2014 Draft: Baseball America’s updated top 50 prospects

Sherman: MLB not planning to suspend Pineda for pine tar incident
Game 11: Before the Rain

Baseball America published their updated list of the top 50 prospects for this year’s draft yesterday (no subs. req’d). NC State LHP Carlos Rodon came into the spring as the overwhelming favorite to go first overall, but his stuff has not been as electric this spring and he is no longer a lock to go even in the top three. California HS LHP Brady Aiken is the consensus top prospect for the draft right now.

The Yankees do not pick until the second round (55th overall) because of their offseason spending spree, but in all likelihood a few of the players in this edition of the top 50 will be available when that selection comes around. This draft is very deep in right-handed pitchers — 19 of the top 50 are righties — and really light on impact bats. The Yankees need some arms, and while drafting for need in the early rounds isn’t ideal, they could definitely add a quality pitching prospect to the organization with that 55th pick this year.

Sherman: MLB not planning to suspend Pineda for pine tar incident
Game 11: Before the Rain
  • EndlessJose

    I just can’t see Cashman being able to get a good pick.He has been terrible in the draft.

  • John C

    Cashman doesn’t run the draft. Damon Oppenheimer does. And he had a pretty good draft last year.

    • Jeff

      But I’m sure on some level Cashman gives them objectives on needs and what not.

      But anyway I’m of the opinion that the draft is a crapshoot anyway. And while Mike is of the opinion that the Yankees promote too fast I think they should promote quicker.

  • Tom

    SO when do they come out with the 150-250 list so we can get an idea of who the Yankees might pick at 55?

    (I’m kidding… well mostly!)

  • Bo Knows

    Though this has no bearing on the Yankees, in Rodon’s defense it’s been stupid cold in Raleigh, NC. This past week has been the warmest it been in Months and we only reached 82, and it’s only been reaching the low 60’s sporadically for a little beyond that. The previous two years have been extremely mild here. The velocity will pick up, as the weather warms up finally

    • ALZ

      I’d be pretty happy with that weather.