin-Soo Choo. #CanoFallout

    • MannyGeee

      I will be surprised if this is a fact. Shocked, in fact

      • chris in maine

        was it the same MLB official who was wrong about the draft picks?

    • Bavarian Yankee

      Feinsand again, huh? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

        Fool me twice, fool me, fool me won’t fool me again!

    • Rick

      Take that statement for exactly what it is: “Major League official thinks.” I think of a lot of shit that doesn’t happen. Thought about marrying Jessica Alba numerous times, in fact.

  • MPierce

    I vote that we sign Beltran, Choo if we can get him at 5 years, and Mark Ellis. Pray that Tanaka gets posted, and do our best to trade Gardner + package for either a Chase Headley.

    CF Ellsbury
    SS Jeter
    LF Choo
    RF Beltran
    1B Teixeira
    C McCann
    DH Soriano
    3B Headley
    2B Ellis

    with a Sabathia-Tanaka-Kuroda-Nova-Pineda/Phelps/Warren/Nuno rotation is pretty great considering that we just lost one of the best five players in the game.

    • I’m One

      This assumes CC comes back as something that resembles a #1 (and that Jeter & Teix can return to form, not to mention that they get Tanaka, if he’s even available). But if it came about, I’d take my chances with it.

  • loudog

    Trade Gardner for Brett Anderson, sign Tanaka, sign Balfour, sign Benoit, sign Choo, sign Infante, sign Ibanez.

    Ellsbury CF Tanaka
    Jeter SS Sabbathia
    Choo RF Kuroda
    Soriano LF Nova
    Texiera 1B Anderson
    McCann C
    Reynolds/ Johnson 3B 7/8/9 guys Robertson, Balfour
    Ibanez DH Benoit
    Infante 2B

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Oakland’s pretty well set for OF’s already.

    • I’m One

      Pass on Benoit and Ibanez.

  • MannyGeee


    • Bavarian Yankee

      I have a better idea. Everybody post a lineup that includes at least 5 players that don’t have a contract with the Yanks!!!

      • MPierce

        It’s probably going to take five players that aren’t under contract with the Yankees to fill the loss of Robinson Cano’s production. Not to mention fix our crappy rotation.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        ….then claim it won’t fit under the celery cap.

        No more fish name submissions please. I’m ruling out fish names.

        Also, you’re not getting a “formerly R-Tils” when the switch happens. Figure it out on your own. It’ll be five minutes before someone calls the new screen name a Pollyanna, and ten before there’s already a fake version of the new name.

        I give it a day before someone accuses the new screen name of sodomy with jjyank.

    • forensic

      lol, glad I’m not the only one who gets annoyed at that and doesn’t see the point.

    • BFDeal

      1B Bugs Bunny
      2B Bugs Bunny
      3B Bugs Bunny
      SS Bugs Bunny
      C Bugs Bunny
      LF Bugs Bunny
      CF Bugs Bunny
      RF Bugs Bunny
      DH Bugs Bunny

      • Robinson Tilapia

        The modern-day Bert Campaneris.

  • Jacoby Tilapia


    • TWTR

      Nice. Although, hypothetically, Choo Tilapia might also have some appeal.

      • chris in maine

        Trout Tilapia

        • TWTR


          • Jacoby Tilapia

            Well Played Sir…Well Played

      • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

        Welcome back J-Tils.

        I also would’ve preferred Choo Tilapia fwiw.

        On Kendrick, I wonder if the Angels wouldn’t appreciate a little bit of salary relief given the Pooholes debacle.

    • I’m One


    • Bo Knows

      Meh, I say it’s a downgrade; you no longer have easy skill of conversation and your ability to hit those witty comments out of the park has decreased. Bright side at least your typing is faster

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Case in point.

      Weak game, son. This train ain’t riding out that quickly. Go suck on your mother’s leftover tit.

      • Jacoby Tilapia

        Tough to let go, huh? You hate that you love me.

        Go sit on the Space Needle Weasel.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Now I’m just curious as to who this unimaginative faker is. Reveal yourself. I promise I won’t hurt your feelings further. I’m curious.

  • Slugger27

    kuroda has thrown for 200+ innings 3 years in a row and the 4th year was at 196. im curious how a blanket statement “he’s not providing even half of the 400 innings….” is made. im hoping for a better answer than “he struggled late in the season last year”

    seems like youre being negative in spite of facts.

  • lee

    i still can’t quite get my mind wrapped around the fact that we’ll never see Rivera in pinstripes again. thanks for ruining my friday with the reminder. between Mo, Pettitte, and Cano we’re losing a combined 43 years of Yankee history. that’s sad.

  • Frank

    I’d love a trade with ironically, the M’s, for Nick Franklin, but thta won’t happen. I do like Kendrick and Infante (also like that Infante can play multiple positions). Wouldn’t even mind Mark Ellis on a 1 year deal. Then there’s always Brandon Phillips.

  • dasani

    Wonder if the Phils would move Utley, or maybe the Cubs would be willing to trade Darwin Barney or maybe Castro.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      why would anyone want Darwin Barney? Wasn’t his sub .600 OPS bad enough for you? Also can’t see the Phillies trade Utley. Why would they extend him first and then trade him a few weeks later?

    • forensic

      The Phillies wouldn’t have extended Utley if they were planning on trading him.

      And I wouldn’t want to take the risk of Castro with his contract at this point.

  • mitch

    I keep thinking that signing Choo would be a mistake, but then i look at his numbers and start to think otherwise. He really is a monster offensively. Over the past 5 years he’s been as good as Cano. I’d still prefer Beltran on a two year deal, but that’s probably out of the question.

    • forensic

      Well, there is a big knock on Choo that he really is a platoon player, and it’s hard to pay $100 million for that.

      Also, there’s the annoyingness of having to hear Singleton call him Shin-So Cho much more often.

      • dkidd

        i laughed

        so true

  • UncleArgyle

    If they sign Choo, I wonder if Gardner can be turned into Sandoval. Seems like it would fit a need for both teams. Both pending free agents.

    • MartinRanger

      I would take a chance on the Panda for a year. Maybe he shows up motivated this time. A change of scenery could do him good, and he won’t kill us at third – surprisingly nimble over there for a big man. Gardner would be a good fit in SF – a nice upgrade over Gregor Blanco.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Gardner’s going to need to spend several years at the buffet table to turn into Sandoval.

      • Rick


      • TWTR

        And probably $10m a year to have something left over after paying for all the food he would need.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Beat me to it. Damnit.

  • MartinRanger

    I know the Ellsbury deal was an overpay, but can you imagine what the situation would look like if the Yankees hadn’t blown everyone out of the water and secured him quickly, and another team scooped him up? Based on what’s happened, my opinion of that move has switched from mistake to necessary evil. Plus the prospect of Brett and Jacoby running wild is fun to think bout.

    Choo seems like the most logical option – he’s not as athletic as Ellsbury, which is why I worry about giving him a similar contract. That also locks you into two outfielders long term. But that OBP is pretty gorgeous, and would a return to the grind-and-pound offenses that carried this team in the 2000s despite consistently suspect rotations.

    I still want Beltran. He’s not as good as Choo, but they’ll get more bang for the buck. Rotating Soriano, Jeter, and Beltran through the DH spot ought to keep them relatively healthy. But you have to play Jeter as the everyday SS, at lest 130 games.

    Mike mentioned Rajai Davis. He crushes lefties and could be a useful piece. I also wonder about taking a flier on Corey Hart. Injury risk, but will come relatively cheaply and has legit righthanded power. Possibly less flexible than Beltran, though. Certainly wouldn’t want to count on him as an everyday outfielder.

    I’d trade Gardner for pitching if it can be had. Where the Yankees are right now, even if they sign Colon or Tanaka, they will be in a position where they need one or more of Phelps, Warren, Nuno, or Pineda to really step up. One of those guys is going to be a rotation mainstay. I suspect the fifth starter spot will be a combination of those guys and maybe Marshall and Banuelos when he gets going again.

    Get Balfour. They need another reliable reliever to go with Robertson, and can’t assume that will be Kelley. Maybe try to get Boone back too, if the asking price isn’t ridiculous. Mijares could be useful.

    I’m really not high on Infante – his value is too tied up in batting average, but prying away Kendrick without weakening the team further will be hard. With Pujols fading and Hamilton an ageing iffy proposition, the Angels need to win now.

    I suppose the other outlook is that you hope for things to break right and contend in 2014, but if they don’t, get ready for 2015. Ellsbury and McCann should still be plenty good then. They’ll need to find a power threat to replace Sori though, unless they bring him back cheaply.

    I dunno, it’s a bit of a scary place in a post-Cano Yankeeland. Gotta hope Cashman can pull of some low profile moves that pay dividends. And that our farm system might have finally produced pitchers worth a damn.

    • MartinRanger

      N.B.: I didn’t talk about Headley because I’m certain the Yanks don’t have the pieces to get him without compromising the team next year. Unless they really like Mason Williams.

  • Sojo

    Good news guys, Orlando Hudson is attempting a comeback!!

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      I’d settle for Orlando Hernandez.

    • BFDeal

      Why not Orlando Bloom?

    • Josh S.

      How about Orlando Cabrera while we’re throwing Orlando names out there.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Man what the hell happened to Tyler Skaggs? Was a big name SP prospect last season but he got LIT UP.

    I was gonna say try trading Gardner and some RP depth for him but nevermind I’d rather have Anderson…

  • Darren

    “What’s Next?”

    A move to Delaware or Oklahoma City? Or some other Double A town, where they belong?

    If George were alive he’d be rolling over in his grave.

    This team is just the worst, really. What a dumb move. The ONE time it makes sense for the to go nust with their money and they don’t do it. They are seriously backwards.

    $100 says Ellsbury is on the DL on opening day. Embedded Red Sock.

    • Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw

      “If George were alive he’d be rolling over in his grave.”

      what? not sure if serious.

      • LK

        Whether serious or not, we have our comment of the day.

        • Darren

          Nah, it’s my own favaorite conflation of the two sayings: “If so and so were alive, he’d never stand for it” and “So and so must be turning over in his grave right now.

          And per Robinson Til– er, I mean La Isla Bonito’s comment below, my butt doesn’t hurt, but I am baffled by the Yankees and even more baffled by the people on this board. It’s fun to theoretically construct a roster of cast-offs (oh hai 2013 roster!), but when it comes to watching the games, I’m gonna really, really miss Cano’s defense and bat. And no amount of Omar Infante and Kelly Johnson is gonna make up for that. The Yankees have the money to pay and they didn’t and we’re all gonna suffer.

          I bet Jeter’s rolling over his grave. But probably just to make more room for a supermodel eightsome.

          • Mikhel

            Well, the same thing happened with Swisher and Martin last offseason when they asked the Yanks for a lot of money and ended up signing for significantly less.

            Canó’s people (be it his dad or his agent) asked the Yanks for 300+ millions and signed for a least 60 MM less.

            Yanks offered about $1 MM less per year, so he chose to sign for 3-4 years more, knowing that once his proposed contract with the Yanks ended, it would be very hard to get 20 MM again per season. Then again, maybe in 2020 the qualifying offer might as well be $20-21 MM and relatively easy for somebody of his caliber to get $24 MM just like Hughes got $8 MM per year being who he is.

      • IVoted4Kodos

        Yeah, giving out large contracts to free agents certainly wasn’t his style.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You couldn’t sound more butt-hurt today if *insert Jeter joke here.*

    • Mikhel

      “If George were alive he’d be rolling over in his grave.”


  • forensic

    Hey, if they trade for Kendrick and then sign him to an extension, I wonder if he’d be the first guy in history to end his career having hit 1.000 against the Yankees…

    Trying to get enthused about Infante, Ellis, or Kendrick (though I have a really hard time seeing him traded to the Yankees anyway), but it’s difficult. I know it’s slim pickins at 2B, but still…

    Seems like no matter what they do (barring no suspension for A-Rod), they would best be served with platoons at 2B and 3B. Too bad you can’t really do that roster-wise. Guess they’re just going to have to deal with some bad matchups all season.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixiera – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    Trade Gardner to Mets for Murphy
    Sign Beltran
    Sign Tanaka and Garza
    Sign Reynolds

    CF Ellsberry
    DH Jeter
    C McCann
    LF Soriano
    1B Teixeira
    RF Beltran
    2B Murphy
    3B Reynolds
    SS Ryan


    • MartinRanger

      Why exactly do we want Daniel Murphy? How is he better than Kelly Johnson?

  • MartinRanger

    Huh, Pappelbon’s on the market. 2/26 remaining on that deal. I could not stand the guy in Boston, but if Balfour/Benoit’s market gets ridiculous and the Phillies eat some money…he could be an option. I doubt they’ll ask for any ML-ready players – the Phillies are at least a year from competing.

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      Hate his pouty bitch mouth too much to let him don the pinstripes. Fuck that mother fucker.

  • Mike HC

    Am I the only one hoping ARod only gets 50 games now?

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      Zero please.

    • stuart a

      you are. hope arod gets 211 that would be very good news for the Yanks.

  • LK

    At this point, I think the best move would be to admit that 2014 probably isn’t happening and look to the future; we all know that isn’t happening though.

    Sign Infante, one of Beltran or Choo, Tanaka, and Balfour. I still don’t think that’s enough, but that’s the best they can do.

    • Dan

      2014 could absolutely still happen. With Kuroda now signed, and McCann, and Ellsbury plus a hopefully healthy Teixeira and Jeter, and a full season of Soriano, they’re at least as good as they were last year. Based on WAR they’re probably around 85ish wins (Admittedly, I’m a being a optimistic about Tex and Jete in this number).

      They need to make up 5+ wins to be in the thick of the playoffs (although they should compete again for the whole year). Choo is a 5 win player. Whatever other SP they sign will be at least a 3 win player (Garza, Tanaka, Jimenez, Colon–not saying I want any or all of these guys, but they’re out there). Guys like Cruz, Infante, and Beltran are 2+ win players. Solidifying the bullpen is probably worth a couple of wins.

      Now, they’re not going to do all these moves. The point is, it’s extremely easy for them to get up to 93+ wins. And the aggregate of the players they sign from that group to get there would probably in cost less total dollars for way less years than what Cano got.

      If A-Rod gets suspended, they can use the money to make an addition at the trade deadline.

      Cano leaving has given them a lot of flexibility in the short and long run, even with $189m. Hopefully they use it well.

  • Eddard

    I just love what the FO is doing this offseason. Cano will be the Mariners Albert Pujols contract, he will be their albatross, he will be their A-Rod. Sure he’s still in his prime years now but wait 3 years then he’ll be on the decline. And Cano ain’t exactly known for his work ethic. Once his natural skills decline he will be worse than Pujols. Great move letting him go and picking up Jacoby.

    • TomG

      You don’t become the best in the world at something without working your ass off.

    • LK

      By “their A-Rod”, do you mean Cano will have one of the best postseasons of all time, carrying the Mariners to the World Series title?

      • stuart a

        yep against Detroit hitting 9th.

        arod had 1 great playoffs for his career.

        • LK

          Without that great playoffs, the Yankees haven’t won a title in 13 years.

          A-Rod’s career OPS is .942. It’s .981 in the ALCS and .973 in the WS. Basically, he’s been bad in the ALDS. But believe whatever you want.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          2000 playoffs, 9 games: 371/421/600
          2004 playoffs, 11 games: 320/414/600
          2009 playoffs, 15 games: 365/500/808

    • I’m One

      Right, because Ellsbury, who relies on his legs, won’t decline during the next 3 years (or the 4 after that).

      It was the correct move letting Robbie go. Signing Ellsbury? Don’t think that was such a great move (but I’d still rather have him and no Robbie than not have him or Robbie).

      • MartinRanger

        Ellsbury has the talent to adjust to losing speed. It’s not like he’s Juan Pierre, with no power potential at all. Or even Gardner. It’s a matter of making adjustments. Will he be worth his AAV? Probably not. But he might not be useless.

        • Short Porch

          I just want to know how Ellsbury was able to hit those 32 HRs in 2011. Very fishy. I’d say he already made ‘an adjustment.’ I would have avoided him on that basis alone, especially post A-Rod.

  • Robert

    To our minor league 2B,you never know what will happen.
    To Jose Pirela Trenton Rob Refsynder Tampa and Gosuke Katoh of GCL. There is light at the end of the Tunnel now.
    Good Luck in 2014 2B is a reality now based on how well you guys do this year in the minors!!!!

  • dkidd

    headley makes no sense 1 year from free agency

    getting a fair return for gardner is difficult for the same reason. i’d keep him and hope “walk year syndrome” inspires him to actually steal some bases

    i want no part of infante or choo

    my shopping list would be tanaka, beltran, ellis and wait for it…ubaldo. i know, i know, i just irrationally love the guy and believe he will make (is making!) the transition from thrower to pitcher

    • MartinRanger

      Ubaldo screams A.J. Burnett to me. If his market really comes apart, I’d consider it, but I’d take Garza and Colon over him right now.

      • dkidd

        ubaldo isn’t a head case, he actually wants the ball

        i have no idea what kind of deal he’ll end up getting. 2/28? 3/45? 5/70? this market is completely unpredictable

        • MartinRanger

          What makes you think Burnett didn’t ‘want the ball?’ Remarkably, he actually stayed healthy and made every start for his two years here. His problem was losing his dominant stuff and being unable to command his fastball well enough to get away with it. Ubaldo has been, outside of the second half of 2013, almost exactly the same.

          • dkidd

            fair point on aj. wasn’t referring to his health so much as my feeling he’s not suited to playing in fish-bowl nyc.

            re ublado, i watched every one of his 2013 starts and i’d roll the dice that he’s turned a corner. but i also would have given feldman 3/30

            • MartinRanger

              I’m with you on Feldman. He would have been a solid pickup, even at that price.

  • pat

    If we can’t somehow find a very good 2B I’d be fine with letting Adams get a crack at it out of ST. I know they foisted him from the 40 man, but I still think he could be at least an average MLB 2B. It’s his natural position, he should have his first camp/rookie jitters out of the way. Dude’s always been praised for his professionalism. I think if he wins the job you just tell him to relax, not worry about hoping to find his name in the lineup before every game and just do his thing. it’s certainly not our best option, but I think it can be not as unappealing as it appears on the surface.

    • MartinRanger

      If they employed Kelly Johnson and Adams (have to get him back on a minor-league deal first)and got a guy like Infante the infield would be solid if not spectacular. But they’d need to add an outfield bat.

      I’m a fan of Adams, have been for a while, so I see no reason not to give him another chance. He looked pretty damn good for a few weeks, then struggled to make adjustments.

    • Darren

      Read your comment again and tell me you don’t feel like crying.

      Replacing Robinson Cano with David Adams. Jesus H. Christ that’s some sad nonsense right there.

  • mustang

    My reaction to the Cano signing:

    “Cano’s enormous sum is just $2MM more than the combined $238MM that the Yankees paid to sign Brian McCann (five years, $85MM) and Jacoby Ellsbury (seven years, $153MM)
    That says it all!!!

    I’m proud of my team for holding its ground on what will probably be one of worse contracts in baseball history. The only thing I wish Mr. Cano is for him to be seating in the visitor’s dugout at Yankees stadium after having a shit year and watch the Yankees celebrate clinching division.

    Sign Infante, Beltran, pitching and use a package lead by Gardner to get Headley.

    I’m already over Cano

    • Mikhel

      I have a feeling that Canó will be traded halfway through his contract.

      • TWTR

        It’s hard to imagine that any team would want a 36 year old middle infielder making $24m a year for five more years.

        • I’m One

          Which is what makes it such a terrible contract.

        • dkidd

          i’m bookmarking this for when the yankees turn out to be that team

  • Mikhel

    When the offseason began, I tought the Yanks would try to do something to “fix” the needs in the short term:

    C Pierzynski+Kurt Suzuki each for 1-2 years;
    OF Choo for 5-6 years;
    DH/OF Beltrán for 3 years;
    P Kuroda 1-2 years;
    RP Mujica 2 years (or trade for Gregerson);
    RP Nathan 2 years;

    And long term being just Canó and Tanaka if they won the bid.

    Now, maybe they have to take the other route which was to sign:

    Choo+Beltrán on top of Ellbury+McCann and trade their surplus of MiLB catchers+somebody else (maybe Gardner) for Brandon Phillips and a P (¿Bailey?).

  • forensic

    Jeff Sullivan posted a somewhat similar article to this over at fangraphs too. That’s also a nice read. He also makes a good point about how the order of how these signings happened really affects the outlook from many of us fans.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    At about 2:49 PM, I declared myself over Robbie Cano on social media. I’m sad, but I’m over it.

    First I was afraid, I was petrified….

    Anyways, if I were running things, my steps would be:

    1. Infante
    2. Garza
    3. A bag of fringy major leaguers for the Panda OR just bring back Mark Reynolds
    4. I’d entertain Choo or Beltran, with a preference for Choo. We’ll just double everyone in the gaps to death for the next fiv years
    5. Bullpen help, but I’m not aiming that high. Let’s say…..a Jose Veras reunion.
    6. Set a separate pot of money for Tanaka, just in case.

    Know what’s a great antidote for sadness? Winning #28. Robbie’s going to be eating the world’s biggest bag of dicks to go along with his Tom Douglas dinner.

    • MartinRanger

      If they can get Choo for five years, they should do it. But I’m expecting Boras to try to match Ellsbury.

      The Panda for a year would seem to be a whole lot better than Reynolds, no?

      • dkidd

        i’m probably in the minority, but i think reynolds could be a very useful player as smelly johnson’s right-handed platoon partner

        comes cheap
        seems to love nyc, good in the clubhouse, babe ruth baggy pants grit factor
        can play first

        i’d love a pinstriped panda (they’re slimming!) but i don’t want to dip into pitching depth to do it

    • mustang

      “Know what’s a great antidote for sadness? Winning #28. Robbie’s going to be eating the world’s biggest bag of dicks to go along with his Tom Douglas dinner.


  • Bo Knows

    Might just be my sadness at losing my favorite player since I was 14; but I just don’t have any confidence with this team or it’s FO anymore. It just seems like they are drifting in the ocean and keep changing their minds as to what direction they are supposed to take. This team has an awful lot of question marks that are honestly just as bad as last year.

    • Chip

      Yeah….they’re much better than last year already. You seriously just went from Cano/Stewart/Wells to McCann/Ellsbury/somebody better than Wells.

      Kuroda is back, Rivera is legendary but closers are vastly overrated and Tanaka will probably be equal or better than Andy was last season. Plus, no more Hughes homerun binges so that’s a plus.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        They don’t have Tanaka.

        Current ACTUAL team compared to last year – weaker bullpen, weaker rotation, probably slightly better offense (very low bar to clear)

      • FIPster Doofus

        “closers are vastly overrated”

        Sure, but Rivera was still an elite reliever. With him and Robertson, the Yankees had two elite relievers. Now they have one. Rivera, therefore, is a big loss.

      • Bo Knows

        I don’t think they are much better at all; the offense as a whole is possibly better, but this team’s average age is 34 years old, full of guys with injury question marks. Jacoby is a lateral move from a healthy Grandy, McCann is good but the loss of Cano is a net loss.

        Tanaka might not get posted btw; I don’t see this team as a PO contender right now, they still need alot more moves. Best Case they win 85 games; and they could easily be picking top 10.

  • Chip

    Maybe this is a stupid idea but what about trading for Tulo? The Rockies obviously aren’t really going anywhere and I would be more than happy with giving them Sanchez, any outfielder in the system they want (Gardner, Heathcott, Williams, Austin, really anything) and any starting pitcher they want (Nova, Banuelos, Campos, DePaula, whatever).

    You get a 28 year old shortstop with five 5+ fWAR seasons under his belt who plays well above average defense, hits for a ton of power, runs the bases well and doesn’t have drastic home/away or right/left splits for his career. Sure he’s signed for the next 7 or 8 years and gets hurt a lot but that contract looks cheap considering we just signed Ellsbury who is two years older, gets hurt a lot and not nearly as good to about the same contract.

  • mustang

    Hal Steinbrenner Is becoming the owner I have always wanted. Willing to spend to win, listening to his baseball, jumping in when thinks they might be wrong here and there, and not as impulsive as his father.


    • Darren

      Oh yeah he’s listening to his baseball allright.

      • mustang

        Yes no matter how you cut Cano’s contract is plain stupid.

        If Ellsberry’s is dumb, but Cano’s is dumber.

        • mustang

          In 5 years Cano 36 with 120 left
          Ellsberry 35 with 43 left

  • Joe D

    “Even if David Robertson steps up and holds down the closer role for the next five years, he will never measure up to Mariano — by no fault of his own, of course. There is simply no way to replace a player like Rivera.”

    Hyperbole Sucks.
    For counting stats, I’ll skip 2012, since Mo missed it.

    2011 WAR + 2013 WAR
    Mariano – 5.7 WAR
    Robertson – 6.4 WAR

    Just 2013 WAR
    Mariano – 2.5 WAR
    Robertson – 2.4 WAR

    2011-2013 ERA+
    Mariano – 208
    Robertson – 220

    2013 ERA+
    Mariano – 192
    Robertson – 199

    Yeah, he certainly won’t have the longevity Mariano did. And, yes, Mariano is the greatest RP of all-time, bar none. And Robertson is not. And will not be.
    That being said, on a per-year basis, which is our concern, Robertson has been a better pitcher than Mariano over the last three years, and was a better pitcher last year.

    David Robertson in his peak is a better pitcher than 40+ Mariano and there’s no reason to think that won’t be the case going forward for a a couple more seasons. Robertson replaces Mariano just fine. The problem, then, is replacing Robertson.

    I bow before his Holiness Mariano as well, but for 2014, Robertson replaces his easily, and more cheaply.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Robertson should replace Rivera pretty well in terms of production. Who replaces Robertson’s previous role, though? The Yankees lost elite reliever production in Rivera & need to fill that void.

  • not automatic

    We’ll need to get creative because of our lack of MLB ready players in the farm.

    Kemp. LA just spend a billion dollars on players and need more to sign Kershaw, Hanley, and have a glut of OF’ers. Kemps 9/160 matches up with what we were offering Cano. Recall their trade with Boston we wouldn’t be required to give up prospects if we take on the salary. Something we should be willing to do. When healthy Kemp is a top 5 player in baseball. Risk? Yes, but one worth taking.

    Arizona needs RP help and has a glut of SP. Robertson for Skaggs or Delgado could be appealing to both teams. Sign Balfour to replace Robertson.

    The Tigers are desperate for C help to split time with Avila, who can also be C of the future. Even after the Fister deal they have too many SP and have expressed interest in dealing one. JR Murphy + Tyler Austin for Porcello?

    For #3 to work we would need to shore up the INF defense. Jeter would have to agree to DH because Porcellos value (besides his age) is his ability to induce GB at an elite rate. Sign Drew for SS. Porcellos xFIP last season improved to 3.19 (better than David Price) and he’s cost controlled for a couple more seasons.

    Explore trading Gardner for prospects to combine with whatever prospects we currently have and put together a package for Smardjiza. I know it didn’t work out with Pineda but young flamethrowing athletic SP’s with more than a K per inning and solid command are usually exciting commodities to go for. His GB% in NYYS is also appealing.

    Not saying all these moves are possible but these are the types of options Cashman will need to explore, we can’t just throw money at big names like Beltran and Choo and expect to field a championship caliber team built for the long haul

  • Joe D

    “Even if the Yankees manage to trade for Headley and sign Infante, they’ll still be at a net loss on offense.”

    No way.

    McCann is a massive improvement over Stewart. Ellsbury is a massive improvement over Suzuki. Headley should match or exceed what A-Rod provided at the end of last year.

    The drop from Cano to Infante absolutely does not exceed the cumulative improvement in the first part.

    At first: Tex over Overbay+Mishmash
    OF: Soriano over Wells+Sori+WeeBitOGranderson+MishMash
    SS: Jeter over 8 flavors of shit.

    This offense will already generate more runs than it did last year, even if Kelly Johnson is our third baseman and Infante is our 2B. If we got Headley and Infanta, the 2014 offense will crush the 2013 offense.

    Granted, that’s a low bar to clear, but if you are talking net losses and gains, we’re still in net gain territory.

  • dave

    does the yankees still 2 first rd picks due to the fact we signed 2 big free agents n lose 2 big free agents

    • dave

      he due to the Qualifying offers

  • exitcashman

    Cashman’s predictable move: Sign an 1) Overpaid 2) Injury prone 3) Former Bosox. Jacoby!!!!
    Cashman’s bad advice to management: Cano won’t get paid anywhere near what he’s asking. Mariners!!!
    Brian, Leave this franchise alone. You’ve done nothing to help it except spend money poorly.
    If any of you posters think that you have a better answer, post something real. I’m sick of being being banned for having the RIGHT predictions (82-85 wins, 4th place).

  • Bo Knows

    I just thought of a bright side to this shitty situation, Gosuke Katoh now has the chance to take a major league spot….all he has to do is spend two year playing like Mike Trout on Crank…..yay?

    • hey now

      It did occur to me that Gosuke Katoh now has a much better chance of eventually becoming a household name.


  • D

    The Yankees should sign Beltran and re-sign Reynolds.

    Gardner LF L
    Jeter 3B R
    Ellsbury CF L
    Beltran RF S
    McCann C L
    Teixiera 1B S
    Soriano DH R
    Johnson 2B L
    Ryan SS

    Johnson is the only downgrade offset by the upgrades everywhere else and his power, versatility, age, and cost.

    The bench is Cervelli, Reynolds, Anna, and Suzuki.

    To the “Ellsbury batting third” crowd:

    See Keith Hernandez who hit only 7 HR batting third for the World Champion 1982 St.Louis Cardinals and only 13 HR batting third for the World Champion 1986 New York Mets for only 20 HR in those two years and Keith was a firstbaseman who you expect to hit a helluvalot more than 7, 13, and even 20 HR a year even in 1982 and 1986.

    Ellsbury has hit only 13 HR a year the past two years and 32 of his 65 career HR (about half his career HR) came in one year: his ALMVP runnerup 2011, I know that and get people balking at him batting third. My thinking is he’s due to hit 15 HR in 2014 or I think he has the talent to. ‘Say he hits just that. Who cares if he does if he posts .310/.380/.470/.850, collects 180-210 hits, 35-45 doubles, scores 100 runs, steals 40-55 bases, and drives in 100 runs being protected by switch-hitting Beltran plus plays Gold Glove contender CF? I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either.

    Get out of the homerun mentality. I’m gonna post something that’ll blow away all of you:

    Gimme 144 HR again from the 2014 Yankees only this time with a .280/.350/.450/.800 slashline, not the .242/.307/.376/.683 the 2013 Yankees posted. If the Yanks did this with about the same pitching, they would at least win a wildcard slot.

    For as bad as the 2013 Yankees offense was, they still won EIGHTEEN MORE GAMES than the 1990 Yankees with a slashline only slightly better and three less homeruns than the 1990 Yankees. They still have the pitching.

    • pat

      A .800 OPS as a team would have been the best in baseball last year.

  • D

    * 13 HR the past two years, not “a year”.

  • FIPster Doofus

    “What am I gonna do now, huh? What am I gonna do now? It’s all fucked up now.”-Puff Daddy, “Victory”

  • Dicka24

    Headley sucks. Well, he’s had one really good year, surrounded by a number of mediocre years. Pass on him unless he’s dirt cheap.

    No Choo please. Ellsbury > Choo, who offers OBP, marginal SB ability (he went 20 for 31 last year in SB), poor fielding according to the metrics, and 20 homer power. He’s a good player, but he wouldn’t sniff the kind of dollars this market is going to hand him, were it up to me. The floor will be 5-6 years, and $90-100 million. PASSSSS.

    Trade for Kemp. If, and I stress if, the medicals are good, and the Dodgers are truly willing to eat $30 million of his 6/$128, then do it. Then you can move Gardner for a piece elsewhere. Kemp would give you a middle of the order bat, from the right side, and I believe he not even 30 year. I know he’s been hurt a lot of late, but he was very durable prior. That type of elite talent is hard to develop, and extremely costly in FA. Just look at Ellsbury’s and Choo for proof of that.

    The Yankees should wait till the winter meetings to make a move at 2B. I’d take Infante, but if Kendrick, Prado, or Turner can be had for a reasonable price, I might go there.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Headley at Petco: .243/.334/.373
      Headley away from Petco: .293/.366/.453

      If he hit like his road self as a Yankee and continued as a plus defender, he’d be a huge pickup.

      • dkidd

        for one year

        • FIPster Doofus

          I wasn’t saying trade a haul of prospects for Headley. I was mostly trying to cut down the notion that he sucks, which he doesn’t.

          • dkidd

            he definitely doesn’t suck

  • dkidd

    the way forward should be throwing money at free agents, not trading prospects. apart from sanchez, who in the system would fit the description of “selling high”? i’d rather roll the dice that heathcott/williams/austin/banuelos/campos/others i’m forgetting take big steps forward this year

    • FIPster Doofus

      “the way forward should be throwing money at free agents”

      Agreed. If I had my way, Choo, Infante, Tanaka/Garza, and Balfour would all be Yankees in the coming weeks.

      • CashmanNinja

        I’m ok with free agents, but as long as the price tag isn’t too insane. I really like Choo, but I don’t know about the price tag. He reminds me of Nick Swisher with a better batting average and more steals. Is Choo really *that* much better than Swisher was for us? Eh. I suppose if Choo would settle on 5 years then I could live with it. More than 5 years is going to hurt though. I also don’t hate Infante. I’d love Howie Kendrick, but there’s no way the Angels lose him unless they get a terrific deal. We don’t have the pieces for that. Infante makes sense in a short term deal (3 years or less), but I’m sure he’d want to cash in as well and try to get 4 years. Eh. Balfour will look at what closers have gotten in the past and recently (Joe Nathan’s deal). I like Balfour, but not THAT much. I would have loved Joe Nathan, but the price tag was too high. Balfour is worth like half of what Nathan is. Then there’s Garza. Hmmmm. Good stuff, but he’s always hurt and was pretty bad for the Rangers. The only positive is he won’t cost a draft pick. He’s going to probably get a similar deal that Burnett got from us a few years ago though. And finally Tanaka. He’s hands down my #1 choice, but in all actuality he probably won’t even be posted. As long as the Yankees don’t go too far with years then I’ll trust them. They seem to actually be learning a tad from the A-Rod mess. Maybe they’re slowly becoming aware that paying guys when they’re 40 usually…you know…is dumb.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          “He reminds me of Nick Swisher with a better batting average and more steals.”

          If he did that, plus flexed his muscles to the crowd during roll call, I’d give him $100 million with ease.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Sorry….Gardner flexes his muscles. Salute the crowd.

        • Billy

          You guys have to start adjusting your expectations for these contracts and stop comparing them to past contracts. There’s SO much more money in the game now with the TV deals.

          “I’m ok with free agents, but as long as the price tag isn’t too insane.”

          You have to overpay for the top free agents. That’s just the way it is. I’m not saying go crazy with the years and all that. But Choo is not gonna just settle for a 5 year deal

      • hey now

        They have to go this route, considering they don’t have any chips to trade for immediate help and the woeful FA group next year.

        Taking the long view, the Ellsbury deal actually makes sense. The best OF free agent next year is Nick Markakis (if the O’s decline his $17.5M option.) A nice player, but is he really a difference maker?

  • Farewell Mo

    Jesus, they’re really fucked now.

    They’re gonna likely go and throw $100 million at Choo who can’t hit a lick against lefties or Beltran who’s really nothing more than a DH with bad knees and a terrible glove. That’s about all there is out there in terms of “impact” bats and neither is in the same universe as Cano.

    If they’re not able to sign Tanaka, the net is gonna be no better than they were last year.

    I still think Cano would have had a hard time turning down 8/$200 from the Yankees. After what they gave Ellsbury, the 7/$175 was really a total insult.

  • RetroRob


    Choo was a 5+ WAR player. They already added a 6 WAR player in Ellsbury in the OF. If anything, the loss of Cano will force the Yankees to end whatever thoughts they had of playing Ichiro for another year, and that alone will be an upgrade.

    Thanks, Robbie.

    • TWTR

      I want Choo has well.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I’m not really keen on the idea of signing 2 lefty swinging OF’s (both with various degrees of platoon issues) to mega long-term deals in the same offseason, but Choo is easily the best position player available, and they need all the help they can get.
      It really doesn’t make much sense to give Ellsbury and McCann the contracts they did without being all-in for 2014-15.

    • Farewell Mo

      Choo was a 5 WAR player last year. In 2011 and 2012 however he was 3.7 WAR combined, he’s horrible against lefties to the point where he should really be platooned and he’s gonna be 32 next year so he’s really not even close to replacing Cano.

      • TWTR

        He doesn’t have to replace Cano because he may get $10-12m less per season, which can be used to fill other holes.

        As with any player, it depends on the contract and what the other options are.

        • Farewell Mo

          $10-12 million less per season? Not a chance in hell.

          Choo is gonna cost a minimum 5/$100 million, probably more.

          • TWTR

            You’re right, I had a brainfart on the match, but I still think that Choo + another piece could offer more wins than Cano, and there isn’t a 10 year albatross contract involved.

      • RetroRob

        It’s not a question of directly replacing Cano. It’s a question of replacing Cano’s lost production across the roster.

        He was 4.8, 5.9 and 5.2 in three of his last five seasons, so he has shown the ability to be a 5 WAR player. He was injured in 2011, so really the outlier over the last five seasons was 2012, which he rebounded from this year.

        I am not saying he’s perfect, but last scan of the available options seems to indicate perfect is not to be found, but he is pretty darn good, and he will get Ichiro out of RF. We know of Choo’s issues against lefties, but even at that, he still gets on base 34% of the time against them.

        I’ve always been a Choo fan and I can see you’re not, so no matter what either of us say we’re not going to convince the other. I’m open to other options, but he seems to be clearly one of the best right now to improve the team.

        • Farewell Mo

          Obviously Choo is the best remaining outfielder but even if you replace Ichiro with him, you’d be lucky to gain 3 WAR.

          That gain isn’ t gonna come close to replacing a 7 WAR 2nd baseman.

          I have nothing against Choo but IMO, there’s not a lot they can do that’s gonna make this a 90+ win team now that Cano is gone.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            Hopefully in this scenario the Yankees will be able to find better than a replacement level 2B.
            Infante has averaged about 3 fWAR over the last 2 years and is projected at 2.2 by Steamer and 2.6 by Oliver.
            So maybe 3 wins by a Choo upgrade, another 2-3 from Infante and it starts getting doable, albeit still with a long way to go.

            • Farewell Mo


              I still think 8/200 would have been a reasonable offer from the Yankees and would have had a very good chance of getting Cano resigned.

              • Need Pitching & Hitting

                I would have been OK with 8/200M
                I’m not so sure Robbie would have taken that.

              • mustang

                The guy wasn’t going to leave 40 million on table.

                • Farewell Mo

                  His AAV would have been higher and he’d make up the difference in endorsements likely.

                  7/$175 was never gonna get it done as really was an insult after giving Ellsbury 7/$153.

                  • mustang

                    The last offer they give the Yankees was 235 in 8, 9, or 10 years. The guy was looking for $$$$$$.

                    200 wasn’t going to cut no matter how much you would like to believe that it would. The FO made the right the end.

                    • mustang

                      I read the first part somewhere in media can’t remember where because i read so much on this thing.

                • RetroRob

                  The Mariners would have upped the offer to $250M since their goal was to stay $50M ahead of the Yankees. The Yankees knew that Cano was going for the most money and was not interested in negotiating a mid-way point. If he was, he’d still be on the Yankees.

                  The Mariners were convinced they needed him so they have him, just as the Angels were convinced they needed Pujols. The Yankees were right to walk away. You don’t play those games unless you’re looking to get burned.

                  • Farewell Mo

                    Maybe, maybe not.

                    I think the Yankees made Cano’s decision a lot easier than it could have been.

                    I’ll be interested to hear the details that inevitably will be leaked.

        • Farewell Mo

          My other issue with Choo is his AAV is likely to be up around $20 million per year so in the short run, i don’t think they’re really gonna save that much money.

  • EndlessJose

    I love Cano but he ain’t Pujols and a second baseman isn’t the end of the world.Cano great hitting came from hitting in back of A-Rod and anybody can play second.

    Just sign Beltran and get Tanaka.

  • TonyStallone

    Why is Jeter untouchable in terms of moving to third base?

    Jeter to third, sign Drew to man short, and sign Mark Ellis to play 2B.

    Sounds fairly affordable and more productive than Jeter at SS, Infante at 2B, and Johnson at 3B.

  • dmo

    They should sign Garza, Beltran,Tanaka (if possible) and ubaldo. Then trade Gardner for Panda and Nova and pieces for Kendrick. Would love Kemp though!

  • DZ

    The yankees best asset at this point is money. Unfortunately, there isn’t much on the FA market that fits with their current roster. In terms of big time names, I’d look at Kemp, Hanley, Braun, Tulo, Holliday and Utley. As for trades, Anderson, Skaggs, Delgado, Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings, Allen Craig and Jon Jay are all names that should be explored for one reason or another. If you can sign Tanaka, look at Halladay for cheap/depth (his market has been dead quiet) and then move guys like phelps, warren, and nuno into the pen.