Olney: Soriano will retire if he has a poor 2014 season

Francisco Cervelli has Grade II hamstring strain; Shane Greene to Triple-A
Monday Night Open Thread

Via Buster Olney (subs. req’d): Alfonso Soriano said he intends to retire if he has a poor 2014 season. If this year goes well, he’d like to stick around and play another two seasons, preferably with the Yankees. Soriano first admitted to considering retirement during Spring Training.

Following a brutal start to the new season (0-for-17), the 38-year-old Soriano has come around recently and is hitting .222/.271/.467 (104 wRC+) with three homers overall. I think he’d be a great candidate for the Hiroki Kuroda series of one-year contracts plan, but it takes two to tango. Soriano still has power and he can play both outfield corners as well as DH. There is definitely room for him on the roster. I think the whole “play two more years” thing is an indication he’ll seek a two-year deal, however.

Francisco Cervelli has Grade II hamstring strain; Shane Greene to Triple-A
Monday Night Open Thread
  • Preston

    I really enjoy watching him play sign him up for the 2011 Andruw Jones role.

  • ALZ

    If he comes cheaply at 2 years, sure. I don’t think they should get into giving him $20M/2 for example.

    • Preston

      Would you do Ichiro 2/13? Still seems a little rich. I’d rather overpay for one year and not be on the hook when he falls off a cliff.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    It’ll be time for him to go. Yesterday he thought for certain he had hit a HR so he stood there and admired it, did the toe tap, and the CF caught it just short of the warning track. He’s a showboat and can’t play the field. Beltran is a better 1B than Soriano is a RF and Beltran didn’t play 1B until last night.

    • Stephen

      Because he misjudged a fly ball? I bet he did that when he was 25 too.

      • jjyank

        Eddard is an idiot. Don’t bother.

        It goggles my mind that people still bother.

        • Deathstroke Heathcott

          Eddard belongs in the Troll Hall of Fame for that reason. No one straddles the line between believability and outright troll as well as he does. Have to admit I find myself typing up responses in a furor sometimes in response to some of his stuff. He could’ve been Skip Bayless in another lifetime.

          • Cheval Anonyme

            His trollinicity is really well done. The only giveaway is the way the insults that he elicits just roll off his back. It’s a little too pat.

        • Truther

          Eddard more of an idiot or less of an idiot than you attempting the English language. It’s mind bogging I tell ya.

    • http://yankee ocyankfan

      how soon you forget the great job Soriano did for us after we got him from a bad cub team and made a lot of nice plays in leftfield.
      he might strike out a lot but is a weapon in the lineup and a tough out and still runs well. he could be one of the best dh’s for a few more years and would probably play for the yanks a lot cheaper since he loves being back in the pinstrips. lay off sori,we are lucky to have him and a pat on the back for cashman for getting him back.

  • notsosmart

    Yangeddard Solarte that’s a bit harsh… if the price is right, even for two years, they might as well keep him.

    You may have a different opinion of him as a player if he has another end-of-season like he did last year… and I may too, if he bats .220

    • jjyank

      Is that the first comment of his that you’ve ever read? Seriously people, stop paying attention to what the troll says.

  • mike

    If by “play both outfield corners” means he is judged solely because he can go to the right place when he steps out of the dougout, I agree.

    But watching him play the field is an adventure, although the fact he can stand on his feet for 140 games helps with roster and lineup flexibility if nothing else

  • jimmy

    Two more years? Dude’s definitely gunning for 500 hr’s.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    2 more seasons would inch him awfully close to HOF consideration.

    With 3 full years (including this one)

    He could end up scraping awfully close to 2500 H, 1400 RBI, 1400 R, 500 HRs, and 350 SB.

    He’ll probably end up falling short of all of the above, but he’ll get close.

    That’s some pretty distinguished company. Too bad he couldn’t field or walk, otherwise this would look like a shoe-in to me.

    • RetroRob

      The “can’t take a walk” part is the real issue as it impacts his OBP. The fielding part would take a back seat to his overall hitting.

      I don’t see him ever making the HOF, even if he stays around long enough to hit 500 HRs. Would like to see his hit 500, though.

    • LK

      Soriano might’ve had a decent chance at the HOF a couple decades ago. As it is, I think the lack of patience will keep him from getting any real consideration.

      • hogsmog

        The logjam of no-brainer HOF candidates coming up and already present will keep him out. If Bagwell is going to have to beg his way in, and McGriff isn’t even close (which your numbers are a pretty good comp to, minus steals), there’s no way Soriano makes it.

        • hogsmog

          (hehe, reply fail)

        • Ryan D

          If Soriano retires after 2016, it will be 2022 before he is eligible for the ballot. At that point guys who are a part of this “log jam” will either have gotten in, or long been determined not worthy, simply left to ride out their obligatory but fruitless years left on the ballot. I mean, how many Jack Morris type guys actually make a last year push after 14 seasons of the voters saying “eh”?

        • http://yankee ocyankfan

          Soriano has 409 hrs.right now and if he has a another couple of years in yankee stadium where he loves the short rf porch
          he could possibly get 500 and that is the golden ticket to the hall.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Love him. Glad he’s back. Sometimes I forget he was gone all those years. I’d take it year by year after this season, and hope he would as well.

    • Kiko Jones


  • Slugger27

    he can play both outfield corners

    Soriano career innings in RF: 8

    those 8 came the other day and he looked god awful.

  • forensic

    No thanks.

  • vicki

    nostalgia sways me. i’m down.

  • jjyank

    I probably balk at two years, but I’m down with a one year deal if he’s still decent. Maybe one year deal with a vesting/club option? I could get behind that, assuming he has a productive 2014.

  • stuckey

    Remember those old cartoon where a little black rain cloud would follow a character around and just rain on them?

    Think that’s what going on with Scraton. Rained out again, this time in Buffalo.

    No Scott Sizemore line tonight to fuel the conversation.

  • Yan Solo

    Well, at least he’s not deciding now. Although kind of an interesting plan. No good? Retire. Good? Two years. What if year one is bad? Would he change his plan and retire? Glad we have a whole season to decide, and so does he.

  • wallypip

    Soriano is 12 SBs from being over 300. Being 400-300 already puts him into the HOF conversation. If he does have a monster HR season (35-40) in NY and the Yankees win, he will likely get serious consideration. Also, he has never been linked to PEDs and has spoken out against them. A lot of voters will like that if he is perceived as clean. I think he falls short because he was never a dominant player, but his numbers stack up if he can put together a great season in the spotlight.

    • http://yankee ocyankfan

      From 2000 to 2008 Soriano averaged almost 40 hrs and over 90 rbi’s
      a year and I would consider that pretty dominate I was sorry to see him go and happy he’s back and he plays a loy younger than he is and stays in great shape.

  • Kevin G.

    Would be killer to have two great home-grown hitters retire following this season after having two great home-grown pitchers retire following last season.

  • Beat the shift

    How does his logic of retiring after this year, if he sucks square up with his wanting a 2 yr deal if he doesnt. So if he sucks next year (which has a higher probability than sucking this year) he would still want to give it a try another year?

    • Mister D

      Two year deal = Less likely to be released = Retains option to go out on own terms

      • Beat the shift

        Yes you are right, but those are the very same reasons why a 40 year old almost never gets a two year deal.

        Also makes his point that if he sucks he will retire moot, if he sucks he very likely HAS to retire.

  • Sidney Koss

    I like Soriano. Have ever since his first go round. He adds to the current attitude of the Yankees and that’s a good thing. There seems to be a camaraderie and joy to the current clubhouse that has been lacking and he is part of that. He provides power and believe he still has a 30+ hr, 90+ RBI in him and the Yankees need him. Still plays like he is having fun.