Five Yankees officially file for salary arbitration


As expected, the Yankees’ five eligible players all filed for salary arbitration prior to today’s deadline. Those five players, with their projected 2014 salaries courtesy of Matt Swartz, are David Robertson ($5.5M), Brett Gardner ($4M), Ivan Nova ($2.8M), Shawn Kelley ($1.5M), and Frankie Cervelli ($1M). The players’ union expects Gardner’s salary to be “considerably higher” than projected.

Filing for arbitration is just a procedural move. Had these guys not filed today, the Yankees would have been able to pay them whatever they wanted this coming season, as long as it was at least 80% of last year’s salary. The two sides have to exchange figures by Friday, meaning the team says what they want to pay while the player says what he wants. Arbitration hearings will be held next month and the Yankees have not been to one since beating Chien-Ming Wang prior to the 2008 season. The two sides can work out a contract of any size right up to the hearing.

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  • RetroRob

    Would be nice if the Yankees attempted to sign Gardner and D-Rob now. They’re both quite tradeable players, and would be more so locked up. Yet, it’ll never happen.

    • Laz

      But trading for what?
      They are both very valuable players, and I don’t think you will make the current team better by trading either.

      • RetroRob

        To be clear, I’m not looking for them to trade the players. I’m looking for them to sign them, which provides the team with greater flexibility. They can keep them, or if they can package them for another need they can do it also. Right now they are in a situation where they have pay full market price if they want to keep them, or get nothing. My comment has more to do with the Yankees policy of not extending players before free agency. It made sense once upon a time. Doesn’t anymore.

        They should be looking at extending Ivan Nova. Not this year since they have control of him the next three seasons, but after 2014 assuming he produces. If they wait until after 2015 it will be too late again.

        • Laz

          Oh, I agree with that. I wish they had locked both up a few years ago, could really could have saved money. I fully expect Gardner to get $10M on the free agent market. He is very close to Bourn, and the outfielder market is really weak next year.

          • Pisano

            If the Yankees don’t get Tanaka, look for them to package Gardner, and move him for a front of the rotation pitcher, a No.2 or 3 starter.

    • vicki

      not as long as 189 is still an outside hope.

      but yes. stupid policy is stupid.

    • Dalek Jeter

      It would make a world of sense for the Yankees to try to lock D-Rob up now…but why in the world would D-Rob sign a contract the year before he’s getting a chance to save. Saves=Dollars, if he has a successful season and become a Proven Closer ™ he’ll be in line for a huge pay day.

      • Laz

        TBH, closers are highly overrated, because a save is like an rbi, pretty meaningless. D-Rob is good, but think there is better use than giving him 10M+ a season.

        • Dalek Jeter

          I agree, to me saves are about as useful of a stat as RBI or pitchers W-L…but right now Proven Closers ™ get paid. It’s the way it is, and Robertson knows that just as well as we do, so unless he gets a closer’s contract I can’t think of anyway he signs and extension.

      • RetroRob

        Yes, that’s part of my point. They’ve waited too long, although they probably still can get some market discount. D-Rob does not have the closer role locked up (although have no idea who might get it besides him unless they go and sign Balfour or Rodney).

        Gardner will be much more difficult. He’s a position player and he’s seen what Ellsbury just received.

    • Ed

      Signing them long term is a two way street. If Robertson signs now, he probably gets setup man money. If he waits a year, he probably gets closer money.

      There’s also the question of whether the Yankees & Gardner have interest in a long term deal. I always thought the Yankees didn’t value Gardner’s skillset high enough to sign him long term, but considering he has similar skills as Ellsbury, maybe that’s not the case. Now the issue is more does Gardner want to stay? He’s probably hitting 9th and playing LF as a Yankee, but he can probably play CF and bat leadoff somewhere else.

      • RetroRob

        From what I’ve heard, Brian Cashman is a big fan of Gardner and the fact they planned for and gave him one of their starting OF positions a few years back seems to indicate they are fans. Some of the recent stories about trading Gardner have also indicated that the Yankees place a higher value on him than other teams do.

        • Ed

          Oh, they certainly value him, no question about that. But liking a really cheap player in his 20′s is a very different story than liking him enough to pay free agent prices when he’s in his 30′s.

  • TWTR

    Trade Robertson with the current state of the pen? It would have to be for a really good, young position player.

  • Graig not Craig

    If only every profession required salary arbitration.

  • Ahk

    Sooo… does the Dodger’s attempt to resign Kershaw make the chances any better for the Yanks to nab Tanaka? Or do they literally have a money making machine beneath the stadium…

  • tommy casella

    I do like having Robertson on the team. however, if the yanks don’t get taneka, then you just know he will be traded for a front line pitcher. that’s why it is imperative that the yanks get taneka.