Blue Jays spoil Pineda’s debut with 4-0 shutout

Mason Williams helps Trenton to walk-off win
Chad Curtis: From World Series hero to deluded monster

Following Friday night’s seven-run outburst, the Mark Teixeira-less lineup went right back to sleep. The Yankees were shut out by R.A. Dickey and the Blue Jays on Saturday afternoon by the score of 4-0. It was 1-0 until the bottom of the eighth.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

Big Mike Is Here To Stay
The Yankees have been waiting a long time for this. Michael Pineda finally made his first start for the club on Saturday, two years and one shoulder surgery after being originally acquired from the Mariners. He looked very good in Spring Training but that only means so much. The regular season is a different animal, as is the Blue Jays lineup and their hitter-friendly ballpark. The Yankees were probably hoping he would be their ace by now, but instead he is the fifth starter and an unknown.

In his first big league start since September 2011, Pineda held that Blue Jays lineup to one run in six innings of work. A well-struck double and a bloop single led to the run in the second inning, but not after he threw the first scoreless first inning (!) of the team’s season. The other four starters allowed at least one run in the first inning in their starts. Crazy. Pineda struck out five, walked zero, and got six ground ball outs and six air ball outs. He threw 58 of 83 pitches for strikes (70%), including eleven swings and misses. Here is the breakdown, courtesy of Brooks Baseball:

  • 31 fastballs, 17 strikes, two swings and misses, averaged 94.4 mph, topped out at 96.1 mph
  • 33 sliders, 27 strikes (!), seven swings and misses, averaged 84.2 mph, topped out at 86.8 mph
  • 18 cutters, 13 strikes, two swings and misses, averaged 94.3 mph, topped out at 96.1 mph
  • one changeup, one strike, 88.4 mph

The first time through the order, left-handed batters went 4-for-5 with two doubles against Pineda while righties went 0-for-4 with four strikeouts. He came to the Yankees in a need of a changeup to better combat batters of the opposite hand, and he still needs that two years later. Changeups don’t magically develop while on the DL, apparently. After that first time through the order though, Pineda retired 12 of the final 13 batters faced, including all six lefties. Like Masahiro Tanaka on Friday, he shook off a slow start to the game and finished very strong.

Pineda topped out at 75 pitches or so in Spring Training, so it was no surprise Joe Girardi lifted him when he did. They need to take it easy on him following the shoulder surgery, especially early in the season. This is no time to push things. Pineda always stood out from other live-armed youngsters because of his control, and that is evident in all those strikes he threw. Thirteen of 22 batters faced got a first pitch strike and seven saw an 0-2 count. Four batters saw a three-ball count and only two saw a two-ball count after the second inning. Pineda was very, very good. This was a fantastic and tremendously encouraging start.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

Middle of the LOLineup
What an ugly game for the rebuilt middle of the order. Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, and Alfonso Soriano each went 0-for-4 with a strikeout and they combined to kill a pair of rallies. With two on and no outs in the sixth, Beltran bounced into a 6-4-3 double play and McCann lined out softly to short. In the same situation in the eighth, Beltran and Soriano sandwiched strikeouts around a McCann ground out. Soriano struck out on a pitch that bounced about five feet in front of the plate. Why Girardi didn’t pinch-hit Brett Gardner for Soriano against the fresh out of the bullpen righty in the eighth, I’ll never know.

McCann came into the game with four hits in 13 at-bats (.308), but neither Beltran (now 3-for-19) nor Soriano (0-for-16!) have yet to get going. Those guys have to start hitting and soon. The Yankees can’t rely on Yangervis Solarte and Ichiro Suzuki spot starts to drive the offense, especially with Teixeira injured and no bonafide superstar like Robinson Cano to anchor the lineup. Jacoby Ellsbury did his part again (3-for-4) and Derek Jeter was on base twice, but no one was able to bring them home. Ugly.

The Yankees blew two on, two out rallies in the fifth and seventh thanks to a Dean Anna strikeout and a Brian Roberts pinch-hit pop-up, respectively. The score was still close then. Ellsbury struck out to end in the game with two on in the ninth inning, but by then the score had gotten out of hand. So, if you’re keeping score at home, the Yankees had two runners on base in each of the last five innings, but scored zero runs. This lineup is partying like it’s 2013.

D-AAA-vid Phelps
So yeah, David Phelps is not right. Either not right or just not very good. After getting roughed up in his first appearance the other day, Phelps allowed three runs on three hits in two innings on Saturday, putting a winnable game completely out of reach. The three hits all came in a row: Melky Cabrera homer, Colby Rasmus ground-rule double, Jose Bautista homer. That’s three homers allowed in 3.1 innings. At this rate the Yankees offense won’t be able to out-homer Phelps. Unless they’re going to send him to Triple-A Scranton in favor of someone like Cesar Cabral or Preston Claiborne, they have to keep him out of close games. Mop-up duty only.

Weird moment to end the third inning, when Frankie Cervelli was thrown out at the plate on Ellsbury’s single. It appeared as though catcher Josh Thole blocked the plate before he had the ball, which is not allowed under the new rules. He had to stand there to catch the throw, however. Girardi argued, the umpires reviewed the play — Girardi did not challenge, it was the umpire’s call to review — and they determined he did not block the plate. Of course, replays showed Cervelli probably slid under the tag anyway. Girardi didn’t challenge the safe/out call within the designated time because he was arguing the block. Surprisingly, not everyone has the new plate blocking rules down pat five games into the new season.

Solarte took a 92 mph Aaron Loup fastball to the side of his right knee in the seventh inning and was in quite a bit of pain. He stayed on the ground and was looked at by the trainer for a little while, but eventually limped down to first and remained in the game. Seems to be fine even though it looked quite painful. He went 2-for-3 at the plate. Cervelli went 2-for-3 with a double. Like Solarte, he was also hit by a pitch. Kelly Johnson went 0-for-4 with a strikeout and the Anna/Roberts mash-up went 0-for-3 with a walk.

Between Pineda and Phelps, Vidal Nuno walked Adam Lind on six pitches. If you’re the second lefty in the bullpen, walking the only left-handed batter you face probably isn’t a good way to climb up the depth chart. It didn’t come back to hurt them, but still. throw strikes, Vidal.

The Yankees still have not hit a homerun this season, hence the Phelps joke earlier. It’s their fifth streak of 5+ homerless games this century; they did it once in 2006 and three times last year. The Royals are the only other team without a homer this season. Where have you gone, Bronx Bombers?

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, go to For some nerdier stats, go to FanGraphs. For the updated standings, go to ESPN.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees and Blue Jays will play the rubber game of the three-game series on Sunday afternoon. The rotation turns back over, so CC Sabathia will get the ball against Drew Hutchison. It’s the last game of their six-game, season-opening road trip. Baseball will be back in the Bronx on Monday.

Mason Williams helps Trenton to walk-off win
Chad Curtis: From World Series hero to deluded monster
  • Yangeddard Solarte

    1. Dave Phelps should not be on the MLB club and certainly not pitching late in close ballgames. Warren, Nuno, Betances, Thorton, Kelly. Phelps is a long man at best.

    2. Dean Anna should not be on the MLB club. I know with Teixera hurt he has to play some time but he’s a black hole. With Frankie and Solarte hitting like they are I’d play Frankie at 1B and Solarte at 3rd most of the time until Teix returns. If Soriano ain’t hitting you can play Gardner instead.

    3. I do think 3-4-5 hitters will hit better in YS but they need to start picking it up. It can’t just be Ellsbury, Frankie and Solarte every game.

    4. I thought this would be one of the better staffs in baseball with CC being the weakest link. One time through and that’s exactly the case. Now we’ll see what CC does tomorrow and if he can procure the series win like an ace should.

    5. Frankie and Solarte need to be moved up in the order. Kelly Johnson shouldn’t be hitting 6th, ever. Go with the hot bats. If Soriano doesn’t pick it up play Gardner more or DH McCann with Frankie at 1st.

    • Scott

      Everyone jumping on the Solarte bandwagon needs to take a deep breath. He’s been good for how many games? Remember last year when Vernon Wells was hitting as well as Cano for the whole first month? There is literally no minor-leagu year Solarte has had that suggests average or better MLB ability. Maybe he figured out something abruptly at age 26, but that almost never happens. Anna is the same age and has had more strong minor-league yrs, including a 2013 far better than solarte’s

      • Angelo

        Pretty much. I’m rooting for Solarte, but history suggests he’ll likely end up being either a decent or below average back up, or he’ll end up back in Triple-A at some point this year.

        I really hope he’s figured something out though. That would be fantastic.

    • Dick M

      1. Stop posting right after the games.

  • Wheels

    More encouraged by Pineda’s performance than disappointed about the feeble offense today. Just one of those days at the plate.

    • JGYank

      Understandable when we’re facing a knuckleball for almost 7 innings.

      • Wheels

        Yup, and Dickey is gonna give anyone trouble when he’s on like today.

        • DickM

          He loves it when the roof is closed.

    • No 2013 again

      One of those days, right? Four out of five games so far they have been terrible on offense, only exception was when they faced the Jays 5th starter.

      Sure they might be better than last year’s nightmare, but it looks like they are not that good once again.

      • Wheels

        If this trend continues over the next several games, I’ll definitely ratchet up my concern. I’m happy(and surprised) with Ellsbury’s hot hitting in these first few games, and am confident McCann hasn’t forgotten how to hit. Other guys need to pick it up, no doubt.

        • RetroRob

          He’s not worth your response. : -)

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        They should be at least average offensively. Maybe top third in the AL if they can stay reasonably healthy.

      • Angelo

        The season just began. Seriously, relax.

  • forensic

    This is a pretty bad loss, especially when you’re right in the game with chance after chance to score and take the lead (or at least tie it up).

    Now they’re stuck hoping Sabathia can succeed against a power hitting team with big-time righties to keep them from losing two straight series against potential last place teams to start the season.

    Lots of time left in the season, but they’re already giving away games that they need to get wins in.

    As for other things, not a fan of taking Pineda out so early. I would’ve seen if he could’ve gone one more. Girardi even supposedly said he could go up to 100.

    Calling up Romine for Tex? This is one of the problems with having 5 catchers on the 40-man and no other real options in the high minors. I know it’s blasphemy here, but even Nunez would’ve had more usefulness than Romine. That’s the problem with just DFA’ing him instead possibly someone else.

    Quite an AB by Soriano late there. I don’t expect him to do much, but yeah the other guys in the middle need to start getting going. They should be pretty much into the rhythm of the season now and they need to start showing something.

    I’m a big fan of Phelps, but you can’t keep throwing him out there in close games like this the way he’s throwing now. I don’t know if it’s just a slump or if something’s wrong with him, but gotta keep him to not-so-close games for the time being.

    • forensic

      Wow, that’s long, guess I had a lot stored up after not posting all day. :-)

    • JGYank

      Agree with pretty much everything you said. I didn’t have a problem with them taking Pineda out though.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I’d rather see what Canzler can do as an actually 1B than have Nunez.
      And it would have the same roster effect as keeping Nunez would – losing someone else on the 40-man.

      • forensic

        Eh, I’d probably rather Nunez than Canzler, but truthfully might prefer Canzler to Romine in terms of the 40-man (and now 25-man) spot.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Even with Nunez, they’d still be left with Johnson as the 1B and Cervelli as the primary backup.
          I don’t see how Nunez helps the current situation at all.

          • forensic

            I don’t have a huge problem with Johnson as the 1B for now, so that’s probably our main difference. With Nunez, you have options to run for people or maybe even hit for someone like Anna at least, rather than having 3 catchers sitting around.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              I’d take Nunez over having a 3rd C.
              I’d take an actual 1B over both.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Sucks they lost, but fuck yeah, Mike Pineda!

    Too bad he’ll never be able to sit mid-90s again, huh?

    • JGYank

      The scary thing is he’ll probably gain velocity as he gets further away from surgery. He could come close to his 2011 form.

      • nycsportzfan

        I’d say he could be better eventually. It was only his rookie yr then.

        • JGYank

          I meant velocity wise.

    • TomG

      So crazy how fast his avg cutter and fastball was, especially bc he was sitting 3-4 mph slower in preseason. Was he holding something back? Was this an adrenaline thing? Was he overthrowing yesterday? Is this normal to have such a big jump from preseason? Wow. Sitting 94-95 with control. That would be amazing after all he’s been through.

  • JGYank

    Cervelli looked safe to me. Not conclusive enough to overturn the call, but Thole was blocking the plate. And like I said in the game thread, Girardi needed to do something to get the offense going. Hit and run, double steal, something other than waiting for a HR.

    Pineda was great. Even better than I expected. Not his fault we lost and the only run he gave up was on a bloop single. 3 QS one time through the rotation, and Nova missed one by only .1 IP. Only CC did poorly and even he rebounded towards the end of his start. The rotation looks great so far.

    Outfield: Ells is starting to pick up the slack and has been great the last 2 games, but Sori and Beltran really need to get it going with Tex out. Gardy needs to be aggressive on the bases to help out the lineup. Not expecting Ichiro to keep hitting or get any consistent playing time. This group has to carry the offense and overall they’re not.

    Infield: Jeter looks alright. He’s getting on base and has looked ok on d. Solarte is on fire but could plummet back to earth at any moment. Roberts has been decent and hasn’t broken down yet. With Tex out, the rest looks bad. Anna and Solarte are getting more playing time than they should be. Our depth is thin, and Johnson is forced to play everywhere because of that. We actually could really use Ryan right about now and Tex needs to comeback quickly. McCann needs to get going and Cervelli has been good. We don’t have a legit 1B right now and I feel we will need to trade for a 3B by the deadline.

    Pen: Phelps is getting hit but it’s a small sample. Drob has pitched a couple clean innings. Betances didn’t have his command last night but can be dominant at times. Not much else to say due to the small sample here.

    • Silvio

      Mostly, I agree with all this. However, about “something other than waiting for a HR”: man is that ever not, so far, a scary lineup. The Jays can scare you big time and turn things around in a hurry. But sans long ball, this current performance–where Jacoby, Solarte, and sometimes Ichiro and Cervelli do the (contact) hitting while McCann, Soriano, and Beltran do zilch–is getting me down. With Teixeira now out for who knows how long, this could get seriously bad, especially if Yankee Stadium doesn’t get the HRs flying. We’ll be hearing the boos this week if the HR drought continues.

      I was surprised looking at the radar gun at the park how rarely (once?) Phelps ever reached 90. He doesn’t have good enough stuff on his other pitches to get away with that against people Bautista and Encarnacion–and, leave us not forget, Melky.

  • Nathan

    We may have lost the game but to see Pineda look as good as he did, I’ll take it with a smile.

    And yeah, Phelps. Never did think much of him more than a long reliever and was never really impressed.

  • hogsmog

    Don’t give a shit if they lost, this plus Tanaka’s performance yesterday makes me so, so, so happy. Two pitchers, 25 years old, who can make starts like that against Toronto’s offense?




  • Bo Knows

    A few of his pitches were miss classified as fastballs, most if not all of those those 88-90 mph pitches that went down and away were change-ups. Besides that, very pleased with his velocity

  • fred robbins

    they probably would have lost 1-0—-BUT the continued use by JOEY G of his buddy Phelps is more than ridiculous. Every time I say Joey G is the worst manager possible for the Yankees I get put down because they have been in the playoffs so often- but his utter refusal to let his best men play is a sign he is either being paid to lose games or he is just stupid.

    Phelps does not belong on a major league team- and if he has to be, as I have tried to say many times– only to be brought in when they are winning 7 or 8-1 so he can give up a few homers and runs and they can still win and maybe save a few innings for Robertson.

    TO have Soriano constantly in the lineup and Gardner so much better younger and faster and clutch– is just another example of why the Yankees will be under 500– unless change is made– George is gone- so Joey G will be here the remainder of his contract while gutless Yankee ownership lets things ride
    It is pathetic

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      he is either being paid to lose games

      Now this is just beyond stupid

      TO have Soriano constantly in the lineup and Gardner so much better younger and faster and clutch

      Gardner got 1 day off. One.
      Soriano had been benched the previous 2 days.

      • WhittakerWalt

        You and your facts. Pesky, pesky facts.
        Though it’s true that Gardner should have pinch hit for Soriano in the 8th. Unconscionable.

      • No 2013 again

        Fred Robbins rant was beyond stupid, I agree. The thing is, why is Gardner getting a day off on the 5th game of the season? He’s not 40 or anything close, just let the best players play.

      • forensic

        Soriano was off for one day, not two.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          My bad. I was thinking Ichiro replaced him both games. Forgot Ellsbury got a day off.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            Or maybe just watching him try to hit made me think he had the day off…

            • forensic

              Three flyballs in four games could certainly do that.

  • emac2

    When do the guys hitting over 400 hit at the top of the lineup and the guys under 200 at the bottom? Or is it based on something like height or salary?

    Nunez and Phelps to seattle for a 1st basemen. Or a prospect and promote Garcia.

    • karcotte

      wanna have a bet on which players hit better this season?

  • Get Phelps Up

    The Royals didn’t hit a home run today so we’re safe for another day.

  • LK

    Even though they lost, this game is a huge positive with Pineda looking solid.

    The offense might be an issue for as long as Tex is out. It sucks that having no backup 1B already burned them only 5 games into the season. Solarte has looked good so far, but him playing every day is not a recipe for success.

  • fred robbins

    hey need pitching— did you ever hear of hyperbole for grammatical use to make a point?

    I do not think Joey G is being paid to lose games—- he just manages like he is….

    and to not have a better swinging lefty in the game instead of a zero hitting and cold as ice and lost Soriano is kind of dumb to me.

    I notice you did not have a comment on the Phelps put down- so maybe that makes sense to you– but this team has a few of the biggest pussy players in the league– starting with Tex–this guy and his built in excuse of a “wrist that will probably never be the same” to the rest of his crap. He is a whining waste of the player he once was and there is just no way around it- and he has 3 or 4 years left and a ton of money on his contract.

    And I guess the call up of another catcher makes sense also– at least to Joey.. can’t have too many catchers and no first basemen I guess

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      And I guess the call up of another catcher makes sense also– at least to Joey.. can’t have too many catchers and no first basemen I guess

      That’s a Cashman issue. The GM sets the roster. There is no other IF on the 40-man roster. I’d imagine Girardi would prefer having an actual 1B who could start if one was made available to him.

      Of course in general Gardner should play over Soriano, and should play virtually everyday.
      They do need to get Soriano going though.
      And one day off for Gardner really isn’t a big deal, although probably a bit unnecessary this early in the season.

      As for Phelps, he’s had his moments, and can still be a useful MLB piece.
      He was coming off a relatively strong spring training. There was no reason to abandon him after just one bad outing.
      After now a second straight bad outing, he should now be last on the bullpen depth chart. There’s no reason at this point to think that won’t be the case.

    • BigLoving

      I seriously hope you shut the EF up… in forever. Lets bash a guy who averaged 150 games a years in his first 10 seasons bc his wrist gave out and he pulled a hamstring on turf. And also lets bench a proven 30 HR-100 RBI guy bc he hasn’t mashed in the teams first 5 games. Seriously dude….I hope there is a bridge nearby you that you can jump off.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Anytime Carlis Beltran and Alfonso Soriano want to show up to work, I think we’re all waiting.

    Pineda looked amazing. I pray to the shoulder gods, but my God, Tanaka/Pineda moving forward. That could be something.

    I’ve had an incredibly strong dislike for BGDP since I saw him rock the high socks this season. This is not helping. FUDP.

    I’d love to see a HR sometime soon. Anytime, guys.

    Hope to see innings 3-7 CC tomorrow.

    • Wheels

      I bet Phelps ditches the high socks by his next appearance.

  • pat

    Hey Mike Singleton pointed out that Girardi didn’t have to speficially challenge the safe or out call, it was encompassed in the review to see if the plate was being blocked. Unlike the NFL where you have to specifically say what you want to challenge in the MLB review system all parts of a play can be reviewed at once to make sure the right call is made regardless of what aspect is specifically challenged. It’s better this way, because they just want calls right, they don’t care how they get there.

    • pat

      There should be a comma after Mike.

  • 461deep

    Team starting pitching except for CC’s first 3 innings has been terrific. Hitting fair at best saved by Solarte, Ichiro & Elsbury.
    Tex out will not help matters. Jeter moving better, not really hitting but getting a few walks. Middle of line-up needs to start hitting.
    Joey Bats 40 HR’s easy if he stays healthy. No Yankee getting 40 but McCann maybe 33 due to YS. Like Derek, he looks thinner older to me then last year. Trade Nunney for Ike if he unlikely clears waivers? YES YES YES. Nothing to lose as YS will balloon Ike’s BA to .240 with 15 more dingers.

  • WhittakerWalt

    I don’t need to see Joba Phelps in any high-pressure situations for a while, thanks.

  • BearPen

    Continue with doomsday scenarios…

    The problem with soft tossers pitching in relief is their almost default need to be finesse pitchers. Days they fail to be great with location, they either tend to give walks and or runs. Watching Shawn Kelly’s velocity the other day, one might venture a guess that he will soon suffer a fate similar to Phelps. Nuno doesn’t miss much on the middle of the plate, so he is most likely to surrender walks/innings than he would as a starter.

  • Dalek Jeter

    So…is it 5 days from now yet? I want to see Pineda’s next start. (WHICH I GET TO WATCH ON TV SO EXCITED.)

    • RetroRob

      You need to get!

      • forensic

        I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s that he was working today and could only listen live, but won’t be working next Thursday night.

        • Dalek Jeter

          Forensic hit the nail on the head. I live and work in the NYC area, but don’t work normal hours…so I get to watch games on TV very sporadically.

  • Kosmo

    da lumba is in a slumba.

    It seemed to me the pitch Melky hit for a HR was high and out of the strike zone or a borderline pitch this coming after Phelps couldn´t locate his pitches. I think it rattled him and he then lost his composure.
    It´s funny and indeed laughable how commenters on here can turn on a dime when a player has a couple of bad games. On RAB Phelps generally has been considered an asset. He´s had prior success as a reliever and last night his velocity sat at 90-91 so it is more about locating his pitches. Batista hit an absolute meatball served on a platter.

    OK CC you´re next.

  • mustang

    Maybe I’m a little to up beat about a 2-3 team, but I like what I seen so far. If they win tonight they come home .500 of the road trip. I would of liked a better start, but i can live with it.

    • forensic

      No, you’re not a little too upbeat.

      You’re way too upbeat. :-)

  • Bavarian Yankee

    man, it’s only been 5 games so far but Beltran looks pretty lost. Not saying he’s done but he very well could be. On the bright side there are only 2.99 years of his contract left.
    And what about Soriano swinging at a pitch that was in the dirt like 10 foot before the plate? Wow. Play Ichiro in the OF until Soriano proves that he can do anything but getting auto-outs.

    Anyway, Ellsbury, Cervelli, Solarte and Pineda looked pretty good.

  • fred robbins

    Have to agree with you there Bavaria. I guess big loving wants me to find a bridge to jump off for saying pretty much the same thing–but sometimes the truth hurts.

    Tex has gone downhill while putting up some decent numbers 2011, 2012.. How many teams would make a run at him if there was no hamstring issue- right now? that’s all I am saying– he looks worse every year and he is a brittle player lately- No Pedroia that’s for sure.

    I’m just looking at it as an owner– How many games should an owner be willing to lose while bringing in the likes of Phelps who is like Jaba without the fastball… a 1-0 games becomes out of reach before he’s taken out.
    Most of Tex’s big hits have come when Yankees very ahead or far behind. Find a link of him getting a big hit in the last 3 years.

    Joey G juggled rotation so CC could pitch twice against Boston and Tanaka would miss Boston– I get some of that logic, but CC has been LOUSY against Boston for the last 3 years. or maybe 2 1/2.. why pay 175 million if you don’t think he can beat your biggest rival and most hated rival?

    Pineda looks so great… The Yankees could have one of the better starting rotations right now in baseball. The only drag on it is CC and hopefully not a tiring Kuroda– But Kuroda really looked OK in his first start.

    Yankees got lucky with Soriano last year and hardly any money. Even though it’s only a handful of games, I would rather have Ichiro out there, especially against a Right handed pitcher…. is that so lame?

    anyway– I am not seeking any bridges as of yet, but if Tex hits over 250 with over 15 dingers, I will swallow my pride and find one not too far above some warm water:)

    Peace and love all– this is a place to vent and write your opinions… not all agree on the same things— that is what makes it fun to read and write—

  • Axis of Mike

    I just want to chime in that, given that the offense didn’t score at all, the loss really has to be on them, not Phelps or Girardi, but I was incredulous at first then furious at Joe for leaving Phelps out there more than one inning. He had, what, maybe 4 strong relievers he coulda run out there? What in God’s name was he thinking?

    Again, with no runs scored it’s moot but I sure hope he learned his lesson.