Open Thread: 2/24 Camp Notes

It's official: Yankees extend Brett Gardner
Update: Ban on home plate collisions approved by MLB, MLBPA

With the exhibition games set to begin on Tuesday, the Yankees had a very light workout day today. All the fun stuff starts tomorrow. Here’s the latest from Tampa.

This is your open thread for the night. The Knicks are playing tonight and that’s pretty much it. The NHL returns from the Olympic break tomorrow and, of course, Spring Training games start across Florida and Arizona. You folks know how this works by now, so have at it.

It's official: Yankees extend Brett Gardner
Update: Ban on home plate collisions approved by MLB, MLBPA
  • jay destro

    you can also follow me @jaydestro for pictures of my pug.

  • gageagainstthemachine

    I want to know what Bailey’s contract incentives are that can possibly get him to $2.5M (I think that’s the max) if e doesn’t expect to pitch until August or September?!

    • gageagainstthemachine


      • RetroRob

        Two year deal, so I suspect he has the same incentives for both seasons, but in reality he only has a chance of hitting them in 2015.

        The contract is most likely built on appearances, or number of days not on the DL, etc., so if he comes back earlier this year, he has the chance to earn more money. Yet to get to $2.5m he’ll need a full season, so that would be 2015.

    • Tom

      Is it incentive based this year? I know that was what was reported but I think it might be getting confused (or maybe is referring to 2015?)

      I think it might just be a straight minor league deal. They agree on the MLB salary if he makes the club (like all MiLB deals) and he would then just get a prorated portion of that based on when (and if) he makes it back. That’s not really incentive based.

      The only thing I saw was that he had just under a 2mil base for 2014. The other 500K is probably just the 2015 buyout.

      I don’t know if there are any incentives in the 2015 contract year though.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Speaking of Bailey, anyone open to signing Aceves and Hanrahan to minor league contracts?

    • Tanuki Tanaka (Formerly Bob Buttons)

      Aceves no. He seems dickish from what happened with Valentine.
      Hanrahan maybe. Don’t think he’d be able to contribute much though if he didn’t get a team yet, injuries and stuff.

    • Mike Axisa

      Aceves signed with the Orioles a few weeks ago.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        So you’re…….open to it?

      • forensic

        Any day now I’m sure we’ll hear that they voided the contract because they think he failed his physical.

  • Alkaline

    Man. I don’t go to RAB from Saturday mid day until this morning and find out about the Gardy extension. I’m a bit surprised, but happy about it. I’ll take a known commodity everyday.

    • Tanuki Tanaka (Formerly Bob Buttons)

      You also missed about some guy ranting about how he’d take Granderson over Gardner or something for dozens of comments.

      • RetroRob

        I must have skipped right by those. Whenever I see a long exchange, I blow right by it figuring there can be no good buried in all those notes.

        • Tanuki Tanaka (Formerly Bob Buttons)

          My curiosity got the best of me in that thread. Wondered who was so opinionated about signing Gardner and found out.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            The same old troll.

            • Amelia

              Pot Meet Kettle

              • Havok9120

                Nice to see you still care, random first name poster we’ve never seen who totally isn’t anyone we’ve ever seen before.

              • Bedelia

                Kettle meet dipshit.

        • Alkaline

          I enjoy some of it when I have breaks at work and don’t feel like socializing with certain co-workers. Other times I skip most of the comment section as I browse it.

          • Havok9120

            Depends on who is arguing. When it’s regulars, I generally know what to read and what to avoid.

            When it’s someone new…that can get dicey.

  • idontlikemattwarden

    You mean Matt Warden doesn’t write for the site anymore? HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN YOU GUYS!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I (sadly) etc

    • Havok9120

      Damn those damn weekend writers because dammit and stuff.


      (We love you Matt, please come back)

  • dkidd

    r.i.p. harold ramis

    animal house
    groundhog day

    not too shabby

    • Preston

      Sad, sad, sad, and to think he and Akroyd had signed up for Ghostbusters III. Groundhog Day is one of those movies that no matter how often it’s on tv I always have to stop and watch it.

    • forensic

      Yup, really sucks. He had so many good movies. In addition to the ones you listed, there’s also National Lampoon’s Vacation, and even others like Armed and Dangerous, Back to School, and Analyze This.

  • Charles R.

    I wonder what CC and Tanaka are laughing about.

    • vicki

      i don’t.

  • Tim D.

    I’m excited to see Jameis Winston potentially pitch against the Yanks. I know the game’s not on TV but I’m interested to see what type of media hype, if any, that will be at the Boss tomorrow. Does anyone care or find it compelling to check the score of the game even though it’s against a college team?

    • Gambler’s Anonymous

      I do! Greetings from the Bellagio sports book in sunny Las Vegas!

    • vicki

      it’s at long last baseball. i want to know everything.

  • Preston

    So the first game of the year and the most famous person on the field is going to be on Florida State. I mean we could at least throw Ichiro into the lineup to have one big name guy who can outmatch Jameis Winston in the fame department.

    • Havok9120

      You know, I hadn’t thought of it that way. But hearing it makes me both laugh and frown.

      Go exhibit something, Yankees. That’s the whole point. Make some fans and such.

  • LitFig

    “Yankees sign Jameis Winston to a $50 million dollar contract. Winston will report to Tampa”

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      Update: Winston is in critical condition after arm is chopped off in apparent tomahawk accident.

    • Havok9120

      I do think it would be pretty great to watch the rest of the league sputter in rage if we found some way to do this through a loophole in the rules.

      Lucchino would have a stroke. Selig would probably die of apoplexy.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Frontrunner for the 2014 Mel Hall Award.

      • vicki

        never forget.