Open Thread: 2/26 Camp Notes



The Yankees officially opened Grapefruit League play with a 6-5 loss to the Pirates this afternoon. Season over, obviously. Jacoby Ellsbury was the headliner on offense, beating out an infield single and drawing two walks. Carlos Beltran went hitless in three at-bats (one strikeout) while Brian McCann singled and struck out in his two at-bats. Bench candidate Yangervis Solarte had a nice game, going 2-for-3 with a homer.

The box score is right here. Ivan Nova allowed two runs on two hits and two walks in 1.1 innings before hitting his pitch limit. Dellin Betances struck out a pair in two scoreless innings as he tries to make a case for a bullpen job. Chase Whitley and Preston Claiborne combined to allow four runs in the seventh, blowing the team’s three-run lead. Cesar Cabral retired both lefties he faced, one on a strikeout. Here’s the rest of the day’s news from Tampa.

Here is your open thread for the night. The Nets are playing and later tonight MLB Network will re-air this afternoon’s Dodgers-Diamondbacks game, if you’re jonesin’ for some baseball. Talk about those games or anything else right here.


  1. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    We won the offseason, now Girardi is losing us the preseason! Trade Nova and Gardner for Brandon Phillips and an old pair of Pete Rose’s cleats! Fire Girardi, and hire Buck Showalter to coach while he’s unconscious! Trade Gary Sanchez for a poster of Matt Harvey! Let Scott Sizemore pitch from third base!

  2. lightSABR says:

    So… when do you guys start posting game threads?

  3. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    So much fail. DFA Nova now!

  4. Guns says:

    Farewell Carl Pavano. Try not to hurt yourself out there…

  5. Preston says:

    And Ronnier Mustelier is replaced by Yangervis Solarte in the hearts and minds of many.

  6. jim p says:

    A quandary for Girardi: he can’t call Carlos Beltran ‘Carly’ ’cause that’s a girl’s name. So he’ll have to say ‘Belty’? Doesn’t sound good either.

  7. R says:

    All I know is that the Red Sox are going to field an entire team of “can’t miss prospects”!

    Or that’s how the saying goes, right? We have high upside talent. Our farm is a lot better than what’s being written. Few organizations have decent to good catching depth and we still in a way, control that market. Young pitching is really what’s done the Yanks under for a few seasons. It will come back just like 70% of “can’t miss” prospects the Red Sox are promoting at the moment, won’t even become major leaguers.

    • R says:

      ..and I’ll say it again, the Red Sox are going to deeply regret not resigning Ellsbury. I know a lot on here don’t understand the contract and its high in dollars for sure, but he will win an MVP in one of the next 3 seasons. More so, however, is the dynamic for the Sox. They are delusional at the moment. One extreme to the next in 2011 it was sign everyone on their drunken Yacht ride and now they have this austerity about them that makes Spain look like their in midst of a gold rush. Their current outfield will rank among the worst in baseball this season. Book it. You have Victorino who is really the only full-time major league player. He’s no model of health, but he should be good enough. Then who else? Jackie Bradley? The kid that suffered through a historic slump. We’ll see about him out of the gate. Who else? Two platoon players in Gomes and Nava. That’s it. I just wish one writer, Red Sox or otherwise, would really tell it like it is. It’s been a very strange offseason for them and it’s bugged me quite a bit as you can see.

  8. Mickey Scheister says:

    Ivan Nova for Nick Franklin, who hangs up first? Same question but David Phelps.

    • R says:

      Not happening. It’s not good business to deal with the Mariners. I don’t want anymore of their players and I don’t want to send any of ours there.

      A trade that I wanted to suggest was a 3-way with the Met’s, Rockies and Mariners with Paxton going to the Rockies, Franklin going to the Mets and each team giving up a #4 or 5 prospect. The Met’s have been reluctant to give up pitching, so I’m sure there is some else that can go and the same for Rockies. Then the Mariners turn around and sign Santana for 4 years and $50m as he is a very good fit for that organization and park. Plus he is much more developed pitcher than Paxton.

      Just a thought.

    • Steve (different one) says:

      Yanks. Mariners.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Yanks on Nova. I’m not sure either hangs up on Phelps.

  9. Alkaline says:

    So judging by that prospect system ranking and write up, it seems that *gasp* many of what team pollyanna has said here about the farm might be true?

    So yeah, to beat a dead horse. Prospects are volatile. I love me some prospects every day, but understand not all will pan out. And we seemed to have run into some bad luck last year across the board, hence the expected fall. If the pendulum swung the other way, we would be looking at an 7-12 farm system. That’s what happens when you’re in the middle of the pack. It could go either way. Let’s hope our guys get healthy and take a step forward. Aside from Culver (and a reach to complain about DBJ), the yanks seem to have been okay at selecting talent, it just might be harnessing it that’s a problem. Whether it was just a fluke of a couple prospects or not remains to be seen, but I’m still very cautiously optimistic.

    I must admit the outfield prospects have me wary now. I hope they bounce back or else that hurts.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      “So judging by that prospect system ranking and write up, it seems that *gasp* many of what team pollyanna has said here about the farm might be true?”

      Impossible. Something must have gone awry in the math there.

      It really is quite simple, though, and I’m glad the author gets it: It’s kinda hard to know if 2013 was really a bust year until you see what 2014 looks like.

      • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

        Lolwut? 2013 was a bust on the farm, full stop.

        What happened in 2012 or happens in 2014 has zero bearing on how we judge 2013.

        (And per the prior thread, even with the 3 late first round picks our farm is ranked in the bottom 1/4-1/3.)

        You guys can spin that we’re doing a fine job with the farm all you like. You’ll still be wrong.

  10. I'm One says:

    I was happy with this today:

    “Dellin Betances struck out a pair in two scoreless innings as he tries to make a case for a bullpen job.”

    Also, 3 ground balls, no fly balls and 11 strike snd no balls. Gotta throw strikes out of the ‘pen. Hope he keeps it up and is able to repeat his mechanics in short spurts out of the ‘pen.

  11. vicki says:

    two of the toughest slabs of meat you’ll ever see are joe girardi and brian mccann, but don’t they look like a couple of courtly little ladies next to nova in that picture?

  12. D$1184 says:

    So when one of our guys “throws batting practice” to our hitters, is he actively trying to make pitches, almost as if it were a game scenario, or is he just lobbing it in there so the hitter can work on his rhythm?

  13. TWTR says:

    Well, this is encouraging:

    Teixeira sustained a similar ankle injury while playing at Georgia Tech. If Jeter’s recovery is anything like Teixeira’s, he may not fully heal until after he retires. Jeter has said 2014 will be his final season, and some of it may be spent compensating for playing through soreness or weakness.

    “I wasn’t right for two years,” Teixeira said.


    • TWTR says:

      I missed this at the bottom of the article:

      Jeter also has medical science on his side. According to Dr. Craig Levitz, the chief of sports medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital on Long Island, almost every aspect of that ankle surgery has changed since Teixeira had his procedure in 2001.

      “Everything is different now,” Levitz said. “The surgical equipment, the techniques, the treatment, the rehab, the titanium material used in the plate and the screws. Everything.”

      Levitz said that a year after the operation, the bone is actually stronger. The key issue for anyone coming back from a foot or ankle injury is the way it can affect other parts of the body, from the calf to the shoulder. For a professional athlete like Jeter, who has been playing nonstop for decades, the body has trouble restarting after such a prolonged period of inactivity.

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