Francisco Cervelli has Grade II hamstring strain; Shane Greene to Triple-A

Masahiro Tanaka and pitching unpredictably
Olney: Soriano will retire if he has a poor 2014 season

The MRI on Frankie Cervelli‘s hamstring revealed a Grade II strain, the Yankees announced. He will be placed on the DL. CC Sabathia suffered a Grade II hamstring strain last September and he had to wait eight weeks before he could resume baseball workouts, so Cervelli probably isn’t coming back anytime soon.

The Yankees also announced that right-hander Shane Greene has been sent to Triple-A Scranton, so two players will be called up before tomorrow’s game. Obviously one will be a catcher. With Derek Jeter (quad) and Brian Roberts (back) banged up, it’s a safe bet the other player will be an infielder. And, just in case you were wondering, the Yankees say the x-rays on Brian McCann‘s hand were negative after he took that deflected pitch off the barehand last night.

Masahiro Tanaka and pitching unpredictably
Olney: Soriano will retire if he has a poor 2014 season
  • Mike HC

    I guess it is good we didn’t just give Romine away for some infield dirt then.

    • mustang


    • TWTR

      More so Murphy because Cervelli cannot be relied on, Romine is not that good, and Sanchez is too far away. So if catching is to remain a strength, keeping Murphy is really important.

      • Mike HC

        There was no shot of us just giving Murphy away though. It seemed there was a better chance we would have dealt Romine just to clear the perceived logjam for some fungible middle infielder. Or at least some fans were calling for it.

  • mitch

    Is there anyone on the 40 they could bring up? Seems like a move will have to be made to get someone like Sizemore or Canzler on the roster.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Now playing second base, Zoilo Almonte and/or Ramon Flores! I mean, that’s pretty much it, isn’t it?

      Sizemore and Romine, which means that, the way this season’s gone, it’ll be Murphy and Daley.

      • Mike HC

        I don’t know the rules, but if you 60 day DL a guy, can you add a man to the 40. Mike said it took CC 8 weeks to recover from a Grade II. Obviously it all depends on Cervelli’s time frame, but if it is even close to 60, with the inevitable setback and all our catching depth, it might just be worth it.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          You can. Can you put a guy straight on the 60-day DL in a situation like this, or is there a 15-day-to-60-day progression which has to happen?

          There’s your 40-man solution right there, though.

          • Ed

            You can put him straight on the 60 day.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Thanks. We could clear two 40-man spots here temporarily and balance the team out better. Go for it.

  • mustang

    “Yankees say the x-rays on Brian McCann‘s hand were negative after he took that deflected pitch off the barehand last night.”

    This is the best news here!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I still hope it feels good enough where it’s not a nagging thing, though.

      • Zach

        The day off is a good thing.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Seriously. Those schedulers can apparently see the future.

          • Chip Rodriguez

            we should ask them if Mr. Drew will ever play for the Yankees?

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              The Great Gonzo told me he would.

        • LarryM Fl

          I have tickets for Thursday’s game at the Trop but the Yankees could not field a team that I recognized the names.

  • mustang

    “The source said the Yankees would probably recall either Russ Canzler or Scott Sizemore from the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders”

    “Girardi has already said Ryan will not be available until sometime after May 1, and since his DL stint was backdated to March 22, he could be placed on the 60-day DL and be eligible to return by May 22.”

    So probably Ryan or maybe Cervelli and they probably bring up Romine and Scott Sizemore since he walk away May 1st

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      *Russ Canzler suddenly develops a sharp pain in his thigh*

      • kyle roller

        what’s that?

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          You’d need something pandemic to happen, son.

    • Mike HC

      This makes sense.

  • Ed

    So I assume it’s Cervelli to the 60 day DL, Romine recalled, and an infielder added to the 40 man roster and called up. Who are the options at this point? Sizemore? Russ Canzler? Corban Joseph?

    I’m assuming Canzler’s only shot is if they think Tex will be out a while still. So I guess we find out how much they like Sizemore?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Let me go nuts here:

      Ryan AND Cervelli to the 60-day, Greene optioned.

      That’s three spots.

      I’d say Sizemore, Canzler, and Romine. One of the former winds up DFA’d eventually, I guess, if they can’t supplant Anna/Solarte while they’re here.

      And there’s 3/4 of our infield depth. In April. Sigh.

      • Mike Axisa

        Ryan is already on the DL. They can’t call anyone up to replace him.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          But moving him to the 60-man wouldn’t clear a 40-man spot? I’m confused….

          Oh, never mind. Of course. Whoops.

      • mitch

        In this situation i think Canzler makes more sense than Sizemore due to his ability to play first. Then they can dump him once Tex comes back.

        I’d rather Sizemore continue to play everyday in AAA until his opt out date. Get a full read on his health, skills, etc. He might actually have a future with the team bigger than two week minor league fill-in.

        • Mike HC

          And with Roberts banged up and not exactly lighting it up, that future may start now.

  • vicki

    this is your shot, scott sizemore. do something with it, if only to save mike axisa from himself.

    • Princess Leia

      Help us Scott Sizemore, you’re our only hope.

      • Yan Solo

        Let me just find my Wookie and I’ll be able to help out as well, Princess.

    • mustang

      I second this.

  • LarryM Fl

    Mash Unit at 161St./Bronx. 13 games into the season and the Yanks are showing their age. If it does not warm up quickly. The backend of the 40 man roster will be the middle of the 25 man roster. Not too many have to fall before Drew or Headley become a fixture in the Bronx.

  • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

    Boy our lack of depth is about to get a lot more lacking.

    Also, hey there Princess ^^^

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      It really didn’t seem like a lack to me. It’s both guys getting injured in blocks and adding Solarte/Anna to the roster right off the bat. They’re running through the depth more quickly than I thought they would.

      What’s left after Sizemore and Canzler? I’d guess Joseph and Wheeler, and the 2013 Address Book.

      • Roadgeek Adam

        Any word on Wheeler’s injury?

        I would Jose Pirela ahead of CoJo myself.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Another one for the list of what’s left.

        • stuckey

          I heard he’s rehabbing it zealously.

  • Preston

    This is basically Romine’s last chance. If he doesn’t play well the next two months it’s hard to see him hanging on to a 40 man spot when Cervelli gets healthy. On the other hand if he plays well, he’s younger, cheaper and has more controlled years, so it might spell the end of Frankie in pin stripes.

    • stuckey

      “Last chance”?

      On the Yankees, it’s first and then we go straight to last??

      • Mike HC

        haha … it does seem like that sometimes.

      • vicki

        largely a consequence of five catchers on the 40-man.

        • Preston

          Right, Murphy’s already getting the ABs over him in AAA, and Sanchez is looking primed for a mid-season promotion from AA. Romine was already looking like the odd man out yesterday and now he’s going to get a two month audition to show he hasn’t lost all of his prospect shine from 2011. If he doesn’t do something positive with it, it’s hard to see him keeping a 40 man spot through the end of the season.

    • RetroRob

      Unfortunately this doesn’t help Romine. He hasn’t played regularly in a few years. He was injured, and then he was playing regularly in AAA for a few weeks last year before being called up after the Cervelli injury, and then just played sporadically. That’s not the way to develop a player.

      Then this year he was sent back to AAA, but as a back up to Murphy, and is now about to bounce back to the Yankees for the second time.

      This has turned into a lost development period at a critical time for Romine. He’ll sit again, and eventually he’ll be traded. And when he turns in better numbers on some team that eventually plays him, people will scratch their heads and wonder why, but it won’t be hard to figure out.

      • Preston

        I agree, but it’s not all the Yankees fault. He got hurt and that led to 2012 being a lost year. He was needed a little prematurely last season. I still think he can figure it out. But if he goes three seasons without showing the skills he had pre-injury in 2011 it’s hard to justify keeping him on the 40 man.

        • RetroRob

          Yes, and to be clear, I wasn’t really blaming the Yankees. They are doing what they need to do. Circumstances forced them into this situation.

          Romine is no doubt happy as can be to be called back up and would love to stay the entire year as he pretty much did last year as a back up. And I recognize that he’s learning things on the MLB level that he wouldn’t in the minors.

          Yet he hasn’t played regularly since 2011 when he was in AA, and hasn’t appeared in over 100 games since 2010. Ideally, after the lost 2012, he should have had the JR Murphy experience last year, catching regularly, getting 400+ PAs in the minors.

          Circumstances forced differently. Not the Yankees fault. It’s just happened. Yet I wonder if those lost development years will hurt him forever, or if he’ll only reach whatever level he was destined to reach when he gets to go somewhere else and play regularly.

    • hogsmog

      Truly it is times like these, when I’m most thankful of our catching depth, do I realize how much I’d like to get rid of that catching depth as soon as we can.


      • Preston

        I’d like to keep everyone. But it isn’t really practical to keep five catchers on the 40 man, especially when we’re employing the infield by committee method.

  • RetroRob

    Does Sizemore’s opt out mean they could send him back down to AAA after May 1 (or whatever the opt-out date is) and not lose him, or that he has to remain on the big league roster after May 1? If he can be sent back down again, they it could be to their advantage to bring him up for a couple of weeks to get past the May 1 date.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      This confuses me sometimes. As with Solarte, I’m guessing that, if an opt-out is written into your deal, whether you have options left or doesn’t really matter. I haven’t a clue what it means for your question either.

      • RetroRob

        I don’t know either, which is why I asked, although I suspect most don’t know either. Each case is different, so Sizemore’s contract will be different than Solarte’s.

        I believe the Yankees could have (and still can) send Solarte down without losing him. I don’t know if that would be the case with Sizemore. If it is, though, it would be an easy way to get him on the roster, and then maintain the flexibility of sending him down at a later date.

        • stuckey

          I can’t imagine there is any scenario in which Scott Sizemore signed a contract that gave him the option to opt out if he wasn’t on the ML roster by May 1, but took away that option if he wasn’t in the ML roster on May 2.

          Somethings are self-evident by the logic of them.

          95% certain he can opt out ANY time on May 1st of after if he’s not on the ML roster or DL.

          • RetroRob

            And that would be my guess, yet in Solarte’s case they can send him down now without losing him, where that wasn’t the case on Opening Day.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            My questions would be this:

            1. Does Sizemore have options? It’s possible he still may.

            2. Do guys sign MiLB deals in which they are able to pretty much waive their options and refuse to be sent down, regardless of opt-out date?

            I understand your point, but these may be cases that defy the simplest of logic.

            • stuckey

              Okay, Google is our friend.


              He has TWO opt outs, which means the opt out isn’t perpetual after May 1, it means it’s HAS to be exercised or not on that date (otherwise saying he has one on Aug 1 makes no sense).

              Next question do the Yankees have options that can exercise between May and Aug 1?

              • Preston

                That kind of makes me think that he won’t opt out May 1st. He didn’t play a lot in ST, which is the primary reason he didn’t make the team. He probably knows he has a little rust on his game after the two year hiatus and he will definitely get a shot to compete at 2b or 3b at some point with this team.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                I had heard about the multiple opt-outs on here before.

                Read your reply below as to the 40-man as protection. The question is can he be optioned and remain on the 40-man. Let’s continue to sleuth.

            • stuckey

              My guess, given this new info is he DOES have minor league. There is already protection in place against the Yankees just promoting him on April 30th and just sending him back down in May 2, and that’s the 40 man roster.

              Since he’s not on it, the reasonable assumption is the Yankees wouldn’t burn a 40 man roster spot just to stash him in AAA.

              No luck finding any confirmation on this, however.

  • mustang

    Injury History
    Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
    2013-06-28 2013-07-20 15-DL 22 17 Right Thigh Strain Hamstring – –
    2013-05-18 2013-05-20 DTD 2 2 – Low Back Soreness – –
    2013-03-27 2013-04-10 7-DL 14 7 – Head Recovery From Concussion – –
    2013-03-08 2013-03-27 Camp 19 0 – Head Concussion HBP – –
    2012-03-26 2012-06-27 15-DL 93 73 Right Ankle Recovery From Surgery Fracture and Ligament 2011-07-01 –
    2011-10-15 2011-10-15 Off 0 0 – Surgery Sports Hernia Date Is Approximate 2011-10-15 –
    2011-07-21 2011-10-08 60-DL 79 64 Right Ankle Surgery Fracture and Ligament 2011-07-21 –
    2011-05-08 2011-05-10 DTD 2 1 Right Groin Tightness –
    2011-05-04 2011-05-05 DTD 1 1 Right Groin Tightness –
    2011-04-05 2011-04-08 DTD 3 2 Abdomen Soreness Lower –
    2011-04-01 2011-04-04 DTD 3 2 Abdomen Recovery From Strain Lower –
    2011-03-22 2011-03-31 Camp 9 0 Abdomen Strain Lower –
    2011-03-17 2011-03-20 Camp 3 0 Abdomen Strain –
    2010-07-03 2010-07-03 DTD 0 0 Left Knee Soreness –
    2010-06-28 2010-06-30 DTD 2 2 Left Knee Soreness –
    2009-04-24 2009-05-12 15-DL 18 18 Left Thigh Strain Hamstring –
    2009-03-21 2009-03-29 Camp 8 0 Abdomen Strain –
    2008-08-18 2008-08-20 DTD 2 1 Groin Strain –
    2008-04-09 2008-04-11 DTD 2 1 Right Thigh Soreness Quadriceps –
    2008-01-28 2008-01-28 Off 0 0 Right Knee Contusion Bone From Slide Board –
    2007-09-18 2007-09-19 DTD 1 1 Low Back Spasms Mild –
    2007-05-30 2007-06-01 DTD 2 1 Left Lower Leg Contusion Shin –
    2007-04-05 2007-04-07 DTD 2 2 Right Thigh Soreness Quadriceps –
    2007-03-30 2007-03-31 Camp 1 0 Right Thigh Soreness Quadriceps –
    2006-09-17 2006-09-19 DTD 2 1 Groin Strain –
    2006-09-08 2006-09-10 DTD 2 2 General Medical Illness Fever –
    2006-09-04 2006-09-06 DTD 2 2 Right Hand Soreness –
    2006-08-28 2006-08-30 DTD 2 2 Right Hand Soreness –
    2006-08-12 2006-08-13 DTD 1 1 Right Hand Soreness

    I can see why people want Drew he fit right in the Yankees hospital ward.


    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      How the hell did this wind up being another Drew thread?

      I’m going to have to take him out myself.

      • RetroRob

        How about the two of us pool our money and sign him to our team? I mean, it seems most people think he’ll accept any offer. I can pull together a 100 bucks or so to end this nonsense.

    • Tom

      The list when you filter out everything that isn’t DTD and camp or offseason listings !?!? and look at actually injuries (DL time):

      2013-06-28 2013-07-20 15-DL 22 17 Right Thigh Strain Hamstring
      2013-03-27 2013-04-10 7-DL 14 7 – Head Recovery From Concussion
      2011-07-21 2011-10-08 60-DL 79 64 Right Ankle Surgery Fracture and Ligament

      I get people have an agenda when it comes to Drew but this might be the single most ridiculous bit of spin… including OFFSEASON and day to day spring training stuff? Hell even in season day to day stuff isn’t all that significant. There’s stuff that is listed as “0 days”, there’s stuff listed 3 or 4 times for the same injury… but why actually take the time to read it or understand it?

      A regular Nick Johnson.

      Wow is indeed right… but for an entirely different reason.

  • Bronx Boy

    Pray for the Cubbies to be as advertised. It could be like three rest days if all goes well!

  • SamVa

    I’m sure this has been said x1000 recently, but I really don’t get why you wouldn’t sign Morales and/or Drew..
    We have a need for a back up first baseman and he brings switch hitting ability with some power off the bench when Teix comes back.

    Your bench would look like- Morales, Ryan/Sizemore/Anna, Ichiro, Romine/Murphy

    and remember Kelly Johnson was supposed to be on the bottom half of successful infielders and right now he is the best one. So how doesn’t Drew make sense?

    Please- anyone

    • stuckey

      The potential fault in your logic is to assume Morales (and Drew) for that matter are currently will to accept a bench role.

      There is pretty sound reasoning to suggest they’re looking for regular PT in order to maximize their earning potential for future seasons.

      Maybe sometime later in the season they and their agent Scott Boras will come to accept their roles in the ML this and in future years are bench players, but it appears they’re not thinking in those terms of April 14.

      “and remember Kelly Johnson was supposed to be on the bottom half of successful infielders and right now he is the best one. So how doesn’t Drew make sense?”

      You JUST said so. Because Kelly Johnson was suppose to but he isn’t.

      So do you want to replace him with Dre?

      Or do you want to replace the OTHER infielder with a .900+ OPS?

    • mitch

      Morales doesn’t make sense unless Tex is out for an extended period of time. They’re not going to pay a guy 10 mil and give up a pick to get a part time DH/backup 1B

      • RetroRob

        And Morales is not going to take that $10M to sit on the bench. He’ll take LESS to play regularly and rebuild his value to go back on the market for 2015 without a compensation pick attached. He needs to expand his market. Being the Yankees bench player, pinch hitter, Tex protection is not going to do it, and the Yankees aren’t going to pay him that money to do that.

    • vicki

      re sizemore, briefly, he’s not going to play at short – really his only true position – most of the time; even if his defense is passable at third (or first?) his bat is no good at a corner; next year there are better fa options for short; he’s going to want a really good offer, otherwise wait until june to open up the market; and by june we may be able to plunder the phils, et al.

      and he’s a dick.

      • RetroRob

        You mean, Drew, right?

        • vicki

          god, yes. forgive me, scott sizemore.

    • Oprah

      A draft pick for you! And a draft pick for you! And a draft pick for you!

  • 461deep

    Team is playing Russian Roulette with 1B. Even when Tex comes back they need a player who can play a few games there. Putting Carlos there was a gamble. Try to deal for Carp-Reynolds like players who can cover INF-OF.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      What’s wrong with Kelly Johnson filling in there if you improve your depth on the other side?

      • vicki


  • emac2

    Maybe we should bring up Sanchez and let him back up catcher and play 1st base.

    • will

      if cervelli can do, sanchez can

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Fuck it. Luis Torrens for BUC.

  • Dan in Athens

    Sizemore lets you have more depth and second and third, freeing up KJ and Dean Anna to be the first basemen (yes, Anna has minor league experience at first and even a little outfield, plus he has practiced with the gear and is actually the Yanks emergency catcher). Also, if Carlos can play some first, it will allow Joe to use his Ichiro fetish without taking out a big bat in the line up and you’d be swapping a downgrade at 1st defensively for an upgrade in right.

    Drew is not an option at his insane price.