Brendan Ryan to begin minor league rehab assignment on Sunday


Forgotten infielder Brendan Ryan will begin an official minor league rehab assignment with High-A Tampa on Sunday, according to Dan Barbarisi. Joe Girardi said they want him to get about 50 at-bats after missing almost all of Spring Training, so he’ll be on the rehab assignment for more than just a few days.

Ryan, 32, had a lower back problem and later an upper back problem in camp, forcing him to start the season on the DL. Given the timing of everything, it seems like he could be activated right when Michael Pineda‘s ten-game suspension ends the Monday after next and they go back to a 25-man roster. Pineda returns to the active roster, the extra reliever goes down, and Ryan essentially replaces Dean Anna as the backup middle infielder. Activating him earlier would require some more roster moves.

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  1. I'm One says:

    All they need him to be is …. Dean Anna. (I think they have one of those already.)

  2. Yan Solo says:

    While he’s rehabbing, send Kevin Long down to work with him. His defense is great, but that multi-year contract warrants that he’s got to be more than a warm body in the batter’s box when it’s his turn in the line-up. I like the guy; his defense is fun to watch; but he’s too one-dimensional.

  3. Michael Pine Ada says:

    Wasn’t he rated as the worst offensive player in all of baseball at one time? If so, I assume it was before Pete Kozma

  4. zs190 says:

    Supposedly he has been playing (in EST?) and already got about 20 AB’s so he should be good in about 5 days. After Phelps goes on Wednesday, they could probably try to use the long reliever that’s getting send down as his caddy if the game is not close and call up Ryan to replace that reliever. Could see him as soon as Thursday I think without additional roster moves.

  5. lightSABR says:

    Anybody else not really excited about this? I mean, I love his defense, and maybe I’m just being irrational, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to give up Sizemore to keep this guy.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      Not sure Ryan has anything to do with Sizemore’s future on the team.

    • Preston says:

      There are very few reasons to get excited about somebody as unspectacular as Brendan Ryan. Mostly I think it means that Sizemore/Anna get to get everyday ABs preparing for if (when) they need to replace Brittle Roberts or Solarte crashes to earth.

  6. vicki says:

    not forgotten by me. chicks dig defense.

  7. TWTR says:

    It will be interesting to see if Girardi ever removes Jeter for defensive purposes in late inning/late season close games.

  8. Greg c says:

    Back in my day there were dynasty teams with multiple defense-only up the middle starters and perennial All-Stars.

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