Map: Yankees will travel 28,001 miles in 2014

Minor League Notes: Rosters, De Leon, Mahoney
Sunday Night Open Thread

2014 Travel Map

Daren Willman at Baseball Savant put together a neat collection of maps looking at how far each team will travel in 2014. The Yankees, who only have two straight shot coast-to-coast flights this season (one is followed by an off-day), will travel 28,001 miles this year, the tenth fewest in baseball. The Orioles (24,177) and Blue Jays (27,739) have easier travel, the Red Sox (32,919) and Rays (33,856) slightly tougher travel.

Which team will travel the most this season? Robinson Cano‘s isolated Mariners, of course. They’re 700+ miles from the closest MLB club. Cano and his teammates will travel 51,540 (!) miles this year, almost double the Yankees. The conveniently located Cubs will only travel 22,969 miles this summer, the fewest in baseball. The average distance traveled will be 33,141 miles. Good to be on the East Coast, eh?

Minor League Notes: Rosters, De Leon, Mahoney
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • OB/GYN Kenobi, bushmaster

    Man. With all those long flights Robbie’s going to be extremely tired. I bet that 90 feet to 1B will take longer than ever.

  • Dalek Jeter

    I was just looking at Seattle’s map…they travel straight from Seattle to Tampa what looked like twice! That has to be one of the longest flights in the continental United States

    • vicki

      2522 miles. that’s got to be six and a half hours. i flew from houston to seattle and back every two weeks for a while. i wanted to DIE. and not just because i had to go to seattle.

    • Get Phelps Up

      They also have to travel once from Miami to Seattle which is even longer, and they don’t even get an off day!

  • Havok9120

    Poor Robbie. I really hope Seattle has invested well in it’s flight arrangements. You’d need to be flying in an awful lot of style to make 50,000 miles bearable.

    This travel stuff is pretty freaking cool though. I’m far more impressed by it than I probably should be.

  • gageagainstthemachine

    Did he calculate the round trip to Australia for the Dodgers and Diamondbacks? If not, they are getting hosed on their frequent flier miles…

    • gageagainstthemachine

      He did. Wow. Seattle really blows for travel in MLB if adding in travelling halfway around the world doesn’t eclipse your total flight miles. Hope Cano has a private jet!

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Seattle’s shortest road trip is still 675 miles. That’s why the Rays should be shipped off to Portland. Give Seattle some friends.

        • vicki

          fuck seattle.

          • http://aol NYCORNERSTONE

            and fuck cano too

        • Get Phelps Up

          Rays move to Portland and the AL West, Astros move to AL Central, Indians move to AL East. I’d have a baseball team in my backyard and the Rays would be out of the AL east. Win win.

          • forensic

            My plan from a couple weeks ago was to move the Rays to Montreal and into the NL East, then the Marlins from the NL East to the AL East.

            Doesn’t take care of Portland (sorry) but still gets the Rays out of the division and brings in a terrible team.

            • vicki

              i’m with you both re 86ing the rays.

              but, ignoring self-interest, if mlb wanted to get canadians excited about the sport i think they should put montreal and toronto in the same division.

              • forensic

                I moved them because they have a longer history in the NL than the Marlins even do. It also gives one AL and one NL team for Canadians to choose from, should they want a choice.

                • vicki

                  just saying an intra-league, intra-national rivalry with proximity could engender a healthy rivalry.

    • Ethan

      Haha yeah seriously. I’ve flown East coast to Bangkok several times and that trip alone is like 8,000 miles each way. I’d imagine LA to Australia would be similar distance.

      • Yankee$

        I’m doing LA to Sydney in April. Round trip Aus to NZ while down there too. Also a round trip to Europe. I’ll be over 28,001 miles in April.

  • pat

    At least Robbie will probably have enough frequent flyer miles for a free upgrade or something.

  • Tanuki Tanaka

    Newest market inefficiency is attracting players who cope better with long travels.

  • Alkaline
  • ropeadope

    Any studies on correlation between amount of team travel and season winning percentage?

    • Wheels

      If there isn’t any, you should do one. Crunch the numbers

    • hogsmog

      If Chicago has the fewest miles, then obviously we want to game it for maximum travel distance.

    • W.B. Mason Williams

      “In a blockbuster victory for league parity, Bud Selig announced today that the Yankees would be forced to run laps around their opponents’ stadiums when not at the plate or playing the field.

      The Bombers will also be required to only travel east – around the world – when making road trips – and west – when returning home.

      Also, New York is now in Puerto Rico.”

  • Paul Jordan

    Context: Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles.

  • Ghost of Joe Dugan

    I’m late to this party but I’m shocked at how few miles the Yankees will travel this year. For a comparison the University of Idaho Vandals 2014 FB schedule includes 24,460 miles of travel for 7 games in 3 months.