Rest in Peace: Bleacher Creature Udi Latarre

Yankees sign Scott Sizemore to minor league deal
Rosenthal: Yankees unlikely to add infielder on Major League deal

I spend a fair amount of my summer at Yankee Stadium and get to meet a lot of personalities.  From the folks over at Yankee Bar and Grill, to the Twitter folks who come hang out in 420a and of course the Bleacher Creatures.

Udi Latarre, photo from
Udi Latarre, photo from

A few years back I struck up a relationship with (Bald) Vinny Milano after some back and forth on Twitter.  Eventually he welcomed myself and my wife into the “Creature Family” and introduced us to a lot of the regulars.  One of those regulars was Udi Latarre, a creature of the highest regard.

Udi was a smile, a funny joke, a photobomb and a stiff drink every time.  Udi was a man who wanted to work hard in the IT industry and watch the Yankees play.  Udi was a sweetheart who always was happy to see a familiar face.  I only spent a few years getting to know him, but he was genuine and great.  Vinny sent along notice last night that Udi Latarre passed away earlier this week at home suddenly.

Udi Latarre, Photo from his Facebook.
Udi Latarre at the annual Bleacher Creature Softball Game, Photo by Tracey 

Yankee Stadium has lost some real personality since the move from the old place to the new.  People have critized that the common fan has been priced out, that it’s too quiet and just not the same.  But losing real people like Udi furthers that great people make up a venue as much as the fancy video screens, expensive food and high priced beers.  A house needs a family to be a home, and Udi was a member of a family.

Please take a moment in your day to remember that sometimes it’s more than just watching a baseball game.  It’s about the relationships that come from sitting next to the person next to you and making a snide remark about the other team.  The guy who starts the funny chant.  The guy who might have on a funny shirt about “the wave.”  Remember people like Udi, they just wanted to enjoy the game, like you.

Thanks for being my friend for a little while.  Take care Udi.

Yankees sign Scott Sizemore to minor league deal
Rosenthal: Yankees unlikely to add infielder on Major League deal
  • ChrisGuitars

    It’s hard not to be moved with a piece like this. Nicely done. Every time I go to a game I meet people who are my new best friends, if only for 3 hours. More than the quality of the seats, food and drink, even the final score, it is my new friends who determine how enjoyable the day is (I know, a preposition). Sorry for the loss of your friend .

  • JoeyA

    Very well said.

    RIP Udi

  • Galit Zamler

    Thank you Jay for writing this and thinking of Udi. We all appreciate it very much.
    A friend from Israel

  • John Lane

    Nicely put. Udi was a great guy & is already missed. Thanks

  • LarryM Fl

    Meeting someone at the game who loves the game, understands the game is always a plus whether that someone is a Yankee fan or not. Its like watching a game on the big screen in mega pixel vision and conversing with another fan of the game.

    A real shame that a man so young is not with us, RIP my friend. Watch from above.

  • Ian Zubowicz

    Spot on with this. Udi will be missed.


  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Nice article. Never knew him but, indeed, this is as much what being a fan is about as anything else. RIP.

  • http://facebook jeff

    was a good natured friend with a goog heart and great sense a humor.Its hard to accept .The bleachers will not be the same.

  • EndlessJose

    Never knew the guy but must have been nice if mentioned here.


    Udi Latarre

  • Mark DeVoe

    Among other things Udi was a Bleacher Creature and one of the first to friend me when I started sitting with the Creatures. A decorated veteran with the Jewish Army, he was very humble about his past as well as his “now”.
    Though I haven’t made a game in section 203 in more than a year. We would stay in touch thanks to Facebook
    Game on my friend. Keep the roll call going from above!

  • KennyH123

    Beautiful tribute. Simple, eloquent, and dead on accurate.

  • Dave203

    RIP UDI — You were always a fun guy to be around and will be missed.

  • CashmanNinja

    I never knew him, but I think he’s the spitting image of what going to a game is all about. You go to a game to escape “real life”. You go there to be with friends. You go there to just cut loose and have a good time. But the most important thing is that you go there to make new memories. I’ve gone to games with different types of people sitting next to me, but you can’t help but befriend them for the 3 hours that you’re there. That’s what makes the game fun. You go to a game and you automatically are bunched in with people who have the same love of something that you have. He was a passionate fan and fans like that make the game itself much, much more enjoyable. My condolences to his family (including his Yankee family).

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    I met Udi/worked closely with Udi at Juice a few years back. Went to a few games with him and when I’d sit in 203, always said whats up. Good man, great fan, better person. Regards to family and friends. Games won’t be the same without you, Udi.

  • JoshG

    I just heard the news about my dear friend Udi. You did hit it spot on Jay. I worked with Udi for many years. He was a trusted friend and a great colleague. The Yankees and stiff drinks were a part of his jovial, witty personality. Will miss him and his smile, stories, laughs, and most importantly..friendship. Take care my good friend. Will miss you immensely. Josh

  • Gavriel Strasman

    A very touching piece about UDI.

    Udi’s uncle, in Israel

  • Chris Paul

    Such a nice piece, Jay. Thank you.
    I am walking the halls of JUICE Pharma (where Udi was Director of Development for a few years) with great sadness. Indeed, Udi was genuine, and engaging and I could tell that The Creatures were family to him. He invited me to join him when the Cincy Reds came to town, and I had a blast…just like he and The Creatures do so often. Rest In Peace, Udi.

    Chris Paul

  • Chris Paul

    If anyone here knows info about Memorial Services in New York City – if they haven’t yet happend (not sure of his exact day of passing) – and would be kind enough to send some info to me, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Otherwise, I’ll have a 24 oz’er in hand on Opening Day and say a prayer, tell a joke, and have a hearty laugh…then heckle the opposing team.

    Chris Paul

    • Judy Adelson

      The funeral of Udi Latarre is scheduled to be on Sunday, January 19th, at 10:30 AM, in the Mount Richmond Cemetery, 420 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306.

  • jay destro

    Chris, hi I am the author of this post, I’ve reached out to a mutual friend of mine and Udi’s to see if they will have services here.

    • Judy Adelson

      The funeral of Udi Latarre is scheduled to be on Sunday, January 19th, at 10:30 AM, in the Mount Richmond Cemetery, 420 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306.

  • Chris Paul

    Thanks, Jay.
    I’ll stay tuned.

  • Martin Zietarski

    I was deeply shocked hearing the sad news.
    It does touch me a lot, I’m very sorry to hear that. Its very tragic. Udi was a great guy and a tough manager, my boss. I will deeply miss him.

    Rest In Peace, Udi.