Derek Jeter announces plan to retire following 2014 season

(REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)

(REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)

A historic era of Yankees baseball is coming to an end. Derek Jeter announced on Wednesday that he intends to retire following the 2014 season. Joel Sherman says the Yankees were not aware the announcement was coming, but Casey Close, Jeter’s agent, confirmed the news. Here is the important stuff from the announcement letter:

“Last year was a tough one for me. As I suffered through a bunch of injuries, I realized that some things that always came easily to me and were always fun had started to become a struggle. The one thing I always said to myself was that when baseball started to feel more like a job, it would become time to move forward.

“So really it was months ago that I realized that this season would likely be my last. As I came to this conclusion and shared it with my friends and family, they all told me to hold off saying anything until I was absolutely 100% sure.

“And the thing is, I could not be more sure. I know it in my heart. The 2014 season will be my last year playing professional baseball.”

Buried within the announcement, Jeter says he wants to start focusing on his personal life and begin a family of his own. That he managed to keep his personal life so private and his image squeaky clean over the years is truly impressive, especially in New York. Kinda weird to think about Jeter finally settling down and starting a family, isn’t it? Good for him.

“Derek called me this morning to tell me that he planned to retire following the season,” said Hal Steinbrenner in a statement. “In our conversation, I told him that I respected his decision because I know he put a lot of thought into it. I also let him know that I thought it was great that he was letting fans know now so they will have a chance to say goodbye to him.

“He is unquestionably one of the greatest Yankees ever. He has meant so much to fans, the organization, my father and our family. I’m glad we have this year to celebrate everything he has meant to us and all the great things he still stands to accomplish.”

Jeter, who will turn 40 in June, missed all but 17 games last year due to a series of leg injuries, including the fractured ankle he suffered during Game One of the 2012 ALCS. Continued setbacks hampered him all year. He is healthy now and preparing for the season on his normal offseason schedule, so he should be able to avoid a repeat of 2013.

The Yankees drafted Jeter with the sixth overall pick in the 1992 draft, and he will retire as both the unquestioned greatest shortstop in Yankees history and as one of the top four or five shortstops in baseball history. With all due respect to Mariano Rivera, Jeter will likely be the greatest Yankee many of us ever see. He is all over the various franchise leaderboards, from hits (first) to games played (first) to batting average (seventh) to bWAR (fifth) and all sorts of other stuff. He is the only man in team history with 3,000+ hits and he also has those five World Series rings as well.

As of right now, Jeter ranks tenth all-time with 3,316 hits. He is only 99 hits away from tying Honus Wagner’s record for most hits by a shortstop, and a good but not great season (117+ hits) would push him into sixth place all-time. Another 199+ hit campaign would move him into fifth all-time, behind only Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, and Stan Musial. That’s some company right there. The Cap’n will retire following the 2014 season and be inducted into the Hall of Fame five years later, no doubt about it.

I assume this coming season will feature another Rivera-esque retirement tour, with mini-celebrations on the road and a massive blowout at Yankee Stadium in September. The Yankees play their final home game on Thursday, September 25th against the Orioles. Their final regular season game is scheduled for Sunday, September 28th at Fenway Park. Needless to say, they need to send this man out with a World Series championship.

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  1. Kevin says:

    So we need to go all in this offseason to get our Captain one more ring. Something we should have done with Mo (in a perfect world), but other than that it is pretty sad to lose the last of the Core Four this season.

    • Andrew J. says:

      THere is no way the Yanks can allow a repeat of the end of the season like last year, with Rivera and Pettitte in Houston against the Astros. One more Yanks/Sox playoff series for the captain, nothing less.

      • Yankee$ AKA Pseudoyanks says:

        Mo went down with a bad injury, came back and had a great last year. If DJ can do that, and some of the other pieces fit well, I think they’ll be right there. Plus, now that the Penny Pinching is done, they could add whatever they need at the deadline.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I hope so man! Either way, i’m so glad Jeter got that ring in 2009. Being able to be part of the late 90′s dynasty and get a ring on another yankees team is pretty cool. It’d be great to add him one more. He needs one for the other hand.

    • ALZ says:

      I hope they do great, but the guy got 5 rings here. He should be pretty damn happy with that. If they get a good opportunity they should, but shouldn’t do anything to mortgage their future just because it is his last year.

  2. 56mantle says:

    Let’s hope he goes out with a BANG!

  3. Paddy's Pub says:

    Sad to think about. He’s the last of the “core players” or whatever you want to call them.

  4. Jeremy says:

    are we sure 2012 wasn’t Derek’s last year playing professionally?

  5. mitch says:

    definitely glad to hear. I really didn’t want it to ever get to the point where the Yankees had to make a tough decision.

  6. Mike HC says:

    Wow. Even though we all kind of saw it coming, I’m speechless.

  7. Matt DiBari says:

    Not really unexpected. Now I need to figure out if I want to go to the inuction ceremony in 2019 or 2020

  8. Brian in MA says:

    all the more reason to sign Drew, stick him at 3rd for a year, then slide back to short in 2015

    • Dropped Third says:

      Give it up! I’m tired of hearing the whining for drew.

    • Farewell Mo says:

      2nd year in a row with a Yankee all time great on a farewell tour.

      Should be great

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Except if you feel the team can find a better SS than Drew next off-season.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        -Is- Hanley going to be available?

        Are we willing to bet not getting someone we know is good and can be had reasonably on the possibility that Hanley is available next offseason?

        • I'm One says:

          Seems Hanley and the Dodgers are getting closer to an extension. I bet he’s not available next season. Doesn’t mean I think Drew is the solution, but I’d be less surprised now to see the Yankees make a move on him (at the right price, of course).

  9. Greg says:

    Better make hotel reservations for Cooperstown for summer 2019

  10. Dan says:

    I audibly gasped when I saw this; and now I feel sick to my stomach. I can’t explain it, but this makes me way sadder than Rivera retiring.

  11. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    He must really love his new publishing career.

  12. reef says:

    I’m just hoping that at the end of the season, we’re all begging him not to retire, like Mariano, and not asking why we paid a platoon player 13 mil.

  13. pjbaseball says:

    Any chance his FB page was hacked? Seems very un-jeter like to announce this via social media

  14. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    I’m surprised he’s announcing his retirement ahead of time, because it will be a year long distraction (interview and ceremony after interview and ceremony), and of all people, he loathes distractions and ceremonies.

  15. Havok9120 says:


  16. steves says:

    He goes out as the starting shortstop of the New York Yankees as it should be.

  17. Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

    These past few years really are the end of an era.

    Easy to be dispassionate about it and realize it’s going to happen, it’s much different to experience it.

    Big part of my childhood waving goodbye.

  18. Farewell Mo says:

    If the Yankees are in contention down the stretch, maybe Mo and Pettitte will saddle up for one last ride so they can all go out together.

    That would be awesome.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      It would but, you know, I’d rather my retired guys stay retired. Just not a fan of unretirement, other than Andy’s first return.

  19. CS Yankee says:

    A shoker to me, must have enjoyed watching the tour that Mo recieved otherwise he should have just announced it in November while riding in the Canyon of Heroes parade.

    just sayin.

  20. TheRealGreg says:

    Cue up the Cavalcade of Cash and Prizes for Jeter!

    But seriously, I had an inkling that this would be his last year. It’s going to be emotional and a bit weird to see him leave.

  21. Wicomico Pinstripes says:

    The Cap’n just punched me straight in the childhood.

  22. Jorge ateinbrenner says:

    Don’t have much time.

    1. Not surprised.
    2. Losing athletes the class of Mariano, Derek, and Andy, future generations have some very big shoes to fill.

    Love you, Captain. You are the truest of True Yankees.

  23. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    You have to wonder what’s behind this announcement.

    Does his body not feel right? Did the front office persuade him to retire?

    Late last season, in light of Mo’s farewell tour, someone asked Jeter how would he like his farewell tour to go, and he was offended the question even came up, saying he never even remotely thinks about retirement.

    • Mike HC says:

      Maybe he doesn’t want to have to constantly answer/deflect questions about retiring throughout the entire season? Maybe he decided being showered with love for an entire season is not so bad after seeing Mo go through it?

    • Havok9120 says:

      He said outright that the preparation feels more like work than it ever had before.

      • Mike HC says:

        I thought Steinbrenner’s Ghost was just talking about the announcement, but I think you are right he was talking about retiring in general. And I believe Jeter was being straight with us too.

    • Scout says:

      I think forty years of wear and tear on his body are behind the announcement.

  24. Dan says:

    The Yankees need to go on a playoff run and send Jeter out right. They need infield help to do it. Sign Drew and he can take over at SS next year, and be the missing piece of added infield stability the Yankees need to go deep into the playoffs now. It would be ridiculous for both Mo’s and Jeter’s last game to be meaningless.

  25. Baked McBride says:

    Jeter is going to say closed-door farewells to models in every MLB city

  26. Dan G says:

    Somewhere in the world Michael Kay sheds a tear.

  27. Jay says:

    Tulowitzki will the Yankees’ SS next year.

  28. tjf says:

    Might be a precursor to early exit if hes not able to do it. No guarantee he plays at all. He just started activities and now this? Timing is biggest signal. Maybe done before season starts.

  29. Kvothe says:

    And yet, 3%-5% of attention whoring Hall of Fame voters will still not vote for him.

  30. Chelo says:

    Never thought I see Derek Jeter retiring from baseball….My childhood will officially be over….Think Moes farewell tour have anything to do with it? or all the injuries? Lets just hope he stays healthy all year and can enjoy it.

  31. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    This is really a biter pill to swallow.

    Just in 2012 he lead the majors in hits, batting .316

  32. Darren says:

    This is horrible, but sometimes we must endure the unendurable.

    I was looking forward to Jeter as player/manager, chasing after Rose’s record in 2019, but alas, it shall not be.


  33. LarryM Fl says:

    Classy move. It must have been a bitch to get ready for the season which will be long and a difficult physical process.

    I watched the Mick deteriorate in front of my eyes with one devastating injury after another. These injuries in conjunction with his addiction killed a great career. Jeter on the other hand did it the the right way for himself, the Yankees and the fans.

    If the Yanks can win another WS. What a storybook finish for all of us.

    How fortunate have I been to watch Yogi, Whitey, Mickey and Derek that is some rare air of baseball talent. To give my fellow bloggers something to ponder. These are the best of the best, Amen.

  34. BrianMcCannon says:

    Right in the childhood.


  35. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Jeter is the 2nd greatest shortstop in the history of the game.

    I say this based upon Ripken moving to third base, Arky Vaughan’s career being too short, Ernie Banks spending more time at first base, and the fact that other guys were too much glove, not enough bat.

    Wagner is still first, somewhat sad as that is.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      We need to decide if Wagner is a 2B or a SS. I’ve seen people claim him as the best of both positions, but I’m not willing to give him that title.

    • kevin says:

      Eh. Jeter wouldn’t have been allowed to play with Wagner so I think its apples and oranges. You can call them co-goats as far as I am concerned.

    • Mike HC says:

      He is the greatest shortstop I have ever watched play. As for history of the game, it is so hard to compare eras, especially when you weren’t even around then.

      • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

        That’s where stuff like WAR is supposed to help. But Jeter’s defense kills his WAR numbers. And, yea, call me a Pollyanna, but I’ll never believe his defense was always that horrible.

        • Mike HC says:

          I’m with you. I never bought into his horrible defensive stats. And while I do sometimes look at WAR and it is a fun stat for comparisons, I don’t really like the idea of some guys formula being the end all, be all of a players entire value encapsulated in one number.

          • Cool Lester Smooth says:

            So you take the offensive number and assign him your own defensive run value.

            I think he was closer to +5 than -10 during the 90s, so I just do that.

            • Mike HC says:

              Fair enough. Although, I’m not a fan of using one number for a players entire offensive value either. I’m not in such a rush that I can’t look at all the factors (games played, position, baserunning, ba, obp, slg, hr, hits etc …) for myself and come up with my own determination.

              But like I said, using a single number makes it easier and more fun for comparisons.

              • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                The one offensive number is real, though. It just doesn’t say anything about -how- he accumulated that value, which is, after all, the fun part.

                • Mike HC says:

                  But the offensive number is just one guys opinion/formula of which offensive skills should be weighted more heavily and things like that.

                  I don’t mean to come across as anti WAR. It is a quick and dirty way to discuss a players total value.

                  • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                    The inputs of the offensive number correlate exactly to how much each outcome increases run expectancy in a context-neutral environment.

          • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

            I don’t use WAR as a be all, end all.

            It does help to break ties and evaluate different guys from different eras.

  36. Yankee fan in Cleveland says:

    Gotta wonder about his ankle and overall conditioning. Perhaps after weeks of early spring training and the off season conditioning he doesn’t see himself rebounding the way he thought.

  37. Jim says:

    I love you, Derek

  38. CountryClub says:

    Jeter supposedly told Hal this morning. So while some people in the FO office might have been in the dark, the owner of the team knew.

    I hope he gets another 200 hit season and moves into the #5 spot. That would be sweet. And even sweeter? #28

  39. Pete says:

    Not shocked, but I’ll definitely be a little melancholy this season and thereafter.

  40. dkidd says:

    he needs 120 hits to make 6th all-time and 199 to make 5th

    even 6th place would be awesome:


    • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

      Yea, I’d hoped he’d get past Speaker, and maybe have an outside chance to pass Musial.

      Last year ruined all of that.

      • dkidd says:

        i gave up on musial but really wanted him to slot in at 5. if only he hadn’t rushed back last season

        • Kentucky Ed says:

          He needed 2 seasons, even after last year, of 150 hits to get to Musial. Thought he’d get there. This day had to come, just sad to see it. Like a couple of guys above I got to see Mick Yogi Whitey on through Munson’s era through to the Core Four. A privilege for sure. I just hope that everyone can fully appreciate what we had for the last 2 decades…and by everyone I don’t mean those of us on this board, but the general world of the baseball fan.

    • Mrs. Peterson-Kekich says:

      RAB should run a career hit sidebar with Jeter’s up-to-date ranking this year.

      If he hits for his worst average since he became a regular (not counting last year ) — .270 in 2010 — and lowest number of at bats (ditto) — 482 in 2003 — he’ll get 130 hits, which will put him at 3446, or 11 ahead of Cap Anson in 6th place all-time.

      • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

        Anson’s total is debatable. MLB only counts his total from 1876 onward, which doesn’t give him 3000 hits. BRef counts his total from 1871, which gives him the number you reference. I also defer to that number.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Even top 50 is amazing in that category. Jeters one of those rare guys who don’t need to be compared to other players in the HOF, as hes the kinda guy people are gonna be comparing 2. Hes gonna be in his own category.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Even top 50 is amazing in that category. Jeters one of those rare guys who don’t need to be compared to other players in the HOF, as hes the kinda guy people are gonna be comparing 2. Hes gonna be in his own category.

  41. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    It def feels like the end of an era–half my lifetime this guy has been a yankee.
    And cheers to this: “That he managed to keep his personal life so private…over the years is truly impressive…”

  42. Gonzo says:

    Wow. In my lifetime, he is the only guy I thought was the Yankees. More than George, Mo, Donnie, etc…

    It’s going to be a good year. One more time around with Jeets. Good stuff.

  43. Casey says:

    Makes stephen drew seem like even a better idea

    • gageagainstthemachine says:

      I have been completely against signing Drew…until NOW. I say sign him. Whoever fills Derek’s shoes is going to be a whipping post in the media and with the fans. I’ve never rated Drew that high, so if someone’s going to fail and be dragged out of town behind a horse, I would rather it be a rental than a homegrown player (not that we have any, but I wouldn’t wish the epic scrutiny on Nunez because at least he’s a Yankee). And who knows, maybe Drew comes in and proves me wrong and we have a decent SS for a few years while we try to groom the next great (but never will be Jeter) SS.

      • I'm One says:

        … so if someone’s going to fail and be dragged out of town behind a horse …

        I like your line of thinking.

  44. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    And so begins the Eduardo Nunez era.

  45. Ryan C says:

    I am work right now taking this in and I’m so depressed it’s amazing. I want to call my dad and talk about this, but he passed away in November unexpectedly. In our last conversation he was fretting about the Yankees catching situation and our pitching staff while we both agreed that Tanaka likely wouldn’t be a Yankee. I know we’d probably be rehashing Jeter’s decision for hours tonight. Sorry for the rambling. I’m just bummed out.

    • Kentucky Ed says:

      I know where you’re coming from, have been texting for the last hour and a half with my son. Be happy that you had all these wonderful years to share before he was gone.

      • Mike HC says:

        Jeter facebooked his retirement. You are texting your son about his retirement. We are all commenting on an internet messageboard … Just puts in perspective how long of a run it has been considering none of this existed when Jeter first got called up.

    • Mikhel says:

      thats exactly what me and my dad will be doing this evening. we already talked a bit about Jeter like we do every time we talk about the yanks and him being one if not THE greatest yankee we’ve seen. 2014 already felt like those seasons when we pondered whether Guidry would be able to be himself after those injuries, something relatively rare to Jeter… it feels weird… back in 1996 i started to record in a special ‘baseball diary’ every single thing he did in each game just because when we saw him in 1995 he looked like a special player and we had high hopes… the only players i’ve felt the same towards to besides Derek: Posada, Matsui, Mariano… and Rubén Rivera. mostly because in my early memories Donnie and Randolph were already with the team.

      sad to know there wont be more Jeter after 2014.

      • Mikhel says:

        and i say WE because he got to watch or at least hear the mick playing, and yogi and others and he got to talk with his dad about baseball and the yankees with his dad before he passed away in 1974… almost a century of ‘us’ being Yankees fans… which living in México (in Baja California and Sinaloa) was a bit harder but the newspapers and baseball magazines did a great work covering every yankee game through the years.

  46. Farewell Jete says:

    I feel really bad for all of you who are saying your childhoods are now over. You sound pathetic and your probably really old. It is what it is

  47. Farewell Jete says:

    No people this does not mean sign Stephen drew. It means rock with jeter and then sign one of they way better ss then drew like tulo/Diaz/lowrie/asdrubal/hanram

  48. Steve_Balboni says:

    I have to say I am surprised Jeter would make this announcement. I think announcing this before the season is very unlike the Captain. Now this season becomes all about him instead of the Yankees. Last year was about Mo and not the Yankees, which was fine given how bad we were, but this year I was hoping for more. I would have expected him to be more unselfish and just retire at the end of the season. I guess watching Mo get all those gifts was too tempting. I love DJ, but I am a bit disappointed in him.

    • Mike HC says:

      I see what you are saying but it would have been a distraction no matter what. The media would have constantly pestered him with questions about next year, his expiring contract etc … Might have been easier to put it to bed now. I do get why another season long victory lap is not exactly welcomed after Mo’s victory lap last year though.

      • Steve_Balboni says:

        I got really tired of the whole victory lap thing. Hopefully the Yankees will play Well, Tanaka will be a beast, and there will be lots of good baseball to talk about rather than retirement.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          I’d be just fine with doing this all over again for Derek this season. He deserves it every bit as much as Mo did.

        • Mike HC says:

          It started to wear on me too. I also hope the Yanks great play will overshadow Jeter’s retirement tour to a large extent.

        • Frank says:

          The conspiracy theorist in me suspects there’s more than meets the eye with this announcement. This seems so unlike Jeter who does not like the limelight a farewell tour will surely bring. That’s just not his persona. I wonder if he knows he’s not recovering from this injury, is playing on borrowed time and is not going to make it through the season.

    • Wheels says:

      There is some truth to your statement. However, Jeter has definitely earned the right to handle this anyway he wants to, so maybe let it slide. You can also look at it this way; his retirement tour can draw attention away from the breaking in of Tanaka, Ellsbury, etc.

  49. This News Sucks says:

    This sucks… it makes me wonder if he’s still having problems after the injury.

  50. This News Sucks says:

    Good thing our farm system has the answer for replacing him….sigh

  51. Eselquetodolosabe says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your starting, NYY shortstop for 2015……. Cito Culver ! I’m kidding ?!

  52. Farewell Jete says:

    How nice would it be to have a Xaander Bogarts to replace him

  53. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Ticket sales just went up.

  54. Dale Mohorcic says:

    The starting shortstops for the Yankees (in reverse chron order) before Jeter were Tony Fernandez, Mike Gallego and Spike Owen, each for 1 season. Jeter’s been around a long time.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Keep on counting back and you’ll see how Derek solified a position on this team that for so long seemed impossible to keep someone for more than a season.

      Fans who came of age during the dynasty years, whether knowingly or not, take that for granted bigtime.

    • Cuso says:

      I actually remember an old trivia question from the late 90′s that there were 6 consecutive Opening Day different starters that were different, Espinoza and Velarde were the other ones (besides Jeter).

  55. Yankenstein says:

    The most heroic play I ever saw in my life was Jeter diving headfirst into the stands to grab an inning ending pop up against the Sox’s. I still get chills when I think about it.

  56. Preston says:

    Everyone, me included, whines about Jeter and his terrible range cloffing up the infield. And we have all prognosticated that he will hold the Yankees hostage at the position long after he’s useful. But now faced with the alternative. I am very sad about it. Number 2 will be missed.

  57. CountryClub says:

    darren rovell ?@darrenrovell 2m
    The Yankees had a 12-game plan w/final home game included. Sold out an hour after Jeter’s announcement

  58. Yankeefan91 says:

    Get Jimenez, Get Drew I Want Jeter to go out on top it really bothered me we didn’t get to the playoffs with Mariano Retiring.

  59. mustang says:

    They are going to win the whole thing I just can’t see it ending any other way. For those of you who doubted
    it the guy went 5 for 5 hitting is 3000 hit for HR of David Price.

    Any questions?

    • mustang says:

      They are going to win the whole thing I just can’t see it ending any other way. For those of you who doubted it the guy went 5 for 5 hitting his 3000 hit for HR of David Price.

      Any questions?

  60. KD says:

    Jeet must find himself the most athletic supermodel out there and start producing new Yankee shortstops.

  61. Darren says:

    Someone please tell me this is a nightmare. Why, Jeets, why?

  62. Get Phelps Up says:

    So I guess this is probably the last year where a Yankee will wear a single digit number.

  63. mattd says:

    ” Needless to say, they need to send this man out with a World Series championship.”


  64. JIM MARTIN says:


  65. Doug says:

    Sad to see him go. Hope it’s a great year.

    I’ll miss hearing Bob Sheppard’s voice at non-Old Timers Day games.

  66. Bobby d says:

    As a Yankee fan since 1964 I will say that Jeter is my all time favorite Yankee. From the first game in1996 against the Indians when he showed he could handle the pressure to the countless clutch hits and plays I think he is one of the all time great Yankees and a first ballot hall of famer. I will forever remember how he excelled under pressure unlike so many others who failed in the clutch. He led the yankees to five world championships and seven pennants and I have so many great memories. One I’ll never forget is game one of the 1999 World Series when the yanks were trailing the braves the whole game 1-0. I was sitting at a restaurant with a few friends a couple who weren’t Yankee fans who we’re saying the yanks were in trouble. Eighth inning the yanks got a couple guys on and Jeter comes up and gets a huge base hit to left field to tie the game. The yanks went on to score another run and win the game 2-1. Those guys could not talk the rest of the night. The yanks went on to sweep the Braves and win the World Series. Thanks Jete for that and the many more similar memories!!

  67. Loudog says:

    A Stephen Drew signing makes a little bit more sense now. Although I would not give the opt-out after one year.

  68. Eselquetodolosabe says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your starting shortstop, NYY 2015; Asdrubal Cabrera. Gracias.

    • vicki says:

      or hardy.

      • Eselquetodolosabe says:

        Whomever it is, NY is probably hoping to see beyond incremental progress from one of the impressive youngsters in the lower ranks (Wade, Estrada, etc.,). Then maybe a stopgap, 2 year player. Or….. Full steam ahead; Ramirez, Hardy, Cabrera, etc…,

  69. Coolerking101 says:

    Can we start taking bets on the most outrageous gift he gets (besides a Pinstriped Ford Edge) on the goodbye tour? Sailboat? Monster Truck? Personal jet?

  70. Pinkie Pie says:

    As a Yankee fan who was born in 1996, it’s both saddening and surreal to see a guy who’s been playing on my favorite team since before I was born retire. Watching the Yankees without the icon of my childhood is going to be very strange.

  71. Mountain Yankee says:

    I have to admit to feeling a bit lost now. I went straight from Mattingly to Jeter. Who will the new franchise player be? The next “Captain”?

  72. cnp says:

    I didn’t read any of the above comments, but I’m sure what I’m about to say about this has been said by fans already but still:

    Mo was one thing, but reading his statement actually brought a tear to my eye. Jeter was the first. The first player I loved, the first player I knew, the first players whose stats I could recite from memory, the first jersey I had, the first autograph I got etc. etc. Its making me feel really old, even though I’m only 21. This is really my childhood baseball experience coming to an end and its hard to describe my emotions right now, but I will say this, Thanks for everything Jetes!!!

  73. D23 says:

    Thanks for 20 great years Derek! One of the best and most classiest players I have ever seen.

    Forget Drew. We do no need him. Make a trade later if needed too. Don’t panic….

  74. Ghostwriter says:

    What a shock it was to check into RAB and read this story. It was the last thing I expected to read and one of the last I’d want to. It’s Jeter I equate with an end to my Yankee agony of 18 years of World Series failure. It’s Jeter I equate with the renewed pride in the Yankees – players and fans. Jeter was a leader. He carried himself with more class than any Yankee since DiMaggio (shout out to Mo). He was the hitter you’d hope would get to bat in the 9th with the team trailing. And, he was passionate – about the game, about the Yankees, about his teammates. His love of the game and the Yankees was on display each time he took the field. When I think of Jeter it will be his feverish will to win that comes to mind more than anything.

  75. Yankeefan91 says:

    Derek Jeter is my idol, and will always be the example that I strive to follow. It’s been an honor to share a diamond with The Captain #2

    Words from future Yankee Hanley Ramirez.

  76. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Richard Justice says the Yankee shortstop in 2015 will be either Hanley Ramirez or JJ Hardy.

    • Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

      Harold Reynolds thinks Yankess will acquire Tulowitzki for 2015, while Al Leiter and Ron Darling both say Hanley.

      So this is why Derek retired. He realizes the Yanks are gonna make a run at Hardy or Hanley, and if they land one of them, they’re not going to bring him back to play DH at 10 to 15 mill per year.

      This is also why the Yanks aren’t interested in Drew — they have higher targets for SS in 2015.

  77. mustang says:

    When you have this:

    “199+ hit campaign would move him into fifth all-time, behind only Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, and Stan Musial”

    And this

    Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Minnillo, Joy Enriquez, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster,Lara Dutta Mariah Carey,

    On your resume to done ok

  78. Eddard says:

    First of all, it’s an historic but I digress. This is the right move. The Captain couldn’t go out last season by injury. He had to come back like Mo did and finish his career with dignity. Hopefully they can get him that elusive 6th ring and he can go out on top. And that will officially put a rest to that great 96-2001 club.

  79. vicki says:

    cap’n calling his shot.

  80. sevrox says:

    “Derek called me this morning to tell me that he planned to retire following the season,” said Minka Kelly in a statement. “In our conversation, I told him that I respected his decision because I know he put a lot of thought into it. I also let him know that I thought it was great that he was letting fans know now so they will have a chance to say goodbye to him and then impregnate me’.

    “He is unquestionably one of the greatest Yankees ever. He has meant so much to fans, the organization, and my libido. I’m glad we have this year to celebrate everything he has meant to us and all the great things he still stands to accomplish. Love ya, ‘Jetes’” MK

  81. qwerty says:

    Jeter’s ankle must still be bothering him.

  82. Nathan says:

    As a Yankee fan that started watching during the ’96 season, the past few seasons have been tough. Watching guys like Bernie and Paulie walk away is tough but when Jorge, Andy, Mo and now Jeter leave, it’s basically the last remnants of those great teams.

    Looking back on the great memories, we’ve been spoiled. The greatest closer in history and one of the greatest all-around players for a long time. It’s an end of an era and frankly, I don’t know who is the face of the Yankees now. I would have said Cano but he’s no longer here so…who is it? McCann? Maybe. Ellsbury? Doubt it. And neither are homegrown talents.

    I’m thankful I’ve had the pleasure of watching great Yankee teams over the years and Jeter has been the man in all of them. Double wammy from Mo last year and Jeter this year. Thankfully there aren’t any other Yankees that can retire anytime soon that I have any sort of sentimental connection to.

  83. Cuso says:

    Start playing Andujar at SS in Class A, please. He can do it.

  84. M&M Boys says:

    It’s possible that Jeter has meant more to the organization than any player since the original Pride of the Yankees–Lou Gerhig.

  85. Clubic says:

    So A-Rod will be our starting Shortstop in 2015?

  86. Grover says:

    Wait for the praise when he moves to third for the good of the team. You may laugh but it fits the legacy.

  87. Guys, let’s not get carried away. How can you rate the Yankee greats? Jeter belongs in the pantheon that includes Ruth, Gehrig, Dickey, Dimaggio, Mantle, Ford, Berra, Munson, and Rivera, to name only a few. We have also had the privilege of having other truly great ballplayers, like Henderson, Winfield, Jackson, Boggs, and Strawberry, if only for a short time. What makes the Yankees so great is that the tradition continues. BTW, why is it the Core Four and not Five? IMO, the core if home grown talent that made those teams consisted of Pettit, Rivera, Posada, Jeter, and Williams.

    • M&M Boys says:

      I think the term Core Four started being used shortly after Bernie retired. But you are correct: Bernie was absolutely a huge part of that group; it was five players, not four.

  88. I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:

    Oh Captain, my Captain.


    Prediction: the backlash against the handful of assholes who don’t vote Mo in on the first ballot will be so severe that Jeter will be the first unanimous vote the following year.

  89. Mike says:

    This shows why Jeter is true captain. He is still capable of playing SS but retires for the good of the team.

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