Seixeiro: Yankees sign Chris Leroux to minor league deal

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Dellin Betances' Big Chance

Via Alex Seixeiro: The Yankees have signed right-hander Chris Leroux to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training. He will presumably compete for a bullpen spot with other non-roster invitees like Brian Gordon, Robert Coello, and Matt Daley.

Leroux, 29, spent last year with the Yakult Swallows in Japan, pitching poorly (26 runs in 22 innings with a 14/11 K/BB) before a shoulder injury ended his season. He dominated in winter ball (2.76 ERA and 16/3 K/BB in 16.1 innings) and spent the 2011-12 seasons as an up-and-down arm with the Pirates. He’s got a 5.56 ERA (3.32 FIP) in 69.2 career big league innings. Leroux has a low-90s fastball and he relies heavily on his low-80s slider. Another arm for the stable.

Monday Night Open Thread
Dellin Betances' Big Chance
  • Nathan

    I wonder how much thought/research is put into signings like these? I’m sure the Yankees have some sort of scouting report on every MLB player of some sort but is this a move the Cashman spends more than a few minutes deciding on?

    I think it’s probably like me ordering lunch on any given day. “Meh, looks good…cheap enough too”.

    • ALZ

      Anyone that can pitch in the 90mph range is worth a milb deal imo.

    • The Great Gonzo

      You know when you go to Best Buy and they offer you the extended warranty on that new TV? About that long

  • http://RiverAvenueBlues Grant Stephens

    The Yankees need to sign 3B Jeff Baker and SS Stephen Drew to Minor-League Contracts

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Stephen Drew isn’t getting an MiLB contract if it comes with a blow job from Katy Perry.

      • BaltimoreYankee

        Crass fail. There are adults on this site.

      • JT

        hmm. I dunno that’s a pretty attractive offer. :)

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      What does this have to do with Chris Leroux?

  • CashmanNinja

    This signing is nothing more than depth. The chance he does anything besides eat up innings is slim to none. You never know when they’ll need a mop up guy and he can at least do that, but it isn’t a high reward thing because there isn’t much reward to be had. But it isn’t a risk signing at all because it’s just a minor league deal and if he stinks up the joint (more than expected) than they’ll cut ties.

  • Jersey Joe

    I’m sorry but this minor league deal has an extremely small amount of upside/potential.

    • ALZ

      The minors need pitchers too. Some of these deals are to cover AAA when they do poach those rosters.

    • Havok9120


      I mean, I know saying this is just BEGGING Forensic to appear and inform me that AAA’s bulpen is full and by signing this guy we’re stealing Mark Montgomery’s innings…but what’s the harm? Especially if some team scout likes what he saw for some reason?

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        And any way, he’s not taking Montgomery’s innings.

      • The Great Gonzo

        meh, I think you’re overthinking it. Strictly a move for an warm body org player. A LOTTA LOTTA LOTTA shit needs to go horribly wrong for this guy to throw a meaningful pitch for the big club this year.

  • Yankeefan91

    i like his delivery so thats something.

  • 27 Rings

    Jeter should play 3B.

  • vicki

    il est canadien.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    And here I thought Teixeira had come up with a porn star name.


  • Pinkie Pie

    Looks like we just got put over the top.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Can he play 2B?

  • Jarak

    Wonder if he speaks Japanese well

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Isn’t he a country/blues guitarist?

    • Chris in Maine

      No, I think he is the new guitarist from Slayer.

  • Darren

    We haven’t a good French/Cajun sounding name in far too long. I like this move.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Russell Martin would approve

    • Chris

      Wasn’t Andy Pettitte French or Cajun or something?

      • Darren

        I think Andy is part Cajun like Gator was. And Russel was obviously French or French Canadian, but he didn’t have the sweet sounding name.