Sanchez and Williams crack’s top 100 prospects list

The Yankees, Stephen Drew, and the worst part of the hot stove season
Yankees trade David Huff to Giants for cash considerations released their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball yesterday, a list that was predictably topped by Twins OF Byron Buxton. He’s the clear number one prospect in the game right now. Red Sox SS Xander Bogaerts and Cardinals OF Oscar Taveras round out the top ten. Nearly one-quarter (23, to be exact) of the players on the list belong to the Red Sox, Astros, or Cubs. That seems like a lot.

The Yankees had two players make the top 100: C Gary Sanchez (47th) and OF Mason Williams (75th). RHP Masahiro Tanaka is technically a rookie/prospect, but he was ineligible for list given his already lengthy pro career. Ditto White Sox 1B Jose Abreu. Jim Callis said he would have ranked Tanaka somewhere in the 4-7 range had he been eligible.’s list is always off the beaten path a bit and that’s not a bad thing; different opinions are good. I’m not sure if we’ll see Williams on another top 100 list this spring though.

The top 100 link includes a scouting report and video for all 100 prospects, as well as a breakdown of the top ten prospects by position. Sanchez ranks fourth among catcher and 1B Greg Bird is seventh among first basemen. There’s also a companion piece looking at the best individual tools among the various prospects.

The Yankees, Stephen Drew, and the worst part of the hot stove season
Yankees trade David Huff to Giants for cash considerations
  • Chris H

    Bird could be a real fast riser not only on prospect lists but also in system, especially if Teixeira’s wrist doesn’t heal right. His combination of on base skills and power makes hik easilly one of our best minor bats, if we didn’t have so many DH players I could see him starting by next year.

  • vicki

    halos shut out.

  • Dalek Jeter

    2001 BBWAA: Ichiro? Yeah, he’s playing in Seattle. He’s totally a rookie. Give him the ROY!

    2003 BBWAA: Matsui? He’s playing in NY, he’s not really a rookie, he’s had an entire career in Japan!! NO ROY!

    2011 BBWAA: Cepedes and/or Darvish? If it wasn’t for the best player in baseball being a rookie, YEAH TOTALLY!

    2014 BBWAA: Regardless of how he does, Tanaka isn’t a rookie! He had an entire career in Japan!

    • JGYank

      Darvish and Cespedes came in 2012. But your point remains.

      • Dalek Jeter

        Damnit. That’s what I get for not paying attention!

    • RetroRob

      I still don’t get why Tanaka wasn’t included. It’s not just Tanaka. I don’t think they ranked Darvish when he came over two years ago.

      Yet, he is coming from a lesser league, he has never played in MLB, what he will do here is not really known, and he is eligible for Rookie of the Year. He’s a prospect. A well-paid prospect, but a prospect nonetheless!

      • KeithK

        This is an list. For various reasons MLB treats Japanese baseball as an equal even though everyone who is paying attention knows that the overall talent level makes it a minor league. Listing Tanaka in a prospects list would run counter to this philosophy.

        Plus, given the contract he isn’t really a prospect in the same sense that a kid who played in AAA last year is. A bad showing in Florida or Arizona could leave the AAA kid down in the minors come April. Barring injury there is pretty much zero chance that Tanaka won’t be in Houston on April 1.

    • Mikhel

      You missed: Nomo and Sasaki, both of them ROY with a career in Japan. Puig came in at #2 even when he had a few years playing in Cuba.

  • BobbyJ

    Red Sox prospects are way overrated. They should have at the most six in the Top 100, not nine!!! By this time next year, I bet the Yankees farm is better than theirs.

    • Mickey blue jeans

      CTRL-F ‘Red Sox prospects are way overrated’

      Was not disappointed.

  • TWTR

    I really hope that Sanchez becomes a lifelong Yankee.

  • PunkPitch

    Not to worry. Oppenheimer will fing an ambidexterousvswitch hitting ball boy in this years 3rd round.

  • Yanks200910

    Meanwhile Taijuan Walker, Nick Castellanos and Noah Syndergaard are in top 15. But hey we drafted the savior in Cito Culver who was suppose take over for Derek Jeter..! He’ll come save us right ..?

  • I

    9 Red Sox prospects I count. That’s might impressive. Here is the thing I’ve never understood about “prospecting” young players. Very few materialize into superstars. Many flame out. The Red Sox just had a very VERY good last 12 months in their minors. 2-3 years ago, they were a disaster, but the Yanks were nearly a top 5 organization (at that time) with Montero #2/#3 in the league, the “killer B’s” and others. Virtually none worked out, but my hopes are high that Betances is a solid back end bull pen arm (2 batters, throwing heat type of thing) and I see no reason what Banuelos can’t still be what people previously saw. He had TJ and not shoulder. It’s worth pointing, that based on my general observation, the Yankees have produced some of the games biggest players in the last 2 decades. None recently, but last I checked, the Red Sox haven’t produced a single HOF candidate that I can remember in the last 20 years.

    The point is, there is a chest pumping going on these last few years about the “right way to build a team” and that the Cardinals are the model of success in scouting and prospects. Prospecting players is a hit or miss. It really is. My money is that Jackie Bradley for example, will flame out. The Sox will have Victorino playing center by mid May. Just a guess. That was no normal slump Bradley had last year.

    So, while the baseball world marvels at the Red Sox farm at the moment, its prudent to consider that there will be massive let downs and amazing finds this season too. I’m just happy that a Mike Trout exists because he proves this point exactly. Not even a top 100 at the time of the draft.

    • PunkPitch

      File this under the “hey this is just too hard” for our scouts to get right school of bs excuses.

    • JKK

      Nice write up. Well thought through. I agree with most of your comments. Just to add some of my thoughts. Having a large pool of highly rates prospects will always be a plus compared to not having them. These highly rated prospects can be packaged for trade purposes for high end Major League talent such as Top of Rotation starters, middle of the order bats. Yankees currently do not have trade chips due to a poor farm system. Some highly rated prospects can also turn into solutions for the short-comings of MLB teams. Joel Sherman of NYPOST was so right last week in his critical piece last week on the poor state of Yankees minor league system. Yankees must do better going forward to address their poor farm system.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    From the “beating a dead horse” files; this minors development, drafting morass is pissing me the F*** off ! And of course to boot, Boston has a plethora of top tier prospects. As a fan, prosperous homegrown talent, is nirvana. There’s so much satisfaction in following amateur players, and see them excel with the parent club. Drafting late aside, NY needs to do a better job (duh !) at drafting / IFA signings and development. It all might be cyclical, but given NY’s purse strings, we should have the best player development / assessment team in the business. Ownership didn’t feel the need for change within the drafting / development hierarchy……, how long, and amount of failures before they finally do ?!

  • soxhata

    I have watched Heathcott in at least 6 games,and this guy is special.Maybe 90th,because he can’t stay on the field,but,a top 100 prospect imo.