ESPN’s Sports Science on Masahiro Tanaka

2014 Season Preview: The Next Great Yankee
Open Thread: 3/12 Camp Notes

Unfortunately it is not embeddable, but ESPN’s Sports Science put together a neat and relatively short video examining Masahiro Tanaka earlier this week. They analyzed his exceptionally long stride, his “rising” four-seam fastball, and the movement on his trademark splitter. It’s definitely a must watch. Here’s the link again. Don’t miss it.

2014 Season Preview: The Next Great Yankee
Open Thread: 3/12 Camp Notes
  • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks)

    I really enjoyed that, and think I actually may have yelled Yipee!

  • Gerald Williams

    Amazing! Can’t wait to watch him battle for the Yanks this year!

  • gageagainstthemachine

    Very interesting and excited to see what he does in the regular season. It also made me want to go back and watch the episode on Mo’s Cutter.
    So I did.
    And now I am depressed again.

  • Deathstroke Heathcott

    My flag is at full-mast.

  • The Other Sam

    Very cool. A quarter second for hitters to figure out the pitch isn’t what they thought it was and adjust? I’m assuming the other teams know this as well, but I like the odds.

    • lightSABR

      I know. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen since Scott Sizemore’s 190-mph fastball.

  • lightSABR

    This explains two things about the scouting reports that didn’t make sense to me when I looked at PITCHf/x:

    1) I never understood why everyone said his splitter falls off the table when it actually has less downward movement than Kuroda’s. Answer: it’s being compared with the ridiculous upward movement on his fastball.

    2) I never understood how pitches can break late, other than by just not breaking very much. Answer: with a release point a foot closer to the batter, the break will start to be visible a foot closer to the batter. And a foot can be a big deal.

  • OB/GYN Kenobi


    • OB/GYN Kenobi

      Also, that Captain Obvious commercial beforehand was pretty funny.

  • Alex

    Weird, the links don’t work anymore (sad face)

  • neaks

    anyone have a link that still works?