Third Base Notes: Reynolds, Young, Drew

Arbitrator upholds 162-game suspension; AROD set to sue
Yankees sign Scott Sizemore to minor league deal
(Eric Christian Smith/Getty)
(Eric Christian Smith/Getty)

The Yankees now know, for certain, that Alex Rodriguez will not be available to them this coming season. Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz officially reduced A-Rod‘s suspension from 211 games to 162 games yesterday, but make no mistake, it was a huge win for MLB. They wanted Alex out of the game for the year and that’s what they got. The Yankees now have an extra $25M or so to spend but they also need a new third baseman.

With the ruling now handed down, the team will likely begin looking for a third base replacement in earnest. Here’s the latest on the hot corner situation courtesy of Anthony McCarron, Andrew Marchand, and Dan Martin:

  • The Yankees continue to mull a reunion with Mark Reynolds, but they are only offering a minor league contract at this time. Such an agreement has been dubbed “unlikely.”
  • Michael Young is also being considered and the two sides have been talking. It is “too early to tell” if anything will come from it, however. The Yankees tried to acquire Young at the trade deadline.
  • The Yankees remain uninterested in Stephen Drew for whatever reason. Brian Cashman said they won’t be signing him last week. Drew has never played a position other than shortstop as a pro.
  • Cashman said the team does not view Brendan Ryan or Eduardo Nunez as third base options, thankfully. Kelly Johnson is an option but his experience at the position is limited (16 games, all last year).
Arbitrator upholds 162-game suspension; AROD set to sue
Yankees sign Scott Sizemore to minor league deal
  • Kosmo

    It appears NY will sign Scott Sizemore to a MiLB contract.

    • mustang

      It seems like the plan right now is to go after Masahiro Tanaka and due a patch job at 3rd and the bullpen in order to shot for 189.
      I don’t know if I agree with it, but that seems like the plan.

      • Kosmo

        yes pending an unforeseen trade(Headley?) it might come down to a Sizemore/Johnson platoon at 3B. At this point the Yanks don´t seem committed to Nunez to receive much playing time.

        • Laz

          Wouldn’t mind Headley, but the Padres are still probably asking too much. They probably want the price that he was in 2012, even though as I predicted he just reverted back to his norms.

          • Kosmo

            his norms are quite good away from home. I would be willing to give up 3 legit prospects to make it happen.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        They can’t sign Tanaka and be under $189M, unless they clear substantial salary elsewhere.

        • Kosmo

          If I have my payroll info correct, now that Arod is gone for 2014 NY right now is on the books for around 150 million so they have plenty of cash to work with.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            Not really. At least not without getting rid of players.
            The $150M+ is just for the 13 players with already signed contracts.
            The 5 arbitration eligible players will add about $15M more.
            Benefits, etc will add likely at least $11M.
            Pre-arb and 40-man roster players and routine moves (injury callups, Sept. callups, etc) will likely add at least $5M more.
            All together, the current roster (I’m including the still not formally signed Roberts) would likely end up over $180M.
            And apparently, ARod may still count for a few million against the cap even with the suspension.

        • mustang

          Maybe I seen (and done myself) so many estimation on the payroll run to 189 it’s not even funny I will leave it up to their accounts.

          I think its best to see were their at if/when they sign Tanaka.

      • mustang

        Michael Young, Placido Polanco, Mark Reynolds, Cody Ransom, Wilson Betemit, Chris Nelson, Dean Anna, Ronnier Mustelier, Justin Turner, Eduardo Nunez, Brendan Ryan, Kelly Johnson, Jose Pirela, and Corban Joseph.

        Did I miss anyone? What a list LOL

        • Mike HC

          Mid season trade is probably our best hope at landing a decent third/second baseman. Romine, Murphy, Cervelli, Phelps, Nuno, Austin, Williams, Heathcott … I mean some package of a these guys could potentially land a legitimate starter if things fall right during the season.

          • mustang


        • mustang

          I like to see the farm get a shot Ronnier Mustelier, Jose Pirela, and Corban Joseph maybe they find a sleeper.

          • mustang

            and Anna.

        • Big John Stud

          David Adams?

          Now on a MLB deal with Cleveland.

  • blee

    man… ideal situation would be for the captain to move to 3rd.. with his reduced mobility and still strong arm.. 3rd would be great w/ Ryan manning SS most of the time..

    I fell in love with having run saving SS play last year

    • Kosmo

      I don´t see Jeter moving to 3B. This is more than likely his last season in pinstripes, so all the while having to make sure his ankle will hold up for another season and then turning his attention to learning to play a new position. I can just imagine Jeter trying to field a bunt. He has a fine late inning replacement in Ryan.

  • FLYER7

    I can undertsnad offering MiLB deals to Sizemore and Reynolds at this point Yanks dont want to make any 40 man roster moves that might lose some prospects. Let the prospects get a look in spring training. My guess with Austin, Williams, Heathcott amd Garcia, Flores may be expendable at this point on the 40 man

    • Kosmo

      I would hope NY can move Flores in a package deal to address a need, 3B,INF or RP.

    • Laz

      Flores still has value.
      People forget that he is the youngest of the group of outfielders. He had a bit of a down year, but he still showed a healthy obp, he just needs to get the power up a bit if he wants to be a corner of.

  • PunkPitch

    Howie Kendricks at 2nd, Johnson + at 3rd.

  • DFSC

    Dear god, don’t let Michael Young happen. What a horrible signing that would be.

    • Big John Stud

      You mean like Vernon Wells?

  • CS Yankee


    He is a noodle bat with limited range that whines too much…we have already a few players with most of that skillset on the roster.

    • CS Yankee

      Was meant to be a reply to DFSC

  • MartinRanger

    Mark Reynolds is a lot better than minor league contract fodder in this market, and seriously, they could use his right-handed power – are there really so many better options that they can lowball him like this?

  • Kentucky Ed

    Like mustang’s comment above I’d like to see Mustelier get a reasonable shot in ST. Seems to have the bat, his fielding is a question. Biggest problem with him the last couple of years looks to be his durability, lots of DL time.

  • Bobby D

    Who cares who you have at third you are not going to compete with this pitching staff period!! Get two starters and a closer or stay under 189 lose ratings and attendance and go for the pitching next year.

    • Mike

      With Tanaka in the fold we match up with any pitching staff in the league and are favorites in the division.

  • Big John Stud

    “The Yankees remain uninterested in Stephen Drew for whatever reason. ”

    Uh, Plan 189?

    So they’ll make noise about Tanaka and get off the hook as the Mariners or Dodgers pay “more than they thought was wise”.

    Nope, it’s scrap heap pick ups from her eon out even as they let millions go over the Johnsons, Sizemores, and Ryans of the world. I mean why develop 1 WAR players liek Adams and Joseph when you can pay 4x for a bigger “name” but less value.

    Worked with Vernon Wells, right?

  • Chris

    So is A-Rod officially not playing next year no matter what? He said he will appeal it… so doesn’t that mean he can play until the decision is reached by the appellate court?

    • lightSABR

      No. He’s done with MLB’s appeals process and can only go to federal court. The court could force the league to let him play while it makes its decision, but only if it thinks he has a substantial likelihood of winning. Given how much courts defer to arbitrator decisions, he doesn’t.