Video: Derek Jeter’s Retirement Announcement Press Conference

After passing on him in 2005 and 2012, Yankees counting on Beltran to lead offense in 2014
Open Thread: 2/19 Camp Notes

As expected, Derek Jeter discussed his decision to retire following the 2014 season during a press conference in Tampa this morning. He said he wanted to make the announcement months ago, but people advised him to wait just to make sure he didn’t have any second thoughts. Also, the announcement was made on Facebook because Jeter wanted to draw attention to his Turn 2 Foundation. Here’s the video:

After passing on him in 2005 and 2012, Yankees counting on Beltran to lead offense in 2014
Open Thread: 2/19 Camp Notes
  • brian

    LOVED the “no, it’s not like if I have a good season I’m coming back, I expect to have a good season, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t” line (I’m paraphrasing)

  • TWTR

    I have a suggestion for the Steinbrenners which I am confident that they will ignore.

    Jeter has repeatedly said he wants to be an owner. I have no idea how much of a team he can leverage up to buy, but it would suck if he had even a minority interest in another team.

    So, after his retirement, I would like to see the Steinbrenners sell Jeter a relatively small percentage at fair market value. If they sold, he would be contractually obligated to sell it back.

    It would be a marketing win for the Steinbrenners, and it would keep Jeter involved with the franchise during their tenure of ownership.

    • CountryClub

      He wants a say in things, though. He wouldn’t get that as a minority owner in the Yanks. He needs to buy a team with the help of a couple of billionaires that agree to let him run the team.

      • I’m One

        Yeah I agree. It would be a nice gesture, but I don’t think it would give Derek what he said he wants.

      • TWTR

        They couldn’t use a smart decision-maker to maximize their financial advantage on the field?

    • RetroRob

      As much money as Jeter has made, I don’t see how he could buy a MLB team, unless it was as a front man for a bigger group, similar to Magic Johnson with the Dodgers or Nolan Ryan was with the Rangers.

      • TWTR

        Yeah, it would have to be a minority stake, but I think there would unique synergies available with the Yankees.

  • Art Vandelay

    As someone who is almost 30 years old and barely remembers Yankee baseball prior to Jeter I gotta say, I’m gonna miss him.

    He just seems like such a cool guy.

  • LarryM Fl

    He will be missed that is certain. It will be very hard for the next face of the Yankees to emerge. Because being the recognized Yankee carries so much with it from on the field and off the field.

  • Eddard

    I just don’t know how the HOF doesn’t waive the mandatory 5 year waiting period for Jete. He’s been the face of baseball since 96. Ruth passed the torch to Gehrig, Gehrig passed the torch to Dimmagio, Dimaggio passed the torch to Mantle, Mantle passed the torch to Reggie, Reggie passed the torch to Donnie, Donnie passed the torch to Jete and now who will Jete pass the torch to? I’m glad it’s not Robbie, but I just don’t know who else they have to take the torch. They need more home grown stars like the mid 90s wave of Jete, Bernie, Jorgie, Andy and Mariano.

    • Darren

      I believe the only time they waived it was when Clemente died, right?

      Even if you truly believed thy should waive it (which I’m sure you don’t), give me one reason why they SHOULD waive it? Jeter is an immortal player, but barring terminal illness or death, I literally can’t think of one reason to waive it.

      As far as passing the torch, it doesn’t seem as if Jeter will get a chance to directly effect any upcoming position player stars in the way Donnie impacted him. So, some young player might end up as the new face of the Yankees at some point, but let’s be real. Jeter is absolutely one of a kind.

      There will never be another Jeter, the same way there’s never going to be another Michael Jordan. An amazing talent (like a Labron) might come along, but he’ll carve his own fame.

    • Steve

      Did they waive the 5 year waiting period for Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle, Reggie or Donnie? No? Then why would they waive it for Jeter?

    • csonk

      Not tryin’ to be a jerk here Ed, but Mantle passed nothing to Reggie. Their tenures were seperated by years. And Reggie wasn’t a ‘true’ Yankee anyway. Much like Jeter will not be passing the torch to anyone – there’s nobody in the system close enough to do so. There isn’t even a player in the forseeable future with even the potential magnitude of the aforementioned greats! Kinda blows my mind how folks rate this team’s future 7+ on the scale done here when there is nothing coming & theyv’e become the 80’s Steinbrenner store bought vagabonds. Been a Yankee fan for 50+ years – HATE this team as currently constructed, and next year will be even worse!!!

      • Tanakapalooza Floozy

        Been a 5 for a while now, up only from 4. And I agree wrt the farm. For me to go higher than a 5 I need to see several things happen, not least of which is that our farm makes big strides.

  • Darren

    Tears flow like a stream
    All that was, shall never be
    Jumps throws lay silenced

  • Jarrod

    I’m a huge Jeter fan. The guy is as good as they get. 1st ballot hall of famer no doubt.

    BUT, man his interviews are painful. Cliché after cliché after cliché. I’m not sure he has ever said exactly how he feels which always sticks in my neck as a bit of an insult to the fans. I really hope at some point in the future he sits down and spills his guts on everything, it would make for great reading/viewing.

    All that said, part of the Yankees dies at the end of the season when he doesn’t come back. Sad.

    • Darren

      I agree about the clichés but I’ve always taken it as a team move. I think he knows that the less he says, the better it is for the team. Plus, I really, really can’t fault him for not wanting to open up to the media. I mean, what do you gain from giving them anything.

    • Doug

      You get the same thing from almost everyone involved in sports. There’s no reason for them to give any more than the standard non-answer. Almost every time someone gives a real answer they get criticized for it. Look at Kevin Long or Yu Darvish, or even Richard Sherman after the 49ers game. We want our atheletes to give honest answers but the second they do people are getting on their case for saying the wrong thing.

      Yeah, I know, I’m over-generalizing but you get the idea. If the only things that don’t cause an incident are the usual non-answers then that’s all you’re going to get in interviews.

    • cr1

      You didn’t think he said exactly what he was feeling when he recoiled ppontedly from the notion that he would like to be a ST coach in a year or two? He did everything but hold his nose, protesting “I’m a PLAYER, man!”

      Jeter lets his feelings show. Just not the ones you my be looking for…

      • cr1

        sp: pointedly and may

    • csonk

      Its called dignity & class Jarrod. Taking the high road & NOT ‘spilling your guts’. I’m sure DJ has some very interesting thoughts on his one-time great friend Pay-Rod but why spew dirty laundry to the world? For the sake of inquiring minds? Read TMZ or some other gossip BS. He’s far far above that. Very few pass through the game with the incredible panache that Mr. Jeter has. In years to come you’ll be glad there was ONE who handled himself as Jetes has, cause they’re few & VERY far between.

      • Jarrod

        I don’t see it the same way you do. I think it’s about maintaining an image more than it is about dignity and class.

        I don’t want him to tell everyone that he despises A-Rod (which I’m sure he does) but I would like him to at least answer some questions honestly.

        After watching that video do you really believe that he hasn’t considered what he will do after this year? Do you really believe that he hasn’t considered returning as a guest instructor? Do you really think that he announced his retirement before the season because he “thought it would be more of a distraction not to say anything”? Please, that is all aimed at making him look like the ultimate professional – image control!

        And don’t even get me started on the BS about saying to Joe – “hey if these guys have got work to do then go, don’t feel like they have to hang around here” – what a load of crap that was.

        Like I said in my first post, I think Jeter is awesome and I have loved watching him play but I am getting a bit sick of him protecting this image of perfection.

  • Ethan

    I wonder how long it will be before we see the next NYY captain. I can’t see anyone on the current roster or 40 man that is deserving now or will be in the future. Are any of the prospects captain worthy? Probably not. It could be a long while before we have another one.

    • Steve (different one)

      Who knows? I doubt it was known when Jeter was in AA that he would be a captain.

      Also, I know this is sacrilege, but there have been several Yankee captains that were not “homegrown”….

  • Nathan

    Great video.

    The man is all class and handled it very well. I can see him being a manager even more now.

  • BOB Q

    What a phony. The whole thing about how he didn’t want this to be a distraction to his teammates is laughable. Why didn’t you wait until the All Star break to announce and slip quietly into retirement since you’re playing the low key role here? He’s an egomaniac and very rude to people he meets when the cameras are off. I say this because of 3 first hand incidents one of which involved my daughter. Hall of Fame, Yes, first ballot, yes, great ballplayer, YES, jerk, Yes. I hope the rumors are true that he wants to buy a team. I’ll take great pleasure in seeing it tank.