Injury Updates: Jeter, Tex, Sizemore, Banuelos

(J. Meric/Getty)

(J. Meric/Getty)

We’re only six days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Tampa for the start of Spring Training. Here are some injury updates in the meantime, courtesy of Kevin Kernan, Andrew Marchand, Wally Matthews, Matt Ehalt, and the Associated Press.

  • So far, so good for Derek Jeter (leg). He just completed his third week of baseball activities and everything is holding up well. “I feel good,” he said. “I’ve been working hard, and I’ve had a complete offseason to work out and strengthen everything … It’s been fun, but it’s been difficult because you’re starting over from scratch.”
  • Mark Teixeira (wrist) has started taking batting practice against live pitching. He has gradually worked his way back from surgery, first by taking dry swings and then by hitting off a tee and soft toss. “There’s plenty of guys that come back from injuries come back way too fast and get reinjured,” he said. “That’s not in my plans this year.”
  • Scott Sizemore (knee)  feels good as he works his way back from his second torn left ACL in the last two years. “I’m feeling pretty good, getting back on the field feels great and I haven’t had any issues with the knee,” he said. “Obviously, two serious knee injuries, doubts crept into my mind if I was ever going to be able to play again. Nothing’s given.”
  • Manny Banuelos (elbow) is completely rehabbed from Tommy John surgery and on a normal throwing program right now. “[The elbow] feels normal, just like before surgery. I feel ready to go,” he said.
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  • Sizemore

    Warning sign with Sizemore’s trepidation, stating feeling “pretty good”. A guy coming way back from injury states outright he feels great if he truly does. I hope my take is overzelous and dude’s ready to play 100+ games at the hot corner, but I’m afraid we’re going to see a repeat of injury and/or ineefectiveness stemming from hesitancy and lack of confidence.

    • Preston

      That’s not true at all. Especially for a guy who’s had two serious injuries back to back. He won’t feel comfortable on it, or trust it until he actually plays on it for an extended period of time.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner


        • Mr. Roth

          From experience, I would definitely say that rehab from ACL/MCL injuries is just as much mental as it is physical.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I definitely believe that, the more you test something, the more confident you feel.

            This is how I felt during my comeback, at least.

    • forensic

      Ready to play 100+ games at the hot corner?

      He’s not even on the 40-man roster, so he’s not even in a position to make the team yet, much less needing him ready to play 100+ games at any combination of positions.

    • stuckey

      I’m having flashbacks to George asking if it was like the Risotto.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      Repeat of injury does not come from lack of confidence. That doesn’t even make sense. Repeat of injury comes from over-confidence.

      • Preston

        I think it can work both ways. In football coaches always tell you that hesitation and not going full bore is how you get hurt. Part of that is obviously self serving because that’s how you need players to play. But I also think that when you are hesitant or have trepidation you’re more likely to make an awkward or unnatural movement that causes injury.

        • Caballo Sin Nombre

          This is not football. You’re not going to get hit full on by a 300 pound slab of meat moving at full speed because you blinked. Certainly, there have been instances where a pitcher injured himself by changing his motion; but how is that going to happen with a batter? More likely he will just play poorly.

          • forensic

            There have been plenty of instances of players (both pitchers and position players) compensating for an injury or doubt by changing how they throw, run, pitch, etc., and thus hurt something else because of that.

            • Caballo Sin Nombre

              To prove your point, would you kindly provide one example of a position player (not a pitcher) changing how he does anything and hurting himself as a result, please?

          • Preston

            Well defensively a 2b or 3b (Sizemore’s positons) could have plenty of contact with large men sliding into them. Not planting, turning and throwing confidently could have exactly the same effect as hesitation in football. And Jeter’s injury was a freak accident. There is no reason to have that fracture just from taking a step. Except that he was already injured and he was stepping gingerly, which caused him to land oddly and cause a horrific fracture.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead


      Doubting Thomas.

      You shall suffer for your lack of foresight.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    This sounds encouraging. Hopefully the trend is going upward from here.

    • RetroRob

      2014: The Year of Health Updates. Everyone is healthy!

  • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

    FotD™: injury updates will be all down hill from here.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Team Sizemore FTW.

  • Heri

    Can’t believe Jeter hasn’t been moved to a new position.

    • forensic

      If you really can’t believe it, then you must not have been paying much attention over almost the last two decades.

  • LarryM Fl

    Alot of ifs, ands and buts with this group.

  • ropeadope

    “There’s plenty of guys that come back from injuries come back way too fast and get reinjured,” he (Teixeira) said. “That’s not in my plans this year.”

    Does this imply it was in his plans last year?

    • forensic

      Nah, I think it just implies that he’s working on a new excuse for this year’s April numbers…

      • ropeadope

        Hopefully he’ll make Fools of all the doubters this April.

  • Genghis McCann

    Good updates. Always good to hear about progress on 4 who’s recoveries will play a major role in the overall success of the team going forward. For some reason I feel the need to rank the importance of said recoveries.

    1. Tex – With Cano in Seattle, Alex suspended, and Grandy in Queens there is a real need for Tex to carry a big bat next year. To me, this isn’t even close. The Yankees need a fully recovered Teixeira at 100% to contend.

    2. Manny Banuelos – Manny represents the future of this organization. Let’s face it, the player development department has taken a lot of heat, and rightfully so, for the lack of viable MLB caliber players coming up through the system. A young lefty with plus pitches can go a long way to both quieting the “barren farm system” mantra and providing an anchor to the pitching rotation.

    3. Scott Sizemore – Right now the Yankees infield looks like a mountain of shit pretending to only be a pile of shit. The more viable options that exist to cover up the overall lack of offensive firepower coming from the infield positions the better.

    4. Derek Jeter – The more I think about it, the more Jeter looks like the odd man out this year. His declining defense coupled with his age and injury concerns points to a part-time platoon or DH spot. Ryan has a much better glove and Soriano has a much better bat. That said, Jeter easily could be 2 or 3 of importance on this list.

    • forensic

      Just for this season, I would also have Tex #1 pretty easily, but I’d have Jeter a clear 2nd also, with Sizemore and Banuelos behind them. Barring injury, there is nearly no way Jeter’s role is lessened, at least for the first couple of months of the season, while Sizemore isn’t even on the 40-man at this point. Jeter is FAR more important than Sizemore for this year.

      For years to come, I would put Banuelos well ahead of Tex, who would then be #2. Tex only has two years left after 2014, but Banuelos could still have his 6 cheap, team control years to help the rotation. Beyond them, neither Sizemore or Jeter really register much over that time frame.

      I guess this was my way of saying that I don’t know which way you were ranking, since I don’t agree with your list in either time frame.

    • radnom

      4. Derek Jeter – The more I think about it, the more Jeter looks like the odd man out this year.

      Dude gets no respect for a legend of his status. Last time he was healthy, he led the AL in hits and finished top 10 in MVP voting. That was only two years ago. There is a significant chance that he is going to be a major piece of this offense.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      1. Ghost of NYY Present.
      2. Ghost of NYY Future.
      4. Ghost of NYY Past.

      3. Ghost of a Chance.

    • dp

      What a joke…I firmly expect the Yankees to be very good this season. Maybe you should look at the stats from last year to see what league average is for each position. There is nothing wrong with having a few platoons…the two team that platooned the most last year made the post season in the AL.

      This is by far the most interesting Yankees team in years!

    • Farewell Mo

      Right now the Yankees infield looks like a mountain of shit pretending to only be a pile of shit..

      Gotta give you credit, this line made me laugh.