Yankees rank 28th in Baseball Prospectus’ 25 and under rankings


Baseball Prospectus published their top 25 and under talent rankings earlier today, and the list is free for everyone. You don’t need a subscription. The Cardinals and their bevy of youngsters sit atop the list while the Nationals and Braves round out the top three. No surprises there; those clubs have some seriously great players and prospects on the right side of 25.

The Yankees rank 28th, better than only the Phillies and Brewers. New York actually ranked 30th in the initial post, which accidentally omitted Masahiro Tanaka. The team moved up two spots when he was added to the revised version. Tanaka is the only player age 25 or younger who is a lock to be on the active big league roster this season, with Michael Pineda the only other strong possibility. The Yankees are an old team, this isn’t a secret, and the rankings reflect that.

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  1. Jorge Steinbrenner says:



  2. mitch says:

    i think they’re valuing quantity a little too much over quality. How can you rank the Angels 26th when they have the definitive best player in the league? Combine Trout with 4 bums and i’d still take that over the top 5 of at least half the league.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


      It’s a interesting snapshot of where teams are at, but it says as much about how much a young MLB team needs to grow and multiple players pan out as it does about having impact young players. Sure, St. Louis blah blah blah, but you just as easily can be perenially rebuilding like Miami is.

      How much does it suck to be the Brewers, though?

      • mitch says:

        Brewers are in bad shape. At least the other 4 teams in the bottom 5 can make up the difference with spending.

        “Under 25″ is completely arbitrary but it’s the perfect baseline to crush the Yankees for their terrible draft period.

  3. The Great Gonzo says:

    Man… I keep forgetting Elvis Andrus is ONLY 25.

  4. Farewell Mo says:

    No worries. It Solarte was a year younger, the Yankees would have been in the top 10

  5. nycsportzfan says:

    Not worried about this ranking. If its the same next yr, i’ll worry.

    • Thomas says:

      Considering Tanaka and Pineda will be off the list (do to age) and the only two that could be big league regulars next year are Murphy (would be BUC) and Ramirez (bullpen arm), I would expect them to be worse next year. Unfortunately.

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        But who cares about this bullshit list if their 26-29 aged players are absolutely killing it. The ‘under 25′ barometer is silly.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        It dosen’t matter if there in the majors, it matters how there progressing.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Nah. We got a ton of good looking, highly ranked players, all about to get there first full seasons in the system, and we are about to spend a ton of money in the International Free Agent pool, way over what is allowed. That alone is enough to boost the system. Judge, Jagielo, Hensley, Clarkin, along with all the guys we spend on this yr, and guys like Avelino, Ga Sanchez, Leo Molina, Jose Campos, Austin Aune..etc Bottom line, i’ll be way more worried next yr, if the Rankings stay the same. If a good chunk of these guys do well, the systems gonna trend upwards in the rankings for sure. And theres others I haven’t mentioned.

  6. leftylarry says:

    There are plenty of young talented players in the minors, problem is Yankees often leave them down there too long.
    Injuries decimated the Minor leagues last season but other teams would have pitchers like Shane Green and Nik Turley in their plans as starters this this season.
    Both have nothing left to prove and both could probably learn more from Major league Coaching, including watching ML pitching like CC or the Japanaese pitchers than anything they can do in the minors anymore.
    On other teams guys like that sink or swim and some step up and overachieve, not on the Yankees.
    Even reading articles here about Yankees needing veteran Relievers when we have 3-4 kids throwing mid to high 90′s who could be brought up and given a chance to succeed before we go looking for veterans.
    When your Triple A farm team is constantly full of journeymen coming off I juries or guys never any good, instead of younger player moving up from Double A or even high A with a cup of coffee in AA, then you aren’t doping them or yourself any favors.
    We’ve all seen kids have an average season in A ball moved up and od better in Double AA, Yankees keep these kids down there too long.
    There’s plenty of talent in the minors now, especially at the lower levels, advance it, move it along and give it a chance.

  7. mustang says:


    Since 1995:
    World Series titles: 2009 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1996

    AL Pennants: 2009 · 2003 · 2001 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1996

    East Division titles: 2012 · 2011 · 2009 · 2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · 2001 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1996

    Wild card berths 2010 · 2007 · 1997 · 1995

    Number of times they missed the playoff in that time: 2

    Yankees net worth 2.3 Billion

    Just so tired about hearing how old this team is they are not Knicks. If or when they have a run of 4 to 5 years of failure then bitch loud about youth development until then I will enjoy these old fucks just WINNING!!

    • mustang says:

      St. Louis Cardinals in the same time:

      World Series titles 2011 • 2006

      NL Pennants 2013 • 2011 • 2006 • 2004

      Central Division titles 2013 • 2009 • 2006 • 2005
      2004 • 2002 • 2001[a] • 2000

      Wild card berths 2012 • 2011 • 2001

      • mustang says:

        Braves in the same time;

        World Series titles 1995!!!!!!!

        NL Pennants 1999 · 1996 · 1995

        East Division titles 2013 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · 2001 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1997 · 1996 · 1995

        Wild card berths 2012 · 2010

        • Bud Selig says:

          I think the numbers above clearly illustrate that the Yankees are bad for baseball and that we should spare no effort in preventing their continued success.

      • ALZ says:

        83 wins in 2006, 90 in 2011. Cards don’t even reach playoffs with that record in the AL East.

  8. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:


    /Lewis Black’d

    Oh, and naturally, Cashman failed.

  9. Tommy says:

    *Puts on RAB Pollyanna fugly looking glasses

    We’re fine our minor league system is the best ever! Cashman has developed a true blueprint on how to win with youth. Facts of what the situation is really like is only for dummies.

    • Havok9120 says:

      That others do not value youth for youth’s sake quite as highly as you seem to does not make them blind to facts.

      Thanks for playing, though.

    • Tanakapalooza Floozy says:

      I’m extremely proud of having initiated the Pollyanna meme here though I give this post only a 4.

  10. ALZ says:

    I like the idea of the list, but why do way out of order?

    1 – 5
    26 – 30

  11. Frank says:

    The part that sucks to me is that this is a team of free agents. Jeter is on his way into retirement, and other than Gardner…there isn’t any home grown talent to root for. Hey, if they can win this way great, but they certainly don’t have me as excited about this team as they did when they had a core of homegrown talent. That probably goes without saying, but this team is the polar opposite of everything they’ve ever won with.

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