Badler: Yanks targeting three more international prospects for $1M+

Pineda begins throwing program, will miss more than four weeks
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The 2014-15 international signing period opens on July 2nd, so a little less than two months from now, and the Yankees are reportedly planning to blow their $2.2M spending pool right out of the water. The team is said to be willing to spend upwards of $15M on prospects, including another $15M in penalties. They would also be prohibited from signing a player for more than $300k in each of the next two signing periods.

Last week we heard the Yankees were heavily in on four 16-year-old position player prospects from the Dominican Republic, all of whom would command $2M bonuses or more. Today, Ben Badler reports the club is also targeting three other position player prospects likely to sign seven-figure deals of their own, likely in the $1M range. The scouting reports are subscriber-only, so I can only give away so much:

  • C Miguel Flames: “Scouts who liked Flames were impressed by his raw power, ability to work the count and put together consistent game at-bats.”
  • OF Jonathan Amundaray: “He projects as a right fielder with a good arm and a tick above-average speed … Amundaray has a quick bat and home run power.”
  • SS Diego Castillo: “One of the most instinctive baseball players on the market … a line-drive hitter with a clean, repeatable swing and feel for the barrel.”

All three players hail from Venezuela and sorry, I can’t find any video. I also have no idea how old they are, but 16 is a safe assumption. Flames was a third baseman for most of his life until recently moving behind the plate. Badler says the Yankees “are high on” Amundaray and are merely connected to the other two, for what it’s worth.

If the Yankees were to sign these three plus the four guys from last week, it will amount to $12M or so in bonuses based on Badler’s numbers. That would still leave $3M leftover, which is a ton. I have to think some of that would go towards pitching, though I’m not sure about the quality of this summer’s crop of arms. It’s safe bet the Yankees will grab at least a few pitchers though. Need to balance things out.

It has only been about five weeks, but so far this year the farm system has made a nice rebound from last season’s disaster. Adding three first round picks last year helped, as did Manny Banuelos‘ return from Tommy John surgery and the continued progress of guys like Peter O’Brien, Luis Severino, and Gary Sanchez. It sure sounds like an international draft is coming in the near future, so this might be the Yankees’ last chance to spend like crazy and add several impact youngsters to the system.

Pineda begins throwing program, will miss more than four weeks
Subway Series Tickets In The Bronx Selling For 16% Below Prices At Citi Field
  • Govin

    I hope we get Miguel Flames. Just imagine how much fun we could have with that name.

    • Chip Rodriguez

      I wonder what call he’d get from Sterling…

  • Nick

    Just imagine how much fun John Sterling could have with that name.

    • Cheval Anonyme

      I hope for all your sakes he doesn’t pronounce it “Fla-mes.”

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    It is HIGH! It is FAR! It is…another Flame-out on the warning track! Whaddya think about that Suzyn?

  • Mike HC

    It is a lock that we sign Miguel Flames. Yanks can’t resist those fake catchers with power. And great name to top it off.

  • hey now

    So many prospects at once. The haters have their work cut out for them trying to put a negative on all of these guys.

    • Dick M

      I’ll play.

      Commending the Yankee brass for a spending spree is just plain pompous. I’m all for this one last splash but please chill.

      You do realize that out-spending everyone is no longer a sustainable business model; what with draft caps and with teams buying out the post-arb yrs of their best, young talent. You do, right?

      Yep, I’m a hater.

      • entonces

        All the more reason to out-spend everyone this year.

  • Preston

    I want them all!

  • Jeety

    Is this a deep international crop? I would hope so… I would wait for a deep crop blow the budget… not sign for 2 years and wait for the next deep crop.

    Sign all the studs you can this year cuz you can’t get em for 2 years after that…

    • ALZ

      Well they are in on 4 $2MM players, plus now this group. That is way more than the 3 years of $2.5MM slot pools would buy them. This might be the last chance if their is an intl draft.

      • Preston

        The trick is to land them though. If they don’t get 3-4 top 25 guys and a handful more interesting ones it’ll seem more like a wash.

        • Cheval Anonyme

          My concern is that there may be three or four teams trying to play the same game at the same time.

  • Tucker

    On the note of the international draft, recently MLBPA Chief Counsel, Dave Prouty, came and talked at my college and I asked him about the possibility of implementing it. He seemed extremely pessimistic, not only about it happening next year, but about it happening period. He explained how there are just too many logistical hoops to jump through, and it would be such a headache that he just can’t see it happening. He did leave the possibility open though of changes coming to the international signing system.

    • RetroRob

      I would think the latter is more likely as MLB sees what teams are doing, such as what it appears the Yankees have planned this summer. So if they can’t implement a draft, they may try to make the restrictions tighter and more costly.

    • ALZ

      partly could have been that he really couldn’t release anything.

      • Yankee$

        Lawyers know to reveal nothing not already public. Even though these circumstances, and on this issue it seems harmless, it is how they are wired.

  • vin

    Doesn’t this all seem a bit too transparent for the Yankees? Not really sure what it all means, but it just seems out of character.

    • Preston

      It has to do with the nature of IFA. If they weren’t being vocal about their intentions it would be hard to negotiate with multiple top guys who can command the entire budget. If you told four different guys who could command 2.2 million dollar bonuses that you really wanted them, agents would wonder if they were option 1a, or if the offer would be pulled in favor of somebody else. When they know you’re willing to spend way over, they don’t have to worry about it. Plus agents who think their player can command way more than 2.2 million wouldn’t want to talk to the Yankees at all. Now they know that the Yankees should be the first team to call.

      • Yankee$

        Great insights.

  • RetroRob

    “Next two signing periods.”

    Does that mean next two years, 2015 and 2016, meaning the Yankees can’t sign big again, or even normal again, until 2017, in three years? Or is there more than one signing period within a year?

  • Dropped Third

    A bunch of high end talent developing at the same time = dynasty

  • cooolbreeez

    Yanks should sign the world. If .000000000000000000000001 percent pan out, they will field an all star at evey position.

  • Looser trader droids FotD™

    Clearly Flames was born to be a pitcher.

  • The Bronx Empire

    Again, Kiley McDaniel had these in February, (2/3 anyways. All but Flames)