Sunday Links: Beltran, TJS, Pitchers, Ice Cream

Yankees hang on for 4-3 win over Angels thanks to Murphy, bullpen
The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Ep. 1 - 4/26/14

The Yankees and Angels do not play the final game of their three-game series until 8pm ET tonight — I dislike ESPN Sunday Night Games and am anti-night game on weekends in general — so here are some spare links to get you through the day. Enjoy.

  • David Laurila at FanGraphs spoke to Carlos Beltran last week about hitting. Specifically about making adjustments from year-to-year, his approach, thriving with runners on base, stuff like that. Beltran’s an ultra-smart hitter, so, needless to say, check it out.
  • ESPN’s Jayson Stark put together the best and most thorough take on the recent Tommy John surgery epidemic that I’ve seen so far. I thought the most interesting nugget was that while the rate of elbow injuries continues to increase, the rate of shoulder injuries has actually gone down in recent years.
  • With that in mind, Eno Sarris of Sports on Earth wrote about young pitchers and their tendency to get worse through the years, not better. There is no real peak age. Guys show up in the big leagues, hopefully maintain their performance level for a seasons, then start declining. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general everything starts trending downward immediately.
  • Another post from Eno, this time at Hardball Times. He looked at the Great Ice Cream Riot of 2009, when fans and vendors in the Legends Seats were throwing free ice cream sandwiches to the fans in the slightly less rich seats. It generated some headlines and the Yankees weren’t happy. It was kind of a big deal.
Yankees hang on for 4-3 win over Angels thanks to Murphy, bullpen
The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Ep. 1 - 4/26/14
  • Havok9120

    I find it difficult to articulate how disappointed I was to look at ESPN a few minutes ago and discover that the Yanks caught another night game.

    Sadness: I has it.

    • stuckey

      Trout and Pujols in the Stadium.

      Should have seen that one coming.

      • TCMiller30

        Well ya. But the Angels have been pretty terrible for over a year now. I thought there would have been a division rivalry game or something. At the very least, I thought that ESPN would want to put the SAWX on TV.

  • David Ortiz’s Dealer

    Since I moved to the Central Time Zone, I really like the Sunday 7PM start time. Via the magic of the MLB TV deal, If I get home after the start I can rewind and catch the highlights of a 7ET 6 Central start game. Even a Yanks/Sux sunday night deal has me in bed at a reasonable time.

  • JCK

    I prefer the evening starts on weekends. On my days off in the spring and summer I’d rather do something outside than feel compelled to sit inside and watch baseball.

    • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

      You could go outside and watch the game at the stadium…assuming you’re in the tri-state area.

      • JCK

        Sadly, at least as far as local professional baseball is concerned, I am stuck closer to Boston than New York.

    • David Ortiz’s Dealer

      The weeknight 6 CT starts get me sometimes so with MLB TV I often start the game late.

      Sat afternoons, outside splitting wood or doing yard work, I’d just put the radio on.

  • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

    I don’t like weekend night games either, even moreso since my kids grew old enough to attend a game and make it more or less all the way through. I like to take them out to the ball game now and again, but when I check the schedule there are far fewer family friendly choices than there should be IMO.

    Pettiness of the day (PotD?): I find myself somewhat gleeful about the suck Cano is experiencing in Seattle. The suck isn’t surprising, and I’m sort of embarrassed to admit it, but there it is.

    FotD™: Tanaka is due for his first poor outing (in ages) and it’ll crush our bullpen

  • Bobby

    That ice cream post is pretty cool I had no idea that ever happened. I do think a little more media attention would go a long ways to forcing the Yankees hand on doing something so those seats aren’t so blatantly empty all the time. I’m always amazed that their embarrassment alone hasn’t led to an attempt of some sort of action.

    • Kiko Jones

      My goodness that Lonn Trost analogy is idiotic:

      If you purchased a house, would you want people in your house?

      The Yankees are selling tickets for people to come to their house, you tool. Ugh.

  • Cheval Anonyme

    John Ryan, a rookie, provided sweet revenge last night.

    Yangervis Solarte Anagram of the Day:

    “Tyro Avenger Sails”.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    That Stark article is terrific. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lukaszek

    Actually I just ran into the ice cream article yesterday. Interesting coincidence that you would post it here the very next day!

  • YankeeDJW

    I know it’s not summer yet, but day games in the summer heat can be brutal though. I’ve fried in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium more than a few times.

  • Mikhel

    I am glad I am not alone in that I dislike the Yankees on ESPN on sundays.

    Sure, the Angels have had bad seasons for a few years, but with how they’ll talk of ’em will surely seem like they’ve been dominating the majors since EVER.

    Surely they will air clips of those playoffs when they beat the Yankees (2002?), they’ll repeat ad-nausea the millions the NYY had to spend, etc.

    And if I tune in to the spanish broadcast in ESPN Deportes all they’ll talk about is Pujols being the greatest latino, making comparissons to “miguelito” (Cabrera) and yelling whenever the Angels score vs the Yankees (or any other team the Yankees face on sunday night).

    The Alvarez brothers are awful behind the mic for ESPN Deportes, and as it has been proven before, if 10 persons are asking them something (sometimes just to say “hello” to them on the air) and one says “i am from Venezuela, say hello to me on the air”, they ignore everybody and focus on whomever says they’re from venezuela.

    Heck, when I aksed them the difference between Pineda’s use of pine tar and Buchholz/Lester/Tazawa use of foreign substances, their on air rant focused on how I deserved “expletives for that question, being two different things, you deserve expletives that I can not say on the air”. I guess they didn’t like my question.

    I wonder what they’ll say when I ask them about Miguel Cabrera’s alcohol related incidents and domestic violence, the next time they criticize Puig for off-field incidents.

    • Kiko Jones

      Does Ernesto Jerez not do the ESPN Deportes Sunday night telecast anymore?