Injury Updates: Teixeira, Pineda, Beltran, Kelley

Teixeira's lingering wrist soreness increases need for a real backup first baseman
2014 Draft: Pat Connaughton
The best part of Spring Training is the photos. (Brian Blanco/Getty)
The best part of Spring Training is the photos. (Brian Blanco/Getty)

Here are some injury updates on the off-day, courtesy of George King, Chad Jennings, and Andrew Marchand:

  • Mark Teixeira (wrist) will visit his surgeon in New York today and have an ultrasound. He hasn’t played since Sunday and an MRI is not planned unless other tests show something. “I was hoping I’d wake up this morning and feel nothing. There’s still some soreness in there,” said Teixeira yesterday. “Hopefully the extra day off tomorrow will help, and hopefully I’m back in there on Friday.”
  • Michael Pineda (back/shoulder) is scheduled to pitch in an intrasquad game in Tampa on Sunday. He threw two innings in Extended Spring Training on Tuesday, so he’s on a regular five-day schedule. If Sunday’s outing goes well, Pineda could soon begin an official minor league rehab assignment.
  • Carlos Beltran (elbow) will hit off a tee and soft toss with hitting coach Kevin Long at Yankee Stadium today. He rested yesterday after swinging a bat on Monday (fungo) and Tuesday (full-size bat).
  • Shawn Kelley (back) played catch again yesterday and felt fine. He will get back on a mound and throw a bullpen session on Friday.

Update (3:17pm): Teixeira has only inflammation in his wrist and is day-to-day, the Yankees announced following his visit to the doctor this afternoon. The team also says Beltran took 25 swings from each side of the plate and felt no discomfort in his elbow. He will do the same thing tomorrow.

Teixeira's lingering wrist soreness increases need for a real backup first baseman
2014 Draft: Pat Connaughton
  • Dr TJ Eckleberg

    I have a feeling that this Tex thing is going to end up being one of those things where he’s out for weeks.

    • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

      From one doctor to another; yeah, I agree with this sentiment.

      • Mike HC
        • Dr. Rosenpenis

          I’m just here to review Alan Stanwyk’s file and Mark Teixeira’s.

      • Chris

        Maybe you should get your slicer and get a sample and send it to the institute for further tests…

  • I’m One

    Relatively good news on 3 of the 4 (need more info on Beltran). The Teix news is a bit disappointing. This will lead to more talk of Morales, but unless they drop Soriano, he lessens the team’s positional flexibility. And I’m not sure the cost of Soriano’s contract plus whatever it takes to sign Morales is worth the upgrade.

    • mitch

      I don’t think they’d just dump Soriano, but getting rid of him wouldn’t be that costly. I think they owe him $5mil for the whole season, so we’re only talking a 2-3 million hit. Some team would probably even pick up that tab.

      • Mike Axisa

        There’s no one to replace him either. Soriano could get hot and carry the Yankees for two months at any moment. There’s no one they could reasonably replace him with that could do that.

        • mitch

          Yeah i agree…i’m not ready to write him off yet. He still has a wRC+ of 135 vs. lefties over 60 PAs.

        • ALZ

          He could also strike out everytime for his next 100 PA.

          • TWTR

            Which is better than DPs.

          • RetroRob

            Mike’s scenario is the more likely compared to striking out the next 100 PA.

            There is nothing unusual about Soriano right now. He gets very cold, and he gets very hot. That year will come, and maybe this is it, that he’s just cold with age finally catching up to him. I just don’t know how any of us can tell the difference. I can’t assume that, though, based on his history, including last year.

            You take the good with the bad with the guy. They’re living through the bad right now.

        • Rolling Doughnut

          I agree. Even though he’s old and strikes out too much, he’s better than the 81 wrc+ he’s put up so far.

    • The Guns of Navarone

      I’m not sure the cost of Soriano’s contract plus whatever it takes to sign Morales is worth the upgrade.

      I do. Positional flexibility isn’t a strength of this team with or without Morales. What the Yankees need is someone that can give Teixeira a rest at 1B and actually play the position. Now, Morales isn’t a great defender but he’s better than Kelly Johnson. And Morales can flat out hit. The 116 wRC+ he put up last year playing half his games at SafeCo would be third best on this team behind Teixeira and Solarte. One is hurt and the other could bottom out at any time. I definitely think he’s worth signing.

      • Dalek Jeter

        Morales is honestly one of the worst defensive first baseman in baseball, so I’m not ready to say that he’s better than KJ. Not saying that I don’t want him on the team, just saying I’d much rather him be the full time DH and play first only when Tex is hurt or needs a day off. Even then, he’s like Giambi-esc, without the ability to pick balls in the dirt.

        • The Great Gonzo


  • Kosmo

    if Beltran or Tex areout for a time then signing Morales and keeping Soriano in RF is a no brainer.
    I doubt Soriano can carry a club for two whole months. Maybe at best a week or two. Right about now would be great. His 5 walks and 50 K thing is Melky Mesa territory. OBP of what .260 ? Sad.

    • Mike HC

      Even if they aren’t out for a time, they could go down again at any moment, and Gardner and Ellsbury both play a daredevil style of ball too. Morales would be a very nice pick up, but does he even want to play here? He has played his entire career on the west coast and if everyone is healthy, he will most definitely not get as much playing time here as other places.

    • Dalek Jeter

      I think he could, I mean with how bad CC was last year, how bad the line up was, and how much Kuroda struggled down the stretch…Cano, Nova, and Soriano where the only reasons the team was anywhere close contention at the end of last year.

    • wilcymoore27

      I look at that 50 K – 5 walk split and I remember why I was so happy when the Yanks traded Soriano after the 2003 post-season.

    • The Great Gonzo

      “I doubt Soriano can carry a club for two whole months.”

      He did exactly that LITERALLY less than 12 months ago. Which team? This team.

      • Kosmo

        absolutely not true. Soriano if you remember had a stretch in August of 4 games when he collected 18 RBI. 4 games ! 32 RBI in the remaining 54 games although OK production is simply not to be considered carrying a team.
        Also what he did last season is not an “eternal recurrence“.

        • Kosmo

          The guy who carried the team down the stretch is now playing 2B somewhere in the great northwest.

          • RetroRob

            No guy carried the Yankees down the stretch last year.

  • wilcymoore27

    Kyle Roller, prepare for your Major League debut. Like other writers above, I have no confidence that Teixeira’s wrist is gonna be OK.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I will be the one to raise my hand I say I don’t panic every time a formerly-surgically-repaired body part on a player feels sore.

    Tex will be back. Tex will mash.

    • TWTR

      I’m optimistic too, especially since he was told to expect periodic soreness. Couple that with his more level LH swing, and it is reasonable to be positive.

      I am optimistic about Pineda too.

      The whole Beltran thing (including signing him) is another matter, but whatever for now.

  • Robert

    With any day being there day to go to on DL,Ichiro,Jeter,Roberts,Soriano and Kuroda as well as the injury prone Elsbury,Gardner and McCann the Yanks would be best served to avoid making ant trades they could regret.
    There just might be a diamond in the rough at Scraton/Trenton !

  • Hornblower

    Agree let’s get Roller up here. Isn’t that what you do when a player does well at AAA?

    • stuckey

      To be fair, he KILLED it as Trenton, in his second go around.

      He’s been VERY good in Scranton, in his first 61 ABs.

      Might be a tad premature to think we got Mass-Spencer part 3 on our hands.

  • vicki

    tj for chris withrow now. epidemic.

    • TWTR

      Ferociously, given the (growing) fragility of pitchers, I think it makes sense to leverage a team’s assets to build a dynamic offense.

      • TWTR

        Crazy auto-correct fail:

        Seriously instead of “ferociously” (but I like it)

    • stuckey

      I know sports fans don’t like the idea of randomness, but it seems possible and perhaps very likely this “epidemic” is somewhat chance/randomness.

      Its not like players just started trying to throw baseballs as hard as they could in the last 5 years. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation why this season has become such an outlier other than randomness.

      I don’t doubt its a legitimate trend, but the sudden spike really doesn’t make any sense.

      • John

        Sure, I’d love to agree with your point. I actually do to a certain degree.

        But on a much larger scale, over the last 5 years or so there have been more injuries other than Tommy John I’ve noticed.

        In my opinion, Tommy John can be partially mended by kids not playing travel baseball year round. If anyone has heard Harold Reynolds talk about this, he’s spot on.

        But as far as other injuries go, maybe it’s time for baseball in general to adopt a new workout regiment? I don’t see any reason why not. After all, if you keep doing stuff the same way and wondering why you’re getting the same result then you’re insane.

        It’s randomness and a trend, but both could be fixed.

    • Paisa

      This is James Andrews’ evil plot to take over the world…of baseball

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    I need my wife to see this article so she won’t think I’m crazy having my son take 50 swings off the tee every day.

  • dalelama

    You just know a soft overpaid coward like Tex is going to milk this for all it is worth.

  • No no Cano

    These are the 80’s Yankees…it’s poke and hope. Letting Cano go was the knife in the back of this team. I don’t buy the 10 year excuse. They blew it. They left too many holes to plug. What a scam.