Open Thread: 3/29 Camp Notes


Spring Training is over. The Yankees’ final Grapefruit League game was rained out this afternoon, and the team is leaving for Houston this evening. Well, some of the team. A bunch of guys are staying behind for the night and will fly out on their own tomorrow. Veterans have it good like that.

The Yankees finished the spring 17-12-2 with 128 runs scored and 106 runs allowed. They hit .250/.314/.359 with 20 homers as a team, the seventh fewest in baseball. Oh well. Those stats are all washed away when the regular season begins against the Astros on Tuesday. The Yankees will have a workout at Minute Maid Park on Monday. Here is 2014′s last round of camp notes:

Here is your open thread for the evening. MLB Network is showing a few live Spring Training games throughout the night, plus both the Devils and Islanders are playing. There’s also college basketball on somewhere. Talk about whatever you like here.


  1. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Unless there’s a trade, or Turley’s hurt worse than we thought, I think I’m on the “Claiborne’s getting cut” wagon. Part of me doesn’t like that, but the pragmatist says that, if we lost him to a waiver claim, we could probably sign a guy in a similar position, like a Vin Mazzaro, to an MiLB and not much is lost….

    …..or we could just trade him for Chris Stewart.

    *runs off*

  2. forensic says:

    I’m about Nunarte’d out (seems like Solanna is basically a given for easily referring to them now), so how about that lineup?

    I really like that Tex was moved down a spot (at least against righties). I think I’m good with him at this point being cleanup against lefties.

    Obviously, the big move is Gardy up to 7th. It looks weird, just because of what we’re used to, but thinking about it, it actually makes sense. He’s a better hitter than Roberts and Johnson, so get him a few more AB’s. I don’t think he would’ve been hesitant to run in front of Ellsbury, but he certainly shouldn’t be in front of Roberts and Johnson. Roberts can help move him around a bit and Johnson will hit one out every so often, hopefully having fewer of them be solo shots.

    I could even see moving Gardy ahead of Soriano into the 6 spot, but it’s probably good where he is now. Let Soriano try to hit some out with the other guys on base and he isn’t on base enough to, wait for it…, clog the bases in front of Gardy.

    It’ll be interesting to see what changes come with several spots in the lineup against lefties.

    • NCS says:

      Agreed, 7th is perfect for Gardner, at least until Jeter can be moved to the bottom third of the lineup.

      Moving him ahead of Soriano would be a mistake — much better to have Gardner stealing in front of a singles and doubles guy than someone we’d like to see 25 HRs from.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      My biggest thing with Gardy in the 7th spot is you can’t steal home. Sure he shouldn’t feel hesitant to run with Roberts and Johnson behind him…but honestly we have no idea what to expect from Roberts and Johnson is a prototypical bottom third guy…he does one thing relatively well in hitting for power. He still will only hit like ~.240/.310/.410 with maybe 25 bombs with the short porch. I’d like it a lot better if Gardner was on base in front of guys like Ellsbury, Beltran, and McCann…but hey I’m complaining about something that will maybe count for 10 runs all season and maybe 1 or 2 wins. I’m just so excited for meaningful baseball on Tuesday.

      • Chris H says:

        I love when people dismiss 1-2 wins at the start of the season as if it doesn’t make a difference, especially in the new WC era that could make all the difference in the world.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Those 1 or 2 wins I’m theorizing could be lost by batting Gardner 7th may very well be cancelled out by 1 or 2 wins by any number of things. Roberts getting off to a hot start, or Betances being the lock down reliever Mike feels he can become, Tex going back to 2009 Tex. It’s easy to dismiss 1 or 2 wins at the start of the season because there are way too many variables to predict if they will mean anything without incredibly advanced algorithms that the lay man does not have access to.

      • forensic says:

        I’d like it a lot better if Gardner was on base in front of guys like Ellsbury, Beltran, and McCann

        I think the majority of us absolutely agree. Would you mind being the one to go tell Jeter he’s batting in the bottom third of the lineup?

    • Chris H says:

      Well it actually makes the most sense to bat Jeter in the 6/7 spot and have Gardner 1/2 but we all know that’s never happening. I’m just glad McCann is batting ahead of Teixeira against RHP.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      As for the Nunarte situation: I still have no strong feelings one way or the other.

  3. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    For those interested, here is a list of all previous James P. Dawson Award winners:

    Some real classics on that list.

    • vicki says:

      aw, andy phillips.

    • kenthadley says:

      I remember Norm Siebern…he never overcame some weak defensive play in LF during the 58 World Series…..sent him to KC in the deal for Maris….had a few good years in obscurity, but was always recalled in NY back then for what amounted to some hesitancy in the outfield when it counted. Life is tough on the big stage.

      • forensic says:

        That tough sun in LF during day games.

        He actually won the gold glove out there that season (though it appears Elston Howard was playing more often out there at that point but missed this game because of injury).

        • kenthadley says:

          One of my favorite WS. Turley left his arm out on the mound after appearing in at least 4 of the games, starting, long relief, and closing….if I remember it right.

          • TomH says:

            1958 Series. Great great series. At one point, when the Braves built up a 3 games to 1 lead, Burdette was quoted as saying “I wish we had these guys in the National League.” Ha ha ha.

    • vin says:

      2007 – Keith Igawa

      I feel like Grim Reaper just brushed past me.

    • vin says:

      2007 – Kei Igawa

      I feel like Grim Reaper just brushed past me.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Oh, Eric Duncan…

      • forensic says:

        Heh, we had those couple of years though. Checking out BRef, I can’t believe he was still in the minors as recently as 2012. Still hasn’t figured out how to make consistent contact though.

        I still remember when they brought him into the Stadium after the draft for BP and everyone went nuts over how perfect his swing was, especially for Yankee Stadium.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          One of my first prospect crushes. Him and your old buddy Phillip Hughes were the future of the Yankees as far as high school Dalek Jeter was concerned (of course even his future as a Dalek was unknown to him at that point).

          • forensic says:

            Speaking of Hughes, I think I read on fangraphs a week or so ago that he’s changing his pitch repertoire, again!

            At some point, he might actually want to make up his mind and stick to a particular set of pitches. It seems like he changes it every offseason.

            • Dalek Jeter says:

              How hard is it to just incorperate both his curve from way back in the day and his slider, both of which where successful. He’s got enough of a fastball where if he had two decent offspeed pitches, that Hughes could still be a decent pitcher.

              • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                It’s very hard to incorporate his curve, because he hasn’t been able to throw it since he blew out his hammy in TX.

  4. vicki says:

    billy beane has found yet another market inefficiency: non-union plumbers.

  5. pft2 says:

    The Yankees opening day lineup hit 220 with 6 HR in almost 400 AB this ST.

    • forensic says:

      I’m actually impressed that it’s even that high considering how horrible several guys (mainly Jeter and Tex) were all spring.

      • vicki says:

        you know, you’re right. those two accounted for 86 at-bats. how hot must the rest of the lineup have been. (provided dude’s math is good.)

        • forensic says:

          Yeah, nobody really blazing hot, but four (Johnson, Roberts, Gardner, and Beltran) of the other seven guys were pretty representative (in terms of BA) and pulled it up a bit. McCann, Soriano, and Ellsbury (though he’s difficult to tell with the injury and MiLB games) have a bit of work to do, just not quite to the level of Jeter and Tex.

  6. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    Yeah, so what?

    Are you inferring that ST stats, in any way shape or form, are an indication of how the players/team will perform during the regular season?

  7. forensic says:

    I love college basketball, but I sure do wish the last minute of two of every game didn’t take an hour to play out. Neverending reviews, a million timeouts, constant fouls, etc…

  8. Chris says:

    Any chance they pickup a back up first baseman as insurence for tex??…how about Ike Davis ??…they can’t ask gor much for him.

    • forensic says:

      Nope, there’s no place on the roster for someone who’s only job/ability is to sit on the bench and wait for something bad to happen to the starting first baseman.

  9. Cheval Anonyme says:

    It was Solarte’s “Will hit for food” sign that won it for him.

  10. Fin says:

    I cant blame the Yankees for keeping Solarte and sending Nunez down. Its very possible with Tex, Jeter and Roberts all injury risks that they will need everyone of Nunez, Sizemre, Solarte, Anna and Ryan just to find 1 competent replacement.

  11. Dalek Jeter says:

    The new Joint Drug Agreement is so fucking stupid. If you test positive on January 27th not only do you miss through the All-Star Break, the precedent has now been set by the Yankees with Alex that you probably don’t go to ST, but your team also loses you for the postseason?

    • forensic says:

      That’s dumb, but I think the worst part of it may be the potentially arbitrary lessening of the penalties for various reasons if they somehow try to show that it wasn’t their fault.

      Can’t wait for all the bitching and moaning if different players seems to get treated differently through that clause.

      Really, I didn’t see the need to re-do things again. It’s already easily the strictest JDA in any of the sports.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        I agree. I could be talked into stiffer normal penalties but the arbitrary “accidental positive” is stupid and is obviously going to create 100s of headaches over the life of the agreement. Is the league gonna hire PIs and spit in the face of due proccess and legal evidence gathering like they did with A-Rod everytime somebody tests positive?

        • Ed says:

          They’ve screwed a few players in the past. Players have bought supplements at GNC, checked with the team and/or union that it was safe to take, then got suspended because it wasn’t actually ok to take. Those cases are a big reason why they didn’t do harsher penalties sooner. It’s also why the new agreement sets up a program to provide safe supplements in the locker rooms.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Selig and Co. have kind of painted them into a corner. You can’t admit that the current program doesn’t work, maintain your very public stance that PEDs are poison to the game that must be stamped out, and then proceed to make no changes.

        Pressing forward or declaring defeat were really their only two options. And the players and their union both seem almost as determined as the League to increase penalties.

  12. Chris H says:

    Thank god we catered to Jeter’s giant ego once again in deciding the lineup for the season, I wonder how bad it would actually have to get for him not to be the number 2 hole hitter all year. I never thought I’d say it but I’m just ready for him to retire and never come back.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      I’m just ready for him to retire and never come back.


      The man hit 316/362/429 the last season he played, and you want to run him out of town?

      As Mike said last week, it is very likely that you won’t see a Yankee as great as Jeter for the rest of your life.

      If Jeter’s production is the biggest problem the Yankees face this year, well, I’ll sign up for that.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


      • forensic says:

        Well, just to play devil’s advocate, given his position, his guaranteed lots of PT (assuming health), and his spot in the lineup, a large drop in his production would be a pretty big problem for the team.

        There are lots of other issues that would be a much smaller problem than Jeter for the team.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Wow. I don’t think Jeter should be batting 2nd…but way to be a dick while talking about probably the greatest player you’ll ever see who has been absolutely loyal to the franchise that you root for over the past 20 years. I can say with 100 percent conviction that guys like Eddard are better fans than you and that you are the reason the entire baseball world hates Yankee fans.

      • vicki says:

        little harsh. i certainly get the point guy was trying to make.

      • Havok9120 says:


        Breathe, Plouffy.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          That last sentence got me. Jeter has been my 2nd favorite to favorite player since I was 8 or 9 years old and is the last sports connection to my childhood.

          • vicki says:

            you sound like me when people shit on posada. emotional, and irrational.

            • Dalek Jeter says:

              Yes, I will admit to being a little of both in this case, which is normally unlike me. I try to remain emotionless and rational whenever possible.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              He sounds like me when some punk tells me Shake Shack is overrated.

              • Dalek Jeter says:

                Man, what punk ass kid would say that? Or say something like “Steak and Shake’s burger was a much more enjoyable experience and the milkshake was better and that literally the only thing Shake Shack did better was the french fries?”


              • OB/GYN Kenobi, bushmaster says:

                SS gives me horrible GI issues. Every. Single. Time.

                And I’m not of generally weak fortitude or constitution.

                I go back every once in a while to see if maybe it’s something else. But nope. Every. Single. Time.

                So for me? Over rated.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            Now you know how stuart a feels when you bring up Ike Davis.

            • Dalek Jeter says:

              stuart a…………now there is a troll…..that i………………………………..truly miss…..

              ….we should……………..throw him a parade. Maybe……he’ll come…back.

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Also, can Plouffy please die? That meme has been a Yankee for longer than most of the 25 man =P

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Oh we be trollin hard tonight.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Despite the possibility that you’re just throwing grenades to see what the response is using the old template, I will point out a few things.

      1) The lineup as set at the end of ST likely won’t be the same in June, let alone at the end of September.

      2) In his last healthy season, the man hit very well, especially for a shortstop. None of his injuries should have impacted his hitting except in terms of accruing rust.

      3) I’m still waiting for someone to cite hard evidence, rather than circumstantial evidence, about Jeter’s ego.

      4) What has Jeter done, ever, to warrant you being that ready for the greatest Yankee most of us are ever likely to see to retire? He had a bad year and a half three years ago and was hurt all last season. That all you got?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        I don’t get the ego stuff. Folks are trying to connect dots that aren’t really connectable. There’s zero proof that Jeter is demanding to bat somewhere in the lineup, and there’s zero proof that his spot in the lineup has been any point of contention whatsoever.

        The last couple of sentences are just straight up trolling, unless batting order really ruffles someone’s feathers THAT much that they want to rush the retirement of arguably the greatest Yankee of our generation.

        Hey, folks came on here in August of last season saying that Mo should lose the closer’s job. Is anything really that surprising with Yankee fans?

    • adjusts batting gloves says:

      This is why the world should not be run by efficiency experts.

    • Wheels says:

      Not even at old-timer’s day?

    • Wheels says:

      Giant egos are what make great players great.

  13. Dalek Jeter says:

    Has there been any word on who is being removed from the 40 man? I think it’s gotta be Turly (he’s injured, maybe he gets through), Claiborne (he was straight bad in September and all through the spring), or Nunie (I know this would be kicking the guy while he’s down, but once Ryan is healthy there will be even less of a need for him).

    • forensic says:

      Nope, no word yet. I don’t think it’ll be Turley, but there are several other options, though not necessarily good options.

      I’m not sure when we’ll hear either. Some people said it may not need to be announced until Tuesday when they play, but I would tend to think it’d have to be official by 3pm tomorrow (eastern) when their 25-man roster has to be officially announced (and Solarte can’t be officially on the 25-man if he’s not officially on the 40-man). It’d be nice to just get it done though and not drag it out any longer than they already have.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I think it’s Claiborne. This is always a “don’t spend too much money” weekend for fungible middle relief.

  14. Get Phelps Up says:

    Well it looks like the Dodgers, Cardinals, Nationals, Tigers, Red Sox, Rays or Indians will not win the WS this year. I mean, you can’t deny the predictions of a panel of experts that has gotten ONE world series prediction correct (congrats Jim Caple!) since 2010.

    And yes I know YCPB and all that. But it’s still fun to poke fun at ESPN.

    I couldn’t find their 2009 predictions but I did run across this gem: “I’d take Boston, just because of [John] Smoltz and [Brad] Penny and [Clay] Buchholz as much as anything else…” Funny how nobody says anything like this about the Yankees old players.

  15. Yanks says:

    Just figured I post these up to get people excited for the start of MiLB ball as well as MLB ball, so, according to Josh Norris (great for Yanks minor league stuff in season, check out his twitter), here are where some minor leaguers will end up (he said they might be subject to change, but he’s pretty sure these are accurate):

    Charleston: SS Abiatal Avelino, SS Tyler Wade, 3B Miguel Andujar, 2B Gosuke Katoh, OF Aaron Judge, OF Brandon Thomas, C Luis Torrens (an 18 year old catcher in Charleston? Yankees must absolutely love him), P Luis Severino, P Rookie Davis, P Brady Lail, P Jordan Cote, P Gio Gallegos

    Tampa: C/3B/DH Peter O’Brien, 2B Angelo Gumbs, 3B Eric Jagielo, SS Cito Culver, OF Jake Cave, P Rafael De Paula, P Manny Banuelos (weather much better in Tampa, easier to monitor him too), P Dan Camarena

    Trenton: C Gary Sanchez, OF Mason Williams, 2B Rob Refsnyder, P Bryan Mitchell

    Scranton’s “big names” aren’t surprising with John Ryan Murphy, Ramon Flores, etc.

    In short: Charleston is going to be awesome to follow. That’s a loaded team.

  16. OkulaFan67 says:

    I thought Brendan Ryan ALREADY swung a bat underwater!

  17. nycsportzfan says:

    First 5pitching matchups are set(probable).

    CC vs Feldman
    Kuroda vs Cosart
    Nova vs Oberholtzer
    Tanaka vs McGowan
    Pineda vs Dickey

    I like the pitching matchup in our favor in every game. We might not win em all, but I like the matchups , in our favor.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Also, how do you like this 4game set from the boogie down.

      April 10th-13th

      Thurs- Bucholz vs Pineda
      Fri- Lester vs Sabathia
      Sat- Lackey vs Kuroda
      Sun- Doubront vs Nova (ESPN SUNDAY NIGHTER)

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