Yankees no-hit by Marlins in Panama


Alright, now this is pretty funny. The Yankees were no-hit by four Marlins pitchers in the first game of the two-game Legends Series down in Panama tonight. The final score was 5-0. I don’t have the box score handy, but you can find it on They Yankees are never going to win the Grapefruit League World Series at this rate.

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  • Dalek Jeter

    I think it’s clear, sweeping changes need to be made across the board.
    Trade everybody for prospects, Astros style and rebuild from the ground up. This is embarrassing.

    • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks)

      Funny Dalek, but there was a day (oh, early to mid-80′s) where something like that might have happened (like a fired hitting coach or something.) Especially if it were a Spring Training game against the Mets.

  • Wheels

    Clearly, the team was in an awestruck stupor after seeing the miracle that is the Panama Canal.

  • losealot101

    this proves that cerveli can win the grapefruit triple crown!

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Damn Panamanian rule changes. I mean….how are you supposed to properly hit in a skirt and with funny glasses on?

    • ChrisGuitars

      I thought they were playing with MLB rules. No wonder we lost. With the exception of JR Murphy, I doubt any of them have any experience wearing a skirt. Not fair!

      • Tanuki Tanaka (Formerly Bob Buttons)

        John RyanTM Murphy.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    Holy shit! We’re fucked! We’re fucked!