Open Thread: 3/1 Camp Notes

Dean Anna, ladies and gentlemen.

Dean Anna, ladies and gentlemen.

The Yankees won their second straight Grapefruit League game on Saturday afternoon, shutting out the Phillies 4-0. Here’s the box score. The story of the day was Masahiro Tanaka‘s spring debut, and he did not disappoint. Two scoreless innings, two bloop singles, three strikeouts, and about a million cameras clicking with each pitch. Here are select GIFs and here is’s brief highlight video. Joe Girardi confirmed Tanaka’s next appearance will be a start, date TBA.

Both CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda fired two scoreless innings and Kuroda appeared to be in midseason form, getting the six outs on only 17 total pitches. He had to go down to the bullpen to get the rest of his throwing in. Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki both singled, Derek Jeter and Kelly Johnson both walked, Brian McCann doubled, and Frankie Cervelli singled and walked. Jeter was actually tested in the field (unlike his first game) and he looked fine, even ranging to the other side of second base to field a slow chopper. Here’s the rest of the day’s news.

  • Tyler Austin received some kind of injection in his troublesome right wrist (it wasn’t cortisone, he says), and he hopes to resuming throwing and swinging a bat on Monday. Apparently tests showed no structural damage. [Chad Jennings]
  • Alfonso Soriano still isn’t 100% following his bout with the flu and he will not make his spring debut tomorrow as scheduled. “We don’t feel he’s quite at full strength, and we don’t want to run him out there,” said Joe Girardi. [George King, Jennings]

Here is your nightly open thread. The Nets are playing and MLB Network will have a Spring Training game on tape delay later tonight. I don’t know who but it won’t be the Yankees. You folks know how these work, so have at it.


  1. TWTR says:

    I wonder if Austin received PRP?

    • forensic says:

      Is that one injection and would he be able to play so soon afterward? For some reason I was under the impression that was a bit of a longer process, at least to get the process itself done.

  2. dkidd says:

    that play caused me to go into annaphylactic shock


  3. Bryan says:

    Surprised not a mention of CC’s lack of velocity. He was not able to hit 90.

    • forensic says:

      It’s a touch concerning, only because of what he’s coming off of from last season. But, it’s just his first appearance of the spring. Plenty of time for him to hopefully find a little bit more before it really starts to count again.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      It was his first appearance of the year. Pitchers are always much, much farther behind than batters right away because pitchers have to build up their arm strength and stamina. Most pitchers don’t go all out in their first few appearances.

      • whitey says:

        Is this statement for real?

        • jjyank says:

          Is yours?

          It’s March 1st. His first appearance of the year. I sure hope CC wasn’t going max effort.

          Listen, I think we all need to take a step back and see what he looks like in a couple of weeks. It’s popular to say how little ST stats and performances mean, and I think velocity on the first freaking appearance falls into that category.

    • J says:

      His breaking stuff looked flat early on too. I hope he rounds into form I really do.

    • BeanTooth says:

      So, uh, is Vidal Nuno now the harder throwing lefty?

    • random says:

      Youre surprised? This place was in total denial over Pinedas velo issues in spring training until they finally discovered he was significantly injured.

      I wouldn’t start to worry about cc until he has a few more appearances under his belt. But he needs to regain some of the velocity he lost last year.

      • Hearn says:

        We are talking about 2 innings. 1st Outing of the Spring. Everyone take a breath and relax.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          2shutout innings, mind you.

          • Fin says:

            I think everyone realizes that. However, CC having issues hitting 90, is still concerning. No one is saying he should be sitting at 95, but to not have any concern is putting blinders on. I’m not saying its doom and gloom and that hes done, but it certainly would be nice if he was sitting at a comfortable 91/92.

            • jjyank says:

              I disagree. I am not in the least bit concerned about CC’s velocity on March 1st. If this is an ongoing issue for a couple of weeks, yes, I will be concerned.

              I think it’s a bit silly to accuse someone of having blinders on based on the first ST appearance on March 1st. Let’s maybe wait until he’s had a couple more appearances to see if this is an actual issue.

    • MB923 says:

      I’m not sure why people think CC’s bad year last year was due to his velocity drop. It dropped just over 1 MPH. King Felix and Cliff Lee saw a bigger drop in their fastballs but still had great years. Why? Their other pitches worked for them. CC’s, Did Not

      CC’s Sabathia’s fastball stats the past 3 season (2011-2013)

      wRC Against His Fastball – 128, 125, 126
      BA against his fastball – .285, .289, .293
      OPS against his fastball – .815/.805/.804

      Now let’s check his changeup stats the past 3 seasons in the same categories

      wRC against his Changeup – 82, 35, 144
      BA against his changeup – .273, .181, .314
      OPS against his changeup – .655, .483, .872

      As you can see, his FB stats have basically been the same the past 3 years. His changeup, on the other hand as you can all see, was crushed last year.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        His changeup, on the other hand as you can all see, was crushed last year.

        fwiw, that could be impacted by the drop in fastball velo. Hitters don’t have to gear up as much for his fastball, which would give them more time to adjust to his offspeed offerings.

        Or one could have little to do with the other.

        Also, fwiw, his wFB/c was a career worst last year.

        • MB923 says:

          “fwiw, that could be impacted by the drop in fastball velo.”

          Possibly, but fwiw, King Felix and Cliff Lee saw bigger drops in their fastball velo. Cliff Lee’s FB velo is slower, Felix’s is the same speed.

          • MB923 says:

            To clarify, I meant Cliff Lee’s FB is slower than CC’s (90.4), King Felix’s FB velo was the same speed as CC’s (91.3)

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              Sure. It’s not that pitchers can’t remain successful with a drop in velocity. Many do, at least to some degree.

              The question is, how successful can CC be at a reduced velocity?

              That remains to be seen.

            • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

              I think the point has more to do with the relative differences in pitch speeds between fastball and change up. That one guy lost more speed off his FB than another doesn’t tell us the whole story. If that one guy still had a 13 mph difference in speeds he’d likely (or may) be more effective in this evaluation than the guy who lost less FB speed but was left with say a 7 mph difference.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        You and your facts. Denial! Denial!

        In all seriousness, I’d have preferred it as well if he came out there throwing a bit harder. Like you said, it was more than that last season, though, and making too much out of, like nycsportzphan said, two shutout innings at this point is ignoring context completely. Let’s revisit this later and see where it stands.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I’m not overly concerned at CC’s lack of velocity, I am however slightly concerned about how aloof he is about it “Yankees hurler CC Sabathia wasn’t concerned after his fastball topped out at 88 MPH in his first Spring Training outing, Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News reports. “My fastball is what it is. If it gets better, it will. If it’s not, it won’t,” Sabathia commented.” (mlbtr)

      • And in merrie olde England says:

        How do you suggest he does anything more than what he has over the offseason? He’s purportedly stronger and obviously leaner than he ever has been for the Yankees. I’d be more concerned if he was out on the ledge after 2 innings.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        That’s the confidence a pitcher with his experience should be exuding.

        Far more preferable than him saying, “yeah, if this doesn’t get better, I wonder if Arby’s is hiring.”

  4. dkidd says:

    is cervelli going to be tanaka’s personal catcher?

    • vicki says:

      it does seem to be in the air. not that anyone is ever anyone’s personal catcher, right, joe?

      • dkidd says:

        how did that happen so quickly? did mccann do something wrong in a bullpen session?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          Not sure it’s actually happening, but it does make some sense.
          Tanaka has a big transition to make, and Girardi may feel that transition could be aided by having one C devoting the bulk of his preparation time to him.

          • random says:

            It makes a lot of sense. Brian has a transition of his own learning the rest of the staff plus the back up C has to play sometime.

            • vicki says:

              only if you assume a level of fragility in tanaka. what makes more sense is a good ol’ straight platoon between the catchers.

          • dkidd says:

            i hate this idea (if indeed it happens)

            cervelli can play against the occasional tough lefty, otherwise i want mccann in the line-up (i’m scarred from last year)

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              Given Girardi’s history, I’d say a personal C situation is more likely than a platoon situation.
              Maybe the occasional days McCann gets off without whoever Cervelli’s personal pitcher pitching will be timed to be against a LHP, but I wouldn’t expect much more than that.

              Or maybe the giant gap in talent between McCann and the BUC will prompt Girardi to change his ways.

              • vicki says:

                speaking of girardi’s history, i did some digging around on a hunch. joe was not pussy toad’s personal catcher on his arrival in 1997, nor el duque’s in 1998.

                but starting in 1996 he sure was coney’s. even in 1998 after he’d been supplanted by jorgie as starter. by 1999 joe’s offense was so pathetic torre had to bust them up, though of course girardi caught the perfecto.

            • JRod says:

              You can choose to be as scarred as you want, but it would be fatuous to attribute it to Cervelli, who basically raked in the brief period before he was injured.

  5. vicki says:

    even through a translator tanaka gives good interview.

    today, basically, “yeah, i know it’s my first appearance in a spring training game, but every time i step on the mound i just want to get batters out.”

    he’s fiery.

  6. DIrk Diggler says:

    Can we all agree Anna should already have leapfrogged Nunez on the “depth chart”?

    We’ll see how Sizemore plays but Anna surely caught Girardi’s eye today.

  7. Preston says:

    How did I miss this? Also, think he looks better with a beard.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Speaking of beards and surprising tats, this was amusing:

      Of course there are no beards or tats at that link but Phil is now phuzzy and has Fillippians 4:13 on his phorearm.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        Wow. Some Yankee fans hated sir Phillip of Hughes with such a venom that it’s almost like they were happy he failed/was failing. I mean, he was not good, but from 2009-2013 he was a “solid starter” and good for 2+fWAR a year. That’s not world beating..but it certianly has value. I wouldn’t have resigned him after his subpar 2013, especially to the contract he got…but I really would not be shocked if he puts up 3-5 fWAR for the Twins in 2014.

    • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

      Man. Those pictures paint a pretty dim picture of his progressive conditioning (or lack thereof) over his years with us. He looks a lot better now, like he did in that first Yanks picture.

  8. dkidd says:

    fair to say murphy and romine have zero chance of going north?

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Together, no. But I don’t think Cervelli’s ever made it out of a Spring Training completely healthy, and he’s a concussion or two away from being out of baseball.

      Let’s just see what happens with injuries and trades.

  9. Slu says:

    Please tell me every article isn’t going to have a gif this season.

  10. Rick says:

    Off to Tampa tomorrow to catch some games. Can’t wait to leave the cold.

  11. whitey says:

    Rick: I’m headed out in two weeks! Enjoy!

  12. Deep Thoughts says:

    Awkward moment at Ms-Angels game in Peoria: Carlos Pena holding on Robinson Cano at first (like Cano is stealing in Spring Training Game #2), both of them looking uncomfortable and a little embarrassed to be meeting outside of the AL East.

    Cano of course nearly gets thrown out at third base after misreading a bloop single to left. He got on with an RBI single up the middle with that sweet swing though. Sigh.

  13. Smallz says:

    Does Dean Anna have options? He’d be a nice little peice to store in AAA considering someone gets hurt (he’s already on the 40 man)

    • forensic says:

      He has all three options left. The Padres didn’t want to use a 40-man spot for him, so they traded him to the Yankees who did want to use a 40-man spot for him.

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