Banuelos scratched from Double-A start with sore arm, DL possible

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Monday Night Open Thread

6:02pm: Banuelos told Peruffo it is more fatigue than soreness, which is good. Fits the idea of this stemming from not pitching for almost two years. He will rest for three days before playing catch.

6:00pm: LHP Manny Banuelos has been scratched from tonight’s scheduled start for Double-A Trenton, according to Nick Peruffo. Banuelos has soreness in his arm, though it’s unclear if it involves his surgically rebuilt elbow. A trip to the disabled list is possible and Matt Kardos says he will be evaluated in a few days.

Banuelos, 23, has a 4.03 ERA (~3.27 FIP) in 22.1 closely monitored innings split between High-A and Double-A this season as he returns from Tommy John surgery. The Yankees are obviously going to be very careful with the southpaw, so I would guess he winds up on the DL. Hopefully this is just normal soreness following surgery and not pitching for nearly two years.

2014 Draft: Grant Hockin
Monday Night Open Thread
  • pat

    Oh that’s just grand.

  • Roy Munson

    This organization needs to fire everyone top down who is in charge of strength and conditioning/wellness/training/medical and replace them with trainers/medical staff who are not within 6 degrees of separation of the current staff. This is absurd, no one can stay heathly, young, old, prospect, veteran, hell, if the player comes from another organization it doesnt event matter. They just can’t keep there guys on the field. Good Lord!!!!!

    A lot is bad luck, but a lot of this &#!% is really not.

    Rant over

    • cooolbreeez

      You have to fire half the strength/conditioning and pitching coaches in baseball if you think they’re to blsme for the high # of TJS going on.

  • Yankeefan91

    By the way this years going would not doubt if he needs Tommy john surgery again.

  • ALZ

    He missed 2 years. I don’t think this is something unexpected, and they might be being careful.

  • JLC 776

    Of course.

  • Yankee$

    Did we ever confirm that there was only 1 Red Sox jersey buried at the construction site, you know, the one they found and removed, but could there be another?

  • Pinkie Pie

    Things just keep getting better and better!

  • YankeePankee


    Be well.
    We’re back logged with good middle relievers.
    And we plenty on the major league team (Betances, Adams, Kelley, Claiborne..)
    We desperately need starters.
    Why not take the middle relievers on the farm with the best arms and a decent third pitch and start stretching them out and see how they do as starters?
    Who cares about protecting arms anymore. They blow out anyway even when you baby them.
    I think the Yanks should do this asap.
    I would start with Pinder and Burawa. Both throw 95 plus and have good arms. Genetics will decide if they can do it. Have to try. Any other relief arms anyone can suggest?? Claiborne?
    And by the way, whoever let Jose Quintana go for free to the White Sox should be fired. He cost the Yankees millions and millions of dollars (have to buy pitchers) and a No. 2 starter. Heck, the Yanks can’t even develop one lefty reliever!!!

    • qwerty

      It was either Quintana or Zolio Almonte. You can’t have both.

      • YankeePankee

        Quintana in a landslide. Zolio is a 5th outfielder/fringe AAA guy.

  • Yanks47

    If he doesnt pitch this year its prob over for him. Tough to miss 3 development years and make the majors.

  • Privy

    I have written Banuelos off before the season started. Anything from him will be a bonus. Pitchers like QB’s need to be over 6’2 because you need to have a long stride to save the arm.

    • kemajic

      Like Pedro Martinez and Russell Wilson.

  • Looser trader droids FotD™

    The spice mines of Kessel say hello.

  • Farewell Mo

    Nothing wrong with easing him through 70-80 innings this year and then maybe another 20 in the AFL. Another TJS and he’s done at this point .

  • Yan Solo

    Fer feks sake, Capt’n. She can’t tek much more o’ this.

    • Kosmo

      They battened down the hatches
      But the hatches wouldn’t hold

  • Al Spath

    1. Sabathia needs to show more houses and forget baseball for awhile, and when he returns, try not to be at 88 pitches in inning # 4, try throwing first pitch strikes and not going 3-2 on everyone.

    2. Girardi, get your starters out at 5 innings or 4 if necessary when it is appearant to the world they lost their stuff and the lead, don’t wait until a 4-1 lead is a 5-4 decificit because you are saving your pen. A new pitching coach is needed.

    3. Where is Mark Montgomery, he’s ready JOE, make the call.

  • al spatj

    Yanks need to trade their closer Robertson to Cubs for Jeff Samardzija, but I suspect Cubs will want D Murphy too, so just do it Brian Cashman!

    Move Banuelos to closer now!