Wednesday Night Open Thread

Yankees will skip David Phelps, miss Felix Hernandez due to rainout
Marchand: Yankees can't place Pineda on DL until end of suspension

The Yankees and Mariners were rained out tonight and, looking out my window, it was a wise decision to call the game so early. It’s been raining all day and it’s supposed to rain all through tomorrow afternoon. Even if they wanted to play a doubleheader on Thursday, I don’t know that they would be able to get the first game in. The weather is supposed to clear up in time for the regularly scheduled night game, however.

Anyway, here is the open thread. There were a lot of rainouts today, so it doesn’t look like there is any baseball on national television. There are three NBA and three NHL playoff games though. All three hockey games are Game Sevens too (including the Rangers!), and those are always a blast. Talk about whatever you like here.

Yankees will skip David Phelps, miss Felix Hernandez due to rainout
Marchand: Yankees can't place Pineda on DL until end of suspension
  • Yankeefan91

    Anyone Attending any subway series game this year im planning to go on the 13th. Anyone know who;s lined up to pitch that day for the Yankees barring any injury or rain outs from tomorrow to that date?

    • ALZ

      Who knows, could depend on how they shuffle the rotation with the off day next week.

      • Yankeefan91

        Im praying its Tanaka im dying to see him pitch in person.

  • Computer Doctors

    What was once considered a strong part of the team is now a major weakness. The rotation. CC is finished, Kuroda looks the same, Tanaka is lights out stud then what?? Nono and Phelps? Pineda was looking great and would have been a huge story to follow throughout the year. DO we trade make a trade if thats even possible? Call up Anna? hmmm thoughts….

    • Paisa

      I’m for calling up Anna. If that doesn’t shore up the rotation then what will?

      • Looser Trader Droids FotD™


        • jgibs

          Still not too late to sign Stephen Drew….

          • Looser trader droids FotD™

            CC, Tanaka, Kuroda, Sizemore, Drew. Now there’s a starting 5 for you.

  • ALZ

    Why pitchers shouldn’t hit. Mo just took advantage of a wild pitcher, he only swung at one of those pitches, and it was when he already had 2 strikes and it was straight and right down the middle, he managed a foul.

    • jgibs

      K-Rod holds the record for most saves in a single season. He was a pretty decent closer. Yet in that at bat he essentially seemed to be pitching around Mo like he was facing a power hitter. Agree with your point, I’m just saying its more of an excuse for K-Rod to go right after him instead of trying to paint the corners.

  • Ed

    Pineda is coming back. No need to panic. Let’s see what Nuno and young guys can do? Bulk up relief as it will be needed.

    • Looser Trader Droids FotD™

      We know what those guys can do. That’s the problem.

  • jim p

    Our staff looks ragged at the moment. But who, especially in the AL East, has a strong staff for now and the next couple of months?

  • The Other Matt

    Nice little summary by FanGraphs on Yankees prospect Luis Severino and the start he’s gotten off to. The feature is a part of their prospect watch.

  • Jonathan

    I’m going to buy an authentic Jeter jersey to get him to sign in KC this year but I have two questions. 1)Does he refuse to sign on the #2 on the back like he refuses to sign on the sweet spot of a baseball and 2)how does the sizing fit on an authentic Majestic jersey? Nike and UA have, in the past couple of years, made it so their XXL now fits like their old XLs used to so I wear a XXL in a Nike/UA T-shirt now. What size would you recommend for the jersey since if he won’t sign it I’ll just keep it and wear it. Thanks for your help!

  • Zach

    Here’s the thing, right now in the AL East, no one really has a strong rotation.
    Boston’s offense looks like it’s starting to come together but you have question marks about several of their starters as well.
    Not to mention the fact Farrell keeps leaving Lester in one batter too late and thus you have a World Series Championship team that has issues of its own.
    No one is going to run away with the AL East, simply not oging to happen.

  • Ethan

    Go Raptors! I’m currently living in Toronto and this entire city has come alive in favor of them. Gotta bandwagon!

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