Yankees re-sign Brendan Ryan to two-year deal

Update: Yankees have offered $15-16M to Kuroda
Monday Night Open Thread
(Patrick Smith/Getty)
(Patrick Smith/Getty)

Dec. 2nd: Joel Sherman reports Ryan will earn $2M in both 2014 and 2015. There is a club option worth $2M for 2016, but if that is declined, Ryan will have a player option worth $1M. His luxury tax hit will be $2M for the next two years. Hopefully this is the last update.

Nov. 27th: Ken Rosenthal says it’s a two-year contract worth $5M plus a mutual option for 2016 that could push the total value to $10M. Options are complicated, but I believe Ryan’s luxury tax hit will be $2.5M since the mutual option does not exceed 50% of the potential total value of the deal. The contract is official according to Rosenthal, so the 40-man roster is now full.

Nov. 18th, 3:17pm ET: It’s a one-year pact worth $1-2M or so, according to George King and Buster Olney. Not bad, pretty reasonable. The deal is not yet final, however.

1:00pm ET: The Yankees will have a legitimate shortstop on their roster next season. Jon Heyman reports the team has a deal in place with free agent infielder Brendan Ryan, though terms of the contract are unknown at this point. I can’t imagine it’ll be longer than one year. The two sides were said to have an agreement in place a few weeks ago, but Ryan had an unknown minor surgery after the season and his physical was delayed. The Yankees have not officially announced anything yet.

Ryan, 31, spent the end of 2013 with the Yankees after being acquired from the Mariners on September 10th. He hit .197/.255/.273 (44 wRC+) in 349 plate appearances overall and .220/.258/.305 (51 wRC+) in 62 plate appearances in pinstripes. There is little to like about Ryan’s offensive game. He’s never hit (career 71 wRC+ in over 2,600 plate appearances) and this past season he struck out more than the league average (20.9%), walked less than the league average (6.6%), showed little power (.075 ISO), and didn’t steal bases (4-for-6). With all due respect, he’s a zero at the plate.

Defensively, on the other hand, is where Ryan stands out. He is an elite defensive shortstop regardless of metric — +51 DRS, +26.5 UZR, +19.1 FRAA, and +19 Total Zone since 2011 — with ridiculous range, baby soft hands, and a strong throwing arm. The guy can really go get the ball.

Ryan is one of the best shortstop defenders in baseball and by far the best on the Yankees. Hal Steinbrenner recently told Derek Jeter that despite his new contract, the team intends to pursue a capable everyday shortstop following his injury-plagued season. I’m not a fan of players who can’t hit (like, at all) but Ryan is an asset because of his defense and would contribute much more in a full-time role than Eduardo Nunez, whose only redeeming quality is his speed.

It has been a while since Ryan has played a non-shortstop position — last played second base in 2009, last played third in 2008 — but given his defensive ability, I don’t think moving around the infield would be much of a problem. Jeter figures to play shortstop whenever possible because hey, he’s Derek Jeter, but his time at DH is likely to increase this season. Ryan is an upgrade over Nunez and chances are he will be an oft-used bench player in 2014. The Yankees still have a number of roster questions to answer this winter, but backup middle infielder is no longer one of them.

Update: Yankees have offered $15-16M to Kuroda
Monday Night Open Thread
  • mitch

    I would have preferred a legit starting SS and a full time switch to DH for Jeter, but realistically that wasn’t going to happen. Ryan definitely makes sense as a bench player, and more importantly should make it tough for Nuney to end up on the opening day 25.

    • I’m One

      MLBTR has the Yankees still interested in Stephen Drew, so thay may, in fact, be persuing a true starting SS. Time will tell.

      • mitch

        True, but they’ve also been linked to every other free agent. There’s certainly still room for a guy like Drew, but i’ll believe it when i see it.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I tend to believe Drew’s wanting a regular gig, but there may be plenty of ABs to go around with him on the Yankees. I’ll believe it when I see it as well.

          I could live with Ryan as the primary middle backup if the team goes out and gets BOTH a solid starting 3B and a corners backup.

          • mitch

            I could even live with him as more than a backup if he’s surrounded by a good enough lineup. A good team can carry one bad hitter. Obviously this means signing McCann, trading for a solid 3B, and resigning Granderson. Easier said than done, but it’s not my money.

      • Mac

        You never know, but I doubt the Yankees are going to go out and pay Drew over $10 million per when they are spending $14 million at the SS position already.

        Drew was also pretty clear last season that he didn’t want to split time with Jeter and didn’t particularly like the Yankees.

        • qwerty

          What is the point of getting McCann if they aren’t going to spend any money to get a SS?????

  • TWTR

    Given the current offensive holes throughout the lineup, I hope starts < 30 games.

    • Mac

      Doesn’t seem reasonable, and there’s also no reason to separate offense from defense like that from the team’s perspective. If you replace Ryan with someone who is equally worse defensively as he is better offensively the team didn’t gain anything.

      • lightSABR

        I mostly agree, except that good offensive players create more runs than good defensive players prevent. Jeter’s always been a bad defender at shortstop, but he’d have to be profoundly awful to cancel out all the good he’s done with the bat.

        Ryan, on the other hand, could be the finest defensive shortstop ever to walk the earth and yet not create as many wins in his entire career as A-Rod used to put up in a season.

  • SDB

    Good to see him. I like Ryan a lot, and I’d much rather see him in the field than Nunez, who only promises with the bat and never delivers, and can’t field. At all.

    Meanwhile, I see Carlos Ruiz got 26 mil over 3 years. Are you fucking kidding me? So what does McCann get now?

    • I’m One

      I see Carlos Ruiz got 26 mil over 3 years.

      Hey, it’s the Philles. Ruiz took a home-town premium. :-)

      • Neil

        Russel Martin signing for Pirates at 2 yrs for $17 mil looks smarter everyday

        • Fritz Kekich

          almost as smart as Darvish 5 – $50mm

          • lightSABR

            The Yankees’ lowball bid on Darvish still makes me angry. Usually when the team does something I think is dumb, I figure they have information that I don’t and are accounting for factors I’m not considering. I mean, I’m a fan. What do I know?

            Not with Darvish. I thought they were idiots then, and they only look stupider now.

    • qwerty

      Ruiz has been a really good hitting catcher for the 3 seasons previous to last and I believe he’s a top twenty defender. He’s actually tied with 5 other catchers. With that said, I don’t think he deserved what he got based on his last season with the Phillies, but this is a case of pick your poison. If they offer him less any team can swoop in and give him 3 years 26 million, and then what will you have left? The options out there are so pitiful you have to pay extra.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Definitely someone I’d like to see more than Nuney out there.

    • TWTR

      Yet another reason why shrinking payroll while the owner claims that they are assembling a championship team every single year is illusory given their current major and minor league options.

      They need to spend like crazy or take a step back for a year or two.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Is that really true?

        I agree that it’s the wrong time to go through with this plan. I don’t have the 2015 FA list in front of me, though, but it’s certainly possible there’s a better crop at some positions next season and that spending like drunken sailors now isn’t the only way to do things.

        I don’t want them to spend big. I want them to spend well.

        • TWTR

          We basically agree. The only issue is whether or not they can be a credible championship contender (as Hal claims that they always will be) unless they spend a lot, particularly if they are on the hook for Cano’s likely contract and A-Rod’s pre-existing contract, and A-Rod isn’t the productive and healthy A-Rod we saw when he was first activated last season.

          Taking a step back is probably the right way to go.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            We know where the needs are. I agree that they’ll be easier met without the limit. I don’t think they need to spend, say, $250 mil, to get there, though, even without the Tanaka Fairy visiting.

            • TWTR

              That’s true if a lot of things go right: 1) Tex is fully healthy for an entire season and perhaps offers some bounce back v. RHP, reversing a multi-season, pre-injury decline; 2) Jeter being something fairly close to the 2012 version and able to play a credible SS for at least 100 games; 3) CC being a quality top of the rotation starter; 4) a consistently good Nova; 5) if they don’t sign McCann, getting league average offense from some combination of Cervelli/Murphy/Romine for 162 games.

              And then making some smart signings.

              My point is that when players like Ruiz and Byrd can get what appears (at least to me) as ridiculous contracts, it can make the kind of smart, relatively inexpensive signings that the Yankees’ need if they are to stay under $189m really difficult.

              Maybe it’s just those damn Phillies skewing the market…

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I’ve been pretty steady in saying I think they drop the plan. My biggest question is when do they come to that decision.

                Even with unlimited money, for 2014, there’s lots to address. I agree that, at minimum, you need two starting pitchers, a third baseman, a right fielder, and a backup at the corners. That’s even leaving out an upgrade at catcher and a veteran reliever and, like you said, everyone who is supposed to be healthy staying healthy.

                I think it’s the fucking Phillies as well. Fuck them.

            • qwerty

              How are the yankees going to beat the Rays if they don’t spend 250 million?

      • I’m One

        They may chose to take a minor step back this season, getting under $189M with short-term deals and less expensive guys while still looking like they have a chance to make the playoffs, and then go all-in in 2015 and beyond. It’s still too early to clearly see what ownership is trying to do.

  • MannyGeee

    Broken Record says:

    Love it, he’s a walking highlight film. Hope we don’t _need_ to see an Overbay-ian number of starts from him, but he’ll be fun to see when he is out there.

  • MC

    Haven’t commented in a long time, but its pretty much safe to say that the Eduardo Nunez days are over. It’s a shame. Seemed like a nice kid and the coaches really liked him. I’m definitely in the severe minority, but I actually think he has much potential still. The problem wasn’t always his talent, it was that he is NOT a bench or back-up player. He is a creature of habit and needs to be out there. Last year was his shot and he botched it. The Yanks can’t carry him again, under the same premise of Jeter being “maybe” 75% and have they alternate. Just won’t work. He’s not going back to AAA at this point. It just doesn’t make sense. He’ll likely be traded and along with someone else. No, he doesn’t have a ton of value. But with another player (possibly one of the young OF’rs), they could get something else in return that they need.

    I like the Ryan signing quiet a bit. Not a fan of Stephen Drew, mainly because of his durability.

    Lastly, since it was mentioned above, but man, my gut feels really bad about the prospect of signing McCann. I don’t like it one bit and you NEVER give a catcher a contract those types of dollars. Mauer was the rare exception and fortunately, he is the Twins franchise face, can move to 1st and has a mini legacy (at the time, the contract was justifiable). Even Posey will be manning 1st base in the next 2-3 years. I didn’t like McCanns shoulder injury years ago.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      McCann’s market might get out of hand. Agreed. Hasn’t yet, though.

      Nunez may be able to masquerade as an MLB-ready piece on another team, as you said, as long as we’re not expecting a superstar in return. He’s no one’s centerpiece.

      • I’m One

        Also, McCann can also move to 1B in 3 years or so if necessary. By then Tex will be at the end of his contract and the Yankees should know what they have in Cervelli/Romine/Murphy/Sanchez. If the price doesn’t get rediculous, he still seems a good fit. (also assuming A-Rod gets suspended for the full season.)

    • mitch

      While it wouldn’t surprise me if he was traded, I disagree that sending him back to AAA isn’t an option. I actually think it’s a good option.

      I don’t think Nuney is a future MLB starting SS, but i’m not ready to close the book yet. Let him play a full season in AAA and see if he can put it together. We’re not going to learn anything new about him as a bench player.

  • Dick M

    We needed a caddie for Jeter. Ryan’s perfect. Now we need one for A-Rod.

    • I’m One

      Or a full time thrid baseman, depending on the outcome of the arbitraion hearings.

  • Matt DiBari

    I wasn’t impressed last year. He made way too many defensive mistakes considering his reputation and bat.

    I’ll be fair. His range was very good. Its fun to see the shortstop line up behind a ball that’s in the second base hole. But the problem was actually getting the ball into his glove and then to the first baseman, where things were kinda sketchy. And I’m bitter and remember things that no one else does when someone pisses me off, but Brendan Ryan somehow allowed a man to score from second on a ground ball to short. When you forget to check the runners, that’s not “elite” in my book.

    • Darren

      EXACTLY! Your descriptions were totally accurate – his rnage was awesome but considering his reputation, I was unpleasantly surprised by the number of miscues, considering the short amount of time we got to see him.

      I’m hoping that it was all nerves or small sample size. And either way, I hope we don’t see that much of Ryan, that would mean we’re actually getting offense.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    Nunez will blossom somewhere else. It’s the Yankee Way. I hope Joba does too (albeit not against us!).

    Will Jeter pitch a fit if Joe pulls him for Ryan in the 8th and 9th of every game? Should be zero reason Jeter plays the 9th in a game we’re leading ever again…

  • Greg C

    I’m probably way off here, but just out of curiosity, how much better of a defensive player was someone like Mark Belanger (or insert other no-hit all-glove starting SS from the history of the game), who couldn’t hit but was never considered “not starting material,” and had MVP votes with OPS in the .500s, and started on many pennants and WS winners?

    I’m a Yankees fan from MD, so some of the great defensive players from those teams (Brooks, Paul Blair, etc were more glove than bat) were on my mind, but I’m sure you could find comparisons on historic Yankees and other teams as well. Is it just due to era (less talent,pre-DH, fewer teams)? or were the all-glove guys who started for great teams in the past just that much better than the glove guys today who can’t start?

    • Greg C

      I guess I should have included surrounding talent and lineup composition, plus pitching. If you have multiple sluggers and 3+ quality pitchers, I guess it’s easier to start glove guys, too.

    • goterpsgo

      Another fan in MD!!! *WOOOOOOO*

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Hopefully you both aren’t a bunch of bored peckerheads like our most famous Maryland contributor.

        • Greg c

          I don’t know. I’ve been reading the site 5-6 years, but I rarely comment. I recognize some regular commenter names but try not to get involved in the personalities outside of the main posts.

          When I was a kid the Os were recent WS champs and Cal Jr was an MVP but for whatever reason I became a Yankees fan and Donnie was my favorite player. My uncle- who was always telling my stories about the 60s-70s Colts and Os teams, even took me to meet Mattingly at his restaurant in Indiana. I lived through those terrible late 80s/early 90s teams. I was happy for the more recent success but guess I don’t have the same attachment to the “Core 4” “True Yankees” and all that like many my age and younger do. I;m not bored- I really don’t have time to follow much these days.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        *channels his innermost TSJC*

        Buys Greg and goterpsgo a round of Old Line Pinstripe Terrapin Ale

    • Bob Buttons

      A couple of glove guys:
      Bobby Richardson supposedly all glove no hit. Career .266

      “Look at him. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t chew, he doesn’t stay out late, and he still can’t hit .250” -Stengel on Richardson.

      I’m guessing phil linz and Clete Boyer qualifies in certain seasons.

  • Awesomeness

    Awesomeness more bench player to cycle at one position! Can’t wait till he gets 600 PA’S! YANKEE WAY!!!

  • Ed K

    Here are some of his plays from Seattle. He is an awesome shortstop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA4mO1tIG8U

  • LarryM Fl

    The signing makes sense especially if the Yanks can not get an everyday shortstop type. I can see Jeter being used similar to a starting pitcher. Depending on the game and the score Jeter could be out by the sixth inning or held in for the seventh or longer. Ryan would be the relief guy for defense and get a few AB’s here or there to keep his impotent stick sharp. He would get a start or two each week. It could work even throw him at second for Cano. But 2015 needs a different solution.

    As far as Nunez the kid has some talent but as mentioned prior above. He needs to play pretty much everyday to stay sharp which has many meanings toward Eduardo. Its real early in the off season process so patience will be needed.

    I can not wait to see Cano’s contract and where he signs. Because honestly the Yanks offer 7/161, 23 million year should be enough.

  • HectorLopez

    You had people on this site claiming that if the Yanks offered Cano 150 for 6 years it would be an insult! If 161 for 7 is not good enough for him let him go somewhere else and not run out any ground balls he hits. This is out of control where a good 2nd baseman is gonna get more than 25 a year for 7-8 years. good luck with that.

  • brian

    Good fit alongside Jeter…. team has too many other issues to be tossing 10-15 million at another shortstop

  • Dr. Grenaldine

    World Series here we come!

  • mike

    I like Ryan,but I want to see some 300 hitters on the roster,one 300 hitter and the rest at 260 or below is crazy if tou are serious about winning

    • Skinny Mike Axisa

      My fat namesake said that Ryan NEVER hit. Except that he did. In 2007(.289/.347/.406), as a rookie, and 2009(.292/.340/.400)

      I love proving Fat Mike Axisa wrong…

      • Farewell Mo

        How do you know whether Axisa is currently skinny or fat?

    • Mac

      Why are you focusing so much on batting average?

      • Darren

        It’s a totally valid metric to use in order to assess the general ability of a lineup to hit. Having one .300 hitter and the rest below .260 is gonna be a pretty bad lineup unless it’s full of power hitters, not Stewarts ‘n’ Overbays

  • FLYER7

    Don’t overpay for Cano…7 or 8 years we will be bemoaning it the way we are today with Jeter and ARod…$20-25 million buys a lot of McCanns, Beltrans, Tanaka when added to the existing pool of money and potentially the Arod savings…a serviceable 2B can be had within reason…

    • CashmanNinja

      As much as I love Cano…if we take that money and spread it around it would probably help the team out more as a whole because we could plug up some of our holes. Beltran, McCann, Kelly Johnson, etc. Obviously Cano is still in another category, but I just hate the idea of signing a guy who is already on the wrong side of 30 to a mega-deal. He’ll probably give us 5 more great seasons and then break down worse than A-Rod has.

    • Mac

      Part of the rationale behind those contracts is that you’re underpaying early to overpay later. It’s not always the case, but Cano is young enough where it might be.

      Even $25 million probably doesn’t get you two of those three. $20 million probably barely gets you one. And Beltran is a 2 win player… McCann maybe a 3 win player. It’s pretty easy to argue for paying $25 million for a 6-7 win player instead of $15 million for a 2-3 win player.

      • CashmanNinja

        The AAV that Cano would be is just too much if he truly expects to get over 8 years. 6 years — maybe 7 is about the highest he should get. The Yankees will be bidding against themselves. At this point in time I feel that he can either play for a winner (Yankees) or get a few more years from a perennial loser that would use Cano to attempt to make a splash to lure other free agents and climb out of mediocrity — similar to what the Nationals did for Jayson Werth.

  • 461deep

    I doubt if Drew or other starting FA infielders would join Yankees knowing they will be back-ups to Alex, Robbie and Derek. The Robbie Alex situations may have to be resolved first. I’d give Cano 5-6 years at 20-22 M per year but he’ll probably get a little more.

  • CashmanNinja

    I love this signing so freaking much. I’ll agree with the consensus that I hope we don’t have to see too much of him (unless it’s because we have a huge lead late in the game), but a guy like Ryan brings us tons of depth. I would cringe every time a ball was hit near Nunez. He’d either bobble it or make a bad throw. And it seemed to be the norm, too. Ryan is much better defensively. Hopefully he can hit a little when he’s called upon. And I don’t think it’d be unreasonable to think he couldn’t be shifted around the infield to provide depth. We need a 3B, but Ryan gives us a backup SS, 2B, and 3B. He’ll basically be like Nix was for us, but a slightly worse bat and much better glove.

    • Mac

      Ryan’s been worse offensively the last couple of years, but his career offensive production is actually right in line with Nix’s.

  • Mac

    I like this move a lot. Even with the old budget I doubt that the Yankees could have afforded to fill all their holes with the most expensive guy at that spot. They were going to have to save some money somewhere, and getting a guy who averaged over 2 fWAR and over 3.5 bWAR the two seasons before 2013 at one of the hardest positions in the game to fill for $2 million is exactly the kind of buy low option that they needed to pick up somewhere. Helps even more that it’s at a spot where they may already have another above average contributor under contract as well.

    • CashmanNinja

      Before last year he had a 4 year stretch where he totaled 13.9 WAR. Some of that was from him actually providing some offense, but the majority is based on his defense. It isn’t a position that can be “faked” so easily. It is the key position and his range is phenomenal. He may have a hiccup here or there, but compared to Nunez or even Jeter he is far better defensively at this point in time. That is value in itself.

  • tommy cassella

    I totally agree with the guy who said the yanks should send nunez down to triple A for a year. but the yanks should just keep him down there,for the whole damn year. I just don’t trust him in the field.

  • Dave Grant

    I think its a great idea to bring Ryan back. He could be a late inning defensive replacement. Look at the
    yankees past championship teams, the always had strong defense to go with good offense. I wonder if
    Kevin Long can teach this guy how to hit.

  • wow

    ew. Don’t get this deal. 2 years and that much money for a defensive player? Is he going to be the starting shortstop or something?

  • forensic

    Two years? $2.5 million tax hit? For Brendan Ryan? Yuck…

    • Wicomico Pinstripea

      Yeah it’s not ideal but we have no SS prospects in the upper minors and I’m not sure there’s anyone much better that’s expected to be a FA in the next year or two.

      Plus it should just about line up with the rest of our payroll being gone in 2016-17.

    • Havok9120

      Yeah, egads.

      I don’t think its atrocious. It’s pretty clear that he’ll have a role for the next few seasons regardless of what happens with Jeter. Still….


  • Bill

    2 years 5M? Woof.

  • hey now

    I’m getting Ichiro deal flashbacks. I think I took the brown acid.

  • Tom

    Ugh… I thought this was questionable at 1yr/2mil. He was BELOW replacement level last year – why in the world would you sign someone like this up to a 2 year deal?

    Meet the new Chris Stewart.

  • OldYanksFan

    At 31, over his 7 year career, Ryan has accumulated 15.9 bWar, or 2.2 bWar/yr. Seems like that’s worth $2.5m/yr. Do you think Jeter will post a 2.2 bWar if he plays all of 2014? FanGraphs has Ryan at 9.3 fWar over 7 years.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      “Do you think Jeter will post a 2.2 bWar if he plays all of 2014? ”


      But neither will Ryan.
      He posted a 0.4 bWAR in 2013 (and a negative fWAR).
      Maybe he’ll bounce back some, but I wouldn’t expect much.

  • TWTR

    If they spend big, it doesn’t matter. If they have a budget, it seems like a risk not worth taking.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    2.5mm x 2, for a player that plays stellar defense at a premium position ? Great signing imo. Hate to pick on the guy, but let’s not forget the Eduardo experiment. S.S. is arguably the most important position, as such, one of the toughest to fill. As mentioned previously, the farm S.S. pipeline is not in the immediate horizon – unless Cito makes a liar out of a lot of us – so 2.5mm for a light hitting, defensive wizard ? Why not. Maybe Kevin Long can reincarnate his miracle worker schtick.

  • nycsportzfan

    I again, love it. Ryan looked diffrent at the plate for us then he did in St Lou. He looked like he had gotten something down and had a nice linedrive stroke. I think Cashman seen it as well. I think hes taking a bit of a gamble, but figures the guys defense is off the charts which makes it alittle easier to deal with the AVG and stuff like that, and if right, and Ryan does hit the way he did for the yanks when aquired, its a bonus. I don’t need to see his AVG with NYY, anyone who watched em could clearly see , he was seeing the ball well and getting good wood on the ball.

  • senor frog

    More money than I expected, but I like the signing. His bat did look a bit rejuvenated with the Yanks. Now, please sign Betran. Can’t he be given the 3 years, but at a somewhat lower annual figure…perhaps something like 12 per for a toatal of 36?

  • lightSABR

    Glad for the update. $4 million over 2 years with the possibility of $6 million over three sounds a lot more reasonable to me than $5 million over 2 years with the possibility of $10 million over 3.

    • RetroRob

      With the specifics now in the $2.5M sort of still holds, although the Yankees structured it to limit the impact on the luxury tax. If they decline his option and he believes his market is limited, he can trip the player option for $1M. All that means is if the Yankees outright cut him, they’ll basically have paid $5M for two years of Ryan. For a plus defender who generates plus WAR on his glove alone, it’s a reasonable deal. Willie Bloomquist just got nearly $6M over the next two years!

      • lightSABR

        Good point. Thanks for the correction.

        • RetroRob

          I’m not sure how much of correction that is, but all the numbers and player option vs. mutual option stories that have been out there make a bit more sense now. None of them were quite wrong or quite right!

  • forensic

    Hopefully this is the last update.

    Yeah, this is way too much ‘news’ for an almost non-player in Ryan.

    • lightSABR

      Hey, it’s more “news” than the high-A hitting coach becoming the AA hitting coach. It’s the offseason. I’ll take what I can get.

    • Tyrone Sharpton


      • forensic

        GGBG is a way better player than GGBR.

  • Darren

    I hope that Ryan’s occasional shakiness on the routine play was just a SSS blip. Because you really don’t want a defense first shortstop who has a minor case of butterfingers.

  • tommy cassella

    for God’s sake, the yanks should concentrate on getting carlos beltran. he always wanted to play for the yanks. it’s a match made in heaven. just don’t let him get away.