It’s official: Yankees extend Brett Gardner

Gardner's extension another sign of change that needed to be made
Open Thread: 2/24 Camp Notes

The Yankees have officially signed outfielder Brett Gardner to a four-year contract extension with a fifth year club option, the team announced. Yesterday we heard the deal was worth $52M guaranteed with a $12.5M option ($2M buyout). Gardner is already under contract for $5.6M for 2014, so the extension covers 2015-18 and potentially 2019. Can’t say I was expecting to write something like this as recently as 48 hours ago.

Gardner's extension another sign of change that needed to be made
Open Thread: 2/24 Camp Notes
  • willie W

    I am a very big fan of Brett’s but $52 million to play a game seems a bit insane
    I still want to know why miquel cabrera is not making $40 million a year considering what most other players make for doing so much less.

    • nyyankfan_7

      Yes it’s ridiculous; what’s more ridiculous is that we both know it is ridiculous, everyone knows it is and yet we gladly show up to games and pay overpriced ticket prices, insane “internet fees” and gladly shell out $5 for 50 cent hot dog and $10 for a $3 beers …most of us multiple times.

      And this is why the terrorists hate us – America F*ck Yeah!

    • cuponoodles

      Are you referring to Brett Gardner in particular or the overinflation of Major League baseball salaries in general?

      • willie w

        all salaries are insane

        if they don’t do this for the money would they take a 40 hour a week digging ditches ?

  • soxhata

    I guess this blocks Williams,Austin,and my favorite,because I have actually seen him play,Slade Heathcott.One of these guys will be ready next year imo.Of course,I doubt Gardy’s contract doesn’t have a no trade provision.In the games we have Gardner,Ellsbury,and Ichiro,you are going to have to drill the ball to get it past those three.

    • Jersey Joe

      Beltran will inevitably move to DH, as soon as next year. One outfield prospect should be able to get a shot.

    • Ed

      Soriano and Ichiro will be free agents after the season. Beltran should probably be playing DH a lot. There’s an outfield opening next year.

      Also, Gardner didn’t get a no trade clause, so he can be traded easily if we need another opening.

  • Ethan

    There really should be some organization in baseball that represents the fans. Maybe there is that I’m not thinking of (or don’t know about). The MLBPA represents players, Owners have their own things but it always seems like fans kinda get screwed. The owners can easily pass on the high salaries they pay players right over to the fans. There should be some kind of organization that lobbies in favor of fans or at least gives us some kind of voice.

    • nyyankfan_7

      Are you kidding me? Here is an absolutely insane idea…DON’T FREAKING SUPPORT THEM.

      Let me guess, you’re in support of the government getting involved and controlling this part of your life for you too? It’s a capital market – if you don’t support the high costs, don’t pay them. End of story.

  • Brian Strawman

    The Gardner signing was a reminder that this is just a blog. I sometimes forget that and consider RAB a source.

  • willie w

    I don’t go to ballgames

  • qwerty

    The extension itself was smart. What wasn’t smart was giving Ellsbury some crazy 7 year 155 million deal when they essentially had the same player in Brett Gardner. Why not just extend Gardner and forget about Ellsbury? The yankees are such fools.

    • nyyankfan_7

      Brett Gardner has been worth 8 WAR over the last 3 seasons.

      Jacoby Ellsbury has been worth 15 WAR over the last 3 seasons.

      Not the same player and hence the reason Ellsbury got much more money.

      • qwerty

        Gardner barely played in 2012. Thank you for proving my point. You compared Ellsbury’s last 3 seasons to Gardner’s 2 in order to make your case.