The Tanaka Era begins with 7-3 win over Jays

Update: Mark Teixeira leaves game with strained right hamstring
Update: Yankees call up Romine, place Teixeira on 15-day DL

I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a regular season game as much I did Friday’s. Maybe Jesus Montero‘s debut a few years ago? I’m not sure. The Yankees got their first look at Masahiro Tanaka on Friday and he helped them to a 7-3 win in the series opener against the Blue Jays.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

Masahiro My Hero
The start was not good. Tanaka began his Yankees career by serving up a homerun on his third Major League pitch, a hanging splitter to Melky Cabrera leading off the first inning. Not ideal. Tanaka rebounded to retire the next three batters, including strikeouts of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. The Blue Jays pushed across two runs in the second inning with ground balls — one through the right side of the infield, one up the middle, and one through the left side. Mark Teixeira also made an error when he threw the ball away trying to get a force at second.

The first time through the lineup, the Blue Jays scored three runs and put four of nine men on base. After that, Tanaka allowed just two base-runners and retired 16 of the final 18 men he faced, including eight in a row at one point. We’ve been hearing about his makeup and all that for months, but we saw it in action in this game. Things were going poorly early on, but Tanaka didn’t get rattled at all. He settled down, got a groove, and cruised for his final five innings.

Tanaka’s final line was those three runs (two earned) on six hits and no walks in seven innings. He struck out eight (including Bautista twice) and got eight ground ball outs compared to five in the air. Sixty-five of his 97 pitches were strikes, including 13 swings and misses. Here is the pitch breakdown, courtesy of Brooks Baseball:

  • 45 fastballs, 29 strikes, two swings and misses
  • 23 sliders, 15 strikes, three swings and misses
  • 12 splitters, nine strikes, six swings and misses
  • 11 curveballs, eight strikes, one swing and miss
  • six cutters, four strikes, one swing and miss

Outside of sheer dominance, this was probably the next best thing. Tanaka showed the ability to shake off a bad start to the game and still give the team a quality outing, against a good lineup at that. It’s obvious he’s no Kei Igawa, right? If you were worried about that, you don’t need to be anymore. Hell of a first impression. Tanaka was pretty much as advertised and that’s very, very good. Can’t wait to see him in five days.

Hooray Replay!
The Yankees jumped all over Blue Jays starter Dustin McGowan in the first inning, scoring two runs on five hits, all within the first six batters. Ichiro Suzuki struck out and Yangervis Solarte fouled out with the bases loaded, so they didn’t do as much damage as they could have in the inning. Such is life. Two runs is better than no runs.

Two innings later, the first official use of the new instant replay system in Yankees history contributed to a two-run rally. Ichiro appeared to beat out an infield single with two outs, but first base umpire Dana DeMuth called him out. Joe Girardi challenged — after the team’s video people gave him the thumbs up, of course — and the call was overturned. Solarte made the Jays pay by following the replay with a two-run double on a ball that I thought was a pop-up off the bat. It just kept going and going and going until it clanked off the wall. Hooray technology! It certainly helped the Yankees in this one.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

The $153 Million Man
What a game for Jacoby Ellsbury. New York’s new leadoff hitter went 3-for-4 with two doubles, a walk, and two stolen bases, plus he robbed Dioner Navarro of a base hit with a nice sliding catch to end the sixth. The one out he made was a line drive back to the pitcher that Steve Delabar knocked down and threw over to first. Ellsbury took over the game and we’ve seen what that’s like from the other side. It’s much more fun when he does it wearing a Yankees uniform, no doubt about it. Great game by him.

Dellin Betances‘ control problems reared their ugly head as only three of his 13 pitches were strikes. He walked two of three batters faced. Matt Thornton retired both men he faced before that (struck out the only lefty) and David Robertson retired all three men he faced after that. Would have been nice for Betances to get those last three outs, but he was very wild and Girardi couldn’t take his chances. So it goes.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

In case you missed it earlier, Teixeira left the game in the second inning with a right hamstring strain. Apparently he caught a spike in the turf while going after a foul ball. There is no word on the severity and if he has to miss more than a few days, the Yankees will be in some trouble. They don’t have a true backup first baseman on the roster and their Triple-A options (Russ Canzler, basically) aren’t great either.

The Yankees scored insurance runs in the eighth (Gardner single) and ninth (Solarte double). Gardner went 2-for-4 with a walk and stolen base while Solarte went 2-for-5 with two doubles off the wall. Something tells me he’s going to get another start on Saturday. Kelly Johnson went 2-for-5 with a triple, Ichiro went 3-for-5 with two infield singles, and Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, and Teixeira all singled in a run. Dean Anna went 1-for-4 with a walk in his first career game, so congrats to him. Sixteen hits and four walks overall. Total team effort.

Because the first challenge was successful, Girardi got another one and he used it in the eighth to challenge Delabar’s play on Ellsbury. The replay confirmed he was out, but I liked the challenge there because there was a man on base and a chance to put together a big inning. That late in the game, it was unlikely to be needed later. I’d rather see Girardi roll the dice on a play like that than not use it.

The Yankees still have not hit a homerun yet this season. It’s the first time they failed to hit a homer in the first four games since 1990, when they didn’t hit their first longball until their eighth (!) game. I sure hope this team doesn’t wait that long to hit a dinger. I’ve been waiting for ’em all winter.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees went from last place to third place today, so that’s cool.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
Same two teams on Saturday afternoon, in the middle game of this three-game set. Michael Pineda will finally make his first start for the Yankees, more than two years after the trade that originally brought him to New York. He’ll be opposed by knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

Update: Mark Teixeira leaves game with strained right hamstring
Update: Yankees call up Romine, place Teixeira on 15-day DL
  • forensic

    Terrific start for Tanaka. With all he had to deal with and was going through, some bumps would’ve been expeced early on. But he just dominated after that only allowing one hit (everyone seems to be saying the Encarnacion hit should be an error). Just 2 ER in 7 innings in the first start of his career? Yes please!

    And, gotta give credit to JGYank. He nailed Tanaka’s line except for being off by 1 walk:

    • JGYank

      Is it bad I wanted him to walk a guy in his last inning?

      • jim p

        It would have made him sad to do so.

      • nycsportzfan

        Yes, Damn you! j/k

      • forensic

        The irony is, if he walks a guy in that inning, then he’s probably taken out and you get the innings wrong.

        Just take what you can get!

  • jim p

    So… he’s only got the 5 pitches?

    • Yankee$

      I laughed.

    • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster


  • Andrew

    It’s been Friday for literally 23:30 hours. Copying and pasting can go wrong when pre-written intros to bloggys don’t get re-read.

  • Chip Rodriguez

    Solarte has been really good with the bat so far.

    Anyone miss Nunez?

    • nycsportzfan

      Touche, but to turn the table around, is anyone not glad Ichiro’s been on the team through the first 4games?

      Ichiro- 556BA(5-9) 4runs 1Double.. Not to shabby in less then 10AB’s.

  • forensic

    Ichiro’s 5-9 in the last two days and people are still calling for his head in the game thread. You know, it’s not always that easy to time when your outs and when your hits come (though yes, it would’ve been nice if he had gotten at least one of those runners home).

    • Havok9120

      Yeah, I don’t get that. If he’s gonna embrace his new role or, better, have a Jeterian resurgence, sign me the heck up.

      • Chip

        The only issue is that 2 or 3 of his hits have been flukey little dribblers so I’m not sure how much faith we can put in him yet. I’d like to see him do it over at least 50-60 at bats or start hitting rockets all over the field before I get my hopes up

        • Havok9120

          I’m not getting my hopes up, wanting him in big spots, or increasing his playing time.

          I just don’t get why we need to hate on a 5th outfielder this much, especially when he’s hitting.

        • forensic

          The only issue is that 2 or 3 of his hits have been flukey little dribblers so I’m not sure how much faith we can put in him yet.

          And yet people are all over Solarte’s jock for doing the same thing.

          • Deathstroke Heathcott

            Also, Ichiro’s made a career out of getting hits on fluky little dribblers. I know he used to drive the ball a lot more but his bread and butter was his ability to slap the ball to where the defense couldn’t throw him out at 1st. If he’s the worst part of the team as the 4th/5th outfielder, it’s gonna be a great year.

            • Chip

              And that absolutely works when you’re the fastest dude in baseball and combine that with shooting line drives all over the field. The problem is that he isn’t the fastest guy in the game anymore. There’s a reason that his BABIP went from the .350 range to the .300 range over the past few seasons and that reason hasn’t changed

          • Chip

            Solarte is clearly going to come back to Earth but he’s hitting a few line drives and had 2 balls go to the wall today. I’d wager on Solarte hitting better from this point on than Ichiro. I totally agree that people need to take into consideration his pedestrian 2,000 minor league plate appearances rather than the handful of games we’ve seen this spring

            • lightSABR

              Wouldn’t it be incredible if Solarte’s performance so far isn’t a fluke? It’s probably way to early even to hope that, but heck. It’s April, and I’m drunk on baseball.

              • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

                I’m no Pollyanna as has been well documented. But like you said it’s early April and I’m hungover this morning, so why not? I’m enjoying the ride. Hopefully the music doesn’t stop.

        • Mr. Roth

          Ichiro made a hall of fame career because of hits like those.

        • qwerty

          Has he been doing that his entire career though?

  • Havok9120

    Two days of Prussia references (granted, one in another forum), two wins.

    Clearly we know the common thread here.

    The House of Hohenzollern has our backs.

    • lightSABR

      As long as that’s Frederick the Great and not Wilhelm II, I’m just fine with that.

      Für Preußen!

      • Havok9120

        Wilhelm II should be eating all sorts of giant foam hats. He roots for the Mets.

        Frederick the Great, his father, and his great-grandfather, though….those guys are with us. Even Frederick III/I is welcome here. We gotta get some culture coming from somewhere.

  • MB923

    I posted this in the game thread earlier. It doesn’t mean much now but I think I would have left Thornton face Bautista with 2 out, 0 on in a 3 run game. Tying run is not even on deck in that spot.

    I’m not just saying this either cause Betances didn’t have it. Thornton is going to be facing a RHH sooner or later when a manager pinch hits with a switch hitter or RHH.

    Oh well, no harm was done and I”ll gladly take the win. More gladly Tanaka was dominant outside of the first 2 innings.

    • Havok9120

      I want to see Betances as much as possible, so I was happy.

      And “testing” the LOOGY probably shouldn’t happen against a hitter of Joey Bats’ caliber.

    • Chip

      I’m absolutely all for giving Betances a shot to see if he could come in later and dominate. The performance he gave will give Girardi pause before he starts to rely on him too much and that’s really important info to get this early in the season

    • forensic

      Thornton did face a righty with Melky leading off the inning. And if he faces Bautista (who is in another class of righty hitter) and doesn’t get him, then you’re bringing in Betances to the closest games of his life, facing another great hitter, with almost no leeway to make a mistake.

      • MB923

        I forgot about him facing Melky, and yeah fair enough.

  • Chip

    So I assume that the starting infield is now Solarte, Jeter, Roberts and Johnson? I’d much rather have that arrangement than calling up Canzler. Now the problem is that you have to make a 40 man move to call up a non-catching infielder. Honestly, I think I’d call up Romine and give Cervelli a few starts at third. Barring a trade, I just don’t see a way you can give up either Flores or Turley as they’re still both legit prospects. I would also think that Claiborne would get snatched off waivers immediately so they might really be in a pickle here

    • jim p

      We’ll be seeing Soriano practicing at 1st base a lot in the near future I bet. Not saying that’s a solution of any sort, but just his own desire to play the field instead of DHing. Plus, what happens if our backup to Texiera goes down as well?

      • Chip

        If Johnson goes down, you put one of the catchers at first and you’re still left with Anna or whomever is resting that day on the bench.

    • nycsportzfan

      That’d be funny to me if Cervelli does end up getting a few games at 3rd, because in alot of my debates for Cervelli, i’ve brought up his ability to play 3rd in a pinch to end my argument, and some kinda thought that wasen’t anything to bring up. Now it might just come in handy. I really like Cervelli, man.

      • Chip

        I’m also irrationally a huge fan and feel like he’d make an excellent starting catcher if a team were smart enough to trade for him and just let him at it. I mean, in his career he’s an above average hitter for a catcher, has great defense and seems to have discovered a power stroke in the past few seasons. Of course, a lot of my love and thinking he can hit for power is based on 60 at-bats last season and the small sample size of this year’s spring training.

        I still think he would be an upgrade to the White Sox, Rangers, Marlins, Reds, Red Sox (not happening obviously), Twins, and Angels and if I were one of those team’s GMs I would be dangling a AAA infielder to see if the Yankees will bite. Maybe that’s whats happening but clearly he is underutilized on this team

        • JRod

          The Yankees have already told the Rangers that Cervelli is unavailable. They are not trading Cervelli for an AAA infielder. They quite correctly value him higher than that. Romine was absolutely pathetic last year, worse even than Chris Stewart, and they are not moving him up to #2 on the C depth chart.

        • nycsportzfan

          And Cervelli’s fast for a catcher, and brings a ton of energy to a team. Hes really improved defensively also, especially throwing down to 2nd. Theres alot of things to like about Cerv’s game.

    • Cheval Anonyme

      John Ryan Murphy has more experience than Cervelli at 3rd. Cervelli has played 5 late innings total in pro ball and has fielded exactly one chance. SKJRM has at least played full games (thirteen of them) and has had about 30 chances (and done reasonably well).

      • Chip

        You’re absolutely right but I wonder if his prospect status will keep him down. They probably don’t want to call him up just to sit on the bench and would rather have Solarte starting at third than him

        • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

          Teix going down and the resulting infield situation makes me that much more relieved that Nuñez isn’t the one who’ll get more playing time as a result. Man was he a butcher.

  • Tom

    Mike A – I don’t know if Brooks reclassified some of the pitches after you posted (I think they might manually go through them?), but the link you have has different #’s for pitch count by type and swings and misses now (but still 13 swings and misses overall)

  • OldYanksFan

    from IIATMS: Update, 11:35 p.m.:’s Bryan Hoch tweeted Teixeira told reporters he is “not super optimistic” about his hamstring. If he needs an MRI, he will have on Monday in New York City.

    • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster


      Also, kind of weird they don’t just send him for an MRI in Toronto.

      • ropeadope

        Best to wait. Canada is on the metric system. An invasive procedure down the road using the Canadian MRI as reference, could have the US surgeon tinkering with a testicle instead of a hamstring.

  • nycsportzfan

    The team speed of the Yanks has really made a difference I might add, and not just in SB’s. This(again) is why you don’t go nuts after only 2games.

    • Chip

      Isn’t it fun to be the team that causes pitchers to be uncomfortable and worry more about the runners than the middle of the order guys standing in the batters box? That must be how the 3 Rays fans have felt all these years.

      Side note, how amazing is it to have Ellsbury and Gardner in the top two spots? You have maybe the best base stealer in the game in front of a guy who can bunt for a hit, has nearly as much speed, takes a ton of pitches, rarely swings outside the zone and rarely misses when he does swing. Its pretty much all you could ever ask from your top two hitters

      • nycsportzfan

        I love everything about this team. Been calling them underrated and saying more need to start voting 8 over 7 for sometime now. I love having Gardy, Ells, Roberts, and Ichiro all on the team, as its just such a great benefit for us , to be able to go 1st to 3rd with many in our lineup, and score from 1st on plays to the gap, and make up a ton of ground on defense, as well as SB’s.

        It was crazy seeing Gardy, Ells, and Ichiro in the OF at the same time, as it just felt as if nothing could drop in on them.

        And yes, being able to stifle pitchers/teams and make em think of something else other then the hitters is huge.

        • nycsportzfan

          And beat out infield hits, as Ichiro did twice tonight.

        • Chip

          I’m just worried about a major injury to the infield as the depth just isn’t there. I’m also going to wait for 50 games before I really jump on the bandwagon as guys like Johnson, Roberts, Ichiro and Solarte could all just be on hot streaks as I’m pretty sure they’re playing above their talent level (or in Roberts case injury level) right now

          • nycsportzfan

            Most teams have to worry about major injuries, and most teams have really injury prone players on the team(bluejays with Reyes, Redsox with Napoli, Rays with Longoria, and so on and so fourth. Thats why we got 4th OF’er like Ichiro, and a backup catcher like Cervelli, and Brendan Ryan(who’ll be back fairly soon), to back up Jeter, as well as Solarte, to back up Jeter or Roberts.etc

            I worry about injury as much as the next guy, but I really believe all teams do.

          • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

            That IF injury you speak of probably results in the signing of that unsigned player who shall not be named.

  • Dropped Third

    Love Tanaka Probably drank to much because of him but I love you guys

    • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster


  • JGYank

    Great game. Tanaka rebounded from a rough start. Ellsbury woke up. Solarte keeps surprising me. Somehow ichiro has back to back good games.

    But the tex injury is really concerning, mostly because we don’t have a real backup 1st on the roster right now.

  • BigBlueAL

    After an absolutely heart-breaking Knicks loss tonight (one of many this season) it was nice as always to have a Yankee win to fall back on.

  • Wheels

    Excited to see Pineda tomorrow. These are heady times

    • nycsportzfan

      Still looking for that 1st tater by a Yank. My pick of Sori is still alive! Mike.A’s got Ells.. The one thing I believe to be certain is, the yanks will not be homerless after tommorows game.

      • Wheels

        I’ll go with McCann.

        • forensic

          McCann, Johnson, and Soriano have homered off Dickey in the past couple of years. Those might be your best bets if you’re looking for someone with recent history off him.

          • nycsportzfan

            You gonna take Kelly then? Wheels has McCann, Mike has Ells, and I have Sori. The thing is, you can’t change because your guys not playing, as this was a before the season prediction, so it woulden’t be fair to know whos gonna be in the lineup and change your pick at last second.

            Kelly’s a good choice also.

            • forensic

              Sure, go for it. Not that it matters.

              But, if Johnson is going to do it I’d appreciate him telling me now so I can be sure to play him tomorrow on my fantasy team (McCann could do it too for the same reason).

            • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

              I didn’t have a preseason pick, but I’m going with Solarte.

        • nycsportzfan

          Good choice. Glad you joined the race. Again, Mike.A and I picked these before the yr, so its kinda funny, others can still join , going into the 5th game of the

          Lets go Sori!!!

          • http://riveravenueblues Blubber123

            It’ll be Roberts

  • Henry

    I love the fact that this line up is capable of doing serious damage when the middle of the order thumpers dont produce. It bodes well for this teams offensive ability to put up serious runs per game.

    Also would live to see a lot more of Ellsbury / Gardy at the top of the order

    • Chip

      It’s amazing what replacing guys like David Adams, Jayson Nix, The Artist Formerly Known As Scissorhands, Chris Nelson and Luis Cruz with Johnson, a hot Solarte and Roberts will do to you. The problem is, if/when Solarte comes back to Earth and Roberts gets hurt we’re going to be right back to running the scrubs out there like last season

  • Chip

    If Pineda comes out tomorrow and absolutely dominates, we might really be onto something here. Every guy in the rotation has stupid high upside

    • Mike

      Pineda will be lights out.

      I’m convinced we have the best staff in the league.

  • Nathan

    Very solid start. He kept it together, worked deep into the game and didn’t issue a single walk.

    Very happy with Boss Tanaka.

    • NHYankeefan11

      Well said.

      Boss Tanaka ain’t bad but I prefer Cy Tanaka

  • Yankeefan91

    miss the yankees game today but ill def watch when they repeat it. spent my day in fenway park and wow what a dump of a stadium only thing i enjoyed was the seats had tickets by the dugout and def enjoyed seen the red sox lose on there day they got there rings. BUCK FOSTON.

  • Bo Knows

    The homer looked like a hanging slider

    • RetroRob

      Supposedly it was a splitter. He has two versions. The one with the nasty break, and another that has less break that he can throw for a strike. Apparently the HR came off the latter, the one he throws for strikes, but he hung it too much.

      I’m guessing a hanging splitter is like a hanger slider and headed into the stands for a HR.

      • forensic

        Given the movement, a hanging splitter is probably more like a hanging changeup, just a touch faster, which basically makes it a BP fastball.

        Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that he makes that bad a pitch too often.

  • TWTR

    I don’t know what Solarte’s ceiling is, but I would ride him until he crashes and burns.

    It’s great to see an early ROI with Tanaka and Ellsbury.

  • Wheels

    The nerve of the Melk Man trying to spoil Tanaka’s party. Shit Melky…

  • Chip

    I think the one thing I underestimated about this team is what a difference having Beltran in the middle of the lineup is. Dude works counts, sprays the ball around and has good power. It’s almost (ALMOST) like having Cano there

  • The Doctor
    • forensic

      Are those supposed to be two different gifs? They’re the same.

      • The Doctor

        Yeah I was tired and trying to do this on my phone… Yeah haha.

  • Fin

    I don’t read game threads, outside of those, I don’t know where the idea that there is hate for Ichiro comes from. Those that brought up the idea of releasing him, were talking about whether or not that was a better idea than releasing someone like Flores. Ichiro has played great the last couple of days, and clearly if he could play like that all year, you would have to keep him, but the odds are stacked against that. There is no hate for Ichiro, its just a question of releasing him or possibly a guy with some prospect potential like Flores.

    • Kosmo

      Precisely ! My question at the time was who would be the better option Almonte or Ichiro ? My feeling was and is Almonte. 2 good days of Ichiro does not make an entire season.

      On another note Yanks need to look around for a low cost BU 1B because Tex is more than likely headed for the DL.

      • Fin

        That wasn’t my point at all, lol. My point had nothing to do with Almonte, as he is probably better served playing MiLB everyday than sitting on the bench for long stretches in the majors. Though I think he could add as much or more than Ichiro off the bench. The point is, who is more expendable someone like Flores or Ichiro? The Yankees have players to fill Ichiro’s spot with equal or better production. So do you release a possible major league player with years of control, for one year of Ichiro?

  • Jmmy

    Joba coughed up 2 ER in his first inning for the Tigers, Hughes coughs up 2 HR in his firs star for the Twins and Kennedy lost his first game for the Padres. So much for the Big 3.

    • Fin

      LMAO, other than Joba, you told us nothing. Did Hughes give up 2 ER in 10 innings, outside the HR’s he was great? Did Kennedy pitch 12 innings but gave up 1 run and the Pads were shutout and lost in extra innings?

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    It’s like you could just see Tanaka getting more used to being on that mound as the game wore on. He just looked less and less hittable. He’s going to be something special, folks. A damn fine introduction

    Losing Tex is a concern, as it means this infield is going to be expexted to over perform even more. There’s been an occasional blunder, but no one’s looked terribly overmatched yet. If Tex hits the DL? Keep Johnson at first and call up Sizemore. Going to have to give him a shot anyway before 5/1. #teamsizemorelives

    Yeah, that Ichiro looks done, doesn’t he? Here’s to being a beast in a part-time role. Can’t wait to see McCann and Beltran show us who they really are, as Ellsbury did tonight. Can’t wait for a home run or two.

    Nice win. This season feels quite a bit better now.

    • NHYankeefan11

      I’ve been saying all along this team is something special and will win the division.

      I’m concerned about CC but I think Cy Tanaka Nova and Pineda will carry this rotation. Kuroda will be good as well.

      Love the bull pen and the lineup is much better than last year.

      Sounds like Tex will be out for maybe a month at most which isn’t a huge concern.

  • pinedamaybegreata(formerlyMonterowasdinero)

    Ichiro hustling down the line. The way the game should be played.

    Tex is at least 15 day DL.

    Seattle has 2 guys for 1B at Tacoma and Smoak on the varsity.

    Just sayin’

    • NHYankeefan11

      Maybe a certain 2nd baseman in Seattle should be taking notes….oh that’s right his manager is ok with him giving only 65 percent!

      I’m happy we basically chose the gritty Ellsbury over the lackadaisical cano.

      This is my team. Guy’s I have always liked in Gardner Ellsbury McCann and DRob. I love it.

  • Mike HC

    Am I the only person who thought that “slider” looked a lot like Dice-K’s failed/non-existent “gyroball?” A ton of those things seemed to hang, but he did make people look silly with the pitch too. Overall, looking forward to seeing more from Tanaka and really good first start.

  • MorrisParkVin

    Nice the Ichiro out call got overturned but I dont like how long the pitcher has to wait its gotta mess with his head. Also that challenge the end is just a waste of time because it was the last chance to use it. I hope they don’t end up just wasting time like that as strategy to throw off the other guy.

    • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

      I’ve definitely pondered the use of a challenge to ice a pitcher like timeouts before big FG kicks and the like.

      I know they can take “stay warm” pitches but that’s gotta suck to be out there waiting.

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Is today Friday? Should I be at work?

  • Frank

    Yanks may have found a gem in Solarte. Dude has a great approach at the plate- he can hit.However, may have to live with his shakey defense at third until Yanks can upgrade. He’s probably a better second baseman.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Did you not see the backhand stab and laser across the diamond to nail Lawrie (unofficially?). Johnson with a SICK diving stop as well at first.

  • Darren

    Can Solarte play some first?

    • TWTR

      If you can play 3B, you can play 1B, but if Teix is out, why would Solarte be a better option at 1B than Johnson, and who is a better option than Solarte at 3B as long as he hits?

      • Darren

        General flexibility for the most part. Lefty righty matchups, if Johnson isn’t hitting, late game maneuvering, if Johnson needs a day off, etc. Also, it’s not true that just because you can play third you can play first. Gary Sheffield, case in point. It’s a different position.

  • OB/GYN Kenobi, Jedi bushmaster

    Still a 6 but would’ve been trending higher if not for the Teix injury.

  • Mike

    Goes to show that all the naysayers that said we can’t develop young pitching are WRONG.