Open Thread: 2/16 Camp Notes

Sherman: Yankees sign Dean Anna, Vidal Nuno for 2014
Fan Confidence Poll: February 17th, 2014

The first weekend of Spring Training is complete, though position players have not yet officially reported and the first full squad workout is still a few days away. Here’s a recap of the day in Tampa.

  • Chad Jennings has the day’s bullpen and batting practice groups. Manny Banuelos plus a bunch of relievers were on the mound, including David Robertson, Shawn Kelley, and Matt Thornton. The pitchers will starting throwing live batting practice tomorrow.
  • Mark Teixeira said his Spring Training plan is mapped out and he’s expecting to get 50+ at-bats, which is a normal amount. He is taking roughly 50 swings from each side of the plate right now and he feels a bit better from the right side. Tex also said he grew an inch this winter (!?) and hopes to play another five years. [Bryan Hoch, Sweeny Murti, Jorge Castillo, Dan Barbarisi]
  • Apparently Peter O’Brien was the star of batting practice yesterday, hitting balls over the batter’s eye and off the scoreboard in left. “What puts his swing at a different level is the ease of it,’’ said hitting coach Kevin Long. [George King]
  • Hoch has the list of guest instructors, which includes both Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui. Ronald Blum says Andy Pettitte will be in camp as an instructor as well.

Here is your open thread for the night. The NBA All-Star Game is on, ditto the Olympics. Talk about those games, Spring Training, or anything else right here. Enjoy.

Sherman: Yankees sign Dean Anna, Vidal Nuno for 2014
Fan Confidence Poll: February 17th, 2014
  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Nice write-up on O’Brien in the Sunday Times as well.

  • ALZ

    Must be in reference to how excited Teix is for the season.

    • mustang


  • McCannamanasha

    Good to see Boomer out there as a guest instructor. I hope he’s keeping in shape.

    • Dalek Jeter

      “I hope he’s [David Wells] keeping in shape.”

      That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

      • Chip Rodriguez

        Round is a shape.

      • vicki

        i’ve seen him the last couple years in spring traning, in his uni: svelte, no lie.

      • Preston

        He always gets plenty of 12 once curl reps in.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Debate topic, is Derek Jeter the best player to never win an MVP? AND GO!

    • RetroRob

      Probably too many to name, although he is in the top ten of best players ever never to win an MVP is my guess. Mel Ott, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Manny Ramariz, Tony Gwynn come to mind. As said, probably lots more if I start thinking about the old timers.

    • vicki

      what’s really nuts is he’s the only yankee to ever win all-star mvp.

      • brew crew

        Im pretty sure they gave it to Mo last year.

    • hogsmog

      Mark McGwire deserves consideration here.

    • Nuke Guy

      He’s up there. I’d say Manny tops the list though.

    • Preston

      They didn’t call it the MVP until the 30’s so technically Babe never won an MVP award.

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        So then neither did Cobb, Wagner, Johnson, Mathewson, Hornsby, Alexander, Collins, Young, Speaker, Lajoie…

        The “current” MVP award started in 1931, so I don’t think we really consider guys whose careers started before then.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      Late to the game (on here).

      Here are the top career bWAR non-pitchers:
      Mel Ott
      Eddie Mathews
      Al Kaline
      Wade Boggs
      Ozzie Smith
      Paul Molitor
      Lou Whitaker
      Luke Appling
      Arky Vaughan
      Jim Thome
      Rafael Palmeiro
      Derek Jeter
      Bobby Grich
      Johnny Mize
      Ron Santo
      Adrian Beltre
      Alan Trammell
      Scott Rolen
      Gary Carter

      Those are the guys just in the top 100. So that still excludes a lot of great players like Duke Snider, Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn, Mike Piazza, Mark McGwire, Tim Raines, Manny Ramirez, Carlton Fisk, Roberto Alomar, Dwight Evans, Joe Cronin, Craig Biggio, Billy Williams, Todd Helton, Gary Sheffield.

      So………yea. You could almost pick a name out of a hat. Mathews, Kaline, Appling and Mize finished 2nd twice. Smith, Molitor, Jeter, Beltre, Trammell and Carter all finished 2nd once. Jeter also had two 3rd place finishes.

  • RetroRob

    Tex grew an inch just over the winter? I’d be alarmed if I started growing taller gain, let alone a whole inch over a few months. He’s gotta be trolling the media.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Wait, that wasn’t a boner joke? I just took it as a boner joke.

    • Betty Lizard

      I gave Tex an inch.
      You know what happened next.

    • Jarrod

      Clearly HGH at work…

  • vicki

    getting a distinctly shelley duncan vibe from peter o’brien.

    • Farewell Mo

      Shelly has a few nice moments but I’ve got higher hopes for Petey O.

  • marechal

    Tex today: “Yeah, you kind of protect it. The first few swings, you want to make sure it’s loose. I’ve had a couple swings where I’ve fouled a pitch off. I haven’t swung and missed yet. When you swing and miss, that’s a real test to see what it feels like.”

    Hopefully someone will throw a couple of 2-2 changeups to test that wrist in spring training.

  • Get Phelps Up

    Tex really seems pumped for this season.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      He’s the kind of guy who gets pumped up over a wisdom tooth extraction.

  • TopChuckie



    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      So not true (I think), but I honestly don’t know if I’d be happy or sad at this point.

  • leftylarry

    I understand Tex is doing something called Egoscue, it’s training involving posture and muscle balance & position, not impossible he could have stretched out an inch but it wasn’t growing in the classic sense.
    It’s great stuff though, remember it , EGOSCUE, you’ll be hearing more players doing it.