Open Thread: 3/27 Camp Notes


The Yankees played their final road game of the spring this afternoon, beating the Pirates 4-2. CC Sabathia threw 44 pitches across four innings in his final tune-up, allowing three hits with no walks and no strikeouts. He finishes the spring having allowed three runs on 13 hits with a 16/3 K/BB in 21 innings. His next start will be Opening Day, Tuesday in Houston. David Phelps had a rough two-thirds of an inning and was charged with the two runs, but Dellin Betances, Vidal Nuno, and Adam Warren all threw scoreless innings.

At the plate, Ichiro Suzuki and Eduardo Nunez both went 3-for-4, all singles. Zoilo Almonte went 3-for-3 with a double. Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann both went 0-for-3, though Teixeira drew a walk. Bench candidates Yangervis Solarte and Dean Anna were both hitless in four trips to the plate. You could definitely tell the end of Spring Training is close because there was a ton of first pitch swinging. Guys are ready to get out of Florida. Can’t blame ‘em. Here’s the box score, here are the video highlights, and here’s the rest from Tampa.

  • The Yankees announced a big round of roster cuts this morning: Preston Claiborne and Zoilo Almonte were optioned to Triple-A Scranton while Russ Canzler, David Herndon, Jim Miller, Scott Sizemore, Yoshinori Tateyama, Danny Burawa, Chris Leroux, and Fred Lewis were reassigned to minor league camp. Herndon is expected to opt-out of his contract by Sunday. There are now 34 players left in big league camp by my unofficial count.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury (calf) worked out today and will play in games Friday and Saturday. It’s unclear if they will be regular Grapefruit League games or minor league games. If he plays in a regular spring game, they won’t be able to backdate a DL stint if he suffers a setback. [Dan Barbarisi, Jorge Castillo]
  • Phelps, Warren, Nuno, Betances, and Cesar Cabral are all scheduled to pitch again on Saturday, their final tune-ups before the season. The roster is expected to be announced tomorrow and at least one of those guys won’t make the bullpen. [Chad Jennings]

This is your open thread for the evening. Both YES (7pm ET) and MLB Network (right now) will replay this afternoon’s game, plus MLB Network will show the Giants and Athletics later tonight. They’re playing in AT&T Park, so teams are starting to return to their cities. The Islanders and Devils are playing as well. Talk about anything and everything right here.


  1. Tom says:

    Tigers have agreed to extend Miguel Cabrera – reports are a 8/248mil (on top of existing contract that runs thru 2015). It would basically run through age 40 and is a total of ~10/292 if you add it to his existing deal.

    As good as Cabrera is and at the risk of stating the obvious… that seems like a lot (meaning: too much).

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      That’s pretty batshit. Enjoy him while he’s still good, Detroit.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      I don’t really see the point.
      Would he/could he possibly get any more than that as a free agent in 2 years?
      Seems like they gave him max free agent $$$ (or even beyond that) 2 years before free agency.

      Seems … odd.

    • BFDeal says:

      It’s now being reported the deal includes two option years at $30M each. No details on vesting/club options yet.

    • Preston says:

      He has 2 vesting options for 30 million apiece. Brings the new contract up to 10/308 and the total money owed up to 12/352.

    • Fin says:

      Yikes! That’s just nuts. That kinda money for an obese guy who is almost a certainty to have considerable injury problems going forward. Has MLB ever seen a really fat guy, play until they are 40? I cant think of any off the top of my head. Bonds was really big, but I don’t think he was fat like Miggy and he had considerable help. Most non athletes start to have problems when they are as heavy as Cabrera in their 30s. Cant imagine trying to play a professional sport carrying that kind of weight in your mid to late 30s. They will be very fortunate if hes as good of a DH as Ortiz is in a few yeas.

    • Steve (different one) says:

      I wouldn’t worry. In 2 years they will trade him to Texas for Elvis Andrus.

  2. BFDeal says:

    Miggy 8/$248 of new money. Can’t wait to see what Trout gets down the road.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I originally thought Trout was going to be the first $30 AAV guy, but with a pitcher and an all-bat guy are getting getting essentially $30 AAV contracts…Maybe Trout can get $40?

      • ALZ says:

        I don’t fear Miggy getting injured though.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          I can’t see how he doesn’t have nagging knee, ankle, hammy, or back (or all of these) by 2018/2019. I mean, I think Miggy’s in better shape than Fin is giving him credit for, but the dude isn’t the pinnacle of physical excellence out there.

          • Fin says:

            I really wasn’t trying to exaggerate. Is there a heavier player in the sport, I think hes significantly heavier than Panda and the only reason it isn’t discussed is because hes so good, criticizing is really silly. However, in the context of a contract for this length and magnitude, the discussion is certainly warranted.

            Honestly, how can a guy carrying that type of weight, not have joint and back issues as he enters his mid 30s? But who knew there were all these teams out there trying to make the Arod contract look less awful. At least the Yankees signed that contract when players were dominating in their late 30s early 40s with steroids. There is no excuse for these teams doing it now. This contract really does make Cano’s contract look a lot better.

            • Preston says:

              He’s a bigger guy than Panda, but Panda is 5-11 and Cabrera is 6-4. He’s not nearly as fat as Panda or Fielder. He’s no bigger than Ortiz was and he’s going strong at 37. Although to be fair Ortiz committed himself to getting in shape and shed a lot of the excess baggage recently. If Cabrera wants to play until he’s 40 or 42, he’s going to have to start making fitness a priority in the next 3-4 seasons.

              • Fin says:

                See I disagree, I think he’s quite a bit fatter than Ortiz and somewhat more than Panda. No way to know for sure as none of them are gona model for us with their shirt off, nor can you trust any height/weight stats out there.

  3. Yankee$ says:

    What!?!? A video of Ichiro? You hate Ichiro Axisa! You’ve been bashing him since he boarded a LaGuardia bound plane from Sea-Tac! How dare you! You can’t post an Ichiro video!! I am outraged! How double dare you! You may never eat sushi again!!

    • Steve (different one) says:

      This is completely unfair. Remember, the trade happened when the Yankees were in Seattle, so mike actually hated him way before he got on any plane….

  4. Dalek Jeter says:

    Former Yankee Tony Clark was “overwhelmingly” confirmed as the MLBPA’s new Executive Director. Between him and his deputy, (also former Yankee) Dave Winfield there is no way they don’t physically scare the rookie commish next year.

  5. Mick taylor says:

    MLB has great show on tonite on maybe greatest Yankee game 2003 Boone game.

  6. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Ryan Roberts was cut by the Cubs, I believe. Decent infield, hits lefties, looks like CM Punk. Worth adding to the depth pile? Who wouldn’t want to have Brian AND Ryan Roberts?

  7. I'm One says:

    Too many Roberts’ (Roberts’s? Robert’s?) :-)

  8. Eselquetodolosabe says:

    And The Rays respond to Detroit’s extension of Miggy, for all the money in the world……”that’s not the way this works, that’s not the way any of this works !!!” Ichiro good day at the plate, and Zoilo sent down (wink, wink). Ichiro, you’re greasing the skids to your own demise…… And a trade in 3,2,…..

  9. Dalek Jeter says:

    So, I’m watching the encore on YES. I’m encouraged by what I know the final results have been for CC, but if I’m being honest with myself…he’s allowing a decent amount of hard contact that just happens to be at/near defenders.

  10. Weird Al Yangervis Solarte says:

    Sooo-Larte! Oh, oh! Solarte, oh, oh, oh, oh!

  11. CountryClub says:

    @Buster_ESPN: Haven’t heard as much disgust over a contract from rival execs since the Jayson Werth contract. Industry is in shock over the Cabrera deal.

    • mustang says:

      All I want to hear until opening day is how the Tigers are ruining the game.

      • OB/GYN Kenobi, bushmaster says:

        Verlander’s comment pissed me off. He said that unlike the Yankees, the Tigers don’t have an unlimited budget. So he likes the signing because they are smart in how they spend their money.


        Perhaps Justin hasn’t noticed that our payroll has been essentially flat for nearly a decade. Or that the Yankees no longer have the highest payroll in MLB. Or that fat fuck Cabrera is going to severely hamstring that payroll and roster when he’s making $30 million/year at age 40.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      At least the Werth deal had a deeper meaning behind it, along with the Zimmerman extension it showed other free agents the at-the-time frugal and terrible Nationals were open for business at a legitimate MLB franchise. This is just the Tigers throwing like, ALL THE MONEY, at a guy through now what looks like his age 42 season depending on these options that BFDeal and Preston just brought up.

      • Fin says:

        Its just mind blowing. They are essentially paying that much for a DH, who even playing DH will have all kinds of health issues. It may be just me, but it doesn’t even seem like a risk on the Tigers part, as risk implies, that things can go right, but they might not. I don’t see any case scenario in which things go right with this contract. Have you ever seen a guy this fat in his mid 30s and early 40s, they all have health issues, and they aren’t playing 162 games of professional baseball. Knees and back issues are a certainty.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          The only guy that big that I can think of having sustained success into his late 30s is Ortiz, and I still believe that he hasn’t exactly done it by himself if you catch my meaning. Also, there is NO WAY David Ortiz is only 230 pounds. I’m not skinny at 218 and he’s like…another half of me.

          • mustang says:


            Dalek Jeter once again making commenting easy for all.

          • Fin says:

            Ortiz came to mind when I was commenting, but I dint think it was a fair comparison as Ortiz is a big thick dude and sure a little fat, but nothing like Cabrera. Every time I watch a Tigers game, it sticks out to me how fat Cabrera is. I watch a lot of Tigers games too, because I absolutely love watching Cabrera hit. Its like watching Cano, but 2x as good, which is down right amazing. The only guy I enjoyed watching as much and probably more, is Bonds.

          • OB/GYN Kenobi, bushmaster says:

            I’d even argue that I’d rather pay Ortiz $30mm for a season today than I would agree to pay Cabrera $30mm for a season 10 years (!!!!!!!!!) from now. Yes, even including TVM.

            At least we know that Ortiz has made it this far (regardless of the fact that he’s had “help” along the way). Cabrera? In a few years his knees will be lucky to get him to 1B on a liner into the gap.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          He’s not a DH. He’s a not-terrible 1B, and he should be decent considering the weight he lost for the switch to 3B.

          • Deathstroke Heathcott says:

            Right now? Sure. 3-4 years down the line? Who knows? 9-10 years down the line? Not a chance.

            • Preston says:

              Fielding be damned. He might still be a good enough hitter (and salaries might inflate enough) to be worth it.

              • Fin says:

                Don’t know if you’re playing devils advocate or what, but if you believe the dude isn’t that fat, and its a good investment, I think you are in the very large minority.

  12. mustang says:

    This year I will introduce GOOD IDEA BAD IDEA.

    Today’s GOOD IDEA from Jorge Steinbrenner:
    “Ryan Roberts was cut by the Cubs, I believe. Decent infield, hits lefties, looks like CM Punk. ”

    Today’s BAD IDEA from the Detroit Tigers:
    “With ten years and $292MM in overall future commitments to Cabrera, the Tigers stand to owe him more than any team has ever owed a single player at any point in time…..commitment from this point forward could reach $352MM over twelve years”

  13. sevrox says:

    Glad Z-Alm got sent down – good to reward great springs with a demotion and Suzuki’s still on the team. Yes, Suzuki’s been demoted to usage of his last name.

  14. Get Phelps Up says:

    Wow, Miggy’s deal could end up being worth over $100M more than ARod’s.

  15. Alkaline says:

    I just read the game thread and saw the explanation for Stairs. While I knew that was the origin of it, it makes me sad as I always associate the guy with Stairs now. However, I can’t mention it to friends or anyone in RL as no one knows what the hell I’m talking about, but I still find it so entertaining.

  16. Get Phelps Up says:

    Karim Garcia in action at the Ballpark in Arlington.

  17. forensic says:

    So, the Tigers sure were determined to spend that money this offseason. It must’ve been burning a hole in their pocket after the failed Scherzer extension.

    I agree with NP&H above, this seems very unnecessary at this price and this point in time.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      They felt sorry for the Angels owing $30M a year to 40 year old Pujols.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Miggy’s current contract was pretty much perfect for the Tigers. I have no idea what they think they’re doing here by not at least starting the new deal this season.

      I think the old man just doesn’t like his next of kin.

  18. Yankee$ says:

    What’s the verdict on Ryan Roberts? Sign him? DFA Claiborne? Platoon RR at 3B and 2B? Anna to AAA. Next decision May 1 on Sizemore.

  19. Get Phelps Up says:

    Surprisingly, the Tiger faithful seem to have a generally positive take on this.

    • vicki says:

      i cried for joy upon the a-rod contract.


      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Right? I was so worried that they were going to lose him, but we didn’t!

        In my defense, I was in high school at the time.

        • Get Phelps Up says:

          I also thought it was great. The longer a player is under contract for, the better. But I was even younger than you – not even in high school yet then. I don’t think I fully understood that players declined yet.

          Of course the difference with Miggy is that he’s not a free agent.

          • Cool Lester Smooth says:

            It might have been 8th grade, actually.

          • Fin says:

            The other differences are that hes not in good shape, or even bad shape, hes in horrendous shape. The steroid era isn’t running rampant and payers aren’t dominating into their 40s. Cabrera is a poor fielding 1st baseman not a good third baseman. As little of a chance that people thought that Arod wouldnt be a disaster there is less of a chance that Cabrera wont be a disaster. All that being said at least he wont be a circus freak show like ARod.

            • I'm One says:

              players aren’t dominating into their 40s.

              Mo and, to a lesser extent, Andy Pettitte take exception to this. (Granted, they were both in phenomenal shape.)

              • Fin says:

                LOL, nice. The problem is Petite is a known PED user, and certainly wasn’t close to dominating. The other is a one in the history of MLB player. As you said both were in phenomenal shape, which may have something to do with why they could still play at such high levels. Both are pitchers, where is our 40 year old position player. I guess the closest is Ortiz but hes a DH.

                • Fin says:

                  I meant to say, Ortiz is also only 37. Could be 5 more years of 30m for Miggy when he hits that age.

                • I'm One says:

                  Derek Jeter will say hello at the end of the season. :-)

                  I’m counting on him to put up another season of a .300+ average, with around 10 hrs, adequate defense (which is probably more than will be said for Miggy, even as he approaches 35.) He’ll dominate (OK, not really dominate, but be good compared to other SS). And if he doesn’t do this, well, I’m running our of recent comparisons and don’t care to look it up (gotta leave for work).

                  Anyway. Mo could have played CF! :-)

            • New Guy says:

              Dude get off of his body already. I think we all understand that you think Miggy is fat. Lets move on.

      • Preston says:

        I was very upset. I thought we were going to let him walk and trade for Miggy instead…

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          See, 13 year old me didn’t realize that that was a possibility.

          Oh, what might have been! That left side of the infield would have been something to behold.

  20. Wheels says:

    Arizona vs. San Diego State at 10:00 should be a good game. TBS

  21. Eselquetodolosabe says:

    Looking at high payroll teams – in all sports – and comparing these to the lean, mean, well run teams – i.e., Rays, Cards, Spurs, Patriots, etc…,- makes it easy to appreciate those front offices that do more with less. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a Popovich and Duncan, or a Belichick and Brady, etc, etc,…..but never-the-less, these teams/front offices have a philosophy that they adhere to, and rarely deviate from. And giving out 300mm dollar contracts to “1″ player, is sure not part of that philosophy. Anyways, there I go with my socialist rant. Che Guevara lives bitches !

    • Wheels says:

      Fidel, is that you? :)

    • Preston says:

      I sure don’t know how the Patriots or Spurs fit into this. Both operate in leagues with caps. Tim Duncan got a max contract. Tom Brady was the highest paid player at one point (until the next big name quarterback signed). I don’t see how it correlates to baseball. Even the Cardinals operate on a totally different payroll structure than the Rays. I mean they are in the top half of the league in payroll and nearly double the Rays payroll.

  22. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    It’s pretty great to watch the optimism on all the Tigers’ fans boards.

    Reminds me of the Pujols contract.
    Reminds me of the Uggla contract.
    Reminds me of the Votto contract.

    So which organization is more stupid, the one that gives A-Rod a mega-contract, gets an MVP performance and a World Series,

    or all those that hand out albatross contracts afterwards?

    But I’m sure they’re all right. The Yankees are such a loser organization.

    • BFDeal says:

      Some of the reasoning on twitter by Tiger fans is just hilarious. One reasoned “the more his salary increases; the more valuable he is”.

      • Tanuki Tanaka says:

        Well to be fair, if you had two vases that are exactly the same, one you bought for 100 bucks and the other one you bought it for 50, technically now one of them is the 100-dollar vase and the other one is 50-dollar vase =)

  23. vicki says:

    so, who is an espn insider? i read the BP response to an espn the magazine article claiming to quantify team chemistry. it sounds like russell carleton made all the smart points about this new “metric” but i HAVE to know about the rankings and, especially, what these “scientists” figured for the yanks. apparently their model projects 1.7 extra wins for the rays. (DUH.)


  24. Dalek Jeter says:

    So…I was just thinking, the Miguel Cabrera trade has to be one of most one sided of all time. The only ones that the Marlins got to really even make the majors were Maybin and Miller.

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