Nikkan Sports: Yankees made formal offer to Masahiro Tanaka


Via Nikkan Sports (translated article): The Yankees were one of several teams to submit a formal offer to Masahiro Tanaka by Thursday, which apparently was Tanaka’s self-imposed deadline for offers. He has until 5pm ET on Friday to sign. Guess he wanted a few days to mull things over.

The Dodgers, Diamondbacks, White Sox, and Cubs also made offers according to Nikkan Sports, and all of the offers were worth more than $100M across six years. Reports out of Japan have been very sketchy throughout this entire process — at one point they said Tanaka would not be posted at all — so take this with a huge grain of salt. This whole thing will be over within six days, one way or another.

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  1. Chris H says:

    Sounds like it’s down to the most money (Cubs) or playing on a certain coast (LA and NY), not knowing him I’d place my money on the Cubs.

  2. Sam says:

    The worst part of all of this is the coverage both in the US and Japan. Japanese reports always seem to be a bit wonky and US news outlets often just spit those shaky reports out without a problem. Remember when the New York Times had that story about the Japanese reports saying Tanaka wasn’t going to be posted?
    As for the coverage by US reporters, it’s been a lot of “owners think…” or “Source believes XYZ” Nobody knows anything so reporters are asking opinions, giving us the rumors of the Mariners (who haven’t shown up in the news re: Tanaka), the Dodgers (the two conflicting reports on whether they were All In at all costs and then maybe not so much) and now the latest is the Cubs who will blow everybody away. I’ve seen numbers thrown out re: Cubs that would take them up to 180 (that includes 20 mil posting fee).
    Maybe this “ask around” approach is a way to throw stuff at the wall and if a reporter happens to be right he or she can say that had info early and can pat themselves on the back. I know one thing, nobody who was incorrect will offer an apology or an explanation. I just don’t think the media can sit on there being no news surrounding a player. Sorry for the rant.

  3. Anthony says:

    Tom Loxas is reporting the Cubs made Tanaka an offer of 7-years, “in the neighborhood of $160M.”

    Let’s just say they actually did that…should the Yankees match? Will they?

  4. TJF says:

    Yeah wll, so far this guy is just hype. No idea how he will do when he’s in the MLB. If he turns out to be a bust it’s a 6 year albatross. 20 Mil a year or more for someone that’s never thrown a pitch in the MLB is very shaky, and personally I’d rather see the Yanks sign two starters for the same money and less years. My guess is that he goes to the Dodgers anyway, who seem to be intent on going bankrupt.

    • mustang says:

      “20 Mil a year or more for someone that’s never thrown a pitch in the MLB is very shaky, and personally I’d rather see the Yanks sign two starters for the same money and less years”


    • Pinkie Pie says:

      Who cares how much the Yankees pay for him? It’s not your money, they can absorb it if he turns out to be a bust, and he’s their only shot at being competitive next season.

      • TJF says:

        I care, I’m a fan of the team, this is real life, not your imagination in your mom’s basement. They will be better off with two arms that we know the value of, rather than one arm that we know nothing about and could potentially be overpaying on for a long time.

        • Sam says:

          The problem with the ‘don’t sign tanaka, sign two pitchers with that money instead’ theory is that the yankees won’t do it. They’re gonna go scrap heap if they lose out on Tanaka. That’s why I feel its so important for the yanks to get Tanaka — they’re not gonna try to do an Ubaldo/Garza signing to lock up the rotation. It’ll be ugly w/o Tanaka.

          • TJF says:

            I don’t know…we have been hearing that they don’t like any of the other starters, but we have “heard” a lot of things about Yankee intentions that don’t turn out to be accurate. I was a little suspicious when we kept hearing about how much the Yanks like Tanaka and that they would be after him with guns blazing. That’s not their style to show their hand that obviously unless it’s strategic. I would not be surprised to have them run the price up and then grab who they really want later.

        • Pinkie Pie says:

          Ouch, okay. Character assumptions aside, WE DO know things about Tanaka. He’s been scouted excessively for several years and has been projected by scouts to be at least a #2 starter at the major league level. Never mind his videogame-like stats in the NPB. Those alone make him much valuable than the “known” commodities on the market, which the Yankees should probably pursue even if they do get Tanaka.

          • TJF says:

            A #2 starter is generating a lot of hype and getting offers that a #1 should be getting. And the Japanese pitchers have not shown a lot of staying power. Dice K flamed out, Yu Darvish has had a couple of solid years but not Ace caliber years. 16-9 followed by 13-9 isn’t the whole story, but what about a year or two from now? Dice K went 15-12 then 18-3 and hasn’t won 10 games since, most was 9. He came in at 26

            Risky and I would not do that personally. I would grab the known or work with what I have.

            • Pinkie Pie says:

              I think the key thing here is potential. Tanaka has the potential to be a difference maker whilst Jimenez and Garza have proven to be solid at best, and catastrophic at worst.

            • vicki says:

              “A #2 starter is generating a lot of hype and getting offers that a #1 should be getting.”

              not really; not in the tv money era. kershaw got 30+ and most say the dodgers got a discount. if any of those true number ones make it to free agency next year some of you are in for a shock.

              • Pinkie Pie says:

                I think people are saying the Dodgers got a discount because of the total value and amount of years on Kershaw’s contract, not the AAV. Let’s face it, he could have held out for something along the lines of 10 years $300 million if he wanted to. And there was plenty of speculation that he would.

            • FIPster Doofus says:

              Why are using records to evaluate pitchers?

            • Anonymously Anonymous says:

              Yu Darvish not ace like years? Are you joking? Sure, his first year he was more like a #2 starter, but last year was absolutely ridiculous! You have no idea if you think he hasn’t had “Ace” numbers before.

            • Ed says:

              While Darvish was about #2/#3 level pitcher in 2012, he certainly was at the ace level in 2013. If you’re looking at W-L to make your decisions here, you’re doing it all wrong.

              As for Tanaka, he’s not getting ace level offers. Aces are getting at least $25m/year lately. Kershaw broke $30m/year. The Tanaka rumors have him around $20m/year, which puts him right around Matt Cain level, a solid #2.

              Also don’t forget, most of these big money pitcher deals (Kershaw excluded) cover the pitchers thru their 30′s, so you should expect them to decline over the course of the contract. Tanaka’s contract would start in his mid 20′s, meaning you should expect him to improve over the course of the deal.

      • mustang says:

        “It’s not your money”

        Do you buy tickets to Yankees games? if so do you eat at the game.

        Do you watch them on TV?

        Do you have any kind of Yankees gear (cothes , hats, etc.)?

        Last time I checked none of these things are free so yes it is the fans money.

        Seriously hate when people just say that.

        • jim p says:

          Plus, if a turkey, it means restrictions on who, or how many players they can go for in the future. They do have budgets, high as they might be. It limits the team’s future quality. Not saying ‘don’t do it’ but it sure affects the fans in the long run.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          I like you mustang, but that’s a silly argument. While when I pay for a ticket to the game or watch them on tv/listen on the radio via my computer and wear my Yankee cap, I’m not doing that to pay a players salary and neither are you. We’re doing it to watch the team perform. We don’t say (well most of us don’t say) if they don’t sign this guy or that guy I refuse to watch, and even if we do that has no actual effect on whether the team signs anybody. If it did we’d have the most ridiculous team in history every season. Once we purchase our ticket, jersey or cable package our business with the team is done and that money is no longer ours. It becomes the teams. If a customer of your company ever came in and told your boss “mustang doesn’t deserve to be paid that much, it’s my money that pays his salary. Pay him less immediately,” hopefully your boss would laugh that person out of the building.

          • TJF says:

            Well you are paying the salary, the money comes from fans. I don’t think you understand where your money goes.

            • vicki says:

              the money also comes from mets fans, et al., since most of the income comes from cable tv.

            • BFDeal says:

              I think he has a better understanding than you do.

            • David says:

              Actually, no. The Yankees charge for tickets, food, merchandise, etc. what the market will bear. They don’t raise prices because they need to pay for an albatross contract. It isn’t that simple.

              In fact, the YES Network is so profitable that they would make money even if they didn’t sell tickets to the games.

          • mustang says:

            “mustang doesn’t deserve to be paid that much, it’s my money that pays his salary. Pay him less immediately,”

            That’s funny because I work for the State of New York and in my last contract that’s actually what the State of New York told my union and we took less because of it.

            Most people here are hard-core and will watch the team regardless, but a majority of Yankees fans are not going to keep giving their money to an organization that spends it unwisely and doesn’t achieve winning results. I thought the lost approximately $58M in ticket revenue this past season made that point clear.

            • Pinkie Pie says:

              Not spending money that could be used to improve the team in the name of avoiding luxury taxes does little more to earn favor with fans than spending it unwisely does.

              • mustang says:

                Bottom line 6 for 160 is just stupid THE END.

                • Pinkie Pie says:

                  Nobody said the Yankees are offering that, and even if the Cubs really did there’s still only a small chance he ends up there.

              • BamBamMusings says:

                First of all, the luxury tax dollars are going towards other teams (like the Rays) to help finance their cause.

                Secondly, at some point, when the franchise is in the red is when the bad contracts will come in to play. The worse off we are financially, the longer the rebuilding effort will be. From an ownership perspective, if you don’t set a BUDGET, YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE AND NOT RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY!

                • Pinkie Pie says:

                  When you’ve set your business model on success and claiming that you’ll do whatever it takes to win a championship, and then refrain from spending on improving the team for the purpose of increasing your savings in the long run (which is in conflict with your proposed goals and the team’s best interests), not only are putting your product on the field at jeopardy but you are estranging the fans whose propensity to fill your pockets is based on your teams performance. I’m not saying they have to run a $400 million payroll, but the hard line they were trying (still trying?) to run wouldn’t have been good for business either.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          “It’s not your money” is a completely reactionary response to the perception that the team held back from spending last off-season. All of a sudden, it has to be a bottomless pit, despite those same people arguing a few years back, I’m sure, that overspending got them here.

          It annoys me too, so much that I will virtually punch the next person to say it in their virtual nuts.

          • Pinkie Pie says:

            I wouldn’t call it a reactionary response as much as an exasperated cry at all the fans who are so conscious of the payroll of a team that has the financial clout to take huge risks and only really suffer for them when under self-imposed budgets.

            Also, it’s not your money. :P

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              Coming from the same fans who thought that overspending got them there.

              • Pinkie Pie says:

                Where? Being fresh off an 85 win season (and only 2 years removed from an ALCS appearance)? I’m not sure who would blame those things solely on an unwillingness to spend, but certainly not I. I’d attribute the Yankees’ current predicament more to an uncanny amount of injuries last season and the inability to replenish the team from within thanks to a perpetually lackluster farm system.

        • qwerty says:

          Demand drives those prices, not free agent signings. As long as there is a demand to watch games live at the stadium then prices will continue to stay the same or go up. Your ticket prices aren’t suddenly going to go down now just because the yankees lower payroll.

        • TCMiller30 says:

          It would cost me the same amount of money to watch the Yankees as the Astros, or to buy a Jeter or Garrett Jones jersey.. So no, it’s not our money. It doesn’t matter if the Yankees spend 10m or 200m on the team. The amount I pay for that product is the same whether or not they spend like mad men. So when it comes to spending on a player, I’d rather they spend like crazy because it’s not going to cost me more to do those things if they spend big on certain players or not.

          • TCMiller30 says:

            The price of going to a game isn’t going to go down because the team payroll is lower.. It’s going to go down if the team is terrible.. If you want to watch a crappy team so you can pay less to go to a game, be a Mets fan.

    • Iron Horse says:

      These are the times I miss GMS III! In my opinion, he would not let the Yankees be outbid for a pitcher who is this young and has his potential. Yes, he’s unproven, and the workload will always been a variable. But if he turned out out to be as good as Darvish, that would not make him an ace? I don’t get that logic at all. Darvish makes the best comparison because he was almost the exact same age when Texas signed him and had pitched for the same number of years in Japan, 7, and the same amount of innings, between 1200 and 1300. Sure, the Yankees could spend half the money and end up with Garza and Jiminez, two mediocre older arms who merely fill out the rotation. Kuroda, Garza and Jiminez? Does that look like legit contending starting pitching? I doubt it. All pitchers are a gamble, it’s time for the Yankees to roll those big time dice…and I don’t mean K…

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        You’re right.

        He’d have traded him for Rick Rhoden.

        Do you even know how old Jimenez and Garza are? Would we be asking them to lead a rotation?

  5. reis says:

    I hope he picks the yankess cuz he was a better than to win in new York than for white sox,cubs,d-backs

  6. TJF says:

    Sign Garza with Jimenez. Starting 5 of CC, Kuroda, Garza, Jimenez and Nova Still have Phelps and Pineda for extra depth.

    Also, another thought, I don’t see why teams are not going to a 6 man rotation. Would save innings and arms. With the depth the Yanks would have they could do it and have some kids spot start occasionally against 5th starters for other clubs.

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      Yes because 5 quality starters are so easy to find for each team, why not go for 6?

  7. mustang says:

    Like Cano sometimes its best to just pass if we are talking 160, but MLBTR doesn’t even have anything up yet.

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      According to the Japanese reports, teams have already submitted their offers. I’m guessing the Yankees’ offer wasn’t as exorbitant as the Cub’s, or else we’d have probably heard rumors about it already.

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        I disagree on the last part. We heard essentially nothing about the timing, years and dollars for McCann and Ells prior to the announcements. The FO seems to be running an exceptionally tight ship in this regard. Teix too back in the day was a complete shock which, though it felt out of the blue, turned out to have been a conversation that dated back some time during that off season.

  8. Bobby D. says:

    I agree if anyone is stupid enough to offer tanaka 7 years and 160 mil let him go. You can sign two pitchers for that price and thats what the Yanks need anyway. Get the medical recors for Jimenez and Garza and lets get goin!!

  9. Sam says:

    The Yanks seem to be the only player in the bunch that hasn’t had a day where the media thinks they’re the team that’ll sign Tanaka. D-backs have been very vocally involved, Cubs today, White Sox and Dodgers have been very open about it. We didn’t even hear a story about $$ range yanks were thinking or about their meeting with Tanaka. Regardless of how this turns out, I’m curious to hear about their negotiating process after Tanaka picks a team.

  10. JGYank says:

    Surprised the Diamondbacks are in it. I thought the Angels and maybe even Rangers would give him an offer. It seems like all the offers are solid and unless 1 team blows him away he might choose to go to whatever team he feels the most comfortable going to and not the highest offer. Which sounds like the Dodgers or Yanks from what we’ve heard. I’m really curious to find out what the Yanks offered him.

    • Sam says:

      I think its important to remember that these are unlikely to be the Final Offers. It wouldn’t make sense for Tanaka for teams to make an essentially blind bid on him. He’s gonna let teams bump their offers up after hearing about what other clubs are willing to spend. Also there’s nothing really keeping a team from jumping into the competition as long as there’s time before the deadline.

  11. TJF says:

    The Cubs would suck even if they managed to sign Jesus……..so enjoy if that’s the case.

  12. Anthony says:

    GDubCub: Beware reports suggesting Cubs have high offer on table for Tanaka or that he’s favoring Cubs. Multiple sources say Cubs remain long shots.

    In the words of General Martok: “Worf…this is madness”

  13. JGYank says:

    Sometimes I wish google translate would actually work. MLB trade rumors has found out about the article but doesn’t have anything else yet. I just hope Tanaka sees the Cubs as a losing team that isn’t guaranteed to turn around. I hope their offer wasn’t crazy. If we outbid the Dodgers and are close to the top offer I think we should get him.

  14. Willie says:

    I have the feeling that big money Hal already knew the Cubs offer and decided to bid just enough for Tanaka would not accept the offer and he could save face by saying he did not realize the Cubs were willing to spend so much money.

    To me it looks just like there offer to Cano knowing that the bid would fall short.

    Im sure he did not tell Casey Close who ever had the top bid the Yankess would then top it.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Two nights in a row where I get to be amused by fantastical creations posted as truth.

      • lightSABR says:

        When professional sports journalists can do that and get paid for it, why should amateurs posting on blogs hold back? :)

        My theory: The Cubs know they’re long shots because the ghost of Billy Sianis’s goat appeared to Tanaka in a dream, warning him not to try to break the curse.

        And that, my friends, is about as accurate as 3/4 of what’s being passed off as news about this affair.

  15. Ironbow says:

    I can’t imagine the Cubs signing this guy. I think that Tanaka will not take the most money anyway, especially if it comes from an inferior club. He seems to want’ to play for a team with at least a fairly good chance of winning it all. That said, anyone who signs him will likely be paying 140-150mm / 6 years.

  16. BigBlueAL says:

    Here is how I look at this. Tanaka is only 25 yo. Even if he struggles in his 1st year he can still improve greatly in the future, similar to Darvish. There is upside and potential with him compared to the Jimenez/Santana/Graza trio who will all be 30 yo by the time the season starts and will only get worse. Plus all 3 are questionable signings to begin with anyway.

    So for me Im all for the potential upside/excitement of signing Tanaka. If he is as good as everyone thinks he will be that would be a HUGE addition to the rotation. Plus when was the last time the Yankees had a SP at 26 yo with this much potential??

    P.S. If they dont sign Tanaka the only SP I would like to see them sign is Garza. I want no part of Santana or Jimenez.

  17. Dalek Jeter says:

    I just can’t imagine Tanaka signing with the Cubs personally. Then again, I’m still floored by Robbie’s decision. I mean, maybe it’s because even 10 million dollars is just another stratosphere compared to what I’ll make in my life time, but…doesn’t there have to be a point of diminishing returns? Like part of me understands the ego part of it, the money directly correlates to how good you are compared to the competition, but if ‘the goal’ of a player is really to win a World Series like they all claim it is…wouldn’t you be better suited to take less money from a better team?

    • vicki says:

      the more time that passes the more i believe robbie put his fate in the hands of the wrong people, who didn’t have his desires and best interests foremost in mind.

    • mustang says:

      I agree with your thinking totally. MLB average salary is $3.39M that’s just ridiculous money most of these guys are set for life even with minimal financial planning. So what’s left after the money? I would think it would your legacy in the game and that would be better aided by being in a situation where you have a better chance to win.

  18. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    He’s going to look great in Miami Heat colors.

    • Masahiro Tanaka says:

      Disa spwing, dis isa vewwy tough, disa spwing I’m taking my talent to Sow Beach anda join da Miami Maalins.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        He could be one of Greg Oden’s legs.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Greg Oden’s a member of the Heat now? For whatever reason I was really interested in the NBA draft that year (I hardly follow the NBA at all) and I remember the Trailblazers taking him first overall over Durant and then his knees like imploding on themselves and him needing multiple micro-fracture surgeries on both knees.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            I mean, they’re paying him to sit at the end of the bench and heal up on the off-chance they need an extra bruiser when they play the Pacers in the playoffs. He literally just has to be ready for that moment and nothing else.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Also, that’s kind of a mafioso accent.

  19. Sam says:

    Anyone thinking Yanks can offer a similar deal to the one they offered to Cano? It would be a huge overpay, and Tanaka certainly won’t be as valuable as Cano next season, but what are the yankees doing with the money they didn’t spend on Cano?

  20. mustang says:

    6 for 120 plus posting fee

    Yankees or Dodgers.

    But then again I had Cano at 8 for 200 with the Yankees so what do I know.

  21. Dalek Jeter says:

    Cub beat writer is calling the Cubs a “long shot” for Tanaka https://twitter.com/GDubCub/status/424744849888141312

  22. JGYank says:

    Odds from Bovada: Cubs 3/2, Yankees 2/1, Dodgers 5/1, White Sox & Mariners 10/1.

    At least we’re ahead of the dodgers.

    • JGYank says:

      This is from the 17th.

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      I think I felt safer when “the three finalists” were the Yankees, Dodgers, and Angels….

      • JGYank says:

        The odds were in the Yankees favor just a couple of days ago. Check it out:

        The Yankees are a 3-2 favorite to land the 25-year-old Japanese pitcher, the gambling website says.

        The Dodgers are right behind at 11-4, it says.

        The rest of the odds: Seattle (5-1), Cubs (7-1), Red Sox (10-1), Diamondbacks (12-1), Angels (15-1), Rangers (15-1), White Sox (18-1), Blue Jays (18-1).


        Interesting how things have changed. The cubs weren’t even 3rd.

        • Pinkie Pie says:

          What are these odds based on? Pure speculation? Because almost all of these reports have been contradictory.

          • JGYank says:

            Don’t know. They really don’t have much to base it on besides speculation, financial situation, need for SP, etc.

          • Havok9120 says:

            The odds are designed to be profitable, remember. They don’t need to have any basis in reality, they just need to be close to what the public is previewing to be the case.

  23. Anthony says:

    thekapman: AL scout just told me that he believes Cubs offer is very strong but still believes that state of team will make it tough to land Tanaka.

    • mustang says:

      This makes more sense the guy just finish pitching in the post season if the money were close why wouldn’t he want the best chance to do the same here.

  24. Anthony says:

    thekapman: Finally, NL scout I just talked to believes Tanaka is worth risk, + Cubs willing to spend huge. However, not a contender is huge impediment.

    • Havok9120 says:

      A scout, possibly a freelancer or working for a totally unrelated team, would be in a very, very poor position to know about the offers. At best it’s like asking a worker-bee in the marketing department how the the negotiations for selling the billion-dollar resort are going.

      I’m glad I had tuned all this out until yesterday. This is just out of control. As with the ARod stuff, I just am not entertained by all this. Which sucks, cuz it’s all that’s going on.

      • Anthony says:

        Apparently this scout was involved in the Tanaka meetings:

        thekapman: 1 was involved on a Tanaka meeting. RT @cubs_chronicles: @thekapman do these scouts actually talk to players/reps? Or is it speculation?

        • Havok9120 says:

          It’s the number of things that that could mean though.

          And if it’s a team scout who was actually “in the room” for a negotiating session, then it’d almost have to be an engineeed, or at least team-approved, leak since saying that would pretty much out the source to everyone ELSE who was there. Which makes you wonder why a reporter would say that.

  25. Mike says:

    Tanaka will choose us imo. We’ve shown that we are closer to winning the World Series than any of the other serious bidders.

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      Well that’s debatable. The Dodgers were in the NLCS last year while the Yankees were watching from their living room sofas. But besides the Dodgers, the Yankees are certainly closer than any other team in the bidding.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I agree with Pinkie. I’m not saying that the Yankees are a terrible team, BUT the Dodgers are probably closer to a world series than the Yankees. If I were to remove my fandom from the situation, if I’m Tanaka and the money is equal and winning a World Series is important to me…the Dodgers are probably my choice.

      • YankeeJay says:

        That’s why I believe that the Yankees’ offer needs to be higher than the Dodgers, if they are serious about landing Tanaka. However, Tanaka might be willing to take less to play for Dodgers, too. The Dodgers already have some great starters and he won’t be their Ace. Maybe being the Ace will be important to him and being a part of the Yankees legacy, too. Bottom line the Yankees can’t and shouldn’t be outbid for Tanaka!

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        We discount history way too much here. The Dodgers have spent big before. They haven’t won. The Yankees have won five time in the past two decades, and one season doesn’t change the belief that the Yankees are always in the hunt. The Dodgers still have a ton to prove and the window closes eventually.

    • Silvio says:

      It’s unlikely that an argument to the effect that the Yanks are closer to the WS than the LAD could convince Tanaka’s agent/advisors. If anything, a canny agent might, instead, argue that the Yankees are in relative decline to the Dodgers, are yesterday’s team, and that Tanaka should sign on to the rising power and get a West Coast location as a bonus.

      That’s why the poster, above, who lamented the absence of GMS is more right than the guy who sneered in response. George was often undisciplined and prone to make crazy personnel decisions. But when he wanted a free agent, he had a pretty good track record and–more to the point–had an impressive aura: the Yankees as the Roman Empire, and George as a Caesar. Yep, when he got the guy, he might then go all screw loose, but that’s an another issue.

  26. Nathan says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I hope I’m wrong but I had this feeling with Cano.

    If the Yankees don’t get Tanaka, I don’t like the rotation. Even if they were then foolish enough to spend on Jimenez/Garza, it would be a uncertain rotation.

  27. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    What do the “Da Bears” guys from SNL think? Have they tweeted yet? Clearly they would be in the know.

  28. I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

    If we miss out on Tanaka then I think we risk being left behind in a larger sense.

    Regarding the Dodgers recent spending (post Kershaw), Kasten was quoted as saying something along the lines of “we’re most concerned about putting the best team on the field at each opportunity and worrying about adding it up later; it may not make obvious sense to you now, but in six-seven years time it will all be completely clear.”

    And you know what? I think he’s right. Yes, teams – including the Dodgers – have gone on spending sprees before and of course it doesn’t always work out. However, I really do believe that “this time is different” and we are on the brink of a massive step function in both league revenues and payrolls wherein we’ll have 6-8 teams or more with payrolls comfortably over $200mm and the top dogs sniffing $300mm. And they’ll still be profitable.

    This too concurrent with an ever shrinking ability to sign high impact FAs in their primes because teams will increasingly lock up the best guys for their best years, even paying market value-ish for those years as needed.

    If it takes 7 years to get Tanaka, I think you have to go there, prepared to swallow the risk that he’s a 4/5 type, and also understanding that in the grand scheme of things you DO have the resources to eat it. Same with years 8-10 for Cano btw. I’m ambivalent about the collective impact of all this on the game and our team, but I do think that years 8-10 for Cano would’ve impact the Yanks in 2021 – 2023 far less than A-Rod’s seem to have currently.

    All said another way: I believe the Dodgers are ahead of the curve at the moment, while we are behind it or risk being so.

    • nsalem says:

      The Dodgers are spenidng a ton of money , but thet haven’t won anything yet. The only thing they won one is the right to say they are outspending everybody else in baseball and I question whether they are spenidng wisely. The last time they were in a WS Ronald Reagan was President and the last time they won one most of the readers on this site were not yet born. All I hve seen them do is have a great 100 game stretch last year fueled by a player who has little fundamental knowledge of the game of baseball and appears to be an accident waiting to happen. They need to much more for me to agrre with such proclamations.

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        I noted that they haven’t won anything. Just stating that I think they are ahead of the curve on what will likely be a massive WAR inflation. I’m thinking $10mm/win is the new 5-6, or will be before we know it.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      The FOTD is back.

      The Yankees aren’t behind on anything that they can’t correct. Whether they’re fine in 2014 or not, if you’re going to put your money on the long term future of any franchise in sports, you put it on the New York Yankees.

      There actually was a time where FA’s shunned this team. They’ve won five championships since that period.

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        Agreed it can be corrected. No doubt about it. But will they? We shall see.

        I wouldn’t use past history as a guide wrt the Dodgers. Ownership changes are massive and theirs was exponentially so. (The Yanks “change” in ownership may prove to be massive too. Jury is still out but I don’t love what I see so far).

  29. nsalem says:

    The Dodgers are spenidng a ton of money , but thet haven’t won anything yet. The only thing they won one is the right to say they are outspending everybody else in baseball and I question whether they are spenidng wisely. The last time they were in a WS Ronald Reagan was President and the last time they won one most of the readers on this site were not yet born. All I hve seen them do is have a great 100 game stretch last year fueled by a player who has little fundamental knowledge of the game of baseball and appears to be an accident waiting to happen. They need to much more for me to agrre with such proclamations.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Amen. Every off-season, it’s the new shiny object for some folks, but never their own team.

    • Grit for Brains says:

      I assume you mean Puig and he can (and to some extent already has) improve his plate discipline and his footwork in the outfield…but 98% of the league can’t develop the raw skills he has and he was a great sign imo…Wasn’t sure if you meant him though because Hanley was (somewhat quietly) even better during that stretch. Sadly, either guy probably has more talent than anyone on the Yanks excluding the ghost of Alex Rodriguez of course.

    • forensic says:

      They’ve only spent like drunken sailors for a year or two. It’s not like this is some long-term thing that they’ve shown doesn’t change their ability to win.

      I don’t see much debate that they’re a better team than the Yankees and a better bet to win the World Series than the Yankees in the next 6 years (just based on a likely contract length).

      If he bases it all on the better team, the Yankees are in trouble. If he includes other considerations, then the Yankees are helped by many of those.

      We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. All the freaking out either way just seems pointless to me. We finally get a ‘free agent’ negotiation period with a hard deadline, which ends in about 5 days. Why not just wait a couple days before freaking out (not addressed to you, just the general tone of this thread)?

      Personally, I’m not worried about the Cubs, who I consider to be somewhat similar to the Mariners/Cano. If the Cubs get him, I feel confident that it’ll be on a contract that is larger than I would want to give him (even though I really want him), similar to how I would’ve liked Cano back, but wouldn’t want to go near the contract the M’s did. The Dodgers are a whole other story, though.

      • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        The jury is indeed out on the Dodgers. My comment was simply a reflection of the fact that they will prove to be more right than wrong when in 10 years we look back at the next 5-6.

  30. Dan says:

    My theory is: They’re only willing to throw away $189m for Tanaka. So to the people who are saying why spend $120 on Tanaka when you can get 2 other starters for the same money; I don’t see it happening. If they don’t get Tanaka, the best hope for the 4th starter is going to be a revitalized Santana. At that point, the Yanks only playoff shot rests on CC rebounding all the way.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I think the 189 talk needs to be put to rest already. They are way too close at this point, and still looking to make other moves which are going to put them over. They’re going over, with or without Tanaka.

  31. Sam says:

    For what it’s worth, Ken Davidoff wrote a story and mentioned a source saying tat the Yankees made a very aggressive offer for Tanaka. It’s not surprising, but it’s good to finally hear someone say something about the Yankees negotiations

  32. YukiSaito18 says:

    I’ve said this a hundred times, but Japanese sports news sites are NOT reliable! These same sites said that the Yankees gave a “massive” deal to Yu Darvish and a plethora of other random, made up rumors. They spend as much time telling you whose apartment a baseball player left at 4am as much as actual baseball rumors. Nikkan Sports, Sponichi etc. are not ESPN, they are a tabloid. I don’t understand why people keep referencing them, because it is like referencing the National Enquirer.

    I’m sure the Yanks did make a formal offer, everyone knew that was going to happen, but as far as number? Nobody has any idea. Over 100MM sounds like something I or anybody on this blog could have said.

  33. Sam says:

    For what its worth, in his latest story, Ken Davidoff reports that a source told him the Yankees submitted a very aggressive offer. Not surprising, but nice to hear something about the Yanks negotiations for a change.

    Second-to-last graf in the story has that bit:


    • forensic says:

      Hearing something about the Yankees negotiations does nothing for me. From the start, Close made it clear that he wanted a very quiet, private negotiating window. The fact that the Yankees were the quietest big-time bidder (followed closely by the Dodgers) was at least a minor good sign to me. They’re respecting the agent/player’s desires and only keeping the most trusted people in the front office involved in these discussions. The Cubs, on the other hand, seem to have leaks every hour or so.

      Will it make a huge difference in their choice? Who knows, but at least the Yanks are doing their best to make sure it doesn’t hurt them.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah here’s the little paragraph:

      “The luxury-tax goal has not at all hindered their pursuit of Tanaka, Steinbrenner insisted, and an industry source said the Yankees have made a “very aggressive” offer to the 25-year-old. They would rather win on Tanaka and lose on their luxury-tax goal.”

  34. jg916 says:

    What I think is laughable is how so many keep playing up the Cubs. Seriously, Tanaka is NOT going half-way around the world to play Major League Baseball to sign with the CUBS. For a team that hasn’t won anything in 108 years. A team by its own admission is at least three years away from contending for anything other than fourth place. In a 100 year old dump of a ballpark for fans who haven’t, and still don’t, care if the team wins. Just as long as they can say they were at Wrigley Field.
    The Cubs over the Yankees? No chance in this world. Casey Close is a smooth negotiator and most likely using both Chicago teams to drive up the price.
    I will be stunned if Tanaka signs with anyone other than the Yankees.

  35. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Tuesday/Wednesday is said to be the big day.

    Over/under on the number of comments if the Yanks land him versus if the Yanks don’t land him?

    • I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      366 if we land him, 722 if we don’t.

      Fear of the Day (FotD)™: we don’t.

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