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The whole “Robinson Cano is lazy because he doesn’t run out ground balls” thing has been beaten into the ground and I really hoped we would never hear about it again once he signed with the Mariners, but apparently that is not the case. Over the weekend, hitting coach Kevin Long declined to take the high road when asked about Robbie’s tendency to jog to first. From John Harper:

“If somebody told me I was a dog,’’ Long said here Sunday, “I’d have to fix that. When you choose not to, you leave yourself open to taking heat, and that’s your fault. For whatever reason, Robbie chose not to.’’

“We all talked to him,’’ Long said. “I’m pretty sure [Derek Jeter] talked to him a number of times. Even if you run at 80%, no one’s going to say anything. But when you jog down the line, even if it doesn’t come into play 98% of the time, it creates a perception.”

“But he just wouldn’t make that choice to run hard all the time. The reasons aren’t going to make sense. He might say his legs didn’t feel good, or he was playing every day and needed to save his energy. To me there was no acceptable answer.’’

Joe Girardi was asked about Long’s comments yesterday and the interview was ended abruptly by the team’s public relations people according to Brendan Kuty, so this is a thing now. Everyone is talking about the hitting coach trashing the former star player when they should be talking about bullpen sessions and batting practice and how great everyone looks. It’s an unnecessary distraction.

Regardless of how true any of this is — we all know Robbie doesn’t run hard to first — Long was wrong to talk about it publicly. Doesn’t matter that Cano is no longer on the team and frankly that only makes it worse in my opinion. This is like the Red Sox talking about Terry Francona’s use of pain medication after he was let go*. Criticizing a former player after he leaves town is the ultimate low blow.

* Joe thinks Dan Duquette’s comments about Roger Clemens entering the “twilight of his career” are a more appropriate comparison. I agree.

On Tuesday, new Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon defended his new star and fired back at Long. From Jerry Crasnick:

“Last time I checked, I didn’t know that Kevin Long was the spokesman for the New York Yankees,” McClendon told ESPN.com. “That was a little surprising. I was a little pissed off, and I’m sure Joe [Girardi] feels the same way. He’s concerned with his team and what they’re doing, not what the Seattle Mariners players are doing.

“I’m a little surprised that Kevin Long is the spokesman for the New York Yankees. I wonder if he had any problems with Robbie when he wrote that book (“Cage Rat”) proclaiming himself as the guru of hitting.”

The Yankees spent all winter talking about their “family” and the importance of having strong character guys in the clubhouse whenever they signed a new free agent. That shouldn’t stop at the players. Long is a high-profile member of the organization and he threw a former player — a former member of the “family” — under the bus on his way out of town. It was a classless move and everything the Yankees claim not to be. Dan Martin says Long has already reached out to Cano to offer an apology, but at this point the damage has been done. This became something when it should have stayed nothing.

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  1. So it’s ok to bash ARod and not Cano?

    I had no problem with Robbie’s hustle or non-hustle, but I don’t have a problem with Long’s comments. He was asked, so he gave an honest answer.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      ARod broke rules. Cano didn’t. They’re “transgressions” are on levels that are so different, they aren’t comparable.

    • The Other Mister D says:

      Maybe I missed something, but almost every comment I have seen by Yankee players and personnel concerning ARod have been evasive and non-committal. They have not exactly supported him, but they’ve not thrown grease on the fire either. Kicking Cano on the way out the door like this seems petty and classless. Perhaps the quote was out of context, magnified to be more than it was, but that’s not exactly a new media trick, and Long should know better.



          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


          • 42yankee says:

            Cano is one of the above average 2nd basemen, but he AIN’T the BEST by a long shot. Long was asked a ?? and answered it, so what’s the problem?? Cano was and is lazy and will do it in Seattle also. Been a Yankee fan for a long, long time and if I had a choice of 2nd basemen, I would pick Pedroia,as he hustles all the time. As for you’re saying Long’s comment was in bad taste, I dis-agree, he was asked a question and he told the truth. That’s it. As for McClendon’s comment about Long, well he must have been hard-up to take the MGR’s job with the M’s.

            • Cool Lester Smooth says:

              No, Cano is the best second baseman. He’s a much, much better hitter than Pedroia, and he doesn’t have the absurd Home/Away splits, either.

              • qwerty says:

                Pedroia’s home and away splits are not that much different from a lot of other players. His BA is 20 points higher at home and he has more doubles at home. I’d hardly call his splits absurd outside of doubles. I’d rather have Pedroia, but not because he’s more talented. Cano has always come off as someone he’s just here to play baseball and collect his checks and then go home. I feel absolutely nothing towards him, and I’m not saying that because he left for Seattle. It’s been like this way since he came up. There has always been something about Cano I have never liked, and that says a lot for a player who is probably going to the hall of fame!

                • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                  I don’t care about the fact that Cano’s more talented, either.

                  I care about the fact that he’s much better at baseball.

      • Diaz1 says:

        U people r just adding to the bull that the media created, what gets lost out of what long said is the praise he gave cano and the fact that he was asked the question about cano, he gave a real answer that was talked about every where, in the club house on espn, mlb. This wasn’t a secrete, everyone knew this. This is not longs way of taking a shot a cano, what did u expect from a COACH

      • Jeremy says:

        Oh shut up! He hardly “kicked Cano on the way out, he was HONEST, and HONESTY is missing from the world. Does it need to be pointed out that while he was still a Yankee, the Yankees had a problem with him not hustling and even benched him for it?

        Kevin Long should know better than to answer questions honestly? What kind of dumb statement is that?

    • Fred says:

      Although I dont disagree with Long’s remarks, I question more why he made them. This is just going to fire up Cano and encourage him to try to hit the yankees harder when they play, like Dempster plunking Arod.
      Other than that, Long wasnt stating his opinion, he was stating the facts. He didnt proclaim to be the voice of the Yankees. He just shouldnt have opened his mouth (again).

      • FLYER7 says:

        Cano not hustling was never not discussed and can recall mentions of it during Yankee telecasts on YES which is the ultimate voice of the franchise…have no problem with KLong stating what we all have been thinking and saying…maybe McLendon should worry more about who is hitting in front and back of Cano before he becomes an ex-MLB manager again…

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          maybe McLendon should worry more about who is hitting in front and back of Cano before he becomes an ex-MLB manager again…


          Shouldn’t Long be focusing on his own players. Cano is not a Yankee anymore.

          • MB923 says:

            I’m sure he is, and I’m even more sure the media talked to Long about Cano. You think he, or any other manager, coach, player, etc. would go up to the media themselves and just randomly discuss their club’s former ballplayer?

            • The Big City of Dreams says:

              Long gave them a story to run with. It’s on him.

              • Jeremy says:

                No, The media created a story out of nothing, the guy gave ONE honest and valid criticism, and praised him a lot more. The media than ignores the positive and only reports the one criticism. I swear Americans are stupid.

                • The Big City of Dreams says:

                  They didn’t create anything. Long gave them a quote. It didn’t come out of thin air. If he doesn’t say what he says there is no story. Hell Mike probably doesn’t even write the article if those quotes aren’t in there. It’s like saying reporters created a story when A-rod

                  • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


                    I did a TINY piece a couple of weeks ago for TV. Had a 20 minute meeting with a PR guy beforehand about what to say, and what not to say. Clearly, judging from Cashman’s reaction, this isn’t what they’d prefer him to speak about, and here we see why.

                    • The Big City of Dreams says:

                      Exactly from Cash’s POV they just want to move forward. The last thing they want is to create more bad blood between the two sides.

                      Apparently Long was brief on the same things you were lol. KL has been here long enough to know not to give the media anything.

                    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                      Yeah, how else are we going to reacquire him for 50 cents on the dollar after the Mariners tank for another 3 years?

      • nycsportzfan says:

        I question why he made them also, but in the end, he didn’t hustle and thats what Long insinuated. I don’t get why Mike.A(ur the man mike, just sayin), always freaks out whenever Cano is critisized in the least bit. Its not like he did the Yanks any favors. I kinda agree, you should hustle all the time. I know its been beat in the ground, but these guys make a ton of money to play baseball. You’d think hustling daily would be second nature to them. Have fun in Seattle, Robbie!

      • Jeremy says:

        He was asked a question and he answered honestly, that is why he did it. As for firing up Cano, HAHAHAHAHAH! Good one!

    • Joe says:

      When you’re right …you’re right…HE WAS A DOG…GLAD HE’S GONE

      • BeanTooth says:

        So true, Joe. I for one am glad one of the five best players in baseball is gone, leaving a gaping hole in the lineup to be filled by Brian Roberts.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        What a terrible investment by the Mariners. Why in the world would you give this guy 200plus million when you’ve seen all these big money contracts go down the crapper, and on top of that, Cano is a guy known for non hustling. Whats he gonna do when his teams 30-50 for the 3rd straight yr? Dude probably won’t even get out of bed then.lol

    • Jacob says:

      Forget hustling to first…Is it just me, or can anyone picture or remember Cano even sliding into a bag???

    • Mick rivers says:

      Well said Matt. Nor did he even throw Robbie under the bus, as that sentiment was surrounded by praise and best wishes. They were friends.

      We don’t know anything from where we sit.

      McClendon is the one who looks like a petty fool with his comments,

    • Jacob says:

      Forget K-Long

      Rangers Yu Darvish on Tanaka deal: I don’t know too much about the new posting system but I think the Yankees gave him too much.


      • The Great Gonzo says:

        Says the guy making 1/2 of that. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

      • TWTR says:

        “I am sorry if anyone took my comment seriously about Masahiro Tanaka at the press conference today,” he said. “I assumed by the reaction in the room that everyone knew I was joking.” – Y. Darvish

    • John says:

      Besides, McClendon also said something to the effect that 100% isn’t required game after game…thus why he’ll soon be an ex-manager again…soon!

  2. Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

    Ugh. I hoped we were better than this.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      Better than what? Is he not saying the truth? Did Long venture that answer when asked about what type of hitting drills the pitchers would be conducting this spring? Overblown.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Even if it’s the truth, what’s the point in putting that out there? Focus on what’s important. Don’t fan animosity that does nothing for the team.

        • I'm One says:

          Better to be bland than to have an opinion.

          I’m really not sure where I stand on this. If I were part of the Yankees senior leadership however, I certainly wouldn’t have liked it.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner-Bag-of-Donuts says:

            I think that, when you operate in a city with the Post and Daily News thriving off this sort of gossip, and plenty of people ready to absorb it as if it was Lindsay Lohan getting kicked out of a club, you know you’re not going to able to avoid this stuff, no matter how disciplined you are with your staff and players. This is slightly different, however. Not a major transgression, but Long should have shown more discipline.

            Reason #5000 why I love Derek Jeter.

            Thank god for internet media. It makes us less reliant on dated print media.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

          That’s really my point. What possible benefit comes from saying this? None. No benefit.

          We’re not the Red Sox. We don’t need to bad mouth every person who leaves the team.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

            And yes I know 99% of the article was “nice”.

            I still dont understand why it was necessary to say this.

          • The Big City of Dreams says:

            True no need to put it out there. They ask you about Cano’s lack and hustle just say “hey when he was here he played every inning of every game and worked his butt off. You don’t do what he did by being a dog”

          • WhittakerWalt says:

            1000% THIS

  3. Kvothe says:

    I skimmed the initial comments pretty quickly, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Kevin Long offered praise of Cano’s development in a lot of areas and was merely expressing his confusion as to why, given Cano’s hard work in all other areas of his game, that he wouldn’t also run harder (not necessarily 100% but just harder) to 1st to combat the perception of him as “lazy.”

    Again, I read the initial comments by Long pretty quickly so I may have misinterpreted, but it didn’t raise any red flags when I read it.

  4. JV says:

    So for how long does this story get over played and over hyped? Seems like it will be the first thing mentioned when Yankees and Mariners play each other. Long should’ve kept his mouth shut.

  5. CountryClub says:

    The difference between what the Sox normally do to their players that leave or get traded and this is that Long put his name to it. This isn’t an article from an anonymous source.

    You can still think he should have kept his mouth shut, but the fact he went on the record is not a small thing.

  6. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    One of the reasons why I’m a much bigger fan of post-90′s-dynasty Yankee baseball is the absence of the ridiculous mud-slinging that went hand in hand with both the Bronx Zoo era, the Winfield/Spira nonsense, and other Papa George-era media crap which brought the image of the franchise down.

    The expectation of modern Yankees is that they take the high road and not use the media as a vehicle to throw someone, teammate or not, under the bus. It’s why I had such little respect in, for example, Jerry Manuel as manager of the Mets.

    I’m alright with seeing this more as a transgression than indicative of a larger trend, but I agree with you on this, Mike. It’s still nonsense. Want to get back at Robbie? I want to see a .100 line with 15Ks against the Yanks on his end at the end of this season. Everything else is noise.

    I don’t care what he ran out, or what he didn’t, anymore (not that I really cared previously.) He’s no longer a Yankee.

  7. Vern Sneaker says:

    Totally disagree that Long was out of line. As great a player as he is, Cano drove all us fans crazy watching his inconsistent hustle. Good for Long to call him on it, now that he’s not part of the team and there can’t be any negative personal/clubhouse effect. Will Jeter cop to talking to Cano about it? Of course not.

    • JV says:

      What exactly do the Yankees gain by calling him out AFTER he leaves? maybe he’ll hustle for Seattle now???

      • Vern Sneaker says:

        Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Just Long telling the truth among many other observations about Cano.

        • JV says:

          And look at what it turned in to, controversy. it’s just not worth the headache. that’s my only point.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:


          • Deep Thoughts says:

            Oh please. A-Rod, Bud, and Bosch = “Controversy.”

            K-Long giving a balanced and truthful answer about his own personal efforts to get Robbie to hustle, which by the way is part of his job, = “slow news day.”

            Just stop all the sanctimonious well-I-nevering. As far as I’m concerned it’s a flaw in Cano’s offensive game and it’s totally appropriate for a hitting coach to comment on it.

            Not to mention his response was fascinating.

      • Mickey's Mantle says:

        Cano was called on it many times before he left, but arrogantly he still sauntered to !st base, like he was above it all. Maybe with all that money he got he’ll buy cases of 5 hour energy & run faster in Seattle. Good on Kevin Long, he answered honestly.

      • Jeremy says:

        They called him out WHEN HE WAS A YANKEE AND HE WAS EVEN BENCHED FOR NOT HUSTLING! Do some research.

    • The Other Mister D says:

      What fans and commentators say about a guy is different from what is said by teammates and coaches (even former ones). The timing of this makes it seem like sour grapes. It is especially not the hitting coaches place to comment on a player’s baserunning (or what other players did or did not do to address that). You do not want players think that it is Yankee policy to snipe at them once they have left the organization.

  8. Dan says:

    I love how you (and everyone else) is completely ignoring the praise Long gave to Cano and is harping on him pointing out the one hole Cano has in his game. In the News Article he literally talks about how far Cano has come as a player and how he worked extremely hard tp get there. The comments about him dogging it to first base isn’t new for Long; he said the exact same things to Joel Sherman in October, and unless he was lying throughout his multiple criticisms, he has told Cano it to his face.

    And the criticism isn’t new for Cano. Anyone who’s watched him play over his career knows he doesn’t always run it out to First. It has been discussed time and again by practically everyone who’s watched the team and has anything to say about them. Whether it’s people attacking him, or people defending him along the lines of “well if he ran hard he could get hurt.”

    Long didn’t say anything out of line. This is a complete non-controversy, totally manufactured by taking his comments out of context. What a joke.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      After trashing it, I went ahead and actually read the article to see if I felt differently after reading your comment.

      Yes, he certainly points out positives as to Robbie, etc., but his words were still used by one of our two lovely local rags to write a ridiculous piece that exists just to fan flames that I’d rather just see extinguished.

      I still think Long should have known better. However, where I don’t think this is a big deal is that this is just a fluff piece in the Daily News. I understand there’s an audience for this sort of sports gossip, which is why the two back pages are so popular, but this will hopefully only have traction with gossip-lovers.

    • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

      Completely agree. Mike’s post is sadly lacking in anything approaching an attempt to provide the complete context necessary (did Mike even read the full comments KLong made??) to opine on the situation. Not that that stopped most of the commenters either. Sad. They say they expect more from the Yanks. I expect more from (some of) the folks around here. There’s a reason the comment section here ain’t LoHud or NoMaas…

    • Jeremy says:

      That is what the media in this country does, and it’s quite sad.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Agree 100%. People who worry about “the effect this will have on the clubhouse, or future free agents,” and other chimeras, are just like the people who worry about Kardashian marriages. Get a life.

  9. JK5 says:

    His comments mostly sounded positive to me. This part of them sounded more like when a parent or teacher says, ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed’, as if to say, you’re better than you’re giving and you know it. Sounds about right to me, and I was the biggest Cano backer around. I’ve gotta also assume Harper asked Long specific questions that led him to say what he did. It’s another example of the public wanting their athletes/coaches/etc. to talk more, until they actually do.

  10. Geno says:

    Holy shit what a non fucking story. McClendon acted like Long said something incendiary when, in fact, his comments were on the mark with how Cano runs out ground balls.

    The Red Sox comparison is completely off base as well. One guy made a completely appropriate comment, while the other Front Office made/makes a concerted effort to slam player(s) on the way out.

    • JV says:

      McClendon was just happy to be interviewed. Someone, somewhere finally knew who he was and he had to take advantage of it. it was better than be asked how it will feel to lose 100 games, again. :)

      • Vern Sneaker says:

        And I’m sure he’ll just love it the first (and second and third)time Cano’s thrown out at second on a sure double.

        • JV says:

          He’ll love it even more when he gets canned because their $240MM player didn’t equal a playoff berth.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

          Yeah, I’m sure those are really terrible to take alongside the 20-25 HR, 40 actual doubles, 120 wrc+, and good defense.

        • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

          Or, in response to this “controversy” he’ll pull a hammy running hard on a sure out and be put on the 60 day DL.

    • Dirty Water says:

      I must have missed the Red Sox “slam” on Ellsbury. Or on Salty for that matter.

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        Its still early. And (imma regret doing this) are you insinuating that the Red Sox don’t do this? Tito’s ‘pain pill addiction’ and marital issues, the slamming that Manny and Pedro took on their way out the door, the shit flung at Gonzalez/Beckett/Crawford when they were traded? The Boy Wonder catching shit on his way out the door?

        None of that happened? All figments of our imaginations? All media derived stories that the F.O. did not bother to refute?

    • Radiokev says:

      Totally agree. Non-story. He went on to say how Cano was a hard worker, and overcame plenty of criticisms during his time with the Yankees. I think he was just being real here when asked a question.

      Long even said it wasn’t really a big deal, but it was a problem only because Cano let it be a problem.

      I don’t see how this throws Cano under the bus. Anyone with eyes already knew Cano didn’t hustle. What’s the revelation? That coaches talked to him about it? Didn’t we already know that?

      • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

        You made the mistake of reading the entirety of what KLong said, unlike most commenters here (or Mike for that matter, seemingly).

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          I think Mike is just pissed that Long gave the media a story, more than the fact that he thinks it.

          • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

            A blogger.
            Who relies on page views.
            Is pissed.
            That there’s a story.

            The more I think about it the more Mike’s post feels like massive link/traffic bait.

            We’ve been trolled. By Mike A!

  11. TWTR says:

    This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

    Girardi acknowledged last September that he had talked to Cano about a lack of “hustle,” but he contextualized his comments by saying Cano has been “nicked up.”

    Girardi, as the mangager, however, has the standing to make that kind of comment. Not only were Long’s comments different in kind, but as a batting coach, he should confine his comments to hitting.

  12. HoarseClarke says:

    So Kevin Long is a bad guy because he dares to say what everyone else in baseball is probably thinking…?

    And Cano deserves to be treated with the utmost respect because of the high value he placed on his Yankee legacy? Right.

    Sorry if I think taking $240mm should entitle a few people to critique both his talent and his work ethic. As far as I’m concerned, it comes with the territory.

    Honesty without acrimony…Kevin Long is my new hero.

  13. Mickey Scheister says:

    Good, bash him. He’s like an ex-spouse now, who doesn’t trash an ex-spouse? It’s not like he’s talking smack on a member of monument park, he simply answered a question honestly. Good for him!

    When you choose to leave the “family”, you pay the price. Did people expect no one to wear number 24 and to act as if he’s a perfect player? He doesn’t hustle to first and it costs his team, maybe not a ton but I’d imagine 2-3 runs per year.

    Cano should conjour his inner Rick Ross and hustle everyday.

    Fwiw, my ex-wife is not my best friend.

    • JV says:

      he’s not an ex-spouse. He’s an ex-coworker. HUGE difference.

      • Mickey Scheister says:

        I was referring to the “family” part, either way it’s an Ex, by his own doing. It’s not like he said he has the herp, he simply stated facts. And I can appreciate that.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner-Bag-of-Donuts says:

      We’re gunna break his fucking fingahs, capiche?


    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      Bullshit. The Yankees, and honestly, no professional sports organization is a “family”. It’s a business.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      I don’t trash my exes. I actually work hard at staying civil with them, because you never know when those connections will prove useful… Like when Cano is on the trading block in 5 years and Seattle is willing to eat 1/2 the salary and take DBJ and Cito Culver in return (or their reasonable facsimiles).

  14. pc says:

    some people can never handle the truth.

  15. DJ says:

    Long’s comments are nothing new. He, Kelleher and others basically said same thing about Cano last October. Plus it was pretty obvious. Nor does it compare to Boston’s treatment of Francona. Not many people outside of Boston’s management/team structure knew anything about Francona & his medication. Anybody that watched a Yankee game knew about Cano’s ‘hustle’.

  16. Eddard says:

    I’m sorry but this is nothing like the Sox talking about Francona’s use of pain medication. That is a terrible analogy because it’s something personal vs something on the field. On the field is fair game, personal is not. Should Long have said something about a former player? Probably not because it just creates drama for no reason. Was he out of line? Absolutely not, he was right actually. And if other ballplayers talked to Robbie and he still didn’t correct it then good riddance. That’s not a leader.

  17. Darren says:

    Mike – if you want to argue that the Yankees didn’t need the distraction and Kevin Long should have known better than to give an honest answer, fine. But to make the argument that this is the ultimate low blow and compare it to the Red Sox front office DISCLOSING PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION and insinuating that the team had a bad year because Francona was affected by drugs is totally and completely off the mark in terms.

    They are not in the same category. Long was being honest to a fault, that’s all. This is a 7th grade homerun dispute, not a HIPAA violation.

  18. Farewell Mo says:

    What Long said was 100% truthful however he should have kept his mouth shut when asked the question especially since he’s no longer a Yankee.

    Anyone who’s ever watched a Yankee game is well aware that Cano regularly dogged it often barely jogging to first base. There was no need to discuss that to a reporter.

    I thought the same thing as Mike mentioned when I read the quote as to how it reeked of the way the Red Sox do business smearing ex players and coached names once they leave and that’s not the Yankee way.

  19. Rob S. says:

    It seems to me that Cano didn’t waste any time bashing the Yankees after he signed with Seattle. I really couldn’t care less about Long talking about something that is common knowledge. Everyone is criticizing the Yankees for letting Cano get away but the Yankees know him better than anyone and they drew a line very quickly. The team that knows Cano best decided that his value to them was less than what almost any other interested party thought he was worth. There were obviously reasons for that. The apparently soured relationship between Girardi and Cano was one reason and his dogging it on the field was another. There may be others that we don’t know about.

    • TWTR says:

      Why shouldn’t their decision to limit their offer to “only” $25m for 7 years (or whatever it was) be the last word? What is to gain by adding anything?

      I think one other thing is that they didn’t believe that Cano sold tickets like Jeter and A-Rod, as evidenced by the spike in viewership when A-Rod returned.

      • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

        Shhhh. No one around here wants to hear that Cano wasn’t especially marketable. Trust me.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        The spike in viewership came from the fact that everyone wanted to see what A-Rod would be like considering all the shit swirling around him.

    • BrianMcCannon says:

      It could be argued that the Yankees handling of the offseason (not budging in negotiations with Cano only to offer Ellsbury the contract he got) was an affront to Cano. Hence the whole “wasn’t respected” ordeal.

  20. Chris says:

    As others have said, Long’s interview was almost entirely positive regarding Cano. He should have avoided any swipe at him since he’s gone and there’s no point in it.

    I disagree this is like the Sox-Francona incident. I don’t think sharing private medical information about former personnel is anywhere close to the same thing as noting a player’s on-field issue which has been discussed at length for years with regards to Cano not running hard to first.

    He should have avoided commenting about it, but it was certainly no secret (or sensitive personal information).

  21. Ironia Horse says:

    People have a problem w/Long?geez talk about soft

  22. steves says:

    Giving Cano’s number away to Sizemore was a far worse diss by management than anything Long said. Let’s face it; Cano basically said f-u to the Yanks and its seems that the Yanks were up to now ok with responding in kind tacitly or overtly. Probably worse thing Long did was to mention Jeter’s name in the discussion; watch out for the death stare now Kevin!

    • Vern Sneaker says:

      The Jeter “death stare”, love it. Can’t wait until the first time he tries it on his wife now that he says he wants to start a family.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Giving away a non-retired uniform number to a new player? Really?

      • steves says:

        You’re kidding right? How many new players have NOT been assigned Bernie’s, O’Neill’s or Posada’s unretired numbers?

        • The Great Gonzo says:

          Wait, other players have worn 21, right? If we’re gonna be overly sentimental with numbers, then Jagielo will be wearing #108 when he gets a Spring Training invite.

          • steves says:

            What you may be remembering is that Latroy Hawkins was assigned 21 for a day and the Yanks pulled it right back based on the outcry.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              I also think they either need to retire those numbers, or give them out already. To keep them in limbo is ridiculous.

              Those are also retired players, two of which spent their careers as Yankees, the other of which retired as one.

              I do believe Robbie Cano doesn’t fall into either category….and i STILL think they should give out 20, 21, and 51 if they don’t play to retire them soon.

              • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                I don’t want anyone wearing 51, personally.

                21 should be fair game once Jeter’s gone, though. After that no one on the roster will have played with Paulie.

                Unless you want to wait until Girardi’s gone…

        • Deep Thoughts says:

          You don’t get the difference between those players, who wore their numbers till they hung it up, and Cano, who gave it up voluntarily mid-career, “nothing personal just business”?

          Reassigning the number was just the other shoe dropping.

  23. LarryM Fl says:

    Long answered the question honestly. I have no issue.

  24. mitch says:

    who cares? It’s not like Long aired some private clubhouse dirt. The comparison to Francona taking pain meds in unfair. This isn’t the same at all. Of course Long should have kept his mouth shut, but it’s not like he said anything the whole world didn’t already know.

  25. Rob S. says:

    Yankees fans are supposed to worry about K-Long criticizing Cano for dogging it? The same fans that will boo Cano out of Yankee Stadium when he shows up there with the Mariners?

  26. Kiko Jones says:

    Cano’s “non-hustle” was a non-issue for me. Perhaps it would’ve been best if Long not commented on it, but I’m not upset that he said what he did. I wish he’d evaded that bit but I don’t think his response was that big a deal. And certainly not even close to the Francona analogy. No way. That was some ruthless s**t.

    At the end of the day, I’d like to hear NOTHING from our team regarding a former player. But it’s not like we’re talking about Roy White: lest we forget, this is about an individual who felt disrespected by a $25m/yr offer. Of course, giving away no.24 so quickly was already a monumental diss, so…

    • RetroRob says:

      I agree this is nowhere near comparison was to Francona.

      As for giving away his number, they might as well throw it back in, but maybe you’re right. If it was a diss, maybe the Yankees were fine with Long’s comments!

    • Andrew J. says:

      Ahh yes. We can’t stand it when Jeter answers questions in his Jeter-like evasive way. And as a journalist going on 36 years in the profession, can’t stand an interview with someone that after it’s over, you scratch your head and realize the person interviewed said basically nothing.

      But now, we want Kevin Long to do an interview where we wish he “evaded that bit.”

      Reminds me of a mayoral aide who said his primary job is to be “purposely vague.”


  27. RetroRob says:

    I’m pretty sure this is not a distraction to the team.

    As to why Long did it, who knows. He supposedly has a tight relationship with Cano, and from what I’ve read seems to view Long as a bit of a mentor. Cano credited Long and his hitting drills with helping him reach the next level as a hitter. Long said he never could get through to Cano on this issue. Maybe Long was sending him a message from a distance.

    Robbie was a great hitter, and overall clearly was a hard worker, but we don’t have to make excuses for how he ran to first base, or even the bases in general. It was inexcusable. He should stop it, especially now with his $240 million contract and without the other superstars on the Yankees to absorb the heat. Maybe that was the message Long was trying to get across yet again. Or maybe he was doing shots of tequila.

  28. Fardbart says:

    Question to Yankee fans: I see a lot of optimism around this team but little mentioned of problem with the Yankees last year remaining the problem with the Yankees this year: a stunning lack of depth.

    They can not afford an injury to anyone, as they have nothing resembling a quality replacement at any position. Couple that with what appears to be weakness at virtually every infield position, the back-end of their rotation and bullpen and an aged roster, and the margin for error is nil.

    The attention has been paid to who they added (stars) but not on the lack of small moves to shore up depth (Ryan isn’t a major league hitter). Their lack of a farm system will doom them to mediocrity again in 2014, as Boston, Tor, TB and Balt all have decent to great options in the minors

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      Go read any of the millions(Mike is a God, I think) of other articles that have been posted in the offseason. Maybe don’t come into the “Kevin Long said something about Cano” article and expect an analysis of team depth.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I’d argue that the team actually has potentially stronger depth, just weaker starters, in the infield.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Depth isn’t their problem. Its lack of a clear favorite to play these infield positions.

      This roster is LITTERED with depth, to a fault actually.

  29. Dalek Jeter says:

    …ugh. What was the point of even taking questions about players no longer with the team?

  30. nope says:

    I for one welcome the new feisty, mud-slinging, Brian McCann-led bad-ass Yankees!

  31. Bats says:


    Is not what Kevin Long saying TRUE?

    Did Kevin Long call Cano lazy? Did he call him a bum? What BAD thing did Kevin Long do? Did Kevin Long call Robinson Cano an @$$#0!&? LOL…What exactly did Kevin Long say or do?

    Mike Axisa is referring to a John Harper article on the Daily News. If you read the whole article in context, you would know that there isn’t, not even, a scintilla of malice from Long to Cano.

    My GOSH, Mike Axisa the who said that the Yankees would regret not re-signing Martin, Swisher, Chavez, and has made countless inaccurate statements and assessments….wants us to think that Long is only allowed to make good comments towards former players? Who made up that rule?

    Question: Has Long, in the 7 years he has been with the Yankees, ever made a bad comment regarding anyone in the Yankee family? Now answer this: Is Robinson Cano still part of the Yankee family?

    • TWTR says:

      They couldn’t have used Martin, Swisher, and Chavez last season??? Is that because Stewart, Ichio/Wells, and Youkilis/Nunez were better?

      You CANNOT be serious.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      The article is entitled “Kevin Long, Yankees couldn’t get through to Robinson Cano on lack of hustle.”

      When that’s the title of the article, and you’re directly quoted in it, AND you’re a member of the Yankees organization, it doesn’t matter much how much creative license the reporter took. You lost that one.

      I’ve done media interviews as part of my job. Just did one two weeks ago for Univision. There was strong PR control over what I said, and it’d be my ass if something that wasn’t supposed to be said was said.

      We’re not as big, or bulletproof, as the New York Yankees, obviously, and they can absorb something 100 times this, but there’s still an issue of message there even if the rest of article said “he was Jesus Christ as a Dominican.”

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        Bingo. 99% of the article could be gleaming, but that 1% (which was subsequently used to spin the article into this shit storm) is the problem.

        The rule of thumb is “Give them NOTHING to spin…” and if you end up sounding like Derek Jeter? Fuck it, so be it.

        • Deep Thoughts says:

          No. There is no “problem” that will last longer than a news cycle. So what got spun, and so f*****ng what? Lloyd McClendon got 40 more seconds of camera time?

          If and when Robbie hustles out an infield hit against the Yankees to win a series, then come complain about a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  32. Stan the Man says:

    Kevin Long has literally one success story as a hitting coach…Cano, why talk about his lack of hustle to first when it’s literally a meaningless part of the game??? I am not seeing Jim Leyland discussing Miggy or Fielder’s lack of hustle. I am not hearing Long talk about how he is going to fix Tex or answer why he when wasn’t given an all star lineup how the offense never made adjustments all last season. It’s time to get rid rid of the loose lips in the organization (Cashman’s, Levine, Long etc)

    • Jarrod says:


    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      I agree Long should have been canned yrs ago. His one claim to fame as a hitting coach is Cano. What happens this season when the offense is HR or bust again? What excuses will he be looking to make.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Hasn’t he fixed Granderson & didn’t he work with Jeter on quickening up that bat speed with his approach a few years ago?

      Revisionist History, son!

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Well, Jeets just decided “fuck it, I’m going back to my old swing,” then he pulled his hammy and 22 days later he came back as Derek Jeter.

        • Deep Thoughts says:

          I also, regretfully, recall a similar chapter where Teixeira decided, “fuck it, I can’t resist the short porch,” then tore his soleus and/or Achilles tendon a couple of times after hitting into the shift 200 times.

  33. mike says:

    a. Despite a general recognition of his laziness, Cano got a reward of $240mm because of his overwhelming skillset. Hardly a lesson to be found there for young players.
    b. why did he have to bring Jeter’s name into the conversation?
    c. maybe Long should worry about Tex hitting the ball to the opposite field or not letting McCann ruin his swing like others have done at YS3 and less about another player this spring, Longy

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      No beef with a. or c. but can we lay off the shunning of those who take Jeter’s name in vain? Sorry but if the team’s best hitter ignores the Hall of Fame captain when the latter discusses hustling to first, that’s a legit story.

  34. WayneD says:

    I think it’s comical to complain that Long didn’t take the high ground unless you’re going to blast Cano and his agent for not taking the high ground when they complained that the Yankees’ offer of $175 million (or more) was somehow insulting to Cano.

    There are at least 700 players in major league baseball and another 300 million plus people in the US who wouldn’t find such an offer the least bit insulting. Moreover, the Yankees’ offer of $25 million per year for seven years was, in and of itself, an overpay. Cano will not be worth $25M/year in his late 30s (nobody is unless they’re on roids), so the Yankees’ offer was, in fact, generous.

    Finally, most everyone acknowledges that Seattle’s offer was excessive because they can’t get good hitters to play there unless they offer FAR MORE than anyone else. That’s what makes Cano’s and his agent’s complaints so ludicrous: Seattle’s offer was insane and they’ll unquestionably regret it down the road (like the A-Rod and Pujols mega deals).

    Oh, and by the way, I can’t wait to hear how much Seattle fans love it when they find out their $24-million-dollar man doesn’t believe in running out ground balls . . . especially when his skills are greatly diminished in years 8, 9, and 10.

  35. novymir says:

    O’Neill jogged. Wiliams jogged. Sheffield jogged.

    Where was the criticism then?

    • Derek Jeter says:

      O’Neill gets overlooked, even by me because he still played with such passion. Robbie’s great but I never saw that passion. He wanted to be the David Ortiz of the Yankees.

    • Coolerking101 says:

      First of all, none of those three dogged it to first half as often as Cano did. So it’s not a fair comparison.

      Also, no one every questioned O’Neill b /c the guy went ape shit whenever he made an out. Sheff was a surly bastard who also wore his emotions on his sleave. The Williams comparison isn’t accurate. I don’t recall him having a recurring issue of not running it out to first.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      O’Neill jogged.


      This is probably the 5 or 8 person on here that has mentioned that. I wonder if ppl forget because he was so passionate in general.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      If Gary Sheffield is your moral compass… well, you already lost the argument.

  36. Derek Jeter says:

    Personally, Cano not running hard annoyed the hell out of me, along with his home run batters box antics, and ALWAYS stepping out of the BOX with 2 strikes. It makes it easier to see him leave. Personally, I got spoiled watching how Rivera and Jeter handle themselves with such class all these years. Cano thinks he is too good to hussle, plain and simple.

  37. iCon says:

    You have to be fair to K-Long here. If America had the attention span long enough to read the entire article and not just quotes pulled from it, anyone who read it would understand that it wasn’t just Kevin Long saying “Robinson Cano is lazy!!!1!!1!1″ But let’s sit back and watch everyone cry about something taken out of context.

    If this is something that bothers Cano… it’s because the truth hurts.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      If this is something that bothers Cano… it’s because the truth hurts.


      Can’t bother him that much. When asked what he thought about Long’s comments he said it’s in the past I’m focusing on being a Mariner.

  38. Greg c says:

    I miss Don Mattingly.

  39. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Also, didn’t say it but, no, I don’t think Sox/Francona is a valid comparison.

  40. Jarrod says:

    Oh no! Someone in baseball was asked a question and gave an honest answer! He should be shot! Why on earth did he not trot out the usual cliché crap that we all seem to be content with? Yeah, let’s all rave about DJ’s boring ass interviews all day long.

    Thankyou K-Long, I appreciate the honesty. Cano was a dog when it came to any sort of hustle. End of story.

    On the other hand he was brilliant in about a million other ways (which K-Long has since confirmed), but he was a dog with hustle.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Spot on. There are a lot of thin-skinned fans who get bent out of shape if anyone trashes “The Franchise” in public. But Long’s negative comments were legit, and actually pretty tame. Robbie is a great player (9/10 of the article focuses on this) and he dogs it to first. Two true statements. No attacks, no slurs. Just a baseball comment. Like you said, end of story.

  41. dkidd says:

    haven’t read through the thread, but long’s comment is the kind of bs they do in boston

    stay classy, rab

  42. ghost of George says:

    Hey I aint paying him anymore, he is not a new york yankee so quit talking about Cano.Let him have fun in Seattle. No more pictures. No more human interest stories. He is dead to me and this organization. Castanza…get me a hero…I’m hungry

  43. Roy Munson says:

    This is such a non-story

  44. Eric in the ATL says:

    Much ado about nothing! Long mostly praised Cano, but in typical fashion, the media focused on his negative comment. And the fact of the matter is it’s nothing that hasn’t been said before.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      but in typical fashion, the media focused on his negative comment.


      But he gave them the comment to focus on.

  45. JGYank says:

    Of course now tex chimes in and darvish has something to say about tanakas contract. Just adding fuel to the fire.

  46. TomG says:

    I’m with you Robbie…I’ve been coming into work 5-10 minutes late just about every day for over fifteen years now. It annoys the hell out of my boss and coworkers, and it would be ridiculously easy for me correct, yet I refuse. I do this shit on my own terms.

  47. nsalem says:

    Things are going to get ugly for Cano as his career winds down and he starts to regress. As a top 5 hitter in the game even as an All Star you can get away with playing the game the way he does. As a 37 year old hitting .270 with a .320 OBP and hitting 15 HR a year it will get downright ugly. Especially when you’re making 25 million a year and have 4 years left on your contract and are still owed 100 million dollars. At that point the questions are going to come hot and heavy to him his teammates and management. I am going to miss his overall game for the next 4 or 5 years. I am also not going to miss thoe very ugly decline years are am very happy they won’t be taking place here. Say what you will about A-Rod but you can’t deny that he was alway trying 100% of the time.

    • Eddard says:

      You’re preaching to the choir here. This is what I said time and time again when others wanted to sign Cano at all costs. He’s lazy. You see how hard Jete works and how he’s deteriorated. Cano doesn’t work half as hard. And out there in Seattle he won’t have his power. Once the power goes he’s just a slow, overpaid middle infielder.

  48. Coolerking101 says:

    It’s funny, b/c Long’s interview is overwhelmingly positive about Cano. The only negative comment he makes is the same comment everyone who has ever watched Cano would make. Comparing it to the character assassination job the Red Sox pull on everyone who leaves town is just silly.

    All that being said, in NY, if you say 1000 nice things and 1 bad thing, the headline will be the one bad thing you said. Long should know that by now.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Comparing it to the character assassination job the Red Sox pull on everyone who leaves town is just silly.


      Maybe but the Yankees have trashed their guys as well.

      Jorge(the whole benching thing)

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        The Jorge benching thing (if i recall) was Jorge sitting out when he was 0fer a shit ton and was moved down the line up (NOT BENCHED), as which point he SAT HIMSELF out.

        Within a day, it was all worked out, he went back in the lineup and he continued to have a mediocre final season as a Yankee.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Some equally in bad taste. Some not.

        I hate contract negotations. No one ever looks good. Not the player, not the team. If I could just fast-forward through negotiating with your own FA in any sport, I would.

        I think Posada brought that one on himself.

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          If I could just fast-forward through negotiating with your own FA in any sport, I would.


          I agree

      • TWTR says:

        I thought Torre’s book contained much, much worse stuff than anything they may or may not have done to him.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          It’s a perfect example of how no one is really beating up on Long here, but merely pointing out a transgression.

          I hated what Torre said in his book. I also put it behind me and applaud the shit out of him at the stadium.

        • The Big City of Dreams says:

          The Kevin Brown and A-rod stuff was unsettling.

  49. Randy says:

    The Mariners found salt in the water today…explains their feelings.

  50. SevenAces says:

    Dear Lloyd, please remove large painful object from your rear end. Save all that fire for when your team is sucking it up last place in the ALW and you need to have a talk with Cano about his hustle.

    Long had tons of nice things to say about Cano and he only spoke the truth regarding running out of the box issue. But somehow it gets blown out of proportion.

    It’s a friggin’ non-story, THE END.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      I will say this… While Long should or should not have said what he said, and Cano should or should not have ran down the basepaths, and while this whole thing may or may not have been blown out of proportion…

      Lloyd McClendon looks like a colossal sized dick for piling on. The classy (and smart) move would have been to not offer a comment, or say “I have not seen the article” or “I have not had an opportunity to speak to Cano or Kevin about this, so its not my place to say”, or even “He hustled with that pen when he saw 10/$240M on that contract, Amirite???”, yet here we are.

      Only 1/2 kidding about the last quote, but you get the gist.

      • SevenAces says:

        At this point, anyone from the Mariners organization is gigantic douche nozzle in my book.

        I hope the Mariners end their season with the shittiest win % in MLB and other note worthy important stats.

  51. Preston says:

    Why did he answer ANY questions about Cano? He gave a lot of praise and made one negative comment, that comment has been turned into a media talking point. But honestly the stupid thing he did was answer questions about him at all. Tell the reporter you want to talk about the guys in camp. End of story.

  52. nsalem says:

    Mattinglly chastised Puig in front of millions of people on national TV right after a miscue. The words were pretty negative but the anger an frustration on his face were even more revealing.

    • Preston says:

      That’s fine, and if Long wanted to chastise Cano after he didn’t run out a grounder then I’d have no problem with it. But he’s on another team so it’s that managers problem now.

  53. Mike T. says:

    I am glad Long mentioned it. When it comes to “hustle plays” anyone who watches the Yankees knows that Cano completely dogs it. He is also likely one of the worst base runners that I have ever seen. The guy I have to question is McLendon for getting involved, and then he says this: ” As long as you don’t dog it down the line, what’s the difference between 65 and 85 percent? Just run down the line.” Nothing like setting the bar low for a team that sucks to begin with. Now that he’s said that, he can’t back off of it. If guys run down the line 65% it’s cool with him. The guy’s a moron. Perhaps that’s why he’s 336-446 as a manager.

  54. whoops says:

    Great. Axisa is no better than the media rats on this one.

    Include the entire interview or go write for a political news network. Some really outstanding “journalism” here.

  55. willie w says:

    don’t blame Long
    blame the guy who asked him the question designed to cause trouble

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      How exactly does that work? The journalist’s job is to ask questions they think are pertinent. It’s the interviewee’s job to answer them in a manner protecting their own interests.

      • willie w says:

        then why are people beating up Long ?

        you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        either accept that the question was asked and an honest answer give or don’t ask the question if you won’t like the answer

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          People are beating up on Kevin Long? I missed that one.

          You may prefer your coaches airing the team’s dirty laundry, but I’d wager that a lot of fans appreciate how the modern-day Yankees like to do business, and that’s behind closed doors. It’s a testament to how they do things that we catch the slips when we do.

          It was poor presentation in front of the media, but no one died here.

          • Deep Thoughts says:

            This is about stuff that went down between the white lines. It is absolutely fair game. It is not about wives, or gambling, or clubhouse fistfights, or fried chicken and beer, or prescription medication. Long could have ducked the question but I’m glad he didn’t.

          • wille w says:

            for whatever its worth I disagree with just about everything in your reply to me

        • Preston says:

          They do like the answer. But the interests aren’t aligned. The reporters like to rock the boat and the Yankees don’t want to make waves. So the reporter asks the question, and the coach should decline to answer.

          • Deep Thoughts says:

            Why? They had a long and fruitful professional association. The player has signed what will likely be his last contract with another club. The coach made personal observations that were blatantly obvious to anyone who’s watched the player. There are no negative consequences other than wasted pixels and ink from attention whores in the media, the Mariners’ manager’s office, and the comments section of certain online fora.

  56. Frank says:

    I’m not sure what kind of damage we’re looking at. Even if these comments were to somehow “motivate” Cano and he rips a couple of extra home runs against the Yankees – and/or he beats out a couple of grounders for singles – all that would prove was that K-Long was right. As far as public perception of the Yankees, the world already hates us so I’m not interested in winning over anyone – just beating them.

  57. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Lost in all this? Actual interesting news on Stephen Drew. Irony of ironies.

  58. mustang says:

    Agree with Mike on this one. I didn’t like when Torre did it in his book and I don’t like it now there is no need to trash the boys you gone to war with. I read the article and to me I didn’t think there was bad intent, but I also thought it was totally unnecessary. I think this is the second incident ( I remember something with Long and Cashman had to correct it publicly) of this kind in past year with Mr Long and maybe someone needs to take him down a few steps.

    • mustang says:

      Here it is:
      “NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Yankees general manager Brian Cashman insists he’s not angry with hitting coach Kevin Long. But Cashman didn’t too happy with him either when discussing Mark Teixeira’s wrist woes with reporters on Monday.”

      • mustang says:

        FROM LAST Incident:

        “Am I mad at Kevin Long because of that? No,” said Cashman. “But do I think that commentary jibes with Kevin Long’s comments internally in that clubhouse regarding this player prior to him going down? Absolutely not. … If K-Long said that, he’s a monk because he kept his mouth shut the whole time.”
        “Some people are better with the microphone than others,” he added. “Let’s put it that way.

    • mustang says:

      Know your job and what you get paid to do.

      Seems simple enough, but I find that people seem to have a real hard time doing it. Happens all the time at my job.

  59. KennyH123 says:

    “This is like the Red Sox talking about Terry Francona’s use of pain medication after he was let go” No, its nothing like that at all.

    Listen, Cano never hustled. Call a spade a spade and don’t apologize for it. Kevin Long rocks. We should all just turn our heads the other way and not talk about it? Why? A distraction? LMAO. Screw that.

    It doesn’t take much effort at all to give 100% on the ballfield when you’re a professional athlete making hundreds of millions of dollars. Nobody is perfect, but everyone can at least try their hardest.

    I really hate the apologists for Cano, I really do. Saying he’s “graceful” and it only looks like he’s loafing. Oh please. Screw him.

    • Jim says:

      ““This is like the Red Sox talking about Terry Francona’s use of pain medication after he was let go” No, its nothing like that at all.”

      Agreed. They asked Long about Cano running the bases and he replied about Cano running the bases. If he called Cano a drunk then I’d be on board.

    • Jeremy says:

      Apparently you are not allowed to answer questions honesty, otherwise some thin skinned people might get their poor lil feelings hurt.

  60. Jim says:

    This is something I can’t help but comment on.

    MIKE! You’re way, way off on this one. There is nothing wrong with giving an honest answer, which is exactly what Long did. He didn’t go out of his way to humiliate Cano which is what your piece is implying. He answered a simple question with an honest answer and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If I was a coach and I had a player who wouldn’t hustle to 1B, even at the request of the staff and the captain of the team, I’d make damn sure I let everyone know it was the player’s own personal choice and not a reflection of the team.

  61. Random says:

    Non-story that will be a story because there is not much else to talk about right now besides all the “I’m in the best shape of my life” interviews.

    Long was mostly praising Cano anyway; it’s not like this was some super-hit job. He was annoyed about the jogging to first, like much of the Yankees fan base. Big deal.

    The thing that sucks most is now this is all we’ll hear about when we play the M’s.

  62. So it’s OK for Cano to trash Girardi and to say that he was “insulted” by an offer that would have eliminated any financial worries for generations of Canos, but Long can’t say this (truthful) thing about him?

    Whatever. Can the ST games please start so we can start complaining about Tanaka’s velocity and advocating for Slade Heathcott to break camp with the team?

  63. bobmac says:

    Who cares? Seriously.

  64. yankeesmax says:

    The Yankees know they miscalculated by not resigning Cano so this is sour grapes. With Cano, the Yankees would have been one of the favorite to win the World Series. Without Cano, the Yankees will be one of the teams in contention for the post season. The lack of hustle disturbed me but not as the Yankess without Cano, a home grown Yankee. I know I will not be watching as much or going to as many games. The Yankess need to show some class and respect Cano’s past contributions as a Yankees.

    • Jeremy says:

      Cano is 31, he wanted a 10 year deal, that is just bad business. Cano cannot not hustle for a last place team all he wants.

  65. Nathan says:

    It’s not like Long said what he said with “The Yankees feel” or “We, the New York Yankees, feel like Cano blah blah blah”. Reading his comments, they are HIS comments as hitting coach. Sure, it looks a little bad but I don’t think it’s this big of a deal.

    McClendon could have left it alone and not added anything and that would have been that.

    I guess the Yankees need to make a big deal about Darvish’s comments about Tanaka!

  66. dan genovese says:


  67. Hawkeye says:

    228 comments (and counting) about nothing- got bored and quit reading after the first 20- so few will probably get far enough to read this.

  68. Kentucky Ed says:

    Cano doesn’t hustle to 1st. We know that. Girardi mentioned it with 2 weeks left in the season last year, so no, this is not something out of the blue. And by the way, he doesn’t make any effort on grounders to his glove side either. I got hoarse over the last 7 years yelling Olé after each pathetic attempt. How you can play that way when 1. you are being compared to Pedroia who plays like a man with his hair on fire day after day, 2. you have a man playing 50 feet to your right who busts his tail on every play, even on a broken ankle and 3. you expect to be paid like Pujols and A-rod who just happen to be 3 time MVP’s when you have never even led the league in a single meaningful category is beyond me. Go be laid back, suck down your lattés and salmon in Seattle, Robbie. It suits you just fine.

  69. Mike says:

    Cano would rather play for a losing team for a couple million dollars more than play for a World Series favorite for a few million less.

    He’s a loser.

  70. Captain Turbo says:

    Who is this Robinson Cano person? Why is this news?

  71. PaulP says:

    Well, 248 comments later… I do not think Long’s comments were that bad. Stating facts while answering questions is no sin. Besides, you are taking his comments out of contexts… he praised Cano for the first part of that interview and that lead the reporters to ask about him (Cano) not running full speed. Besides this is stupid… Lloyd had to jump on Long’s comments, otherwise it would seem he does not stick up for his players. Apparently Cano was not bothered, I did not see a comment on it from him…

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I actually had little problem with either McClendon or Cashman afterwards. I think it’s good by Lloyd to stick up for his player, and I think Cashman absolutely took the high road here.

      This is most much to do about nothing, but I continue to think it’s disingenuous to say that what was portrayed in that article was mostly positive. Read the title.

      • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

        That’s the point though. The title IS part of the spin. The comments were positive by far on the whole. If they’re read.

  72. Tom Donato says:

    First of all Robbie Cano is a Terrific player,both defensively and offensively .The best 2nd baseman in baseball,who always plays and works hard.Now for Kevin Long he is the worst hitting coach in baseball!!! When was the last time the Yankees hit in the playoffs?They look like a bunch of robots.Theres not one person that’s improved since he’s been with the team.He should keep his mouth shut and thank god he still has a job!!!

  73. hogan says:

    Anyone read Torre’s book? My god, he wasn’t even out of the game and it’s 300 pages of him trashing Arod, Clemens, Kevin Brown and who else I can’t remember. I mean sharing private moments about Clemens crying to his mother on the phone.

    Not a peep from the press about that. I would have broken his big fucking nose.

  74. Thomas says:

    I agree that Long went into a little too much detail…. some unneccessary detail. But could the same arguement be made that Cano was classless by publically stating that the Yankees “disrespected him” by only offering him 7 years at 25 million a year? Once again I agree that Long shouldn’t have said what he said, it’s just ironic how Cano’s comments towards the Yankees didn’t receive nearly the amount of attention.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I wish they’d both kept their mouths shut. Yes.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      it’s just ironic how Cano’s comments towards the Yankees didn’t receive nearly the amount of attention.


      Actually they did. Many Yankee fans were upset about his comments whether it was on the net or radio.

  75. DJ says:

    Mike usually claims he avoids nonsense like this, but I guess he is desperate for traffic for the blog. I guess whining about the Yankee infield or bullpen ain’t bringing in the numbers. So he is reduced to talk radio silliness about a non-story.

  76. New Haven Yankee says:

    No apologies needed from Long. Good riddance to Cano. It was infuriating to watch him jog to 1B, especially when an error was made by the opposing team. He just couldn’t be bothered to hustle. I’m glad Long said what he did; many fans feel the same way.

  77. leftylarry says:

    I’m glad he said it, long overdue.

    He turned triples into doubles also.

  78. Deep Thoughts says:

    Stay tuned as Jay-Z, Robi, and K-Long announce a new fragrance called “Hustle 2023″

  79. Robbie Hustle says:

    Nice work, Mike. Baited it up and caught yourself 300 or so inane replies on something the team had addressed with Cano countless times during his tenure in NY. What a bunch of bullshit. Long was asked a series of questions and gave his answers. good for him. Instead of the same Spring training crap we actually get an honest and accurate account on the only negative aspect of a great player’s game. Get off your high horse, axisa. Cano doesn’t run out weakly hit ground balls! They’re calling him out! It’s just like the Red Sox! Boo fucking hoo.

    Robbie “Hustle Cano


  80. Jayray says:

    Cano is a great player with a less-than-great approach to the game. Long shouldn’t have made the comments because all they do is create bad press. That said, they are revealing and true. Moreover, they speak to why Cano was never LOVED by fans the way members of the core four or Bernie were. Because despite his amazing stats, he didn’t play with their effort. This is not “perception” it’s reality. Hits that should have been double were too often singles. When he should have gone from first to third on a single he too often ended up on second. Want to be a team lead? Then act like one. He is still the best second baseman in the team’s history, incredibly gifted. But he could have been more. And did he have one singular defining moment? Not that I can think of.

    • mt says:

      I think you nailed it – Long was not lying and says things that Yankee fans have been saying for years but 1) he should know better that his negative (albeit true) comments would be magnified by the press for the sexy angle – this is not Long’s first rodeo and the interview was out of his control when he used the “dog” word and 2) it will always come off as sour grapes since Cano has left – Long would have been a lot braver and respected to say this when Cano was still here and said something diplomatic like this – yes, Cano is a brilliant offensive pupil of mine but he will only truly transcend to next level when he incorporates all elements incluidng hustling – Yanks seemed to have been allergic to truly answering questions on this issue when Cano dogged it (for obvious reasons – don’t want to piss Cano off in his free agency year; last major dustup was way back in 2008 when Girardi benched him.) Also other posters have brought up lack of hustle by Sheffield and O’Neill and made excuses for why it was not important for those players (Including O’Neill broke bats so he had passion which makes his lack of hustle OK; Sheffield was a jerk so no one cared?)

      AS with reaction to another great offensive player Arod, the major difference for Cano may be the starting SS comparison: Jeter is sitting there as a counter-example and people get visceral reaction that players are “disrespecting” Jeter by lack of hustle.

      The biggest question for me is this: this “lack of hustle” was an issue with Yankee fans with their best player- you cannot read any comment board when he was with Yankees regarding Cano where folks did not mention this . However, Miguel Cabrera and David Ortiz also do not hustle but I get the feeling that Detroit and Boston fans barely mention this when those players are discussed -it is not a major part of those two players’ narratives (Ortiz is also beloved becuase of the three championships, of course). Does NESN talk about Ortiz not hustling down the line like Yes finally did this year? Why has this become a major part of Cano’s story? They are all great offensive players, too but the noise surrounding Cano’s lack of hustle is much greater than those other two (or other great offensive players that also do not hustle). Also they both are Latin also so Cano being targeted becuase he is Latin is not a reason.

  81. Fernando says:

    Goodness can we just move on. I don’t care about Cano…he’s isn’t on the team anymore. Sure, this was kind of like Boston does in airing dirty laundry but Cano talked baloney too about being disrespected with the offer. Let’s just start this season so we don’t have to hear any more of this non-baseball news or worse any more Drew stories.

  82. JeffB says:

    Let KLong be the “badguy” but this really needed to be said. Before now, did we have confirmation that multiple people talked to Robbie about his lack of hustle? No.

    As fans, we couldn’t stand to see it, especially from a guy who was supposed to carry the torch after the departure of the Core Four. And in this past off-season, all we have heard about was how we didn’t care enought to sign Cano etc. His lack of hustle was a HUGE reason why he didn’t get a top offer from the Yanks. Who wanted more of the same, or perhaps worse attitude AND an albatross contract?

    Not this fan…Thanks KLong for taking one for the team and the fans

  83. SISteve says:

    Sorry but Mike Axisa is just flat out wrong on this one. It was an asked and honestly answered question. If Cano had done what he was supposed to do then there would have been no reason to have to respond to a question that way. Cano made the answer, not Long. No baseball player has the right to step on a MLB field and dog it and those that do wind up getting responses such as that.

  84. yankeesrbest says:

    I have no problems what so ever with Long’s comments. It was annoying to not see this guy hustle every time when we had players like Derek and Donnie before him always hustling. As the Star player on the Yankees, he should have been hustling all the time. For those that disagree, did you see him get thrown out over the years for not hustling out of the gate? I HATED that every single time. I HOPE that the next Yankees home grown star will be more like Derek and Donnie than Cano.

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