Game 10: Big Mike vs. Boston



The Yankees got their second look at Masahiro Tanaka last night, so now it’s Michael Pineda‘s turn. The big right-hander — Big Mike, if I may — held the hard-hitting Blue Jays to one run in six innings, striking out five and walking zero. More importantly, his fastball averaged 93.8 mph and topped out at 95.6 mph according to PitchFX. That’s a great sign following major shoulder surgery. Velocity is important for a guy like Pineda, who needs to speed up bats to keep hitters off his slider.

Because he is coming back from surgery, the Yankees lifted Pineda after those six innings last week even though he had only thrown 83 pitches. He’s too important to the present and future of the organization to push him hard this early in the season. I’m guessing Pineda will be allowed to throw 90-95 pitches tonight, though that probably depends on the intensity of those pitches. If he’s cruising, maybe it’ll be 100 pitches. If this start is a grind, they might cap him at 85. We’ll see.

The Yankees have lost their last two games, one a blowout and the other a close, late-inning defeat. Far too much will be made of this series against the Red Sox, that’s always the case, but that doesn’t mean these games aren’t important. I think the AL East will be crazy tight all year, so these head-to-head matchups are imperative, even looking at simple tie-breaker scenarios come the end of the season. Plus, you know, beating the Red Sox is always fun. Here is the Boston lineup and here is Joe Girardi‘s lineup:

  1. LF Brett Gardner
  2. SS Derek Jeter
  3. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  4. RF Carlos Beltran
  5. C Brian McCann
  6. DH Alfonso Soriano
  7. 1B Kelly Johnson
  8. 3B Yangervis Solarte
  9. 2B Dean Anna
    RHP Michael Pineda

It is just a lovely day in New York. Wish I had spent more of it outside instead of in the dentist’s chair. Blue sky, temperatures in the high-50s/low-60s, no clouds, no threat of rain … just a wonderful night for baseball. They should all be like this. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05pm ET and you can watch the game on YES locally and, depending on where you live, MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.

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  1. vicki says:

    hulk smash.

  2. your mom says:

    I would be happy with a series split and some signs of life from McCann’s bat.

  3. Dalek Jeter says:

    Zu Ehren von König Friedrich der Große, gewinnen wir das für Preußen.

  4. The Guns of Navarone says:

    I’ve only actually been able to sit down and watch one of the Yankees’ four wins. I’ve watched all the losses. Love to see a win tonight.

  5. Lukaszek says:

    Alright lets go, wanna see some big bats tonight

  6. Lukaszek says:

    David Ortiz’ jimmies seem rustled tonight

  7. Dalek Jeter says:

    That highlight of Ortiz’s homer just reminded me of why I hate him so much.

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      I hate him because he’s been doing shit like that his whole career and nobody cares or seems to call him out. Biggest hot dog in the game.

  8. WhittakerWalt says:

    Oh, look. Big Papi already bellyaching about called strikes.

  9. Widget says:

    Surprised Ortiz made it to the game, I assumed he was still staring at his homer yesterday.

  10. hogsmog says:

    A scoreless first?


  11. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Buchholz needs to get roughed up tonight. Heard he’s been throwing in the upper 80s.

  12. WhittakerWalt says:

    Can’t catch up to 87 mph, Gardy?

  13. Wheels says:

    Jeter swinging the bat pretty well.

  14. Winter says:

    Missed the first inning. How’d Big Mike look?

    Are we really calling him Big Mike now?

  15. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Had some good swings in that 1st inning. Keep hitting it like that and it could be a good night.

  16. NCS says:

    Yikes, a lot of empty seats out there.

  17. Wheels says:

    Pineda is awesome.

  18. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Blows it right by him. Mike Pineda looks real good so far. Looks like our ace.

  19. Widget says:

    It’s still early, but I’m enjoying Daniel Nava turning back into Daniel Nava, short career minor leaguer.

  20. TheRealGreg says:

    Joe Madden started all of this.

  21. Cuso says:

    Man, I don’t want to get excited. I don’t want to get excited. I don’t want to get excited.

    Please give us 30 starts, Big Mike.

  22. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Balkin Bob Davidson

  23. WhittakerWalt says:

    So is McCann just going to be another slow, lumbering guy who hits it into the shift for the next 5 years? Because that sucks.

  24. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    CC should be doing this. Mike Pineda looks like an ace.

  25. vicki says:

    first boston at-bat that hasn’t started with a strike one looking.

  26. Cuso says:

    Jelly-leg Special: table 4

  27. al says:

    Pineda walks Jackie, just to see how a walk feels like!

  28. hogsmog says:

    Oh god, please please don’t fall apart from the stretch.

  29. Mike Myers says:

    Big mike missing the bats!

    Jesus Who?

  30. Captain Turbohiro Tanaka says:

    Pineda looking sharp. #futureyankeeace

  31. vicki says:

    but seriously. 45 pitches, 29 strikes, 9 swing-and-misses in 3ip.

  32. WhittakerWalt says:

    I miss runs.

  33. TheRealGreg says:

    Unfortunately for the Yankees, the bullpen will be exposed later in the game.

    And I thought this offense would be better.

  34. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    So, this Pineda guy is fairly good at baseball.

  35. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Sox guys bitching about the sweat on Pineda’s palm.

  36. BrianMcCannon says:

    Lookin’ good Pineda.

  37. Capo says:

    Watching on NESN, because I’m unfortunately in Assachusetts. They showed a screencap of Pineda’s palm with a smudge and were speculating about his use of pine tar to help the slider.

    Great time to discuss cheating, too, while Ortiz was batting.

    • Deathstroke Heathcott says:

      Also trying to jinx Pineda with everything short of a voodoo ritual.

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      Yeah, they won’t shut up about it (I’m in Atlanta, and the only stream is NESN)

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      Whatever you do, don’t show the incredible amount of grease and all-around grossness Buchholz pitched with last season. I legitimately thought he should’ve been reprimanded.

    • YankeeDJW says:

      Didn’t hear them complaining about Lester last October.

      Pineda’s hand does look a bit suspicious though. I hope for all our sakes he doesn’t get caught cheating.

    • RkyMtnYank says:

      Of course, if you are going to cheat like that the best place to do it would be a big spot right there on your palm.

    • Captain Turbohiro Tanaka says:

      Inbred yokels have to have something to talk about. Amirite?

    • UncleArgyle says:

      There’s no innuendo going on at NESN here. Remy is straight up accusing Pineda of doctoring the baseball. It’s probably just sun screen mixed with rosin. Which is perfectly legal from what I hear.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      what I don’t get is why Giardi dosent have him take it off. Someones gotta of let him know by now, its public, I would think? Someone should be watching this game keeping him informed if need be, about anything.

  38. vicki says:

    big mikkkkke.

  39. Naved says:

    DAT pine tar tho.

  40. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    That was a gift. Ells should be running here. Don’t count on McCann and Sori to drive you home.

  41. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Here we go. 1st and 2nd for tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Let’s see how they blow this one.

  42. Holy Ghost says:

    They’re alive! The offense is alive!

  43. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  44. gageagainstthemachine says:

    Alright, McCann! Let’s keep it rolling along boys!

  45. Rolling Doughnut says:

    crooked number let’s go!

  46. BrianMcCannon says:

    That’s my boy.

  47. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Yay McCann

  48. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Now hows about a tater?

  49. Rolling Doughnut says:

    well, fuck.

  50. TheRealGreg says:

    Considering Soriano’s penchant for the K, you take that outcome

  51. hogsmog says:

    It would be so sweet if Pineda can come right back and shut them down.

  52. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Make it stand up Big Mike

  53. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    2 runs is more than enough for Mike Pineda, I just don’t think it’s enough for this pen.

  54. Go Pineda GO! says:

    LoL Gordon Edes says Pineda is cheating


    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      Good. The more butt-hurt they are the better. Let them bitch and moan like babies after all the shit they pull with Lester and Buchholz last season. Not to mention the antics Ortiz pulls just about every day.

    • Captain Turbohiro Tanaka says:

      What a loser. Can’t take it that his team is getting beat fair and square.

  55. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Oh yeah… throw that changeup you big stud. I’m very aroused.

  56. Wheels says:


  57. hogsmog says:

    Wow, nasty.

  58. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    A true ace

  59. BrianMcCannon says:

    I think we won the trade.

  60. TheRealGreg says:

    Buster_ESPN Buster Olney
    Re: Pineda’s hand. Certainly Sox aware by now; if they don’t complain, it tells you (again) this is standard operating procedure for P’s.

  61. Chip says:

    I’m loving all the complaining about the pine tar on his palm yet they haven’t come up with a screen cap of him ACTUALLY PUTTING IT ON THE BALL. If they want to keep complaining, just show them the picture of Buckholtz clearly doctoring last year.

  62. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  63. Wheels says:


  64. Leg-End says:


  65. Chip says:

    Dean Anna has no power

  66. vicki says:

    fifteen whiffs through five.

  67. vicki says:


    the fuck.


  68. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    SANTA ANNA!!!!!!!!!! SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!

  69. LitFig says:

    Quick, what was Sterling’s call for Dean Anna’s bomb?

  70. SevenAces says:

    They need to pound the crap out of that rat faced pitcher.

  71. Deathstroke Heathcott says:

    Dean Anna! What was Sterling’s call?

  72. John Sterling says:

    Anna get your gun! Dean creamed it!

  73. TheRealGreg says:

    “Anna is on the Dean’s List?????’

  74. tom t says:

    It was something like Anna, you’re on the deans list. Instantly blacked out the specifics, sorry.

  75. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  76. RkyMtnYank says:

    Buchholz keeps wiping his nasty ass wet hair with his pitching hand, guess that’s ok though.

  77. Wheels says:


  78. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    And this guy is retiring? Still looks like he can hit with the best of them.

  79. BigBlueAL says:

    The crowd got alot more excited for Jeter’s double than Anna’s hr lol.

  80. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  81. Deathstroke Heathcott says:

    I’m not afraid of the Red Sox.

  82. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Tonight is Brian Cashman’s night – Ellsbury and McCann come through, Pineda dominates the Sox. 4 runs should be enough even with this depleted pen.

  83. Tom says:

    nice job by Ellsbury, but I hate the give up out on the bases – if it was going to be a close play at the plate and you are drawing a cutoff it’s one thing I understand it, but it seemed like Jeter was scoring on that pretty easily.

    Plus with AJ catching, he should be able to swipe 2nd anyway.

  84. Wheels says:

    Pedroia looks so tiny compared to Pineda.

  85. UncleArgyle says:

    One thing I really like about Pineda is how quickly he’s on the mound ready to pitch. He doesn’t screw around out there

  86. NCS says:

    MLB casters just talked about Pineda’s palm grease now, albeit not for as long as it sounds like the NESN crew was on about it. Any mention on YES?

    • TheRealGreg says:

      Not really, but the Red Sox would have complained about it by now.

    • Tom says:

      They just talked about it now.

      And they mentioned what I thought was odd… it’s on his right wrist/hand.

      Normally if you were using it, it would be on your left arm (Buchholz) or in your glove (Lester) such that you can touch it with the fingers on your throwing hand. (Or as Buchholz now does, his hair)

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Pineda was lucky the ump didn’t go out there, as he’d of gotten taken outta game(I think is what happens?). It was pretty obvious. Dont know how big a deal it is, but it was obvious. Pineda is a beast though, hopefully he’ll here about this and we won’t see it anymore.

  87. TheRealGreg says:

    Pineda got very lucky that that wasn’t gone

  88. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  89. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  90. CountryClub says:

    MLB network just showed pine tar on Buchholz’s elbow. So it’s even.

  91. nycsportzfan says:

    Dean Anna baby wit the pop! Pineda straight dealin!

  92. CountryClub says:

    Assuming Pineda gets through the 7th, do they give the 8th to Betances?

  93. WhittakerWalt says:

    Surprised Big Papi even made it to second on that hit. He must have only admired it a little bit.

  94. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Damn, that usually falls.

  95. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Pineda gets through the 7th. If there are lefties coming up in the 8th you go to Thorton. Righties and you go to BGDP. I don’t think you can put the ball in Delin’s hands and have him walk 2 guys, boom 3 run-HR and it’s tied. Thorton and BGDP are your only options.

  96. Wheels says:

    There goes the shut out.

  97. CountryClub says:

    Pineda’s velocity has been 89/90 the past couple of innings. He didn’t really lose it in his last start.

  98. TheRealGreg says:

    You’ve seen Girardi go with the quick hooks with his starters. Here’s another

  99. teddy says:

    shouldn’t they get more data on bogarts for shifting, seem like every righthande hits goes straight up the middle

  100. nycsportzfan says:

    My buddy(sox fan) trying to act like no big deal, its early blah,blah,blah.lol Every game counts and every win vs division foe, could be critical in head to head at yrs end.

  101. Frank says:

    Can Yanks’ BP get 9 outs? This could get very interesting.

  102. vicki says:

    haha, all the balks you can eat.

  103. WhittakerWalt says:

    Fucking Davidson.

  104. UncleArgyle says:

    All NESN is talking about is the Pine Tar.

  105. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Balkin Bob strikes again.

  106. Rolling Doughnut says:

    They are into the pen. Deep breaths.

  107. nycsportzfan says:

    Sit the freak dowwn AJ Pierloser!

  108. nycsportzfan says:

    Cabral is pretty dang good. I’d hate to face him if I was a Lefty hitter.

  109. YankeeDJW says:

    Please tell me that wasn’t a “Boston Sucks” chant.

  110. Winter says:

    Good job Cabral, doing exactly what he’s supposed to: get lefties out.

  111. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    It is time. BGDP.

  112. Deathstroke Heathcott says:

    dat k/9

  113. vicki says:

    i’m giddy-happy for stairs.

  114. nycsportzfan says:

    Brian Roberts just get day off for rest?

  115. Wheels says:

    Ok Phelps.

  116. Captain Turbohiro Tanaka says:

    Is it too much to ask for the Yankees to get a blowout? Just sayin’

  117. nycsportzfan says:

    Nice inning by Cabral and Phelpsy!

  118. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Nice of RA Dickey to save his Cy Young start for the Yanks

  119. nycsportzfan says:

    I thought Solarte got that! God dang it!

  120. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Damn. So close Soley.

  121. Winter says:

    Careful there, Grady. Wouldn’t want to break a femur there.

  122. BrianMcCannon says:

    Damn, I thought that was out.

  123. The Guns of Navarone says:

    LOL ESPN.com has it 5-1 Yanks with a Solarte HR

  124. nycsportzfan says:

    Don’t know if i’d bring Phelps back out. Might of went with Betances. I hope it works though. If it does, it’ll give some confidence back to Phelps, which is important.

  125. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    And that’s why you don’t write a guy off after one or two bad games. BGDP is going to be a big part of this pen all season.

  126. UncleArgyle says:

    Better check Phelps for Pine Tar…..

  127. Wheels says:

    atta boy Phelps!

  128. TheRealGreg says:

    Impressive Phelps

  129. Rolling Doughnut says:

    The pen steps up, nice. 3 more to go.

  130. JD Sailinher says:

    Rookie for the save. Only for the Bold Manager.

  131. TheRealGreg says:

    Looks like Phelps will go for the 7 out save

  132. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    The pen is empty. BGDP for the S.

  133. nycsportzfan says:

    Wow, going with Phelps to close it out. Interesting.

  134. Dan in Athens says:

    Girardi looking for the old school save. Goose is smiling somewhere.

  135. nycsportzfan says:

    I like the whole “whatever the game brings you” type of approach for bullpens anyways. Never lets a team really know who they could face. Keepts teams alittle more off balance, I think.

  136. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Nasty 2 seamer. Close it out. BGDP!

  137. JD Sailinher says:

    Phelps is channeling Goose!

  138. Jorge Steinbrenner says:


  139. Captain Turbohiro Tanaka says:

    Pine tar this, biyatches.

  140. BigBlueAL says:

    What a great performance by Phelps. I think we are all back on his bandwagon now after jumping off it following his first 2 outings of the season lol.

  141. CashmanNinja says:

    I love this approach because of several reasons:

    1.) it keeps Phelps stretched out as a long reliever instead of playing musical chairs with relievers depending on matchups while Robertson is out.

    2.) it gives him a confidence booster. Phelps has been roughed up; Girardi is showing faith in him and that can go a long way.

    3.) it saves the other guys. The last thing we need is for other guys who aren’t used to pitching with so little rest coming in and facing more and more guys — like Thornton for example.

    4.) old-school saves are downright bad ass and Phelps looked terrific.

  142. Wheels says:

    nice win.

  143. vicki says:


    well done, phelpsie. and good on you, joe.

  144. nycsportzfan says:

    Awesome game! Pineda was great, as was Phelps, and Anna went deep, and the cap had multi-hit game. Sweet!

  145. RetroRob says:

    Why I remember just the other day when people were calling for Phelps to be DFA’d. It’s like baseball is new to them. Nice game.

  146. Rolling Doughnut says:

    This shot of Don Julio is for the Pineda and the pen of bulls.

  147. TheRealGreg says:

    Girardi basically says “No comment” to the pine tar question

  148. TheRealGreg says:

    Even Smoltz is saying that it is a non issue

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